Bears Will Be Bears - Recap

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[I]She looked in the window and then peered through the keyhole; seeing nobody in the house, she lifted the latch.[/I]

Night in the woods, and two teenagers break into an isolated manor. No one is home and they raid the refrigerator and the wine rack, eat the food, and put on the owners’ fancy clothing. The girl, Gilda, runs up to the bedroom, and the boy, Rocky, chases after her. He’s surprised to see all the aboriginal artwork, much of it with a bear theme. Gilda jumps on him, surprising him, and dares him to capture her. He goes to the bedroom and takes off his clothing, and finds Gilda waiting for him. However, they hear the owners pull up outside. They quickly dress and go out via the upstairs balcony. Gilda slips and hits the ground, but as she looks up, she something yank Rocky back into the bedroom. She runs into the woods and something chases after her, growling. She gets to their car and drives away.

At the hospital, a doctor is checking out Nick after the injection he received from Adalind. He assures Nick that they found traces of a neurotoxin associated with spiders, but Nick didn’t receive a fatal dose. Hank is waiting for him outside and Nick assures him that he’ll be okay. Nick stops by to see Marie, and Dr. Rose says that she’s awake but not stable and they can’t allow Nick to see his aunt yet. After Captain Renard confirms that Marie is under heavy guard, they go back to the station and view the security tape. However, Adalind’s face isn’t visible, and Renard tells Nick and Hank to let him know when they have something they can work with. As the captain leaves, a cop informs the partners that they brought Gilda in on a DUI and she’s insisting that someone killed her boyfriend.

Hank and Nick check out her story and go to the house. Sgt. Wu is already there and informs the partners that Frank and Diane Rabe, the owners, reported a B&E when they returned to the house. There is no blood or body parts, and nothing stolen. Hank admires their collection of aboriginal art, including a Germanic bear claw mace dating back to 900 A.D. Diane explains that they belonging to organizations dedicated to protecting Native American lands. Nick notices a set of claw scratches on the window, scratches that mark the claws on the mace. As they leave, Hank figures that Rocky is sleeping it off somewhere.

Rocky is in a cave and some monstrous creature sniffs at him and growls.

Back at the station, Nick and Hank interrogate Gilda, who insists that they were just having fun. She blames herself for not going back to help Rocky and begs Nick to do something. Sgt. Wu calls Hank out and Nick asks if she knew what was chasing him. She admits that she didn’t get a good look at it. Nick goes out to check with Wu and Hank, who have confirmed that Rocky never went home and his widower-father has no idea where he is. Hank figures that Rocky slipped, broke his neck, and Gilda panicked and hid the body. However, Nick disagrees, pointing out that Gilda wants them to find Rocky. They’re interrupted when Marie calls Nick and asks to see him immediately. He goes to the hospital and admits that he wouldn’t have been able to handle his “visions” without her help. Marie tells him that he has a responsibility to hunt down the bad creatures like his ancestors did, no matter what happens to her. As she falters, Marie says that there is a secret organization dedicated to killing the Grimms. She warns Nick that they know where she is and are closing in, and that he can’t let them discover that the trailer exists. Marie’s condition worsens and Dr. Rose tells Nick that he can come back later.

As Nick and Hank drive out to the Rabes’ home, three motorcyclists narrowly avoid hitting them. They motorcyclists go onto the Rabe home and the partners confront them. The leader is Barry, the Rabes’ son, along with his friends Jason and T.B. They claim that they’ve never seen Gilda or Rocky, and weren’t at the house the previous night. Frank and his wife come out and also claim not to recognize the photos of Rocky and Gilda. They suggest that the officers pursue more useful lines of inquiry and Frank hints that he might file a lawsuit. As they talk, Nick sees Barry for what he really is: a creature with a bear-like face.

Renard meets with Adaland in a seedy part of town and warns her that Marie has woken up. He tells her to use humans to dispose of Marie this time. A ganger approaches them and orders them off, and Adalind kills him.

Nick is going over web sites on totem poles of bears when Juliette comes in with food. She comments that she went in to see Marie and wonders how Nick is doing, and he says that there’s nothing he can do so he’s putting his best face forward.

Barry, Jason, and T.B. take a dummy out into the woods and throw it into a pit filled with wooden spikes, and figure that it will do.

Nick is in the trailer making a sketch of the Rabes’ totem pole. Marie comes in, still wearing her hospital clothing. She sees the sketch, seems to recognize it, and takes a knife out of the weapon cabinet. She then walks back to Nick and drives the knife into his hand... and he wakes up from his dream. Juliette is leaving for work and reassures him, figuring it was simply a nightmare. Nick goes to the trailer and finds a bear-claw mace like the one at the Rabes’ home.

