Bad Teeth - Recap

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The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere the ceremony of innocence is drowned.

The North Atlantic, Ten Days Ago

A ship at sea is heading west and in the hold, something moves in a cargo container, screaming.

One Hour Ago

In Portland Harbor, a security guard, Yates, inspects the cargo containers and hears something thudding inside. Yates looks down and sees blood seeping out. He calls in the harbor patrol and they open up the container. Inside are corpses and writing on the wall in blood. A creature growls in the darkness and then lunges at them.


Kelly Burkhardt drives to Nick's home and sneaks inside as he fights Akira Kimura for the coins. Once Nick takes out Kimura, he attacks Kelly, unaware of who she is. While they struggle, Kimura grabs a crossbow pistol but Kelly stabs him with a drugged dart and tells Nick who she is.

The Wesen from the cargo hold, a Mauvais Dentes, reverts to human form and escapes.

Nick stares at his mother in shock and asks how she can be alive. However, Kelly says that she has to take care of Kimura before he recovers. She rips open his shirt and confirms that he was sent by the Dragon's Tongue. As Nick explains that he could see Kimura for what he really is, the police pull up outside. Kelly quietly slips away as Renard and Wu and a squad charge in. Renard recognizes the tattoos on Kimura's back while they wonder how Nick took him out. As they cuff Kimura, Renard asks where Juliette is and Nick explains that she's at the hospital in a coma. He says that he'd be there with her if he could help but there's nothing that he can do.

At the apothecary, Eddie and Rosalee test the cat that infected Juliette to determine if she can be helped. The results are inconclusive and Rosalee says they have to talk to Nick.

Renard looks around Nick's house and spots the crossbow bolt in the wall. He tells Nick to get some rest and leaves, and Nick then looks for his mother. She steps out of the shadows and says that she needs to get to Kimura, and Nick warns her that it won't be easy because he's in police custody. Kelly explains that she's been following Kimura for a long time, and that he's the last one that knows who betrayed them. She admits that Nick's father was killed in the crash along with her friend Gina Serafini. She was in the car because they came for Kelly that night and Gina was staying with them. Kelly sent Gina away with Nick's father hoping they would escape, but they didn't. The killer took Gina's head and the bodies were too badly burned to be identified, so the police assumed that Kelly had died. Kelly let them think that because it was the only way she could protect Nick, and Aunt Marie knew all along. When she tries to touch her son, Nick flinches away.

There's a knock at the door and Nick goes to let Rosalee and Eddie in. Nick tells them that Kimura attacked and they smell Kelly, who attacks Eddie. Nick stops her and separates them, and explains to Kelly that the two Wesen are her friends. They say that Juliette is in danger and Rosalee explains that the spell causes memory loss and they have to stop the progression immediately. Nick tells them to do what they have to and they cautiously leave.

Renard goes to the hospital and checks Juliette's eyes, confirming that they've turned black.

Kelly looks through the wreckage and finds a photo of Nick and Juliette. She asks her son how long they've been together, but Nick asks where she's been for the last eighteen years. Kelly explains after that she went after the people who killed Nick's father and her friend. It took more than just finding the killers and learned that the Royal Families were trying to regain the control they once had. Nick tells her that he knows about the Verrat and Kelly wishes that she could have taught him herself. She learned that a Grimm had a coin and tells Nick that he needs to give them to her because she's the only one who can protect them.

Renard goes to the home of Adalind's mother Catherine and demands to know where she's gone. He tells Catherine that Adalind put Juliette in a coma and says that she should have stayed out of things that she doesn't understand. When Catherine wonders why he cares about what happens to Juliette, Renard explains that if she dies than Nick may leave and escape Renard's control. He holds Catherine personally responsible for whatever happens to Juliette and leaves.

At the hospital, the memories slowly drain out of Juliette's mind and she begins to forget what Nick looks like. She's unaware that Nick is sitting at her bedside.

Hank is at home, barricaded in his room and armed with a shotgun. He remembers encountering the blutbad in the woods and takes some pills to stay awake.

The next morning, Nick comes down from bed and finds Kelly making him breakfast without much success. Nick gets a call about an investigation and starts to leave, and then asks his mother if she'll be there when he gets back. Kelly says that she will and watches him go. At the docks, Nick meets Hank who assures him that Juliette will be fine. As the two detectives board the ship, a man watches them. Wu tells them that the ship sailed from Europe and the three bodies were discovered that morning. Nick recognizes the drawing of a scythe on the wall and figures the container was used to lock something in.

Back at the station, Nick and Hank check and confirm that the ship belonged to GQR Industries. They tell Renard that it's a holding company and they're waiting to hear from the French police. Two FBI agents arrive and Renard tells Hank and Nick to pass their files on to Kanigher and Durwell, the agents thank them for their cooperation and Nick suggests they can be of help. Kanigher turns him down and Renard interrupts him before he can persist.

