Season 1

1 :01x01 - Pilot

Portland homicide detective Nick Burkhardt discovers that he is the latest in a lineage of "Grimms," monster hunters with the gift to see past their human facade. As he comes to grips with his new abilities, he must track down a killer who has abducted a young girl and plans to fatten her up before eating her.
Guest Stars: Tim Bagley as Postman | Claire Coffee as Adalind Schade | Ayanna Berkshire as Dr. Rose | Kate Burton as Marie Kessler |
Co-Guest Stars: Joy Flatz as Sylvie Oster | Tierra Valentine as Sylvie's Roommate | Burl Ross as Forest Service Officer | Sophia Mitri Schloss as Robin Howell | Julie Vhay as Robin's Mother | Mark Lewis (3) as Robin's Grandfather | Casey Vann as Angry Perp | Danny Hernandez as Hulda
Director: Marc Buckland
Songs: Eurythmics -- Sweet Dreams, Marilyn Manson -- Sweet Dreams

2 :01x02 - Bears Will Be Bears

Nick and Hank investigate the claim of a teenage girl who broke into a home with her boyfriend, that someone attacked her boyfriend. They soon discover that the home owners are not all that they seem. Meanwhile, Nick asks Eddy to watch over Marie when Renard withdraws the police detail at the hospital.
Guest Stars: Currie Graham as Frank Rabe | Amy Gumenick as Gilda Darner | Claire Coffee as Adalind Schade | Parker Bagley as Barry Rabe | Ayanna Berkshire as Dr. Rose | Alexander Mendeluk as Rocky Babb | Kate Burton as Marie Kessler |
Co-Guest Stars: Eric Schniewind as Doctor | Rick Cashin as Officer | Jodie Harwood as Diane Rabe | Robbie Clark as Jason Colbert | Ethan Atkinson as T.B. Colbert | Jake Street as Thug | Keith Cox (2) as Thug #1 | J.J. Morris as Thug #2 | Matt Baker (2) as Priest
Director: Norberto Barba

3 :01x03 - Beeware

Nick and Hank investigate the death of a lawyer by anaphylactic shock in the middle of a flash-mob, and discover that the murderer used bee venom. As they pursue the case, Nick realizes that a monster is responsible, and is forced to defend Adalind Schade, the hexenbiest who tried to kill him.
Guest Stars: Nana Visitor as Melissa Wincroft | Claire Coffee as Adalind Schade | Sharon Sachs as Dr. Harper |
Co-Guest Stars: Mary Ann Jarou as Serena Dunbrook | Wrick Jones as Conductor | Shelly Lipkin as Harrison Berman | Linn Bjornland as Camilla Gotleib | Michael Prosser as Elliot Spinella (as Mike Prosser) | Stephen Lange as John Coleman | Rich Morris as Doug Shellow (as Richard Morris) | Michelle Danilson as Passenger #2 | Claire Doody as Passenger #4 | Austin Hillebrecht as Passenger #5 | Marzell Sampson as Passenger #6 | Heath Lourwood as Uni / Doorman | Kacey Griffin as Policewoman
Director: Darnell Martin
Songs: The Village People -- YMCA

4 :01x04 - Lonelyhearts

Nick and Hank investigate the death of a woman and connect her to a B&B owner who breeds with women and uses pheromones to make his conquests. Meanwhile, a Reaper arrives in town to avenge his fallen comrade, and Renard intervenes with the newcomer.
Guest Stars: Patrick Fischler as Billy Capra | Sharon Sachs as Dr. Harper | Henri Lubatti as Reaper |
Co-Guest Stars: Haley Talbot as Lisa | Bevin Kaye as Faith Collins | Tim True as Leroy Kent | Lanie Hoyo as CSI | Casey McFeron as Ray Collins | Josh Mead as Young Man | Quyona Anderson as Young Woman | Kate Mentesana as Woman in Cage | Cecily Crow as Female Paramedic
Director: Michael Waxman

5 :01x05 - Danse Macabre

When a teacher is apparently gnawed to death by rats, Nick learns that a violin prodigy may be responsible... and a creature as well. Meanwhile, Juliette is puzzled by a repairman's reaction to Nick, and Hank has dinner with someone that he saved.
Guest Stars: Claire Coffee as Adalind Schade | Nick Thurston as Roddy Geiger | Sharon Sachs as Dr. Harper | Judith Hoag as Mrs. Jessup | Amelia Rose Blaire as Sarah Jessup |
Co-Guest Stars: Danny Belrose as Sammy | Will Cuddy as Carter Brimley | Aaron Landon as Trey Harrison | Chase Offerle as Marvin | Ted De Chatelet as Paul Lawson (as Ted de Chatelet) | Shelley B. Shelley as Grace Kaplan | Russell Hodgkinson as Ephram Geiger | Danny Bruno as Bud | Gregory Miller as Lawrence Brimley
Director: David Solomon

