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Seal Our Fate - Recap

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Owen is walking through the ER, which is extremely crowded and messy following the aftermath of the storm and bus crash. The interns are sitting in their locker room, clearly exhausted, and Derek and Meredith are celebrating the birth of their son Bailey with Zola. Owen comes into Meredith's room to tell her and Derek that he wants to arrange an emergency meeting with all the members of the board. Callie storms out of the on-call room, leaving Arizona to stand there alone, and April is by Jackson's bedside telling him that she is still in love with him and would leave Matthew if he asked her to. In the middle of their discussion, Stephanie rushes in to Jackson's bedside, having just heard the news of his injuries. April leaves the room. Bailey is walking through the waiting room when she asks a nurse to page Webber for her, but Webber is still lying in the water in the maintenance room, having been electrocuted.

All the members of the board, except for Webber, are in Meredith's room. Bailey is holding Meredith and Derek's baby and everyone is asking how the baby is and wondering where Webber went. They all tell Meredith about the bus crash and Owen tells everyone they need to close the ER because they are so low on supplies because of the bus crash. Meredith says she will try and coordinate with the suppliers to get what they need for the ER. Jackson enters the room to tell them that the airport has been re-opened and Dr. Boswell is on her way there. Callie, who has been silent the entire time, tells everyone that Dr. Boswell is the woman that Arizona slept with behind her back. After a lot of awkward glances, everyone leaves the room.

April, Stephanie, Shane and Brooks are waiting for the ambulances in the trauma bay. Owen and Jackson come outside and tell them that there has been a landslide as a result of the storm and they all need to scramble to find supplies as more than one ambulance pulls up to the hospital. Leah walks out of the hospital, about to go home, but decides against it when she sees all of the incoming trauma. The paramedic's begin to unload the ambulances and the doctors rush patients in through the trauma bay.

Alex and Jo are making-out as they go into a dark on-call room. Alex tells Jo he doesn't want to have sex in an on-call room, but Jo talks him out of it, until she remembers that he slept with most of her friends in the on-call rooms. They are interrupted when Alex's pager beeps and he has to leave.

The paramedics bring in the first patient, a 54 year old man who is the captain of the fire house. Owen and April begin to examine him, but he cannot remember much about what happened after he helped an old lady out of her house. He starts to cough up mud and Owen orders a chest x-ray and antibiotics.

Cristina is laying in bed with Meredith and she tells Meredith that she broke up with Owen. Meredith tries to reassure her, telling her that they always end things and then get back together. Cristina decides to take a nap and tells Meredith to wake her up in 20 minutes, but her pager goes off right away and she has to leave.

In the ER, Derek is examining a patient named Lydia Ashburg who has possible head injuries, and crush injuries to her fingers and arms. The woman asks Derek if he knows anything about her house, which was likely damaged in the mud slide, just as Owen walks up. He overhears her and tells her that the man who pulled her out of the house is in the other room being examined. Owen tells Alex, who was walking by, to tell April that the woman the man was asking about earlier is alright but he just yells across the room instead. He asks Derek for a Neuro consult. Shane arrives with a tray of supplies that he found and Derek tells him to go and find Brooks so that she can perform a scan. Shane clearly wants to do it himself and asks Derek if he can, but Derek turns him down and tells him again to go find Brooks instead. Bailey tells Owen that he has to speak to the mayor over the phone about casualties. Owen walks away and Bailey looks around for Webber. Not finding him, she tells Shane to go and find Webber.

Shane runs into Brooks in the hallway, he tells her that Derek wanted her to go and find Webber instead of what he was supposed to say to her so that he can take her place instead. He tells her that she can probably find Webber downstairs where the generators are, and she walks away looking angry. Brooks reaches the generator room and finds Webber laying on the ground in a pool of water. She rushes forward to help him, but the electricity shocks her and she falls to the ground, hitting her head hard on the way down.

Jackson is taking care of a female rescue worker who has a leg injury as well as a laceration on her neck. A co-worker of hers walks by and she asks him if everyone made it out okay. He tells her that everyone is accounted for except for a few people, including her fiancée.

Alex, Jo and Owen are working on a patient named Oscar who has a large cut on his leg. As they are about to give him antibiotics Jo notices that there are instructions written in sharpie on the man's leg that say he is allergic to penicillin. Owen says that someone must have triaged him at the scene and yells to everyone else in the ER to check their patients for vitals written in sharpie. Arizona's notices her patient, Aaron Garcia, has something written in sharpie on his chest as well as she attempts to stabilize his pelvis with the help of Leah. Leah cannot do it right and so Callie steps in to help, ignoring Arizona as best she can. Callie tells Leah to book and OR and to ask Bailey to scrub in instead of Arizona.

