The Bottle Imp - Recap

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"Let me out, let me out," the spirit cried. And the boy, thinking no evil, drew the cork out of the bottle.

Nick and Juliette watch from the house as fireworks go off in the distance. He talks about how Juliette used to tell him about how her and her father went to watch fireworks. Juliette remembers telling him about her father as they were making dinner and she kisses him, apologizing for what she's put him through. As more of her memories come back, Nick asks what she remembers and Juliette remembers how he told her that he could see things and she didn't believe him, and now she believes him because it all makes sense. Nick's alarm wings and Juliette tells him that he has to wake up...

... and Nick wakes up on the couch at home.

A young girl, April, is sitting on the porch of her home, waiting, when her father Bill Granger pulls up in his truck. She runs to him and they hug.

Eddie goes to Rosalee's shop and gets a call from her. She says that her aunt is doing better and asks how he's doing after Angelina's death, and Eddie says that he's getting there. Rosalee then tells him that a Mauzhertz customer, Leroy Estes, is coming in to pick up a special order for his ear problem. She talks Eddie through how to mix the treatment.

Bill and his daughter stop for gas and the attendant tells Bill that his credit card has been declined. He tells the attendant, Leo Stiles, to run it again, briefly losing his temper, and then gives him another card. Bill drives around to the side to get air and then goes back inside, and Leo tells him that card was declined as well. As Bill goes out to the garage, his face briefly changing into that of a Drang-Zorn, Leo hears something fall, goes to investigate, and screams.

Later, Hank and Nick meet Wu at the station when Leo's murder is called in. They check the cameras and the credit card machine and discover that the killer cleaned up before he left.

Bill pulls over and April assures him that everything will be fine. He tells her that if the police see his truck then they'll pull him over. A man pulls over nearby and parks his truck and Bill gets an idea.

Back at the station, the detectives go over the security footage and confirm the invalid credit cards belonged to Bill. They get a license plate off of one camera and confirm that it belongs to Bill. They spot April on the tape and Nick explains that they figure it's his daughter. There's a second car registered to Lilly Anne Granger at the same address and they figure that she's his wife. Renard tells them to go to Bill's home and see if he's there.

When the man, Terry, returns to his truck, Bill asks if he could help him out. He claims that his truck broke down and asks for a ride. The man refuses until he sees April and she pleads with him to help.

Eddie gathers the ingredients as Leroy comes in. The Mauzhertz is dizzy from his ear infection and asks if Rosalee is there. Eddie assures him that he can handle it and will have it ready in a few minutes. The Blutbad mixes the medicine and puts it in a bag with the device necessary to place it in the ears. Leroy tries to get to the door and Eddie helps him out.

The police got to Bill's house and get no answer. They go in and see a trail of blood leading into the home. The detectives follow it to the bathroom where they find Lilly Anne, covered in blood and badly beaten but still alive. They call in the paramedics as Lilly Anne wakes up and demands to know where her daughter is. She briefly changes into a Drang-Zorn form and then passes out.

Back at the station, the detectives tell Renard that Bill and Lilly Anne were separated. Bill's cards are maxed out and according to his history, he was a football coach and then worked in construction. His employer fired him a week ago after several fights, and they figure that something has triggered Bill's rage. They figure that Bill will dump the truck and pick up a new ride.

Terry listens to country & western on the radio as Bill holds his sleeping daughter. The news announces that April is missing and she tells her father that they mentioned her name. Bill turns off the radio but Terry says that he'll drive into ditch if they try anything. Bill attacks him anyway, his face changing.

Wu comes back with Bill's laptop and figures that he wasn't planning on leaving. There are receipts for the purchase of construction supplies and they figure he was building something.

Bill dumps Terry's body in the woods and April follows her father into the trees. He circles around behind him and tells her to get back to the car, and refuses to tell her what he's done with the body.

Wu hacks the laptop and finds web pages on guns and survival gear. There are also plans for turning a cargo container into a garden shed. Juliette comes in and explains that she was having lunch nearby and decided to stop by. She thought that seeing Nick at work might help her remember. Hank and Wu greet her, and Renard comes out. Juliette stares at him and he assures her that they were all worried about her, particularly Nick. Once Renard leaves, Nick thanks Juliette for coming by and she hesitantly walks out. Wu goes back to the computer and finds some photos of the site in the woods where Bill shipped his building supplies, and the sergeant says that he'll see if he can spot the location.

