Leave It to Beavers - Recap

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”Wait!” the troll said, jumping in front of him. “This is my toll bridge. You have to pay a penny to go across.”

Nick goes to the trailer and examines Marie’s collection of medieval weapons. He then takes several of them and goes out into the woods to hone his melee skills. Eddie in his blutbad form attacks him as part of his training and reminds Nick that he needs to take things seriously. He then examines Nick’s collection of weapons, including a double-shot crossbow pistol with drugged bolts, while Nick explains that he can’t shoot everything. Eddie points out that it was designed to stop blutbad and considers taking it as a compliment. Nick begins shooting and his expertise with a firearm serves him well. Eddie next has him work with a lead staff and Nick proves equally adept.

That night, building inspector Salvadore Butrell meets with an eisbiber, Robert Grosszahn at the bridge site where Robert’s construction company is working. Sal demands his money and Robert, a construction manager, says that he’s not going to pay and that he’s going to the district attorney. When Robert refuses to back down, Sal transforms into his hasslich form and beats the owner unconscious.

Another eisbiber worker, Arnold Rosarot, is preparing to go home from the site when he hears someone yelling. He investigates and sees Sal drowning Robert in concrete. Arnold calls 911 but panics and backs away. When he looks back, Sal has closed in on him. The eisbiber runs off into the site and manages to get to his car and drive away before Sal can capture him.

John Oblinger, Bud’s cousin, is at home when he hears someone in the basement. He grabs a poker and goes to investigate, and finds Arnold hiding below. Arnold tells his friend that he saw something horrible.

The next day, Nick and Hank are called to the construction site and Wu confirms the identity of the victim. They figure the murder for an old-school mobster hit and Nick puts in a call to have the 911 call traced. The detectives check out Robert’s truck and find his PDA, and confirm that he had a 9:30 appointment with a “SB.” Meanwhile, Nick gets a call on Arnold’s address and drive to his home to check it out. They discover that no one is at home and go inside. As they look around, Nick finds a photo of Arnold with Bud and John and realizes that they’re friends.

At home that night, Nick is going over his notes on the eisbibers when Juliette comes over and flirtingly says that there’s something she wants to do. Nick misunderstands and Juliette explains that she wants to invite Eddie over, pointing out that he saved her life. Her fiancé tries to dodge the request, noting that Eddie is a loner, but Juliette persists and Nick reluctantly agrees.

The next day, Nick meets with Eddie, who thinks that it’s a nice offer. Nick points out that they might have trouble pointing out that their common interests revolve around creatures and Grimms. Eddie reluctantly admits that they’d have to lie about everything but can’t resist the offer of free food. Nick figures that they can’t dodge it and insists that they pick a simple story about how they met and stick to it. Eddie says that they should stick to the truth as much as possible.

Later, Nick and Hank meet with Robert’s secretary, Diana Massey, who says that Robert was having trouble with the planning commission. She doesn’t know anything about the 9:30 meeting or who SB is. She does know that Robert was having trouble with Sal at the inspection office. The detectives meet with Sal, who says that they only had a casual acquaintance. Sal has an alibi from his poker buddies and Nick notes that they found an appointment schedule for someone with the initials SB. The hasslich briefly loses control and reveals his true face to Nick, and then says that he scheduled a meeting with Robert but it fell through. When Sal’s assistant Herman comes in, Sal has him immediately confirm his alibi. Once the detectives leave, Sal calls in his other man and tells his fellow hasslichen that they’re dealing with a Grimm.

Nick goes to see Bud at his refrigerator repair shop and the eisbiber offers him more food. The Grimm asks him for help tracking down Arnold. Bud is surprised to learn that he saw Robert’s murder but says that he hasn’t seen Arnold in weeks. Nick then shows him a sketch of Sal’s true face and Bud explains that hasslichen think that they own bridges and demand a cut from anyone building them. Most of the construction companies in town are owned by eisbibers so they know all about the hasslichen. Bud reluctantly says that he might be able to track Arnold down and promises to contact Nick if he does.

That night, Eddie arrives for dinner with flowers awkwardly shakes hands with Nick. Dinner goes well and they stick to the truth as closely as possible, saying they met when the little girl was abducted and Eddie identified the abductor’s bootprint. However, he slips up and says that he went to the cabin with Nick. He has to backtrack and they soon start getting confused over their story. Eddie tries to distract Juliette by asking for the recipe but she’s not convinced.

