Organ Grinder - Recap

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”We shall see the crumbs of bread... and they will show us our way home again.”

In the forest, two boys stagger through the woods, carrying each other along as two creatures chase them. One of them, Steven Bamford, is wounded but his friend Kevin refuses to abandon him. They come to a river and Steven falls in, while the two creatures grab Kevin and haul him back to a farm where other creatures are burning bodies.

The next morning, Steven eventually dies and his body drift down the river while a raven plucks at his eyes.

Nick is at Eddie’s and tells his friend that his aunt told him to break up with Juliette. Instead, Nick wants to tell Juliette the truth the fact that he’s a Grimm. He figures that it’s too dangerous for her to continue in ignorance. Nick asks Eddie for advice but he admits that he never has and that there’s no good solution. However, Nick wants Eddie to reveal his true face to Juliette. Eddie warns that humans can’t process that kind of information when it’s right in front of them and go insane. He doesn’t have any advice for Nick.

Nick is summoned to the shore where Steven’s body has washed up. Hank and Wu are already there, and they confirm that Steven apparently drowned after falling over a nearby waterfall. He has a shell necklace in his pocket and two puncture wounds on his neck.

At the morgue, Dr. Harper tells Hank and Nick that he was drained of most his blood before he died. There are no drugs and no indication that Steven was a hemophiliac. The puncture wounds appear to be IV needles, and Harper says that she saw similar deaths during the 80s when Satanic cults were involved. She concludes that Steven passed out due to loss of blood and then drowned in the river.

The officers run the prints and identify Steven. He had a record for drug possession and shoplifting, and his only address is a PO box. They can’t tell where he went into the river so they start at the building where the PO box is found. The owner tells them that he hasn’t seen Steven in a month and didn’t know anything about him. As Hank and Nick leave, a girl comes in and Hank notices that he has a shell necklace. She admits that she’s seen Steven around but doesn’t know him, and she traded for the necklace with a girl named Gracie.

Hank and Nick go to see Gracie at the square. She refuses to answer their questions and Nick tells her that Steven is dead. She’s shocked and a nearby boy comes over and asks what they’re doing to Gracie. Gracie explains that the boy, Hansen, is her brother, and tells him that Steven is dead. The last thing they knew, Steven had gotten a job 4-5 weeks ago and someone was going to pick him up, but they don’t know who. The last time they saw Steven was when they took him to the free clinic. Before he goes, Nick pays $20 for one of Gracie’s necklaces.

At the Folter Free Clinic, the officers talk to Tom Daniels, who checks the records on Steven. He confirms that they treated him five weeks ago for spider bite. Dr. Levine, the head of the clinic, treated Steven when he came in. Nick and Hank meet with Levine and tell her what happened. She informs them that she treated Steven for a spider bite but he seemed otherwise healthy. As they leave, Nick wonders who would have hired a street kid.

The detectives are called to a SUV motor accident. When they get to the scene, they discover that the driver was carrying several refrigerated cases containing blood and human organs. The fireman get the injured driver out of the car and Nick sees him transform into a creature form before dying.

At the station, Hank confirms that the driver’s license is a fake and the plates are stolen. The prints are a match to half a dozen crimes in the state that were never matched to a perp. Wu comes over and tells them that they need a warrant to get the call list from the service provider. Hank figures that they should check the DNA of the organs to Steven and see if they get a match.

That night, Nick checks his aunt’s journals and finds an entry on the creature he saw, a Geier. The creatures harvest human organs while their victims are still alive. Nick goes to meet Eddie for dinner and tell him what he's discovered. Eddie complains that Nick never has normal conversations with him. They give it a brief try and then return to the topic of Geiers. Eddie tells him that the Geiers are herbalists and collect rare human parts for creature enhancement. Nick asks where a creature would go to get such parts and Eddie says that there’s a place that he’s “heard of.”

Later, Eddie goes into the herbalist store and asks for the “catch of the day. The owner, a fuchsbau, has Eddie reveal his true face to confirm his identity. Eddie then asks for some gallenblase. He makes his purchase and goes outside to where Nick is waiting. Nick takes the sample and goes to the lab.

The next day, Hank gets the report confirming that the blood in the SUV matches Steven’s DNA, but the organs don’t. They realize that someone has been harvesting human organs and figures they’re pulling kids in good health off of the streets. As Hank expands their search outside of the state, a lab tech calls to tell Nick that the contents of the bottle were pure human gall bladder.

Nick makes an excuse to Hank and goes back to the shop. He claims to be a buyer but the owner quickly realizes that he’s a Grimm. The owner denies everything and makes a break for it through the basement. Nick gives chase and quickly catches him, and orders him to tell him everything he knows. The owner finally gives in and says that he doesn’t know where the Geiers operate from, and that he texts them when he needs something. Nick takes the number and confirms that the dead driver is the one who always makes the deliveries. He tells the fuchsbau that the man is dead and lets him think that he killed him, and tells the owner to show him the rest of his supply. Nick smashes the case and tells him that he’s out of business.