6 :01x06 - The Three Bad Wolves

Monroe is caught in the middle when an old flame arrives in town to investigate the death of her brother. Meanwhile, Nick is on the trial of the killer, and realizes that he has a good reason for his bloody rampage.
Guest Stars: Brad William Henke as Hap Lasser | Jaime Ray Newman as Angelina Lasser | Daniel Roebuck as Lt. Orson |
Co-Guest Stars: Jack Sneed as Officer | Matt Dotson as Officer #2
Director: J. Clark Mathis

7 :01x07 - Let Your Hair Down

When a drug dealer is killed while threatening hikers, Nick soon determines that the killer is a feral blutbad and turns to Eddie for help tracking her down.
Guest Stars: Claudia Christian as Mrs. Clark | Ted Rooney as Joihn Addison |
Co-Guest Stars: Anna Lieberman as Lauren | Mike Dunay as Dustin | Drew Barrios as Delmar Blake | Mary Jonnelson as Holly Clark | Robert McKeehen as DEA Agent Langford | Damon Kupper as Forest Service Ranger | Matthew Dibiasio as Micah Blake | Shawn Law as Roland Blake | Danny Bruno as Bud | Shawn Telford as Roscoe | Victor Morris as Irv
Director: Holly Dale

8 :01x08 - Game Ogre

An escapee returns to Portland seeking revenge against those who put him behind bars. His unusual strength and high tolerance for pain makes Nick take notice. As the case escalates Nick and Juliette are put in danger, and Monroe is called into action to help put an end to the convict's deadly rampage.

Source: NBC
Guest Stars: Eric Edelstein as Oleg Stark |
Co-Guest Stars: Anthony De Longis as Judge Logan Patterson | Kacey Griffin as Officer Messina | Jon Ashley Hall as Male CSI | Glen Baggerly as Lead Officer | Ellen Bloodworth as Sweet Old Lady | Juan Canopii as Fire Captain | Lex Damis as Pick-Up Driver | Jan Brehm as Doctor
Director: Terrence O'Hara
Songs: Frank Sinatra -- I've Got the World on a String

9 :01x09 - Of Mouse and Man

Nick and Hank investigate a murder victim left in a dumpster, and soon discover that the trail leads to an abusive boyfriend, an arrogant lawyer, and a meek junk yard owner. Meanwhile, Juliette notices someone watching her and Nick, and Eddie gets a message from the creature community.
Guest Stars: Amanda Walsh as Natalie Havershaw | Fred Koehler as Marty Burgess |
Co-Guest Stars: Gavin Hoffman as Leonard Drake | Ebbe Roe Smith as Mr. Burgess | J.W. Crawford as Forest McCleary | Jill Westerby as Woman | Doug Brooks as Mason Snyder | Enrique Arias as Andy Salazar | Tai Simmons as Officer | Aaron Fitzgerald (2) as Maitre d' | Leigh Guyer as Father | Brandi Hicks as Mother | Diego Velazquez as Son | Ellia White as Daughter
Director: Omar Madha

10 :01x10 - Organ Grinder

When a street kid turns up dead in the river, Nick and Hank discover that someone is running an organ-legging operation. However, things become even worse when Nick confirms that monsters are behind it, and prefer exotic human organs.
Guest Stars: Valerie Cruz as Dr. Levine | Sharon Sachs as Dr. Harper | Daryl Sabara as Hansen | Hannah Marks as Gracie |
Co-Guest Stars: James Maxey as Kevin Standish | Donald Fisher as Steven Bamford | J.J. Johnston as Stankavitch | Tyrone Henry as Manager | Beth Furumasu as Street Kid | Karen Tucker as Receptonist | Steven Beckingham as Tom Daniels | Dana Millican as Nurse | Logan Loughmiller as SUV Driver | Aristophane Juson as EMT | Randy Schulman as Freddy | Jennifer Lanier as Lab Tech | Endre Hules as Voice on Phone
Director: J. Clark Mathis

