Over My Dead Body - Recap

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While he thus gazed before him, he saw a snake creep out of a corner of the vault and approach the dead body.

A woman, Mia, arrives by private jet at the Portland airfield. She calls Renard and greets him, and he soon realizes who she is. Mia offers to make up for their last encounter and tells Renard the hotel where she's staying.

Nick comes home and finds Juliette cooking supper. He admits that he picked up a hamburger but Juliette tells him to throw it away and explains that she found the recipes marked with what he liked and says that she'd like to get to know him even if she doesn't remember who he was.

Eddie is at home cooking when the doorbell rings.

At a country & western bar, the End Up, Blatbud Angelina Lasser is dancing and invites her partner to buy her another drink. The guy tells her that he's celebrating the fact that he got a big job and wants to celebrate with Angelina. She tells him that he has to go but the man refuse to take no for an answer. However, his phone rings and he says that he has to take it. Angelina leaves the bar but the man comes after her and says that she owes him. Angelina tells him to cool it but he grabs her and kisses her. She hits him over the head with her motorcycle helmet and he turns into a Konigschlange. Angelina reverts to her Blutbad form and rips his throat out and then takes his wallet, but the man's partner Will shows up and draws a gun on her.

Rosalee enjoys supper with Eddie and they share a toast to her first visit. He shows Rosalee his favorite clock

Renard has dinner with Mia at her hotel and avoids discussing politics. She says that she never agreed with how his family treated him and asks if she might have a part in his vision of the future. Mia asks if he's coming back to New York to take his rightful place, and Renard says that he will on his terms. When she warns that Eric might disagree, Renard says that they usually work things out.

Will takes Angelina to a car where his boss Arbok is waiting. He reveals that he's also a Konigschlange and points out that she handled his man as if she had done it before. Arbok then tells Angelina that either he kills her, he reports her for murder, or she does the job for the same money he was going to pay the man she killed for a delivery. Angelina demands to know what she's delivering and Arbok shows him a file. She accepts and he tells her that they'll call and then it will have to be delivered in 24 hours. Arbok tells her that if she runs then they'll find her, and pays her $15,000 up front.

Nick tells Juliette how they met when he interviewed her as the witness to a hit-and-run accident. She remembers the accident and talking to a police officer who she thought was good-looking, but can't recall Nick's face. After that, they started talking and never stopped.

Eddie puts a LP of a virtuoso Austrian zitherist on and Rosalee knows all about him. Pleased, he starts to kiss her just as Angelina storms in. She says that they need to talk and tells Rosalee to get out. Eddie insists that she stay, assuring Rosalee that she isn't interfering. Angelina dismissively puts Rosalee down as a Fuchsbau and Eddie ushers Angelina into the next room. As they start to talk, he realizes that Rosalee has left.

Eddie demands answers and Angelina tells him that she's there to kill him. She shows him the file and explains about the Konigschlange, and admits that she doesn't know why he wants Eddie dead. Eddie wants to know how she got the job and Angelina tells him that they'll kill her if she doesn't do it. She offers to help him pack but Eddie plans to find out who Arbok is and discover why he wants him dead. He starts to call Nick but Angelina reminds him that the Grimm wants to put her in prison for a couple of deaths. Eddie insists and Angelina starts to leave, and Eddie says that he needs her to describe who hired her. When she refuses, Eddie asks why she bothered coming and they glare at each other.

Nick tells Juliette about his proposal and how she refused, and finally admits that she did it because she thought he was keeping things from him. Before Nick can explain, Eddie calls and Juliette tells him to take the call. Eddie tells him what is going on and Nick says that he'll be over. He still hesitates to leave Juliette but she tells him to go.

When Nick gets to Eddie's, Eddie tries to dance around who told him. Angelina finally comes out and Nick draws his gun and tells her that she's under arrest. Eddie says that Angelina came to help him and that he said Nick would overlook her past. Nick finally comes around and Angelina admits that she doesn't know who hired her. Rosalee calls Eddie, who leaves them alone to take the call. Angelina explains that she killed the guy who Arbok hired to kill Eddie originally. Meanwhile, Rosalee apologizes for leaving and says that her mother is in the hospital and she has to leave town. She asks Eddie to watch the apothecary for a couple of days and he agrees.

When Eddie goes back, he tells her that she has a phone but it's a prepaid and Nick can't trace it. She's supposed to get the call and deliver Eddie's body to them, and Nick asks Angelina to take him to the bar. Angelina worries that he might arrest her but Nick insists that he's just doing it to help Eddie. Eddie is happy they're setting aside their differences for him but Angelina warns that it's not over yet.

Nick takes Eddie to Hank's for safekeeping. Once Nick leaves, Eddie tries to avoid discussing his past and Hank offers him a drink.

