The Kiss - Recap

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If a man of pure heart were to fall in love with her, that would bring her back to life.

At the hospital, Juliette remains in her coma.

The Mauvais Dentes attacks Nick at the warehouse, throwing him to the ground. Nick shoves him off and tries to shoot him but the Wesen leaps up onto the catwalk and flees. Meanwhile, Kelly enters the warehouse from the other side and moves in. She spots blood dripping from a corpse suspended from the ceiling with a severed arm handcuffed to its wrist.

The Mauvais Dentes attacks Nick, disarming him, and the two of them struggle. Nick tries to get to his gun beneath a drum but it's out of reach and he's forced to duck as the killer comes after him.

Rosalee and Monroe arrive at the hospital and realize that Nick isn't there. They have twenty minutes left to administer the antidote to Juliette and wonder where their friend is.

Nick and the Mauvais Dentes fight and it knocks the Grimm to the ground. Kelly arrives and holds it off long enough for mother and son to take it on together.

Rosalee realizes that they'll have to start all over again because they're running out of time.

Kelly grabs the Mauvais Dentes and demands to know who told him about Nick. The Wesen is surprised that there are two Grimms and says that he didn't know about Nick. He frees himself but Kelly drives a dagger into his neck and he dies trying to escape. Nick says that he has to get to Juliette and Kelly reluctantly follows him rather than search the Wesen for clues.

As Rosalee and Monroe plan to go treat Juliette, Nick and Kelly arrive. They tell Nick how to administer it but Rosalee reminds him that it will only stop the memory loss. They enter Juliette's room and Kelly orders the nurse out while Nick administers the antidote. Kelly and Monroe hold the doctors off long enough for Nick to finish the treatment. Outside, Hank calls Nick to inform him that they've found the corpses of the two FBI agents. Nick says that he's on his way and asks Monroe and Rosalee to take Kelly home.

Nick arrives at the crime scene and Wu points out that he's been injured, but Nick claims that it just looks worse the second day.

As Monroe drives Kelly home, he tries to make small talk. She asks him how long he's known Nick and Monroe tries to put it as best he can. Kelly notes that Nick trusts Monroe, and Monroe and Rosalee admit that they trust Nick.

Renard brings Nick up to speed and says that they haven't identified the third corpse. The FBI arrives while Wu finds a cartridge. Nick remembers firing a shot, but Hank figures that one of the FBI agents fired. Nick picks up his gun from where he lost it earlier while special agents Lofthouse and Kosloski arrive. Renard says that they gave the FBI agents everything they had and the special agents tell him to pull out his officers. As Renard takes them to see the shell, Nick, Hank, and Wu leave. The special agents check Kanigher's phone to see who she called last. Outside, Nick answers his phone and Kosloski realizes that he's involved.

That night, Nick goes to the harbor and tosses his gun in the water, disposing of the evidence against him.

Monroe drops Kelly off at Nick's house, and Rosalee explains that Nick was ready to tell Juliette the truth about his life as a Grimm. Kelly admits that the relationship between the three of them doesn't make sense but Rosalee says that it doesn't have to and Kelly agrees. Rosalee gives her a comforting hug and Kelly goes inside.

At the station, Nick checks the prints on the Mauvais Dentes and confirms that it matches those at the freighter. They take it to Renard and figure that the two FBI agents tracked him to the sawmill and he killed them. However, Renard points out that the killer switched clothing with Durwell and that someone else might have been involved. He tells them to include the fingerprint ID with the other files and then go home and get some sleep. The agents arrive and ask why Kanigher called Nick. He says that she called him for more information about the shipyard and he gave it to her. They think that there's more involved but Nick points out that the FBI was keeping them out of the loop. Lofthouse wants to take Nick's gun and match the bullet casing to his weapon, but Nick says that that he doesn't have it with him. Renard intervenes, pointing out that the FBI screwed up and there were no shots fired. However, the special agents ask for a DNA swab and Nick agrees.

As Nick leaves, Hank asks why he didn't mention that Kanigher called him. Nick dismisses it as fatigue but Hank asks who he went up against. He doesn't ask who it was but says that he trusts Nick and wants him to know it. However, Hank warns Nick not to leave him out to dry and walks away.