Bud goes to see John, figuring that Arnold would have gone to him to hide. John reluctantly takes Bud to the cellar and he warns Arnold that he can’t hide for the rest of his life. Bud encourages him to come forward and testify against Sal, and insists that Nick will help them. Arnold is shocked that Bud is on a first-name basis with a Grimm and refuses to leave. John suggests that he could kick him out while Bud figures that they can get a Grimm on their side if they help Nick. However, Arnold warns them that if the hasslichen can’t find him then they’ll go after the other eisbiber. John agrees and says that they have to take it to the Lodge, and Bud agrees with him.

Sal meets with his men and warns them that Nick knows what he really is. He figures that they have to kill Nick by calling in the Reapers. His thugs warn against it but Sal says that he had a relative who was a Reaper and knows how to contact them.

After Eddie leaves, Juliette admits to Nick that she finds Eddie strange but friendly enough. Bud calls Nick to have him meet at the old power plant the next night for the Lodge meeting. Nick promises that he’ll be there.

In Mannheim, Germany, two Reapers discuss whether to go back to Portland. They figure Renard may be expecting one Reaper... but not two.

The next night, Nick goes to the power plant and draws on Bud when he comes up behind him. Bud assures him that it’s okay and explains how Nick has to convince the Lodge to take responsibility for their own lives.

The Reapers arrive in Portland and contact Sal, demanding a face-to-face meeting.

The Lodge assembles and some argue that they should stick to their current arrangement. Others are sick of living in fear. Bud introduces Nick to the Lodge and he tells them that Sal will walk free if Arnold doesn’t step forward. He promises to help them as a cop and a Grimm, but says that they have to help themselves. Arnold is in the back of the crowd and refuses to step forward. Meanwhile, some of the eisbiber want to use Nick to threaten the hasslichen, including Robert’s wife Nora. They finally call for a vote and the majority of eisbiber vote to protect Arnold. The speaker apologizes, saying that they are what they are. As Nick leaves, Bud apologizes, explaining that bravery isn’t in their nature. Nick points out that Bud had the guts to come to him and thanks him for trying.

Sal drives to the rendezvous and the Reapers ambush him and knock him unconscious.

The next day, Bud tells John that they failed and that he saw the eisbibers through Nick’s eyes. He admits that for the first time in his life he’s ashamed to be an eisbiber. Arnold is on the cellar steps and hears them talking.

The Reapers wake Sal up and demand that he answer their questions.

Nick and Hank report to Renard that the witness can’t come forward. The captain tells them to put more people on the case and the officers go outside. Bud and John come in and bring Arnold with them. He tells Nick that he’s ready to help.

The Reapers beat Sal and accuse him of trying to set some kind of trap for them in conjunction with Nick. Sal tells them everything he knows and insists he isn’t trying to trick them. Nick calls Sal on his cell phone and the Reapers confirm who it is and then put Sal on. The detective says they have more questions for him and invites him downtown, and the Reaper holds a knife to Sal’s throat. Sal tells Nick that they know who each other really are and asks for a private face-to-face meeting. He tells Nick to meet him at his club in ten minutes and, once the Reapers hang up, tells them that they need to get going.

Nick and Hank go to the club and a beaten Sal comes out. They arrest him for Robert’s murder while the Reapers watch from a nearby car and identify Nick. At the station, Arnold picks Sal out of a lineup and they lock him up awaiting arraignment. Afterward, Nick tells Arnold that he’s proud of him and suggests that he lay low for a while. Bud and John offer to take him to the Lodge and Nick promises to drive him there. As they go outside, the Reapers follow them.

That night, Bud and John are in one truck and realize that they’re being followed. They call Nick in the other truck and they all pull over at the Lodge. Nick grabs his weapons and leads the eisbibers inside, and then sends them on ahead. When he goes back, the two Reapers attack him with their scythes, knocking the gun out of his hand. Nick grabs the leaded staff and fights back. Ducking at the right moment, he tricks one Reaper into decapitating the other and then grabs the crossbow pistol and shoots the surviving one with a drugged dart.

Eddie is at home playing his cello when Nick calls and asks him to come out to the Bull Run Dam... and bring a shovel. When Eddie arrives, he’s shocked and impressed to see the two dead Reapers. Nick figures they’ll keep coming for him until he’s dead unless he sends them a message. Eddie agrees and then decapitates the second Reaper.

Later, Nick goes to see Sal in his cell and tells him that the Reapers lost their heads. He then leaves without another word, leaving a shocked Sal in the cell. At home, Nick finds Juliette on the porch. She shows him that the eisbibers have been dropping off gifts all day and wonders what Nick did.

In Mannheim, the head Reaper, Yannick, receives a box and opens it. Inside are the heads of the two Reapers and a note from Nick telling him to send his best the next time.