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Readiness is All - Recap

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The episode begins with Alex tending to Jo's damaged face. She says that she and Jason argued, with him telling her she was a liar and he could no longer trust her. Alex lays her in bed and tells her she's safe and then starts to leave. Jo calls out, wondering what he's going to do. Hunt is preparing for a massive storm that's three days out. He is preparing the facilities and the doctors to be ready for the influx of patients. Alex has pulled Derek aside and tells him he has to help Jason. He's severely beaten and has had a CT scan. Lauren explains to Baby Tyler's parents that the procedure is going to take a couple of days.

Arizona gives them some assurance. She and Lauren then go off and get all friendly and chatty. Lauren asks Arizona to take a bigger part in the surgery. Arizona stammers and declines. Ethan tells Hunt he understands that if his dad doesn't wake up, he'll be sent to a foster home. He's worried about what his mysterious foster parents could be like and hopes his dad wakes up. Nancy, Ethan's grandmother, shows up and Hunt leaves. Cristina talks to Hunt about the question of pulling the plug on Paul, Ethan's dad. He says it's too soon and leaves. Hunt catches Meredith in the elevator and asks how she and Derek knew adoption was something they wanted to do. She asks why and he shakes it off. A man who fell off four stories onto some iron rods that are lodged through his midsection comes into the E.R.

The man groans that his name is Leon and asks April if he's going to die. She says it's not as bad as it could be, given that they're talking. Heather and Derek are both wondering who beat Jason so badly. Heather leaves the room and Derek asks him directly. Alex doesn't answer the question, only telling Derek to make sure Jason doesn’t die. April and Meredith look at Leon's scans to see where the rods are. They need to cut the rods and Leon gives them a tip on what kind of blade to use. Leah runs to get it. Stephanie is alarmed when she hears Alex brought Jason into the hospital. Leah finds some carpenters doing work in the hospital and asks if they have the blade they need for Leon. Shane tells Bailey how honored and excited he is to work with her.

Leah brings the carpenter and the circular saw to the O.R., but Hunt and Ben notice and run to stop them from grinding the metal. The O.R. is full of oxygen and would explode. Arizona and Lauren scrub up and flirt before their surgery. Ben and Hunt are now involved with Leon's case. Hunt orders everyone out who doesn't have to be there, notably Meredith because she's pregnant. Derek tells Meredith about Alex bringing Jason into the hospital half beaten to death. Meredith runs off to get Cristina. Ben, Hunt, April and Callie start the process of trying to saw the iron rod, while hyperventilating Leon, so they can cut the oxygen in the room. Derek and Heather work on Jason's brain. Cristina and Meredith tell Alex he was stupid to beat Jason up, but he says Jason was like that when he found him.

Meredith doesn't believe that's his story and Cristina says no cop will believe it, but he insists he didn't do anything. That's when Jo walks in and admits that Alex didn’t do anything she did. Hunt is still sawing and sparks are flying. Lauren, Arizona and Jackson get ready to work on Baby Tyler. Shane is annoyed that he's just printing stuff with Bailey. She tells him the printing could save a patient's life if the power goes out in the hospital. Webber comes and asks Bailey to scrub in, but she says she can't stop doing her printing. Webber is upset and says he'll go to the O.R. himself. Jo explains that she fought Jason off and he hit his head on the sidewalk. She says he was fine and still yelling when she left. Alex tells her to go home and not let anyone see her.

He tells Meredith and Cristina to stay quiet until he knows more. Cristina comes over and hands Derek a scan of Paul's brain, pointing out a blood clot. Cristina brings the scan to Nancy and admits it's a long shot. Nancy wants to know what Hunt says, but agrees to let Cristina try to remove the clot if it could save her son's life. Jo is leaving down the stairwell but Meredith catches her. Jo says she didn't mean to hurt Jason. Meredith tells Jo that Alex just might be loyal or dumb enough to take the fall for her. Meredith sees the carpenter leaving with his saw and is upset that she hasn't been asked back to the O.R. now that they're done with the dangerous part. She starts to stomp up the stairs and slips and falls down half a flight. Alone in the stairwell, she curls up and cries.

