The Good Shepherd - Recap

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Dressed in the skin, the Wolf strolled into the pasture with the Sheep. Soon a little Lamb was following him about and was quickly led away to slaughter.

Nick secretly meets with Bud, who explains that Juliet called him over. He admits that he mentioned that Nick was a Grimm and tried to cover. As they talk, a man comes into the bar and sits down. Nick assures Bud that it's okay as the Eisbiber briefly loses control, and then suggests that Bud say he's unavailable if Juliet calls him again. Nick briefly seems to sense something but then dismisses it and thanks Bud for his help.

At McFadden's Mulch, Norm Brewster is working on the books when the secretary, Paula, wishes him goodnight and leaves for the weekend. Norm wraps up his work and leaves, only to hear something moving in the alleyway. A hooded figure attacks him as Norm briefly reverts to his Wesen form, a Seelengut, but is quickly knocked out. His attacker then chains Norm up, starts up an earthmover, and drops Norm into a mulcher.

Nick returns home and calls to Juliet, but she doesn't respond. Worried, Nick calls her and she explains that she's having drinks with two of her friends, Brianna and Ricki. She wonders if she should have left a note but Nick assures her that it's fine and tells Juliet to give her friends his regards. After hanging up, Juliet's friends admit that they're surprised she can't remember Nick since he proposed to her. They point out that she refused but admit they don't know why.

The next day, Nick arrives at the station and Hank advises him to take things slowly with Juliet. They meet with Reverend Lance B. Calvin, who is there to report a theft. Calvin explains that his bank called to report that $357,000 was missing from the church's account and it was wired to a bank in Curacao from a computer that the bank's online system recognized. The computer belonged to Norm, a member of Calvin's church who does their books for free. Calvin confirmed that Norm has disappeared and gives him Norm's home address and his own contact information. The reverend says that Norm didn't tell him about any money problems and Nick promises to call once they find out anything. Hank goes to talk to the bank while Nick looks into Norm.

At the mulch company, the workers start up the machine for the day and the engine jams.

Hank calls the bank and discovers that they can't recover the money from Curacao without making a legal inquiry that will take months. Nick tells his partner that Norm is clean according to their records. Wu calls to tell Nick that they found Norm's car at the train station and a receipt from the mulch company. Hank suggests that they check and see if Norm transferred any money from his company. They go there and talk to Paula, who says that she hasn't noticed any financial issues. A worker runs up and tells Paula that they found a corpse in the mulcher. Norm had a metal hip that kept him from going all the way through and Paula confirms that he had his hip replaced four years ago.

Back at the station, the detectives confirmed that the body is Norm's and figure someone killed him to get access to his laptop and transfer the money. They figure that Calvin is involved and Nick discovers that another accountant disappeared with money from Calvin's church in Arkansas five years ago. Two months later, the church went bankrupt and Calvin moved to Portland, and the money was traced to an account in Barbados but never recovered. They report to Renard and admit that they haven't found anything suspicious about Calvin, yet. Renard tells them to rattle Calvin's cage and see if they can surprise something out of him.

Nick and Hank go to the church and Calvin's assistant, Megan Marston, greets them. She assures them that Calvin is shocked by the news and is explaining what happened to his board members in the church proper. The detectives go in as Calvin tells the board members that they should pray that Norm comes back to them. As the board members talk, one of them reverts to his Seelengut form and Nick spots him and tells Hank. Calvin vows to raise all of the missing money and more so that they can sustain the parish. The reverend introduces the detectives to the board and they inform everyone that Norm is dead. All of the members, including Calvin and Megan, revert to their Wesen forms. Nick is surprised to discover that Calvin is a Blutbad, not a Seelengut.

Calvin talks to the detectives in his office and admits that he hasn't met a Grimm before. He's also surprised that Hank knows about it and insists that he believes in redemption for his people. Calvin hopes to redeem them by becoming a reverend and Nick mentions the incident in Arkansas. The reverend insists that it's a coincidence but Nick isn't convinced. Calvin says that the fact that they can all come together, humans, Grimm, and Wesen, shows that they are all God's creatures. Hank asks where Calvin was on the night of the murder and he calls in Megan to confirm that he was in his office working on his Sunday service. Nick says that's all they needed and Calvin says he's glad to help and hopes that it's the start of a beatific relationship.

Nick and Hank go to talk to Eddie and explain about Calvin and his flock. Eddie gets nervous when Hank keeps staring at him, and Nick asks if it's possible that a Blutbad could leave a church for Seelengut. The Blutbad doesn't believe it but admits that if he's reformed then it's possible. Nick wants Eddie to go undercover off the record and the Blutbad agrees.

Later, Eddie goes to the church as Calvin gives a service to his people in honor of Norm. The Seelengut immediately sense that Eddie is a Blutbad, but Calvin assures them that they are safe. He confronts Eddie, who says that he is looking for salvation. The Seelengut are skeptical but Calvin says that they are accepting of all. Eddie admits that he's been shunned from most religious organizations and hoped that Calvin's church was different. They talk privately and Calvin admits that he also participated in the flesh hunt but threw off his sins. He warns Eddie that he's standing on the edge of an abyss but has found the light, and invites him to stay there in a small guest room.