As they drive to the bar, Angelina isn't convinced that Nick can help. She figures that there are others who will come after Eddie if she fails and Nick says that it'll end with Arbok.

As they drink, Hank asks Eddie to explain about changing. Eddie explains that he could change in front of Hank but only if he wants him to. Nick is different and can see the change regardless, and Eddie transforms without letting Hank see. Then he does it again and lets Hank see his real face. Hank jumps back and then asks if he can do it again.

The next morning, Nick and Angelina arrive at the bar and discover that the local police are checking out the murder. The detective in charge says that they don't have an ID yet and Nick says that he's checking out a related case in Portland. Angelina comes over and claims that she's Nick's partner, and shows them how the murder victim assaulted a woman, insisting he got what he deserved. She recreates the crime and leads them into the nearby woods to find the wallet she tossed away. The detective knows the perp and Angelina says that they're done while the detective tells Nick that he's lucky to have her as a partner. Back at the car, Angelina reveals that she picked up Buxton's phone and he calls to get an ID on the last number dialed.

Once they have the number of the hardware store where Arbok works, they spot Will. Nick sends Angelina in with a phone set to transmit what she's hearing. She then goes in and confronts Will, demanding to know why he set her up. Will insists that the money is legitimate and Angelina demands to know why Arbok wants Eddie dead. He finally tells her that Eddie is friends with a Grimm, and someone hired Arbok to kill Eddie to set an example.

Nick goes back to Hank's and tells his partner that Angelina is involved. He admits that they're going to have to overlook that Angelina is wanted for murder. Hank isn't sure but Eddie points out that she could have taken the money and run. Nick says that he can work it alone if he has to but Hank reluctantly agrees to meet with her. They tell Eddie that the hit is about Nick, not Eddie, and figure that it's a bigger deal. Nick suspects that a Royal might have hired Arbok to arrange the hit but they have nothing definite. When they realize that they have to deliver Eddie without killing him, Eddie suggests they do a dead faint.

That night, the group goes to the apothecary and Eddie calls Rosalee. He asks her to give him the ingredients to prepare a dead faint.

Renard is checking records and confirms that Mia was meeting with the Dragons' Tongue. She calls and Renard suggests that they meet that night. Mia invites him to her room in a couple of hours and he tells her that he'll be there.

Rosalee warns that the dead faint potion is dangerous but they point out that the Konigschlange will know if he's faking it. She gives them the ingredients but warns that the results aren't 100% predictable. If Eddie turns white then he'll require immediately respiration. Angelina half-jokingly says that she'll be able to collect the rest of her money and Rosalee takes offense at her attitude. The Fuchsbau is still reluctant to help but Eddie assures her that there's no other choice. Arbok calls Angelina and they all listen in as she tells him that Eddie is dead and she wants to dump the body. He gives her directions and hangs up, and Eddie warns Rosalee that they don't have much time.

Renard has her men trace Mia and confirms that she's preparing to leave town on her jet.

Eddie drinks the potion and lies down. He tells her that he'll be fine and then passes out, seemingly dead.

Angelina drives to the rendezvous spot and calls Nick and Hank, who are following at a distance. Arbok and Will pull up and demand to see the body. The Konigschlange checks Eddie carefully and confirms that he's dead. Angelina demands her money and Arbok says that she'll get the rest of the money when the person who hired him picks up the body. He calls his employer while Angelina notices that Eddie is starting to wake up.

Nick and Hank set up position on a nearby hill and spot another car coming in. Meanwhile, Will notices that Angelina keeps glancing at Eddie. Mia gets out of the car and comes over, and admires Angelina for killing her own kind. She tells Arbok to pay Angelina and walks away, and Angelina realizes that Eddie is turning white. She respirates him and he sits up, and Nick and Hank tell them to surrender. Will shoots Angelina when she lunges at him and Eddie attacks him. Arbok runs off into the woods and the detectives go after him while Mia drives away. Eddie runs to Angelina and realizes that she's dying.

In the forest, Arbok attacks Nick, who fights back and slams him against a wall. He demands the name of Arbok's employer but Arbok shoves him back and draws a gun. Hank arrives in time to shoot and kill him, saving his partner.

The dying Angelina tells Eddie that the woman got away and tells him to be careful, and then dies in his arms. Hank and Nick return and Eddie tells them to let him deal with her in the Blutbad way.

Mia drives to the airport and finds Renard waiting for him. She wonders if he's going to kill him and Renard says that it depends on what she tells him.

Nick returns home and calls Rosalee to tell her that Eddie is fine. She thanks him for the news and he doesn't tell her about Angelina. Once he hangs up, he discovers that Juliette has left him a note thanking him for the new memories.

The next day, Eddie goes out into the woods and builds a cairn for Angelina's body. He smashes her wristwatch over the stones and then howls to the sky.