The Three Bad Wolves - Recap

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“Little pig, little pig, let me come in,” said the wolf to the pig. “Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin,” said the pig to the wolf.

Hap Lasser is living in his geodesic home in the woods, drinking peppermint schnapps, smoking, and using a new exercise weight. He manages to throw it through the window and goes out to get it... and his home explodes behind him. Hap doesn’t appear particularly surprised.

The next morning, the police arrive as Hap goes through the debris of his life. Hap still appears distracted, and explains that he wasn’t making bombs or anything else. As Nick talks to Hap, he sees Hap for what he really is, a blutbaden. Hap tells them that his brother Rolf wouldn’t be happy if he knew what had happened, and Nick suggests that Hap call him. After a moment, Hap explains he can’t because Rolf died in the same type of explosion a month ago.

At the station, Hap calls someone and asks them to let him stay with them for old time’s sake. He hangs up and talks to Nick, insisting that he has no enemies.

A woman motorcyclist arrives at the remains of Hap’s home and surveys the debris. She moves through the wreckage and finds a severed gas pipe. The woman also finds a shattered family photo, takes it, and drives away.

Hap explains that he’s lost money on a number of get-rich schemes, but none of the people involved knew Rolf. Rolf’s death was never investigated as a homicide, but Hank figures that due to the similarity of circumstances there must be a connection. Monroe arrives and Hap runs over to hug him. While Hank goes to talk to Lt. Orson, the arson investigator, Nick talks to Monroe. Monroe explains that they went through a treatment program several years ago, and Nick asks Monroe to keep an eye on Hap. Monroe reluctantly agrees to help out.

Nick goes down to meet with Hank and Orson, and the arson investigator figures that both explosions were accidents. He admits that it’s a coincidence but he couldn’t find a connection. An insurance adjustor contacted Orson, representing the beneficiary, but all Orson can confirm is that the beneficiary is next of kin.

The woman drives through the night and arrives at Monroe’s house. Meanwhile, Monroe helps settle Hap in and explains his schedule. Hap wants peppermint schnapps and takeout pork, and finally apologizes for the inconvenience. He offers to leave but Monroe can’t bring himself to kick out his old friend. Monroe warns him that he’s done with the wild times, and Hap says that he’s had a wake-up call and will clean up his act starting that night.

Nick arrives at Monroe’s house and the motorcyclist grabs him and yanks him through the car window. He goes for his gun as she realizes that he’s a Grimm, and her face changes into a blutbaden. Monroe and Hap hear the commotion and come out, and Hap explains that the woman is his sister, Angelina. Inside, Angelina wonders how Monroe can even talk to a Grimm, and explains it for Hap. She insists that she was protecting her brother and her boyfriend, and Monroe explains that he’s her ex-boyfriend. He tells Angelina that Nick isn’t like other Grimms, and she’s surprised that Monroe has gone straight. When Nick tells her to back off, she lunges at Angelina again and Monroe holds her back. Nick confirms that Hap got Rolf’s money, and Angelina gets the money if Hap dies. She takes offense at his suggestion that she killed Rolf and says that she was visiting a butcher in New Orleans the night that her brother died. She and Hap go to get a drink and Monroe assures Nick that Angelina would never hurt her family. The officer tells Monroe to keep Hap in the house and Monroe promises that he’ll keep his friend safe. Outside, Nick calls Wu and has him run Angelina’s license plate.

Next, Nick goes to the trailer and reads up on blutbadens. Among the notes in his aunt’s books are drawings of a vulnerable spot in their back.

After Angelina puts Hap to bed, she talks with Monroe and asks if he misses the hunt. Monroe says that he doesn’t like losing control and asks why she’s there, and Angelina says that she now has more reasons to be there than just protecting Hap. She convinces Monroe to take a drink and then reminds him of when they’d run through the woods together. They kiss and then Angelina runs outside to the next-door park and Monroe goes after her. He chases her down and they collapse in the grass in their bestial forms, making love.

As he does his research, Nick gets a call from Wu. The sergeant has found Angelina’s address, and Nick goes there to check the place out. As he looks around, he finds the family photo of the Lassers. Someone knocks him down and runs away, and the stunned Nick catches a brief glimpse of some creature as it goes out the door.

The next morning, Monroe wakes up and discovers that he and Angelina are covered in blood. An animal’s corpse is lying on the ground nearby.

Hap wakes up when he hears a deliveryman knocking on the door. He answers it, expecting his pork, but the “deliveryman” shoots him three times in the chest. As Hap collapses, he sees the killer’s piglike face as the man shoots him one last time in the head.