At the station, Renard is working in his office when he suddenly gets flashes of when he kissed Juliet at the hospital. His contact in Europe calls and sends him a file on the Nuckelavee that the Family sent to Portland, David Esquibel, who is using the alias Hargrund.

Hargrund breaks into Nick's home.

Eddie goes to his new room and hears someone whispering down the hall. He looks outside and sees Calvin and Megan kissing.

Nick and Hank return to the station and confirm that Calvin's record only goes back seven years. Eddie calls Nick and tells him that he's staying the night. He suggests that Calvin seems like the real deal but Nick warns him that Calvin is a con man. Eddie tells Nick about Calvin's relationship with Megan and how everyone is buying into Calvin's act. Nick suggests that he leaves but Eddie insists that he should be safe.

As Juliet return home, Hargrund goes through Nick's belongings and finds the drawing of the map key. When she comes in, Hargrund transforms into his Nuckelavee form and hides. Juliet doesn't notice him and he slips out when her back is turned.

At the station, Hank finds a photo from the groundbreaking of the church in Arkansas. Megan is in the photo and Hank has confirmed that she was using the name of the first missing accountant's wife. Renard figures that Megan killed both accountants and took the money, but admits that she could be an innocent. The detectives bring her in and she claims she was hired starting as a temporary secretary. Hank shows her the photo and points out that she was married to the accountant, and Megan admits that she was having an affair with Calvin and her husband found out about it. She blames herself and seems innocent if she asks if they found her missing husband. Megan cowers in the corner and transforms, worried that Nick will hurt her, but Hank assures her that Nick isn't a killer. Megan insists that she couldn't have killed one of her own.

Later, Calvin comes home and finds Megan in his bed. She tells him that the police questioned her but she didn't tell them anything. Megan wants to leave Portland together and go somewhere that no one can find them. Calvin insists that they have to see it through a little longer and explains that he talked to Eddie, who claimed that he was sheltering under a bridge on the night of the murder. Tomorrow, Calvin says that he'll call Eddie into his office, kill him, claim it was self-defense, and then plant Norm's laptop on him. Megan wants to just leave but Calvin tells her to put Norm's laptop in Eddie's belongings the next day during a fundraiser the next day. After that, Calvin says that they'll leave for Curacao together.

Nick goes to the trailer and researches the Seelengut. As he leaves, Hargrund attacks him but Nick manages to get the upper hand. Hargrund rolls under the trailer, hides, and then slips into the trailer. Nick goes in after him and grabs one of the weapons, and the two men fight. The Grimm finally kills his opponent and checks him for ID, and finds the paper with the map key on it that he took from Nick's home.

The next day, Juliet comments that Nick must have gotten in late. She admits that things are weird between them and thanks Nick for not pushing her, but she tells him that it's not easy. Nick agrees and Juliet tells him that she's trying. She blames herself but Nick assures her that it isn't and that she's welcome to stay. He asks if she would be happy if he moved out and Juliet says that she doesn't know, but she's sure that neither of them should be going anywhere. Nick agrees and Juliet assures him that she'll be home for dinner that night.

The Seelengut are preparing for the fundraiser and reluctantly welcome Eddie into their flock. Eddie hears a pregnant girl, Harmony, talking with a teenager, Patrick, who insists that the child isn't hers. Harmony goes into the church and Megan goes to comfort her. The girl says that it's not Patrick's baby and finally admits that it's Calvin's.

At the station, Wu tells Renard that they got a report from Interpol on the body they found on the river. It's Hargrund and neither one of them are too disappointed that he's dead.

At the fundraiser, Megan tells her fellow Seelengut that Calvin has deceived them all, killed Norm, and stole the church money. She says that all Blutbad are sinners at heart.

Nick calls Customs and confirms that Calvin has made 15 trips to Curacao and several to Barbados before that. Megan has also taken trips to both countries.

Eddie meets with Calvin in his office. The reverend says that freedom is finally within his grasp and gives him a letter opener as a gift. Eddie tries to hand it back, saying he doesn't need a letter opener, but Calvin says that he has his fingerprints on it. The parishioners come in and Calvin claims that Eddie attacked him. However, they find the laptop and realize that Megan was right. Disgusted, Calvin tells them that they are meek and pathetic, and they transform and mob him before he can fight back. Megan is the only one who doesn't participate and she walks out. When the Seelenguts turn to Eddie, believing that he's Calvin's partner, Eddie tries to explain without success and runs for it. As he runs, he calls Nick.

Nick and Hank pull up as the Seelengut corner Eddie. He insists that he's innocent but they move in for the kill. Nick and Hank arrive and order the parishioners back.

Later, Nick and Hank report to Renard that all twenty-five parishioners claimed that Calvin attacked them and they defended themselves. As for Megan, nobody saw where she went but the detectives figure that they have a good idea.

On a beach in Curacao, Megan and Harmony hang out on a beach together.