In his office, Renard examines the photo of the Mauvais Dentes and then calls his brother Eric in Europe. The captain explains that the Mauvais Dentes arrived on a ship registered under Eric's company and then died violently. Eric warns him that the family has waited long enough and that they will not tolerate Renard's interference any longer.

The next day, Nick wakes up at the trailer after a night of research.

Catherine returns to the apothecary to get her ingredients from Rosalee. She transforms into her hexenbiest form and demands a lower price, and then walks out.

Nick returns home, aware that agents are watching his house. Kelly is inside, exercising. He explains that he fell asleep at the trailer and that he is now investigating their involvement with the Mauvais Dentes. Rosalee calls to tell Nick that Catherine was there to pick up the ingredient. Nick gets out another gun and tells Kelly that he's going after Catherine. Kelly suggests that she talk to Catherine mother-to-mother and Nick hesitantly agrees and leaves to draw off the agents while Kelly sneaks out.

At the station, Hank tells Nick that the prints are tied to a dozen murders in Europe. Meanwhile, Renard is in his office doing research on the death of Nick's parents when he gets a call from Catherine. She tells him to come over and get the antidote and Renard says that he'll be right there. Meanwhile, Lofthouse and Kosloski come in and place Nick under arrest. They explain that they have reason to believe that Nick was involved in the murder of Durwell and Kanigher, collect his gun, and take him away. Renard tells Hank to go with him and Nick's partner eagerly agrees.

Renard goes to Catherine's house and she gives him a jar with the antidote. However, she tells Renard that he has to take it because the person who wakes Juliette has to be pure of heart. The potion makes him purer and she warns him that it will be extremely painful. As Renard leaves, Kelly emerges from hiding and sees him go. She then goes inside and demands an explanation from Catherine about Juliette's condition. Catherine insists that she had nothing to do with Adalind and warns that there is a prince in Portland. Kelly grabs her and chokes her until Catherine explains that the prince is a bastard, but attacks her rather than give Kelly Renard's name. They struggle and Kelly finally slams Catherine into a mirror, slashing her throat. As she lies dying, Catherine tells the Grimm that only one man can save Juliette.

The two FBI agents interrogate Nick and figure that he killed the man who killed their agents. Nick explains that he didn't have a gun because he was at the hospital with Juliette. They demand to know what Nick knows about the case and Nick tells them that whatever was in the shipping container was more than they can handle. He doesn't give them specifics and the agents then tell him that they found DNA that is close enough to be his relative. Nick tells them the truth that he's protecting his mother but they don't believe him. He reminds them about the murders in Europe and suggests they give credit to the kill to Kanigher and Durwell. Kosloski gives Nick his gun back and admits that the ballistics don't match up, but he warns Nick that they're not satisfied.

Hank is making calls to get Nick out of Federal custody when he gets a call about a new murder. When Nick comes out, they go to Catherine's house where the police have found her body. Hank realizes that she has the same last name as Adalind and Nick avoids mentioning his own connection to Catherine.

At home, Renard starts to lose control due to his injuries but regains control. He then takes Catherine's potion and collapses in agony.

When Nick comes home, he finds Kelly waiting for him. She tells him that she met Catherine and tells him what the hexenbiest told her about a prince in Portland who can save Juliette. Nick warns her that the police are getting close and he can't let her get caught, and Kelly agrees, saying it's time for her to go.

Renard staggers around his apartment, screaming in pain and breathing black smoke before passing out.

Nick goes to the trailer and gives the coins to Kelly. She tells her son that she doesn't know how long it will take to destroy them, and tells Nick not to leave the people he loves. When Nick points out that it puts them in danger, Kelly admits that she doesn't have an easy answer. He assures Kelly that she doesn't owe him an apology and is glad that he has her back. They hug and Kelly promises that she'll come back if she can. First she tells Nick to take her to the bus station.

Renard wakes up, free of the pain.

When they arrive at the station, Kelly tells Nick that he's like his father and says that she loves him. Nick says that he loves her too and Kelly walks toward the situation. However, once Nick leaves, Kelly steals a car and drives off.

Nick drives to the hospital... unaware that Renard is inside. He kisses Juliette and leaves, and Juliette wakes up and calls for a nurse. Nick arrives, just missing Renard, and finds the doctors at Juliette's bed. He kisses her but Juliette has no idea who he is.