As Nick leaves the shop, he calls in the phone number to get a trace. He sees some kids wearing the shell necklaces and then goes home and gives his necklace to Juliette. Nick then suggests that they take the two kids out for dinner and Juliette agrees. The couple goes to the square and finds Gracie and Hansen. They invite the kids to have dinner and Gracie agrees over Hansen’s objections. Juliette watches as the kids wolf down their food. They thank the couple and Gracie explains that their parents left. Nick asks about kids who got jobs and disappeared. Gracie says that Steven’s friend Kevin was also offered a job, but they weren’t. Kevin said that a guy in a white van approached him on the street. Juliette realizes that Gracie liked Kevin and must miss him, and figures that Kevin asked her to go with him. Hansen is surprised to learn that, but Gracie assures him that she wouldn’t have left him. Nick gives them his card and they agree to call him if they see the white van.

As Nick and Juliette leaves, Nick tells her that she’s good at ferreting out information. She says that it’s an instinct and that she knows how it feels to have a guy disappear on her. Nick apologizes for the date and considers telling her his secret, but his cell phone rings. It’s the station with the address associated with the phone number.

As a storm begins, Gracie and Hansen take shelter and she assures her brother that she would stay with him. Hansen tells her that wherever he is, Kevin is okay.

In an operating theater, a doctor begins cutting into Kevin.

At the free clinic, Dr. Levine examines Gracie, who is running a fever. She gives the girl antibiotics and asks about Hansen. Once she learns Hansen is outside waiting for her, Levine asks when she last ate and Gracie says that a police detective took her out and is looking for Steven and Kevin. She says that she’s supposed to call Nick if they spot the white van and leaves with the antibiotics.

Nick and Hank tell Captain Renard that Kevin Standish was reported missing and left Portland the same time as Steven. They’ve checked the driver’s call log and confirmed that he only called one location outside of Portland. Renard insists on going with them and they take a team into the woods. There’s an RV and Nick knocks at the door. A man opens fire and ducks back, but Renard fires through the side of the RV. There’s no further fire, and Nick and Hank go inside and confirm that the man is dead. No one else is in the van but Nick finds a back entrance that leads into what appears to be a greenhouse. However, what’s being kept are human organs. A phone on the dead man rings and Nick hits the last number: it’s for the Folter Clinic.

That night it storms again, and Hansen insists that Gracie go back to the clinic. Daniels from the clinic approaches them and offers to buy two of her necklaces. The van pulls up and two Griers grab the kids and toss them into the vehicle. Daniels gets in with them and they drive out of town to a house in the woods. As they go, Hansen manages to release the shells off of his necklace, leaving a trail behind him.

The police arrive at the clinic with a warrant but only the last nurse out is still there. As she opens the door, Nick realizes that she’s Grier. They search the place and find nothing, and Grimm talks to the Grier privately. He intimidates her into telling him where Levine and the others are, at the address that Nick traced earlier.

Daniels informs Levine that he captured Hansen and Gracie, and she prepares to operate on them immediately. The Griers strap them to tables and hook them up to IV sedative lines. The brother and sister hold hands, and Levine sees Gracie and tells her people to prepare her first.

The police go the address that Nick obtained. They find the van and Nick spots the shells. They follow the trail

Levine tells Daniels that they’re moving out and he assures her that they’ve cleaned up anything that could lead to them.

As Nick and Hank approach the barn with the operating theater, the police are forced to open fire when the Griers spot them. Nick goes after Levine as she flees out the back. He passes beneath a tree, unaware that Levine is lurking above. She drops down on him and claws at him. They struggle and Nick finally shoves her back into the fire pit used to dispose of the bodies. He tries to grab her hand but she claws at him, forcing him to release his grip.

Gracie wakes up and Nick assures her that her and her brother are okay. When she wonders how he found them, Nick shows her the shells. Meanwhile, Hank looks around at the shelves of organs and admits that the town is getting weirder.

Renard returns to his office and finds a package on his desk. He opens it and discovers that it’s a wooden case with a Reaper Scythe etched on it. Inside is the ear that he cut off of the Reaper that came to his town. His phone rings and the man at the other end tells Renard that he made his point, and now they are making theirs. The man tells Renard to either control the Grimm or get rid of him, and warns that the Ferat believe things are out of balance. Renard warns the caller that the new Grimm has a badge and a conscience, and suggests that the caller come in person. As the man hangs up, he assures Renard that the next time, they will come in person.