The murder is called in and Nick and Hank arrive at the crime scene. They figure it for a professional hit and wonder where Monroe is. Monroe and Angelina return from the park and realize that Hap is dead. Hank spots the blood on her shirt and they take her in for questioning. Angelina says that nobody had it in for Hap and doesn’t want protective custody. When Hank points out the stains on her shirt, Angelina freely admits that it’s blood, pulls off her shirt, and hands it to Hank for testing.

Outside in the office, Nick talks to Monroe and wonders why he left Hap alone. Monroe blames himself and Nick wonders if Angelina convinced him to leave and used someone else to kill Hap. However, Monroe disagrees and Nick warns that he might be too close. Wu gives Nick the blood tests, which confirm that the blood came from a rabbit. Nick admits that he went to Angelina’s house and says that someone was there, and tells Monroe to be careful. Hank offers to run Angelina’s fingerprints and see if they match the prints they found at the brothers’ houses.

Outside, Angelina figures the police want to set her up for the murders. Monroe insists that Nick isn’t a friend and warns her that she could be next. Angelina is glad to have the murderer come after her next, but Monroe admits that Nick went to her house. Angry at the intrusion, Angelina drives away.

That night, Nick comes home and discovers that Juliette is tending to a neighbor boy’s pet. The boy leaves and Juliette notes that the dog got into a female cat with claws, and tells Nick to be careful of women with claws.

Angelina goes home and identifies the smell of the intruder as pig.

Back at the station, Hank tells Nick that they got a match of Angelina’s prints against those of a killer in Eugene, OR, who killed two brothers in a particularly bloody manner. More importantly, the family name of the two brothers was Orson, and they’ve found a photo of Lt. Orson at the murder scene. They tell Renard that Orson is a likely suspect and the captain tells him in bring the arson investigator in for questioning.

Angelina goes back to Monroe’s house and finds him cleaning up Hap’s blood. She tells him that a bauerschwein killed Hap and Rolf, and that she picked up his scent at the police station as well as at her house. Monroe tells her to stay out of it but Angelina says that she’s disappointed that he won’t help her kill the bauerschwein, and hates the fact that she still loves Monroe. Monroe goes inside and then starts wrecking things in anger.

Nick is at the station when Monroe calls and tells him that a bauerschwein is responsible, and that Angelina is coming to the station to kill him. After hanging up, Nick confronts Orson and tells him that they’re getting a second opinion on his report that the two cases are unrelated. When he tells Orson he knows about his two brothers, he sees Orson’s real face. Orson says that his family and Nick’s have never been enemies and he doesn’t have a problem with him, and then leaves.

Nick goes to see Monroe and asks where Angelina is. He tells Monroe that Angelina killed Orson’s brothers, and Monroe says that he’s staying out of the fight between the two families, bauerschwein and blutbaden. He warns Nick that Angelina will never let him arrest her, and Nick wonders if he’s still in love with Angelina. Monroe says that he thought he was in love with her, but that was when he was feral. He warns Nick that there’s no good ending and hopes that Angelina will get away so that no one else will get hurt. Monroe admits that he wants Orson dead and it’s taking all of his self-control not to help Angelina.

Angelina goes to the station and sneaks into Orson’s office to find out where he lives. An officer comes in and she tries to bluff him, claiming she’s a family friend. When that doesn’t work, Angelina casually throws him across Orson’s desk and leaves. Nick arrives at the station goes into lockdown and they figure that if Orson may be looking for Angelina as much as she’s looking for him.

Monroe comes home and finds Orson waiting for him. He assures Monroe that once he kills Angelina, the feud will be over. However, Monroe says that Hap wasn’t like the others, but Orson says that neither is he and that the bauerschwein won’t put up with blutbaden attacks anymore. Monroe says that he’ll give Angelina a message but she won’t stop.

At the station, Wu tells the partners that someone torched Angelina’s house. While Hank goes to check out her house, Nick goes to Orson’s home. He searches the place and finds a tub full of mud. Orson emerges from it and explains that he bathes in mud due to help him think. He appeals to Nick as a fellow officer and insists that Angelina is a monster who killed his brothers for sport. Nick doesn’t accept that reasoning and tells him to get dressed.

Downstairs, Orson insists that his brothers tried to make a normal life for themselves, and that it’s time for his kind to fight back. Angelina leaps in and attacks Orson, telling Nick to stay off since he was good to Hap. Nick hits her in the vulnerable spot in her back, giving Orson time to shoot her. Nick stops him from finishing the job but Angelina escapes before they can stop her.

As the EMTs take the wounded Orson away, he warns Nick that sometimes being a cop gets in the way of doing what he has to.

Monroe is at home looking at photos of himself, Angelina, and Hap in better times. Nick calls to tell him what happened, and Monroe says that he’ll never find Angelina. When the officer asks for his help, Monroe tells him not to push it and hangs up. He hears a noise on the porch and goes out to find the family photo, but no sign of Angelina.