11 :01x11 - Tarantella

Nick and Hank go after a woman who liquifies the organs of her young, attractive male victims. Meanwhile, Nick discovers that word of his existence as a Grimm has spread through the creature community.
Guest Stars: Amy Acker as Lena Marcinko | Nicholas Gonzales as Ryan Showalter | Sharon Sachs as Dr. Harper | Robert Blanche as Franco |
Co-Guest Stars: William Grimme as Boy #1 (as Will Grimme) | Jake Mager as Boy #2 | Lanie Hoyo as CSI | Shannon Day as Marta | Mike Massa as Anton Mengers | Kyle Vahan as John Oblinger | Danny Bruno as Bud (Bud Oblinger) | Nelda Rayes as Maid | Ryan McClusky as Robert Marcinko | Nicole McCullough as Sally Marchinko | Dalene Young as Charlotte | Jewel Robinson as Principal | Michelle Damis as Cindy | James Dixon (2) as Uniform | RJ Belles as Aaron
Director: Peter Werner

12 :01x12 - Last Grimm Standing

Nick stumbles upon an underground fight arena involving creatures when one of the enraged prisoners gets loose and kills two local people. Eddie agrees to go undercover to find out the arena's address, but gets abducted and is put into the ring.
Guest Stars: Nick Chinlund as Leo Taymor | B.J. Britt as Brian Cooney | Robert Blanche as Franco |
Co-Guest Stars: Allen Nause as Ed Weller | Todd Tulces as Gus Pappas | Sharva Maynard as Lois Weller | Jeremiah Washburn as Dimitri Skontos | Ron Wright as Clement | John Dewar as Sauly | Garland Lyons as Priest

13 :01x13 - Three Coins in a Fuchsbau

A mysterious figure from Marie's past shows up when three thieves try to steal rare gold coins. Nick discovers that they bear a curse that causes anyone who touches them to fall under their influence.
Guest Stars: Titus Welliver as Farley Kolt | Sharon Sachs as Dr. Harper | Jordi Caballero as Soledad Marquesa | Alan Smyth as Ian Flynn |
Co-Guest Stars: Brian Sutherland as Hans Roth | Robert Cohn as Sam Bertram | Aaron Blakely as First Officer Brenner | Cherif Khazem as Frenchman | Kevin Warren as Evidence Officer | Tim Becker as Reporter
Director: Norberto Barba

14 :01x14 - Plumed Serpent

When two men are immolated, Nick investigates and discovers that the killer is related to an exotic fire-dancer creature who is attracted to Nick.
Guest Stars: Danielle Panabaker as Ariel Eberhart | Daniel Baldwin as Jordan Vance |
Co-Guest Stars: Don Alder as Fred Eberhart | Michael Fetters as Stu Oliver | Rusty Tennant as Joe Oliver | Richard Turner (2) as Middle-Aged Driver | Dennis Fitzpatrick as Lance Truman | David Cascadden as Contractor | Anthony Casanova as Officer #1 | Mia Allen as Door Woman | Daniel Knight as Railroad Employee
Director: Steven DePaul

15 :01x15 - Island of Dreams

Nick gets involved in a drug theft when he investigates the murder of a fuchsbau shop owner. Meanwhile, Eddie bonds with the victim's sister, and Hank falls under the sway of Adalind and Wu gets a fatal dose of the substance she's using to establish her control.
Special Guest Stars: Bree Turner as Rosalee Calvert |
Guest Stars: Claire Coffee as Adalind Schade | Robert Blanche as Franco |
Co-Guest Stars: Paul Glazier as Clint Vickers | Sean Cook (2) as Joshua Hall | Danny Bruno as Bud | Randy Schulman as Freddy Calvert | Casey Vann as Cecil
Director: Rob Bailey
Songs: Massive Attack -- Angel, Destrophy -- Reconnect

16 :01x16 - The Thing with Feathers

Nick tries to take Juliette on a romantic weekend so he can propose, but they both get involved with an abusive creature husband and his wife who are living nearby. Meanwhile, Renard tells Adalind to pull Hank in now that he's hooked on her.
Special Guest Stars: Bree Turner as Rosalee Calvert |
Guest Stars: Claire Coffee as Adalind Schade | Azura Skye as Robin Steinkellner | Josh Randall as Timothy Steinkellner |
Co-Guest Stars: Eric Riedmann as Gary Cardero | Michael Sheets as Peter | Tim Blough as Sheriff Munson
Director: Darnell Martin
Songs: Donovan (1) -- Season of the Witch

17 :01x17 - Love Sick

Nick and Juliette learn who Hank's new girlfriend is, while Renard orders Adalind to initiate his plan to use Hank as a means of blackmailing Nick into giving up the key that Marie left him.
Special Guest Stars: Bree Turner as Rosalee Calvert |
Guest Stars: Claire Coffee as Adalind Schade | Jessica Tuck as Catherine Schade |
Co-Guest Stars: Marti Matulis as Thomas Woolsey | Basil Harris as Anton Krug | Kristi Evans as Doctor | Jennifer Lanier as Lab Tech
Director: David Solomon

