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Sleeping Monster - Recap

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The episode begins and Bailey prepares to defend herself and evidence is collected for the investigation in the wake of some of her patients getting post-op infections. She's being questioned. The surgeon/owners debate how to handle the PR around Bailey's situation. The CDC is there doing their work, annoying some of the doctors. Hunt's new little buddy is excited to see his grandmother at the hospital. The boy's mother is progressing but can't leave just yet. His father Paul is still in a coma Ethan. Leah leaves after talking with the CDC, ignoring Bailey as she leaves, saying only that she is not supposed to talk to her about this.

Bailey then goes in for her interview. April is upset with Jackson because Matt broke up with her after she took Jackson's advice and told him she'd lied about being a virgin. A group of people with a lot of severed fingers come to the E.R. They were playing tug-of-war with a clothesline. There are at least five severed fingers in a cooler. Bailey defends herself as the CDC investigator asks her about her interactions with the patients the day they were all infected. Meredith tells Cristina she wants to have her baby naturally and she wants Cristina there. The two of them and Alex are getting swabbed as part of the CDC investigation. Jackson tries to match fingers to members of the Keller family after the family reunion tug-of-war debacle.

Callie prepares to take one young woman, Frankie, for X-rays. Alex, Cristina and Jason prepare for a heart surgery on a baby that has yet to be born. They will only have 60 minutes after the delivery to do the procedure and Cristina suggests delivering the baby in the cath lab to save time. Frankie tells Callie that the tug-of-war was the height of idiocy and she missed a chance to do some cool journalism-related stuff because her family forced her to go to the reunion. Bailey is now answering questions about how long she scrubbed. She says it was precisely for 4 minutes, 36 seconds.

She knows this knows this because she sings Aretha Franklin's "Think" to herself twice to fulfill the hospital protocol of four minutes. She goes through the rest of the process of the first surgery, saying it went perfectly. She's asked about the second surgery a patient named Seth. His father is upset about the CDC investigation; not getting his questions answered, and wants his son transferred. Webber tells Leah to check on arranging a transfer. Frankie's dad is bothered by the X-rays that show her hand was crushed and is broken in a couple of places. He tells Frankie's mother about it.

Frankie, the blossoming journalist, is asking follow-up questions about the CDC investigation and asks for confirmation that the CDC is investigating Dr. Bailey because several of her patients died. Meredith is checking on Bailey's patients but Derek says he doesn't want her to because she's pregnant and Bailey could have been passing around an infection. Meredith says this is why she needs Cristina in the delivery room with her. Bailey goes through Seth Leppick's surgery and briefly misidentifies the nurse who helped her. She stammers through a couple of other inconsistencies. The CDC guy presses her about whether she was the one who closed after Seth's surgery and she gets upset by the question.

She asks for a short break and leaves the room. Ethan is with his mom in the cafeteria, when suddenly she loses consciousness and starts convulsing. Bailey, who is there, tries to help, but Jackson asks her to step away, while other doctors move in. The C-section that Alex, Cristina and Jason are working on is about to begin, when the mother gets cold feet. Cristina reassures her, saying the doctors are all there to save her baby's life. Frankie is still asking for confirmation on the CDC investigation. She sees this story as her "opportunity to be awesome" and have a big story that could get picked up by the AP. The C-section baby comes out and he is taken to the other room for the heart surgery.

Ethan's mom is rushed to an O.R. and Hunt tries to assure Ethan that she'll be ok. Webber is working on Seth, while Cristina makes progress on the baby. Hunt has raced up the stairs to catch up with the elevator that was taking Ethan's mom to the O.R., and when the doors open, Derek looks sadly and Hunt and shakes his head. Derek hugs Ethan's grandmother, while Hunt breaks the news to the boy. He doesn't understand why it happened because Derek had said she was getting better. Hunt tells Ethan, there was nothing anyone could have done to have stopped this. Jackson comes out to give the Keller family some updates. Everyone should be alright, but Frankie is going to need some physical therapy.

Her father gets upset about it. Webber tells Seth's dad that his son needs surgery immediately. Seth's dad doesn't want him operated in this hospital, but Webber assures him the infection came from one doctor, who has been isolated. Bailey is just around the corner and hears all this as Webber tells Seth's dad that he and the O.R. have been tested. The father eventually tells Webber to save his son. Webber asks Leah to prepare for surgery. Jason tells Alex he appreciates his work, while they check on the baby, who is doing well. Alex tells Jason that he and Jo are friends and nothing more. Alex goes on to explain that he had a messed up childhood like Jo did.

He admires that she's turned it around for herself and he wants the best for her. Bailey comes back to the CDC investigator and asks if she has the staph strain. He doesn't respond and asks her to continue with the recounting of Seth's surgery. She does, but keeps asking for her staph test results. Webber is operating on Seth. Bailey keeps asking whether she has the staph infection and the investigator doesn't answer. She keeps asking, eventually answering her own question about, how the investigator already has the results of her test. She tearfully asks the investigator if she did this, but the investigator says nothing.

Cristina tells Meredith that she'll be in the room when the fetus arrives. Cristina later sees Hunt in the hallway and tells her she's sorry about Ethan's mom dying. She asks Hunt if he's angry with her. He says no, but he's angry at the situation. He insists on staying in case Paul's situation changes or if Ethan needs anything. Jo finds Alex watching over the baby and is upset with him for having told Jason about her rough childhood. She tells Alex it was a secret between them and asks Alex to not talk about her to anyone ever again. The CDC investigator gives the doctors and some board members the results and says there was a presence of a staph infection. Bailey walks in at this point.

She's asked to leave, but would like to stay since it's about her. Jackson thinks she should go, but the other doctors vote to let Bailey stay if she wants to stay. The investigator goes on to explain that the staph strain was traced back to Dr. Bailey, but the real culprit was the surgical gloves. These gloves were defective and had leaks that allowed the staph infection to be passed from Bailey to her patients. Hunt points out that the hospital switched to a new brand of gloves when Pegasus was taking over. The doctors are mostly relieved and Cristina calls it the best possible outcome.

The CDC requires Bailey's staph infection be eradicated completely before she's allowed to work on any more patients. Bailey is stunned and tearfully says nothing while slipping out of the room. Callie brings Frankie a press release that's being put out in the morning, so she has 12 hours to scoop the Times or the AP. Jackson tells April about Bailey's investigation result and April blows him off. He tells her he's spent the whole day feeling like the bad guy, but he didn't force her to do anything and he's never going to be sorry about them sleeping together. Just then, Matthew shows up. He apologizes to April, and she apologizes. He says he made a mistake by acting like an idiot and asks for forgiveness from her and a do-over.

She says yes and hugs him. Webber finds Bailey sitting on a bench outside and tells her it could have happened to any one of them. She asks how Seth is doing and he tells her he lost Seth because the infection spread too far. She cries again and looks at her hands. She pushes his hand away and says he shut her out. Webber says he was trying to protect her, but she says he was trying to protect the hospital because that's always what he did. She tells him, he is not the man she thought he was and walks away.

In the night, Alex tells Cristina she was right about Jo. She's not surprised, but Alex is and realizes he loves her. She lets him lay down next to her so he can open up. He wonders why he screws up everything good that happens to him. Cristina then suddenly says she thinks she's losing Hunt. The episode ends at this point.