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Do You Believe in Magic - Recap

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The episode begins and a 32-year-old magician's assistant named Kayla is wheeled in after an accident during a “saw-the-lady-in-half” routine. The magician is her husband and he accidentally sawed her just about in half with a chainsaw. Meredith calls for Bailey. Arizona accidentally grabs a coffee that was made for a woman named Lauren, and Lauren playfully takes Arizona's coffee. Callie joins Meredith on the Kayla case and Meredith gives Derek the ok to take Heather because she has plenty of help. Webber shows up, saying he has Bailey's patients. Callie notes that Bailey has been cleared to operate and Webber says nothing.

Ethan's grandmother tells Hunt that Ethan stayed in his dad Paul's hospital room all night. Hunt is worried and asks Ethan's grandmother Nancy to prepare him for the possibility that his father might not wake up. April is treating a 21-year-old woman named Kimmy, who came in drunk with apparent stomach pain. Callie briefly notices the name "Lauren" on Arizona's coffee cup and asks who Lauren is, but she cuts Arizona off as Arizona starts to tell her the funny story. Callie wants to talk about Bailey and when they run into Jackson she says Bailey should be mad at him because he's the one who called the CDC. Stephanie walks up to Jackson next and he goes on about how he forgot about their date the previous night but would make it up to her tonight.

Stephanie says nothing. Meredith, Webber and others operate on Kayla, trying to figure out what's happened to her. Derek and Heather start to check on a 7-year-old girl named Iris, who is there for an omental flap, a procedure in which healthy tissue will be taken from one part of her body and put into her brain to absorb some vessels to get her brain the blood it needs. Iris has a younger brother who is restless and fairly aggressive. Arizona comes to see a new patient and finds Jackson with Dr. Boswell, a specialist flown in to help with Baby Tyler's case. Tyler's brain is on the outside of his head, in the middle of his face. Elsewhere, the magician keeps getting frustrated with his other assistant, who blames him for including a chainsaw in their routine.

Cristina runs through some scenarios with Stephanie about what could have gone wrong with Paul, Ethan's dad, after surgery, and why he hasn't woken up. April asks Kimmy's friends to tell her everything Kimmy ingested the day before because she has a rupture in her stomach. They start telling April about all the drinks they'd had. Just as they mention one that comes out all smoky, with Jackson asking if it's real smoke or dry ice, Kimmy violently pukes up blood. The interns are watching video of the magician cutting his wife in half on the Internet and actually laughing about it. Meredith is paged to Kayla's room. Webber says they need to rush Kayla to surgery immediately and Sherice, the other assistant, starts to panic about whether she'll be ok.

When Kayla's husband interrupts, Sherice reveals to him that Kayla wanted to leave him for her but he never paid enough attention to notice. April is operating on Kimmy, whose stomach was blown out by the drink that was made with liquid nitrogen. Jackson shows up to help. April has paged Bailey, but she's not responding and Webber is taking her patients. Jackson offers to help. Callie goes to the O.R. where Meredith and Webber are operating on Kayla again. Callie is still talking about how Bailey is mad at everyone and she urges Webber to talk to Bailey. He finally is fed up and tells Callie that he's the last person Bailey wants to talk to. He says he hurt her deeply and isn't sure he can repair it, so they should focus on their patient. Callie apologizes and leaves.

Stephanie walks into Cristina's patient's room, while Cristina is on the phone with a hospital in France, trying to see if its research could help her figure out Paul's situation. It doesn’t help. Jo arrives to help on Alex and Derek's surgery on Iris. April and Jackson operate together and she's excited about the surgery. He tells her about how many surgeries he's having to pass up on, and notes that he flew in Dr. Boswell for a facial reconstruction. He's jealous that she gets to fly around the world performing miracles. Meanwhile, Lauren shows Arizona how she's going to reconstruct the face. Callie pops in and Arizona seems a little unnerved. Callie asks if she can sit in because it's not a procedure you get to see every day. Lauren happily invites her in and continues to demonstrate the process.

Jackson arrives to see a line of doctors waiting outside the women's restroom. Cristina, Callie, Arizona, Meredith, Derek and Jackson are all waiting now and Bailey walks out. She says nothing as they all fall over themselves telling her they want to apologize. She keeps walking and locks herself in the lab again. Ethan is brought into the emergency room because he has ingested his grandmother's sleeping pills. Arizona tells Hunt to stay back because he's too close to this case. Hunt yells at Nancy for letting this happen, saying Arizona is now legally required to report this to social services. Nancy breaks down. Arizona tells Hunt, who now has Cristina standing next to him; they might have administered a counter-drug to the sleeping pills in time. She also tells Hunt she has already called social services.

Cristina figures something out. The sleeping pills the kid took might help her figure out how to get Paul out of his coma. In a normal brain, the sleeping pill causes drowsiness, but where the chemical balance has been disturbed, the drug can reverse the effects. The sleeping drug could wake Paul up. She administers it and then waits. Webber reports to Sherice and Danny, the magician, that the next 24 hours will be critical. Jo finds Alex in an office and asks if they can clear the air, but they end up arguing. Eventually, she tells him to stay out of her life and he says he's out. Derek helps Iris through a post-op hand exercise and tells her parents that the procedure should help. April gives Kimmy's friends a lecture about how they should party less and help each other get good grades. Hunt is frustrated that they aren't seeing any progress with Paul.

There's a social services worker downstairs and they need something soon. Meredith is now outside the lab doors trying to talk to Bailey, who is not responding. It is shown that Bailey has been giving herself tests for MRSA and they've all come back negative. Hunt finds Ethan and asks what happened. Ethan says he just wanted to go to sleep. Ethan asks why they aren't trying anything to save his parents. Cristina walks in and says they are trying things. She says they haven't given up on Paul and neither should he. Ethan starts to cry. Nancy tells Hunt the social worker said these are extraordinary circumstances and wouldn't take Ethan. Nancy asks Hunt if he can help. She's worried she can't do it and there's no one else who can help. She cries as she tells Hunt that he knows as well as she does that Paul is gone.

She says Ethan needs someone to look after him and she just can't. Jackson gets to Joe's and sees Stephanie. He starts to make some excuses and she tells him to shut up. He says he hasn't called in 11 days because he's been busy heading the hospital, but she says she deserves to be treated better. He kisses her. On her way out, Arizona runs into Lauren in the elevator and Lauren says she was hoping to run into her. Arizona asks if it's because there's been a change in Tyler's case and Lauren says no, then compliments Arizona's eyes. Arizona nervously and without turning to face Lauren says she's married to Callie. She adds that she only has one leg. Lauren tells her she knows that, but doesn’t stop flirting, till she steps out of the elevator. Arizona seems to like the attention and smiles to herself. Webber now stands at the door of the lab where Bailey has locked herself in.

Ben comes running down the hall and thanks Webber for having called. Webber tells Ben that Bailey needs him. Ben knocks on the door and Bailey finally opens the door to let Ben in and asks who called him. He says it doesn't matter. After seeing all the petrie dishes from her many tests laid out on the counter, he tells her she doesn't need to keep doing things by herself anymore. He says it wasn't her fault and has to let it go. She says she knew all the families of the patients and she did this to them. She breaks down, saying they all died because of her. Zola has a tea party for Derek and Meredith.

He's worried that she's so perfect, but her little brother could be a monster. Meredith says that won't happen. Alex gets home to find Jo sitting at his front door. He's exasperated, mocking her for a bit about how he's trying to leave her alone and get out of her life. She comes out of the shadow and reveals a beaten-up face. Crying, she asks him if she can stay at his place. The episode ends at this point.