Woman in Black - Recap

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It shall not be death, but a sleep of a hundred years, into which the princess shall fall.

Hank wakes up in the middle of the night, haunted by nightmares of encountering the creature in the woods.

The next day, Nick meets Eddie for coffee and worries that despite his stoic exterior, Hank is bothered by his encounter in the woods. Eddie has seen that kind of reaction and warns that most people can’t process the knowledge. Nick warns him that Hank also got a good look at Brinkerhof as he transformed back to human form, and Eddie suggests that Hank might be able to handle it better because he’s a copy. As they leave the shop, private investigator Nathaniel Adams takes surveillance photos of them. He then returns to his hotel room, adds the photos to his collection, and calls Akira Kimura, his employer, to tell him that he’s found Marquesa, one of the three thieves who came to Portland looking for the three cursed gold coins.

At the station, Nick receives an Interpol file on Kimura, and is studying it when a tired-looking Hank comes in. Nick tells his partner that Kimura beat a coin dealer to death in Hamburg, the same dealer that sold the three gold coins to Sam Bertram in Portland. Kimura has a tattoo of a Viking sigil rumored to give the wearer invincibility, and the file notes that Kimura was last seen in Lisbon fourteen months ago.

Kimura arrives in Portland and Adams meets with him, saying that he’s found more than just Marquesa.

Adalind is at a new apartment, mixing a potion. She then feed it to a stray cat that she’s captured, using a saucer of milk.

Adams takes Kimura to his hotel room and explains that Marquesa recovered the coins and then attacked Captain Renard. The PI also has photos of Nick, Hank, Renard, and Eddie, and figures that they’re all somehow tied to the disappearance of the coins along with Marquesa. Adams wants more money in return for the new information, but Kimura transforms into his true schakal form and kills Adams, figuring he has everything he needs.

Later, a woman in a black outfit enters Adams’ rooms. She isn’t surprised to see him dead, and figures that he found something out that wasn’t good for him.

Adalind brings her apparently sick cat to Juliette for treatment. Juliette assures her that she doesn’t hold a grudge against her since she broke up with Hank, and Adalind asks her to take care of the cat. As Juliette takes the animal, it scratches her on the hand. As Adalind holds the cat and comforts it, its eyes turn black.

The partners are called to the hotel to investigate Adams’ murder, and Wu gives them the background on Adams that they have. Someone ripped out the PI’s throat and Nick confirms that someone entered the room and rolled the body after Adams was dead. They find the rental keys for Adams’ car and confirm that he had cameras in the trunk.

Kimura goes to Renard’s condo and kills a housekeeper.

Nick and Hank go back to the station and download the photos from Adams’ cameras. They’re surprised to discover that Adams was watching them and Renard, and Nick calls the captain to warn him while Hank organizes security details for his house as well as Nick’s and Renard’s.

When Renard comes home, he discovers that someone has torn up his apartment. He searches the place and finds the dead housekeeper, and Kimura knocks him out and ties him up. Once Renard wakes up, Kimura beats him and demands to know the location of the three coins. Renard tells him that the coins were taken from him, apparently by Farley Kolt, but Kimura informs him that he tracked down Kolt in Los Angeles and made very sure that he didn’t know where the coins were. As Kimura prepares to cut Renard’s throat if he doesn’t answer, Wu and another officer arrive at the apartment and knock on the door. When no one answers, Wu goes to get the keys from the landlord.

The woman in black is standing outside the condominium and Nick briefly notices her as he and Hank arrive in response to Wu’s call. When they go back upstairs, they discover that the other officer is down. They break in and find Renard, unconscious but alive.

Kimura goes to his motel and room and examines the photos that he took from the PI.

Once he wakes up, Renard tells the detectives that Kimura was asking about the coins and probably murdered Kolt. They tell him what they know about Adams and Kimura. When they return to the station, Renard checks the Interpol photo and confirms that Kimura was the man who attacked him. Kimura is a member of the Dragon’s Tongue, a secret Japanese organization tied to the Imperial Army and the Yakuza. Renard tells the two detectives to scour the city and find Kimura before he kills anyone else.