Stephanie is walking down the hall with extra supplies. Joe runs up behind her and they argue over who gets to use what supplies while standing in front of Meredith's room. Meredith overhears their argument and they tell her that there has been a mudslide.

Derek asks Shane where Brooks has gone, her not having answered his page. Shane lies and tells him that Brooks was busy, so he did the scan instead. Derek tells him that he wants him to find her anyway and then asks Lydia (the patient) how she is feeling. Again, she asks him if he knows if anything happened to her house.

April is still working on the fire captain, Lenny, when Owen comes into her trauma room. The patient is having difficulty breathing, so they insert a chest tube. The chest tube allows him to breathe easier, but it expels faeces, indicating that his colon has likely been pushed up into his chest and he will need surgery. Owen books an OR and asks Stephanie to tell Bailey that she must man the ER in his leave. Stephanie finds Bailey and tells her, but Bailey is about to leave for surgery on the man with the broken pelvis. She asks again where Dr. Webber is, but Stephanie does not know.

Shane arrives downstairs to find Brooks and Webber unconscious. The two are brought up to the ER by Shane and Bailey and Brooks begins to have a seizure on her stretcher. Derek and Shane rush her to the OR as Bailey and Cristina attempts to revive Webber with the paddles. Alex instructs the interns, whom are distracted by Bailey trying to bring back Webber, to focus on their patients. He takes the interns to go and see Oscar, and they continue to write his stats on his leg because their electronics are not working right.

Callie is scrubbing in for her surgery with Leah when Arizona walks in. Bailey can no longer help her because she is working on Webber, but the two argue anyway and Callie does not want her help. Derek and Shane give Brooks an MRI and find that she has a subdural bleed. They take her to the OR immediately. Back with Webber, Alex tells Bailey that his stats are not looking good, but she tells him to run them again. Webber starts to code and they shock him again with the paddles.
Jackson is still working on his patient, Sasha, trying to prevent an infection in her wound. Oscar comes by her room and Sasha thinks she recognizes her fiancée Brian's handwriting on his leg. Jackson takes a tissue sample from Sasha to run some tests on.

Alex visits Meredith in her room to ask for her permission to start a blood drive, he is freaking out, and she tells him to hold her baby and calm down. He tells her about Webber and Brooks before leaving the room again. In surgery April and Owen are trying to save Lenny, who is having a lot of complications, and Cristina is threading a balloon pump into Webber to try and fix his heart. She is successful and Bailey hugs her. Stephanie checks on Mrs. Ashburg again, who continues to ask about her house, and Stephanie yells at her for not cooperating with her examination.

Webber's scans and stats are still not good, so Bailey books and OR to operate, thinking that he has abdominal tissue damage from his trauma. Bailey and Cristina argue over the best course of treatment. Owen and April are still working on Lenny and Derek and Shane begin to operate on Brooks. Lenny codes in surgery and Owen is forced to call time of death. Sasha's fiancée shows up at the hospital and he tells her that he was not the one to write on Oscar's leg, but that it was the old woman from the ER. The fire fighters, and Lenny's wife, are informed of his death and Sasha and Brian decide that they have to find the rest of the missing rescue workers.

Callie, Arizona and Leah are still in surgery. Callie says that Arizona is a good general surgeon, but she is still very angry at her. Cristina and Bailey ask Owen to help them make a decision about treating Webber and he tells them to find out who Webber has listed as his proxy in his health care directive, which it turns out, is Meredith. Meredith decides that they should go ahead with the surgery.

Derek and Shane are working on Brooks in the OR still, with Jo, Leah and Stephanie looking on from the gallery. The interns leave and go back to the ER where they help Alex to set up the blood drive. A fire fighter volunteers to donate blood and when Stephanie asks him if he knows anything about her patients house, he tells her that she must be "sharpie lady," a woman who helped people escape from the mud slide and triaged patients by writing vitals on them in sharpie. As the interns begin to take blood from donors they learn that Brooks is getting worse in surgery. Jo and Alex kiss in the store room, but they are interrupted by Arizona. Arizona confides in Alex about her affair and tries out an apology on him that is meant for Callie.

Mrs. Ashburg begins to have trouble breathing, and the paramedics bring in the last missing rescue worker. Brian rushes in to tell Sasha that they have found him and Jackson comes in at the same time. Sasha's labs have shown that she has necrotizing fasciitis and she has to go into surgery immediately.

Outside the hospital, April and the fire fighters wait as Lenny's wife arrives to see his body. April gives Lenny's wife his wedding ring and apologizes to her for not being able to save him. Webber and Sasha are both brought into surgery and Brooks gets worse in surgery, forcing Derek to have to open her up even further and risking more neural deficits. Cristina tells Meredith that she made the right decision in going forward with Webber's surgery.