Lonelyhearts - Recap

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There she paused for a while thinking... but the temptation was so great that she could not conquer it. - Bluebeard

A man looks up his home and turns on some gas pipes. Meanwhile, a woman breaks out of an upstairs window and runs down the road to a bridge. As she goes, she hallucinates the struts and lamps coming to life and attacking her. The woman finally runs into the road and is hit by a passing car. The driver, Leroy Kent, brakes to a stop and goes to her. A man arrives and tells Leroy to call 911. As the driver goes back to his car, the newcomer kneels next to her and strokes her cheeks. She asks him to kiss her, but the man smothers her with his hand. When Leroy comes back, he discovers that the woman is dead and the man has vanished.

The next morning, Nick and Hank check out the crime and talk to Leroy. He tells them what happened and how the other man disappeared, and is unable to provide a description. The officers then examine the corpse and discover she’s dressed for bed but wearing makeup. The victim has long cuts on her arms but no cut on her bare feet, and Nick figures she couldn’t have run too far.

A man checks into a hotel and puts his case on the bed. He gets a call and tells the man at the other end that he’ll call when he finishes. The man then checks a newspaper article about an off-duty officer shooting a man and takes a Reaper scythe out of the case.

Nick checks in with Dr. Harper at the morgue, who reports that the corpse’s eyes were dilated. There are no drug traces and minimal alcohol, but Harper confirms she was suffocated after she was hit by the car. Hank checks the victim’s prints and confirms that her name was Faith Collins. Her husband, Ray, has a record of spousal abuse. The officers go to see Ray where he works and tells him that Faith is dead. Ray appears honestly shocked and says that they had a fight the previous night when Faith was on the computer with her online friends. Faith left him and didn’t say where she was going. Ray refuses to go with them for a lineup and insists that he’s innocent.

Back at the station, Hank and Nick report to Renard, who wonders if Ray is covering. The officers have checked her credit card and confirmed that she went to the Blue Moon Bar and had a few drinks, but left alone. They check Faith’s computer friends and find a photo that she sent from her cell phone. When they check the GPS coordinates, they find an address near the bridge where Faith died. The Bramble House, a B&B, is at the address.

The officers go to the B&B and admire the owner’s 67 roadster. They then talk to the owner, Billy Capra, and he says that Faith came by and looked at his garden, but then left. Nick asks why a cab dropped Faith off but didn’t pick her up, and Billy says that he doesn’t know and that he doesn’t get involved in his guests’ business. As Billy takes them to the garden, he brushes against Hank, who appears suddenly dazed. The garden is an elaborate layout and as Billy takes them around, Hank inadvertently steps on a toad. As Billy picks it up, shocked, Nick sees his face transform into a goat-like monster. Hank apologizes as Billy explains that the toad is part of a nearly extinct species. The officers go out on their own and Billy takes the dead toad and eats it.

The Reaper comes to the station and asks Sgt. Wu and claims he’s the friend of the man who was shot. Wu tell Renard, who tells the sergeant to send the man away and do a background check on him. Nick and Hank come back, passing by the Reaper as he leaves.

That night, Nick goes to Marie’s trailer and checks her journal, and finds an entry on a ziegevolk, or bluebeard. The creatures are plain-looking but somehow irresistible to women. Nick goes to see Eddie, who is at home practicing the cello. Nick asks him about the ziegevolks and Eddie explains that they are creatures that like to be in the public eye and attract women. The creatures give off pheromones and their touch gives them control over others. However, Eddie assures Nick that the ziegevolks are lovers, not fighters, and live for the rut.

The next day, Juliette and Nick are shopping and see a couple kissing. Nick wonders why people are attracted to each other and Juliette says that it’s chemistry. They jokingly complain about the other’s lovers and are soon heading home.

Later, Nick returns to the station and checks the lab reports. The glass in Faith’s arms was regular window glass. Hank moved to Portland a year ago and hasn’t found anything on him before then. Several women have gone missing in Portland, and the detectives confirm that there have been similar disappearances in Detroit, Des Moines, and Tucson. All of the women were found alive and most of them were pregnant. The DNA of the children was all the same, and they claimed that their abductor used some kind of gas to disorient them.

Billy takes three trays of food down to the basement. After turning on the gas, he puts the trays down in front of three cages and the women inside reach for the food. Billy goes out to the garden, put a toad in his pocket and heads out to his car. Hank has put a GPS tracker on the roadster, but Billy walks down the street instead. Nick tells Hank to find the broken window so they have just cause to go in and find the DNA, while Nick follows Billy. He sees Billy eat the toad and then go to the Blue Moon Bar.

Hank scouts around the house and finds a shard of glass from an upstairs window. He finds a window on the floor and goes in.

Nick calls Eddie and offers to pay him to go to a bar and watch Billy. When he hears that Nick is buying the drinks, Eddie agrees.

The Reaper returns to his room and finds Renard waiting for him. Renard tells him that he made two mistkes: coming to his city, and not knowing who to kneel to. The Reaper kneels and Renard picks up the scythe. He denies the Reaper his revenge, cuts off his ear to make sure that he listens next time, and then tells him to get out of his city and never come back.

When Eddie arrives, Nick explains that Billy is a toad-eating ziegevolk and he can’t go in because Billy has already seen him. Eddie agrees once Nick pays him for the drinks.

Hank searches the house and finds the newly-repaired upstairs window.

Eddie spots Billy talking to an attractive woman, Lisa, and goes over while keeping in contact with Nick via bluetooth. Hank calls Nick to tell him that he’s in the house and goes to find a sample of Billy’s DNA.

Billy talks to Lisa while Eddie listens in and almost falls under the ziegevolk’s influence. Meanwhile, Billy touches Lisa’s wrist and compels her to come home with him.

Hank searches the house and hears a woman moaning from downstairs. He goes down to investigate and passes through the gas venting room. The detective gets a whiff of the gas and starts hallucinating, and then collapses and drops the phone next to one of the cages.

Eddie comes out and tells Nick that he can’t stay near Billy for fear of falling under his control. Billy comes out of the bar and Nick tells him that Eddie can go home now. Eddie goes back to the bar instead and tries to pick up Lisa, who tells him to piss off and leaves with Billy’s card. Meanwhile, Nick tries to call Hank without success to warn him that Billy is on his way back. He follows Billy back to the B&B and calls the station to have them track the GPS on Hank’s phone.

Inside the house, Billy turns up the gas and goes back upstairs to greet Lisa, who has arrived outside. She asks to see his garden, but Billy barges in and asks to see Lisa outside. Billy suggests that she go with Nick, and outside Nick tells her that she’s in the middle of a police investigation. The station calls back and confirms that Hank is in the B&B. Nick goes in and discovers that Billy has run off, and then calls Hank’s phone and follows the ring tone to the pumping room. Billy locks them in with the women and turns up the gas, and the detectives manage to break down the door and get out.

Billy packs and leaves and finds Lisa waiting for him on the porch. She insists on going with him and Billy gets her into his roadster and leaves.

The officers call in the police and get the three abducted women taken care of. They then home in on the GPS and follow it to a park where Billy and Lisa have stopped for coffee. The detectives chase Billy through the park and finally corner him. However, the ziegevolk jumps over the wall and runs into the street... and is hit by a bus.

Hank and Nick call in the EMTs to take away Billy who is paralyzed from the impact. As Hank leaves, Nick figures that Billy is now trapped in a cage for the rest of his life. However, a female EMT touches Billy as they load him into the ambulance…