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Somebody That I Used to Know - Recap

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While Bailey and Ben are getting ready for work, Ben notices Bailey once again emitting some very OCD-type behaviors. She places items in her purse only to take them out, arrange them to her satisfaction, and then start the process all over again. Ben watches her, clearly worried.

Arizona is back to living in her apartment with Callie, although she’s currently sleeping on the couch. Callie comes out of the room and asks if she slept okay. Arizona assures her that she did.

Meanwhile, Emma is hanging out at the hospital on her day off to catch up on work. While Hunt is helping her to get settled, April and Callie watch from afar, commenting on how adorable they both look together. Cristina stares at them through the window, looking slightly sad.

This prompts Cristina to start talking about the situation with Alex since her and Meredith still aren’t on the greatest of terms. She’s happy for him and the fact that he’s getting laid, but she wants to be getting laid as well. Alex suggests she look into a “friends with benefits” type of situation. After overhearing everything, Shane interrupts to tell Cristina that the conduit they were making for an infant with Meredith’s printer somehow got contaminated and they need to start over. Cristina knows Meredith won’t want to give up the machine for another full day, but urges Shane to begin the process of making a new one.

April hands Stephanie an invitation to her wedding while informing her that she’s more than welcome to take a plus one. Sensing that something’s a little off about the situation, Stephanie proceeds to ask her fellow residents if they too received their own special invitation. None of them had. Jo assumes she didn’t get one because April probably assumes she’ll be Alex’s plus one, which is exactly how Stephanie thought it should work for her and Avery. She walks away looking concerned.

Leah, Arizona, and Callie get assigned to the same case together. Leah doesn’t think it’s a good idea since things could get awkward now that Arizona and Callie are officially back together, but Arizona assures her that everything will be fine.

Stephanie and Meredith realize that their pancreas patient has reached a terminal level and all they can do now is to make her as comfortable as possible. While reading through her charts, Stephanie overhears the woman telling her friend that she wants to interview other women to take her place for the man she loves. But she’s not referring to her husband…she’s talking about her lover, which apparently her husband knows about and is completely fine with.

While looking over some charts, Ben and Derek get to talking, which eventually leads to Ben opening up about his concerns reguarding Bailey’s potential OCD. He even recalls a time when she kept a patient under anesthesia for an extra hour just to make sure everything was alright. But Ben forgot that he wasn’t just talking to a friend, he’s talking to a member of the hospital board. Derek informs Ben that he’ll have to report this.

Cristina knows Meredith is going to be upset about them confiscating her printer for another day, but Cristina assures Shane that she’ll get over it. As they wait for an elevator together, Shane casually mentions that he’s available to be her special someone in the bedroom if she’s interested. She rejects the offer and tells him to stop talking.

Meredith and Emma quickly become fast friends thanks to Emma’s impressive baking skills. Meredith asks if she and Hunt want to come over for a small Thanksgiving dinner between the four of them as long as Emma’s willing to cook. She agrees. Meanwhile, Stephanie – who’s still on Meredith’s bad side after getting her kicked out of her own surgery a few days back – runs into Shane who tells her to let Meredith know that he and Cristina need the printer for an extra day.

Richard informs Meredith that he wants another go at the stress test, which he’s promptly failed several times before. He assures her that he’s ready this time, so she agrees to give him another chance at it. Now that they’re on better terms, Meredith asks if he would also like to attend their Thanksgiving dinner. This quickly leads to Meredith inviting practically everybody over for the holiday other than Cristina. Unaware of Cristina and Meredith’s on-going quarrel, Hunt asks Emma if it would be alright to invite Cristina as well. Emma claims to be fine with it, though she’s a little stressed about how many people she’s expected to cook for now.

Not wanting there to be any more secrets between the two of them, Arizona confesses to Callie that she was with someone while they were separated. She doesn’t say who and Callie doesn’t ask, however, she does want to know if it happened multiple times or if it was more of a one time thing. Arizona admits to the former, which clearly upsets Callie, but she appreciates Arizona’s attempt at honesty. They briefly hug.