Heather and Derek are almost done, when a nurse tells Derek about Meredith's fall. She's going to O.B. to get checked. Heather says she can finish. She takes over and Derek leaves, while Cristina freaks out after seeing that Heather is alone at the controls. Webber talks to the other surgeons in the O.R. about Bailey. The O.B. tells Meredith and Derek that everything is fine. Derek tells her she needs to slow down. Jackson is excited about his surgery and tells April about it. She's upset, though, because she thinks Hunt is actively keeping her off surgeries. A nurse calls April over for a new trauma case. Another nurse comes and gets Meredith, Cristina and Alex off to the E.R. April gets a 48-year-old man with tightness in his chest.

April is surprised by some music that starts to play and suddenly the man hops off the gurney and starts dancing. The whole thing is a flash mob apparently set up by Matthew, and April is tossed into a chair to take it all in. Matthew finally gets to the point. He's proposing. Matthew gets down on one knee and she says yes, while everyone cheers. Jackson is near tears while smiling and applauding and April sees this. Later, while Meredith and Alex are chatting, Heather comes and says Jason is awake and is asking for the police. The storm is bearing down now and Derek checks out Paul. He's still worried. Derek assures Cristina she's done everything she could. Baby Tyler's parents are amazed and thank Lauren and Arizona for their work.

Lauren asks Arizona to show her to an on-call room because she likes to stay close to the patient the first night after a major procedure. The storm rages over Seattle and Jason opens his eyes to see Alex. Jason claims Jo attacked him, that she's a lunatic, is disturbed and is a liar. Alex tells Jason about his friends, who own the hospital. He says they don't like a guy who hits his girlfriend. Jason asks what he was supposed to do after Jo attacked him and Alex says he was supposed to take it. Jason thinks he's being blackmailed, but Alex points out that it looks like he (Jason) is a guy, who hits girls, asking Jason what he wants to do next. Outside, Derek tells Alex it's not ok to blackmail people. Derek tells him he shouldn't feel good about it all working out.

Webber comes over to Bailey and tells her they need her to be a surgeon, not a file clerk, and she needs to either be a surgeon or get the hell out. She's too stunned for words. Meredith talks to Hunt, saying she and Derek just knew that they should adopt Zola. She doesn't know how else to explain it. Hunt tells her about Ethan, saying Ethan’s scared and alone, and he can help Ethan. He says he talks himself out of it because Ethan is not his kid, but he can't imagine not doing it. Just then, Cristina comes to get Hunt, saying Paul is awake; he's talking and is fine. Hunt seems a little shaken and sees Paul hugging Ethan. Hunt tells Cristina to get them out of the hospital ASAP under the guise of preparing for the storm.

Matthew comes by and is still excited that April didn't see the surprise proposal coming. He asks Jackson if he could pass along his thanks to Hunt because he asked Hunt to keep April out of surgeries all day, so she could be in the E.R. for the big moment. Jackson smiles and says he'll send the message, then congratulates Matthew. Bailey comes over and writes her own name down on the surgery board. She takes Shane with her. Meredith tells Cristina that Hunt was thinking about fostering or adopting Ethan. Cristina wonders what she can do, but Meredith tells her it isn't about her. Arizona shows Lauren the on-call room as the lights flicker because of the storm. They both say they're sorry the whole experience is over.

The silence gets mildly awkward and Arizona extends her hand for a handshake, but that turns into a hug. Lightning strikes and the lights go out. Through the flashes, the duo is seen kissing. The lights come back on and Arizona pushes herself back, saying she can't do this. Lauren tells her she is allowed to lose a little bit of control. Arizona then, instead of walking out of the door, locks it and turns and kisses Lauren again this time harder and deeper, and starts to take her clothes off.

Alex comes home and unleashes on Jo for having beaten up Jason, saying he could've died. He tells her that she can't go and do things like this and that she needs to grow up. She tells him people are horrible and not everyone is good like him (Alex). He admits that if she hadn't gotten to Jason first, he (Alex) would probably have killed him. They look at each other in silence, when a tree crashes through the window, right in between them. Alex looks over it, now with rain rushing into the house, and sees that Jo is ok.

Meredith, Callie and Derek are prepping cots in the hospital. Callie wonders where Arizona is and goes off to look for her. Derek again tells her she needs to take it easy, but Meredith starts to protest. Suddenly, she's doubled over in pain, but just for a moment. She smiles and says her water just broke. Derek is happy on hearing this. The episode ends at this point.