18 :01x18 - Cat and Mouse

A revolutionary fuchsbau from Europe comes to the U.S. and a hundjager follows him, intent on killing him. The fuchsbau goes to see Rosalee, his old lover, when he's wounded and Rosalee calls in Nick for help.
Special Guest Stars: Bree Turner as Rosalee Calvert |
Guest Stars: Sebastian Roché as Edgar Waltz | Neil Hopkins as Ian Harmon |
Co-Guest Stars: Don Stewart Burns as Melvin | David S. Hogan as Quinn | Gray Eubank as Reginald | Lorren Snow as Drunk #1 | Jesse Frola as Drunk #2 | Edgar Reynolds as Spanish Captain
Writer: Jose Molina

19 :01x19 - Leave It to Beavers

As Nick perfects his skills, he reaches out to the eisbiber community when one of their members sees a troll kill another of their kind. While they refuse to testify, the troll summons two of the Reapers to kill the Grimm. Meanwhile, Juliette invites Eddie over for dinner to thank him for saving her life.
Guest Stars: David Zayas as Salvadore Butrell | Henri Lubatti as Reaper | Traber Burns as Robert Grosszahn |
Co-Guest Stars: Danny Bruno as Bud | Kyle Vahan as John Oblinger | Kevin Carroll (1) as Arnold Rosarot | Eric Newsome as Sammy | Bruce Blanchard as Herman Nimerfro | David Loftus as Yannick | Chino Binamo as Junkers | Marissa Price as Diana Massey | Pat Janowski as Harriet | Tracy Gaillard as Monique | Lester B. Hanson as Parliamentary Officer #1 | Hank Cartwright as Jerry | Lisa Carswell as Nora Grosszahn
Director: Holly Dale

20 :01x20 - Happily Ever Aftermath

A financier and his wife's godfather lose everything in a bad investment, and must turn to the wife's stepmother for a loan. She turns them down and turns up dead... her body shattered by ultrasonic waves. While Nick and Hank investigate the case, Juliette looks into the circumstances surrounding the deaths of Nick's parents.
Guest Stars: David Clayton Rogers as Arthur Jarvis | Amanda Schull as Lucinda Jarvis | Tom Wright as Spencer Harrison |
Co-Guest Stars: Patricia Hunter as Mavis (Mavis Curfield) | Niene Pugliano as Taylor (Taylor Curfield) | Orianna Herrman as Tiffany (Tiffany Curfield) | David Williams (8) as Bernard Aidikoff | Felicia Tuck as Mavis’ Assistant | Bob Pescovitz as Detective Gubser (Arnold Gubser)
Director: Terrence O'Hara

21 :01x21 - Big Feet

When Juliette finds two corpses in the woods that appear to have been killed by Bigfoot, Nick gets involved and discovers that the murders lead to a wesen counselor who is helping other creatures deal with the inner range. Meanwhile, Hank and Juliette both come closer to Nick's secret life as a Grimm.
Guest Stars: Roger Bart as Konstantin Brinkerhof | Kenneth Mitchell as Larry McKenzie (Lawrence Charles McKenzie) | Fulvio Cecere as Reynaldo |
Co-Guest Stars: Jesse Vint as Thom (Thom Carter) | Paul Root as Michael Patterson | Ricki Bhullar as David Gimlin | Jessica Martin (2) as Vera Saldona | Ryan Findley as Travis (Travis Murray) | Ron Carrier as Harold | Rodney Hicks as CSU Tech | Romeo Castellanos as Handler (Welker) | Tim Becker as Reporter #2 | Sophie Soong as Reporter #3 | Aliina Sconiers as TV Reporter #4 | Brenda Braxton as TV Reporter #5 | Andy Gates as Man #2 | Paul Angelo as Man #3
Director: Omar Madha

22 :01x22 - Woman in Black

The mysterious Akira Kimura, who apparently murdered Nick's parents, comes to Portland looking for the cursed gold coins. While Nick goes after him, Adalind plots revenge against Juliette, forcing him to tell her the truth about his life as a Grimm.
Special Guest Stars: Bree Turner as Rosalee Calvert |
Guest Stars: Claire Coffee as Adalind Schade | Brian Tee as Akira Kimura | Scott Michael Morgan as Nathaniel Adams | Robert Blanche as Franco | Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio as Woman in Black |
Co-Guest Stars: Ben Gonio as E.R. Doctor | Alycia Delmore as Vet Manager | Richard Carmen as Manager | D'Emmanuel Ball as Officer #1 | Jacqueline Gault as Cleaning Woman (Patty)
Director: Norberto Barba
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Horror/Supernatural
Status: Returning Series
Network: NBC ( USA)
Airs: Fridays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: October 28, 2011
Episode Order: 22
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