Later, Renard goes to see Kimura and tells him that he'll be arraigned for a double homicide, then locked up, convicted, and executed. Kimura wonders why he's there and Renard tells him that he knows who he's working for. He figures that he knows who has the keys but is surprised when Kimura says that there were two Grimms.

Nick goes home and discovers that his mother has cleaned up the place out of habit. He takes her to the trailer and Kelly explains that it runs in the family and that a number of Burkhardts are Grimms. Nick asks what she thought when she first found out and Kelly explains that she had the nightmares when she was 10 and her father told her immediately what they meant. When she turned 18, her father took her and Marie on hunts. As she looks through the cabinets, Kelly admits that she didn't want the life of a Grimm for him but Nick points out that neither of them had a chance. Nick takes out a trunk and shows Kelly the coins. She takes them and says she'll return them to the Greek island where they were forged. He realizes that she'll be leaving and says that he can't judge the decisions she made. Still, Nick wishes he hadn't grown up without her and Kelly says she wishes that as well. They hug and Nick asks her to look at the photos he took of the cargo container. Kelly is surprised to learn that Nick has dealt with Reapers and knows that he sent their heads to Mannheim. However, Nick is sure the killer wasn't a Reaper and Kelly agrees. She goes through the journals and finds a picture of a Mauvais Dentes, and then tells Nick to put away the coins because she needs to see the body.

At a castle in Europe, Eric Renard is torturing one of the resistance members to give up the names of the others. He takes the call from the Mauvais Dentes, who says that he's seen Nick and it will soon be over. Eric asks if he needs anything else and the Mauvais Dentes says that he'll call back when it's done.

Catherine goes to the apothecary and gives Rosalee a list of items that she needs. Rosalee says she has everything except for one ingredient. When she says it will take a couple of days, Catherine reveals her real face, snarls, and Rosalee says that she'll try to get it sooner.

Nick and Kelly go to the morgue and confirm that there are puncture wounds on the body. She tells Nick that it's a creature with huge teeth, the Mauvais Dentes. It will watch and wait like a cat and do something to draw Nick in. Nick gets a call from Eddie, who says that Rosalee got an order from a hexenbeist. The ingredients are the same ones that they're working on and they figure that she's creating a wake-up spell. They have Catherine's phone number and give it to Nick so he can trace it.

Catherine calls Renard to tell him that Adalind has disappeared. She tells the captain that there's a way to reverse the spell but needs someone specifically to administer it. Nick storms into her house a few minutes later and demands to know where Adalind is. Catherine realizes that he's the Grimm that destroyed her daughter and admits that she doesn't know where Adalind is and has no reason to protect her. Nick tells her to find Adalind or things will get dangerous for her. He then goes outside and tells Kelly what happened. Kelly asks if Catherine was involved in the attack on Marie and then asks if Marie gave Nick anything. He tells her about the key and she asks where it is.

Renard calls someone and tells them that there are two Grimms involved and he doesn't want them to get to Kimura. After moment, Renard assures the person at the other end that he'll take care of things.

At the trailer, Nick and Kelly study the key. She opens a hidden compartment in a desk and removes a page from one of the first diaries kept by the Grimms. Legend has it that there are seven keys, forged by the Seven Royal Families that fought in the Crusades. When all of the keys are put together, they show a map that leads to the treasure taken from the sacking of Constantinople. Some of the Grimms worked for the Seven Royal Families controlling the Wesen, who fought for the royals. There was one powerful relic among the treasure that could give the Royal Families control of the world. The families cut the map into seven pieces and gave it to the seven knights. Kelly doesn't know what the relic is but warns Nick that the Royal Families know he has the key and want him dead. When Nick wonders how they know he has the key, Kelly says that Kimura can tell them who can tell them the Royal Families' connection in Portland.

A guard gives Kimura a sack full of food. Kimura eats the sandwich inside and then collapses, choking.

The Mauvais Dentes calls Kanigher and tells her that she can find the stolen security guard's truck at a lumber mill. The FBI agents arrive a few minutes later and spot the Mauvais Dentes inside. They order him to surrender and he explains that he called them. He seemingly surrenders and Durwell attempts to cuff him, but the Mauvais Dentes transforms into his Wesen form and kills him.

Nick discovers that Kimura is dead and goes outside to tell Kelly. Kanigher calls Nick and tells her that she's at the lumber mill and that the Mauvais Dentes will kill her if Nick doesn't come alone. He takes the phone away and hangs up, and Nick tells Kelly. They figure that it's a trap and drive to the lumber mill. Kelly warns that the Mauvais Dentes will somehow try to deceive Nick so it can get close and kill him. The two Grimms split up and go inside. Nick finds a trail of blood leading away and follows it to Kanigher's and Durwell's corpses.

Eddie calls Nick and warns him that they have what they need to cure Juliette, but it's unstable and will only last for 45 minutes. Nick tells them that he'll meet them at the hospital as soon as he can. As he turns away from the corpses, the Mauvais Dentes, posing as Durwell's corpse, gets up and attacks Nick from behind...