Next, Nick checks on Eddie and warns him that Kimura may come after him as well. He wants to capture Kimura and interrogate him off the record as a Grimm, and Eddie goes with him to Marie’s trailer. They finally find a reference to a sleeping toxin and confirm that Marie has some in storage. Nick doses a crossbow dart with it and they leave to find Kimura.

Later, Nick returns home and checks briefly with the officer standing watch outside. When he goes in, Juliette tells him that she made dinner reservations and hints that she might be open to a wedding proposal since he’s become more attentive. However, before Nick can take her up on it, he notices that her hand is scratched. Juliette admits that Adalind paid her a visit to get her cat treated, and Nick realizes that the hexenbiest is up to something and tries to take Juliette to the hospital. She refuses to go unless he tells her the truth, and Nick finally says that he’ll show her.

Nick drives Juliette to Marie’s trailer and takes her inside, asking her to trust him. Once they’re inside, Nick tells Juliette everything that has happened to him and all that he’s learned in the last few months since Marie arrived in town. He shows her a drawing of hexenbiest and explains that it’s what Adalind really looks like. Juliette assumes that he’s insane and goes to the truck, and Nick chases after her. She tells him that he needs help, but Nick says that he can prove what he’s saying and asks her to give him one chance. He takes her to Eddie’s home and asks his friend to demonstrate what he really looks like. Eddie is hesitant to do so but finally agrees. However, Juliette passes out from the poison before he can.

The woman in black breaks into Kimura’s motel room and searches his luggage for Adams’ photos. Meanwhile, Wu is checking the area and gets a hit when the motel manager informs him that Kimura has rented a room for the next three days.

The woman in black finds Adams’ photos of Nick and appears intrigued by the Grimm. Wu and his partner, Robinson, arrive and try to capture her, but she easily fights her way past both of them, leaps off a second-story balcony, and makes her escape.

Nick and Eddie take Juliette to the hospital, and Eddie warns the detective that they have to find the cat because there’s nothing that the doctors can do. The ER doctor informs them that Juliette may have an infectious disease and they’re keeping her in quarantine while they run some tests. Before they can leave, Hank calls to inform his partner that the woman in black attacked Wu. They figure that she’s connected to Kimura and dangerous if she can outfight two cops. Nick and Eddie go to Juliette’s office and confirm which cat belongs to Adalind and was left for treatment. The cat appears rabid and slashes at them when they approach its carry box.

Hank goes home, checks briefly with Franco who is watching the house, and goes inside.

Nick and Eddie take the cat to Rosalee, who tries to get a sample of the poison potion to work with while Nick goes after Adalind.

Hank discovers that someone has searched his apartment. Drawing his gun, he carefully searches the place and finally checks the bedroom closet. When he hears something moving inside, he fires three rounds only to discover that there’s no one there. Franco comes in to investigate the gunshots and Hank almost shoots him.

Nick goes to Adalind’s apartment and finds the saucer of milk. Hank calls to tell him that Kimura was at his house and may be heading for Nick’s, and Nick tells him about Juliette.

Kimura breaks into Nick’s apartment.

Rosalee prepares some knockout gas to dose the cat with so she can get a sample.

Hank sits in his house, holding a rifle at the ready and waiting.

Juliette wakes up from her coma, her eyes solid black.

Nick goes home and discover that Kimura has dispatched the officer watching the place. He goes inside and discovers that Kimura has torn up his place as well, searching for the coins. When Kimura comes down the stairs, Nick tries to shoot him with the drugged crossbow dart but the schakal is too fast for him. The two men fight and Kimura realizes that he’s battling a Grimm. Furious, Nick gets the upper hand and beats him to the point of unconscious while demanding to know why Kimura killed his parents. The woman in black steps out and Nick attacks her, figuring she’s there to help Kimura. Kimura grabs Nick’s crossbow and tries to shoot the Grimm, but the woman in black attacks and kills Kimura. When Nick aims his gun at her, the woman calls him Nicky and the Grimm realizes that it’s his mother.