As the pancreas patient interviews potential women for her lover Stan, the husband explains to Stephanie how they both decided to have other lovers once the spark ended in their relationship. However, since they were still such close friends and didn’t want to get a divorce, they came up with this little arrangement, which seems to have worked pretty well. Stan eventually catches wind of what she’s trying to do and tells the husband that he’s not interested in anyone else. She just can’t be replaced.

Hunt and Derek explain to Ben that they’ll need to pull Bailey off of all surgeries until she’s able to get her OCD condition under control. Ben fights the decision, explaining that he thought he was simply talking to a friend, but it’s too late. The decision has been made. Ben requests that he be the one to break the news to her. She’s, of course, furious and storms away without listening to what he has to say.

After Stephanie relays Shane’s message to Meredith about the printer, Meredith tracks down Cristina and the two of them immediately start fighting. Cristina takes Meredith over to see her infant patient, explaining that research can wait when there’s a life on the line. But Meredith isn’t buying Cristina’s whole speech and thinks she just wants to do a risky surgery as a way to show-off.

During surgery, Callie offers Leah a chance to drill into the patient’s bone. She messes up and starts freaking out, but Callie refuses to take over and tries to walk her through it. But Leah turns to Arizona for help, which makes Callie realize that Leah was the one Arizona’s been hooking up with.

Much like Stephanie, Avery soon becomes suspicious as to why he and Stephanie are receiving two separate invites. But when he approaches April about it, she explains that Stephanie’s invite will serve as his as well. Since he name begins with an “A,” he was always at the top of their invite list, so she just decided to remove his name altogether to make things easier for her fiancé to handle. Avery sees this as an indicator that he shouldn’t go to the wedding at all. He gives her his blessing, but says it’s for the best if he’s just not there.

During his stress test with Jo, Richard ends up pushing himself too hard, which causes him to take a pretty bad fall off the treadmill, thus breaking one of his ribs. Since this means he won’t be able to get released to go to Meredith’s Thanksgiving, the residents decide to keep him company for the day.

Having ignored Ben’s instructions to cease all surgery, Bailey begins prepping the OR for her next procedure. Hunt comes over to stop her, explaining that Meredith will be taking over. To show Bailey how much she needs help, Hunt has Meredith move a bunch of Bailey’s surgical tools from their original position. And while Bailey tries to fight it, she can help but give into the urge to move them all back into place. Deep down she knows something is wrong and storms out.

Avery tells Stephanie that he talked it over with April and he’s no longer going to the wedding. Stephanie takes this to mean that they still aren’t over each other, but Avery assures her that isn’t the case. It’s just an awkward situation that he’d like to avoid. She believes him and they start kissing.

Cristina and Shane make one last plea with Meredith to let them use the printer for one more night, but Meredith has had enough and immediately starts calling Cristina a failure. Shane comes to Cristina’s defense and accuses Meredith of making the situation personal. He doesn’t ask, but rather tells her that she can have the printer back tomorrow. As soon as Meredith leaves the room, Cristina kisses Shane as a thank you.

Callie is still upset over the whole Leah-Arizona situation, but Arizona reminds her that they’re both trying to start over with a clean slate. She can’t keep apologizing and Callie can’t always be trying to play the victim. She tells Callie that she’s tired of sleeping on the couch and wants to be back in the bed. Callie tells her that she needs one more night to digest what she just learned, but agrees she can move back in afterward.

At home, Bailey starts yelling at Ben for ratting her out to the board and kicks over a chair in the process. But her OCD makes her come back into the room to fix it. She walks away looking ashamed and scared.

Owen tells Meredith that he ran it by Emma and she’s totally fine if Cristina wanted to come to their Thanksgiving get together. Derek tries to relay with his eyes that this is a bad idea. Cristina walks in and shares an awkward moment of silence with Meredith, Hunt, and Derek. As everyone walks away, Cristina sadly realizes that she may have lost her best friend for good.