Eddie is exercising at home at 6:30 in the morning when Nick knocks at his door. He tries to ignore him but finally answers the door and points out how early it is. Nick thanks him for his help on the kidnapping case and then asks if he’s seen the bear-claw mace. Eddie says that it’s used by yaegerbaden, and Nick explains that Marie had it. As they talk, Eddie explains that the yaegerbaden use the weapon during a primitive ritual to connect with nature. The creatures chase after their prey, and Nick gets an idea and takes off.

At the hospital, Nick does a sketch of Barry’s true face and shows it to Marie. She recognizes it and explains that the yaegerbaden conduct their ceremony, a rite of passage for an 18-year-old, at sunset.

When Nick returns to the police station, Hank tells him that he checked the phone records and confirmed that Barry was at home when Gilda and Rocky broke in. As Nick contemplates this new information, Renard comes in to tell him that he had no choice but to withdraw the officers from Marie’s room since they had no evidence of a second attack. Nick has no choice but to call Eddie and ask him to come to the hospital and protect Marie. Eddie reluctantly agrees while Hank calls to tell Nick that Gilda made bail, got Rocky’s gun, and is driving the Rabes home to either get Rocky back or kill the people who took him.

Gilda arrives at the house and draws a gun on Diane, demanding to know where Rocky is. Barry in his bear form tackles her, and his mother tells him that it’s better to hunt two or one. When Gilda starts to recover, Diane kicks her unconscious and tells her son to get rid of the truck. A few minutes later, Frank arrives home just as Nick and Hank arrive. The officers tell the Rabes that Gilda is coming and has a gun, and Diane pretends that Gilda never got there. Once Hank drives away to get a signal to call in backup, Nick tells the Rabes that he knows who they are and they know he’s a Grimm. Frank warns that Nick wearing a badge won’t protect him, but Nick says that he knows about the ritual hunt. The father insists that no one does it anymore, while Diane remains silent. Nick warns that the boys’ lives will be over if they kill someone, and Frank realizes that his wife knows all about it. She walks away and Frank apologizes, and Nick asks him to come with him and stop the hunt. Frank agrees, saying he knows where they might be.

As Hank calls in for backup, he spots tire trucks going into the woods. As he follows them, Nick and Frank prepare to drive in the woods. Frank insists that Nick avoid hurting the boys, and the cop says he will if he can. He then calls Hank, who confirms that he’s found the truck.

As Eddie watches over Marie, he addresses the unconscious woman and tells her that Grimms killed his grandparents. She wakes up and tells him to take his best shot, but Eddie smells a human assassin approaching the room and goes after him.

Frank and Nick come to a trail and proceed on foot.

Eddie follows the killer downstairs to the boiler room. The man and his partner grab Eddie and beat him, knocking him to the floor. He goes berserk and attacks them, ripping one man’s arm off, and then regains human form and admits he went too far.

Nick and Frank get to the cave and Nick insists on going inside with the father. They find a piece of the teenagers’ clothing and Frank warns that the hunt has begun. He reverts to his creature form, gets the scent from the clothing and runs off into the woods with Nick in pursuit. They arrive just as the boys close in on Rocky and Gilda. Nick holds two of the boys off while Frank grabs Barry. Diane charges in, transformed into a pit, but falls into the spiked pit that the boys had prepared for the hunt.

Later, the EMTs and police arrive. Diane insists she did nothing wrong but Frank warns her that she did and now they’ll all have to pay for it. She tells him that they have to respect their ancestors but Frank says they can do it with the hunt. As Hank and Wu take away all five teenagers, Frank tells Nick that Diane just wanted the boys to know their heritage, but she didn’t know the danger of it. As Nick walks away, Eddie calls him and explains that he protected Marie but may have gone too far. He says that he has to leave but he’s not sure if he got all of the killers so Nick better get there.

A third man disguised as a priest goes to Marie’s room and closes the curtain. He prepares to kill her with a scalpel, but she grabs him and they struggle. Marie finally manages to kill him with his own scalpel. Nick arrives just in time to catch her as she dies. With her last words, Marie tells him to trust his instincts and who he is.

Later, Nick returns home and drives away with the trailer. He then goes to visit Marie’s grave with Juliette, and he admits that he isn’t all right... but he will be. The couple walks away, while Eddie in his beast form watches from the woods.