Nick takes Hank to the trailer and shows him the Grimm journals. Nick has made a sketch of Lilly Anne's Wesen form and they start looking through the books trying to find a match.

Adalind calls Renard and asks who killed her mother. He claims that he doesn't know and says that Juliette is awake, and Adalind figure out that he had something to do with it. She tells him that he'll be having some fun and so will she and then hangs up. As Renard goes back to work, he discovers that he has typed Juliette's name repeatedly on his computer.

Hank finds an entry on the Drang-Zorn and that the creatures are prone to outbursts of anger and retreat to their underground dens when threatened. They figure that Bill built a safehouse from a cargo container and is going there to take refuge. There are drawings of Grimms with crossbows and Nick shows off his weapon cabinet. Hank notices the triple-barrel elephant gun and points out that it's the gun that killed Stark. Nick explains that Stark was a Siegbarste and admits that Eddie killed the Wesen while he was in the hospital.

In the woods, Bill takes April to his buried safehouse and tells his daughter that he'll have to go into town to get some food in the morning. He tucks her daughter in and assures her that he'll be nearby.

Rosalee calls to check on Eddie and he assures her that he has everything covered. He assures her that he mixed the treatment correctly but realizes that he inadvertently substituted the wrong agreement. When he hypothetically describes what happened, Rosalee says that it would be terrible.

The next morning, the tied and gagged driver crawls out of the wood.

Bill tells April that he'll be back in a few hours and gives her his watch to keep track of the time. She asks what happens if he doesn't come back and Bill assures her that he will. Once he leaves, April waits in the dark and tries not to cry. Bill covers over the entrance and makes his way through the woods, carrying a rifle.

Hank and Nick receive a report from the state police that the driver Bill beat up has been picked up. Wu has narrowed the photo down to an area within two square miles. Search squads are soon combing the woods with dogs and they realize that Bill buried the container. Bill returns and prepares to shoot, but they get the hatch open and he realizes he can't open fire without endangering April. As he runs off, the police descend into the container and Nick finds April and assures her that no one will hurt her. Crying, she runs to Nick and hugs him.

Eddie goes to Leroy's apartment and hears him screaming and laughing. The Bludbat goes in and discovers that Leroy has scrawled on the wall and has torn up the place. The Mauzhertz is cutting apart a grandfather clock with a chainsaw, the administration device still on his head. Leroy grabs a pan and charges at Eddie, but manages to knock himself out. Eddie pours the antidote in and leaves.

Nick and Hank takes April to the station and gently question her. She asks to see her mother and they warn her that Lilly Anne was hurt. Ms. Kidler from Child Services comes in and tells April that she will be staying with someone until her mother recovers. Meanwhile, Hank gets a call from Bill's neighbors confirming that he went back there and learned that his wife was taken to St. Joseph's Hospital.

At the hospital, Bill spots Lilly Anne in her room and barges into the room. Hank and Nick arrive and draw their guns, but Bill tells them that they don't understand. Lilly Anne tells them that her husband hasn't done anything and that Bill was coming to get April because she couldn't control her daughter. The detectives realize that April was the one who killed the gas station attendant in her Drang-Zorn form. Bill explains that April is going through the change earlier than they expected and they weren't ready.

Ms. Kidler takes April to the foster home and introduces her to the house parents, Patty and Dave. One of the kids, Johnny, calls April a dork, and she glares at the boy briefly. They take her in the back and she plays on the swings, and Johnny shoves her off. April shoves him off and the parents give them both a time-out. Dave tells her to sit down and April transforms and attacks him, biting his arm. Hank and Nick pull up as everyone runs out. Nick goes in back and finds April on the swings. As Hank arrives, April says that Nick was nice to her and she likes him. She smiles, revealing bloody teeth.

Later, Nick meets with Jess Reilly, a guard in Juvie that is also a Wesen. Eddie sent her and she says that girls can't help it because of the hormones. Nick admits that she's going to be locked up for a bit and Jess says that she'll make sure that April is on her block. She reverts briefly to her Wesen form and assures Nick that she can handle the girl. Juliette calls Nick asks if he'll be there for a candlelight dinner and he says that he'll be there.

That night after dinner, Nick tells Juliette that on some nights they used to dance. She comes over and dances with him, admitting that it's nice. They kiss but then Juliette draws back, seeing Nick as Renard for a moment. When he wonders what's wrong, Juliette tells him that it's her and quickly walks away.