To Protect and Serve Man - Recap

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The beast was simply the Call of the Wild personified... which some natures hear to their own destruction.

Seven Years Ago

Patrolman Hank and his partner arrive at a house in response to a report of a fight. Gunshots go off inside and Hank and his partner burst in. The place is torn up and they find two men in the kitchen. One is dead and they call in an ambulance for the others. Hank hears someone in the back and goes after him. The man trips and Hank arrests him, but the perp says that the two men looked like monsters and insists that they wanted to eat him.

The Present

As Hank and Nick are on the streets, Hank is reading a newspaper about the perp, Craig Ferren. He tells Nick about the arrest and how Craig shot two unarmed brothers, the Kreskis. Craig was a vet and had mental issues, and was sentenced to death. Hank figures that Craig's claims that his attackers were monsters may have been true. His testimony helped convict Craig and now Hank is having second thoughts. He asks Nick for help before Craig is executed the next night and Nick reluctantly agrees.

Back at the station, Nick goes over the report with Hank. Craig claimed that the Kreskis were cannibals as well as monsters. Nick warns his partner that they have to find something concrete to prove that Craig was innocent. Robert Anderson was the detective who worked the case and is now with the Feds.

A drunken Renard wakes up in his room when the phone rings. It's someone from the station who tells him that he's late, and Renard says that he'll be in.

Hank and Nick meet with Anderson, who insists that Craig's guilt was undeniable. The detectives are unable to explain why they think Craig might be innocent, and Anderson says that they did a thorough investigation of the Kreskis. They were well-liked by everyone and he admits that he didn't dig up the brothers' back yard. Anderson tells Hank that Craig is the one responsible for what happened, not Hank, and tells him to drop it.

Juliette meets with her friend Elisha and admits that things are complicated between her and Nick. Elisha realizes that there's another man involved and Juliette admits that she has feelings for the man even though she barely knows him.

Nick and Hank go to see Monique Dyson, Craig's girlfriend. Hank explains that they are looking into Craig's case. She invites them in and admits that when Craig came back from Iraq, he was suffering from PSTD. Monique admits that he had issues but he wasn't a murderer, and she's sure that Craig saw what he said he is and it still haunts him. Craig eventually told Monique that he didn't want to see her anymore, and she shows the detectives the letters that Craig sent her.

The detectives meet with Craig's public defender, Greg Hoschen, who insists that Craig got the defense he could afford. He checked the Kreski brothers and found nothing suspicious. The defender has drawings that Craig made of the monsters that he saw and the judge laughed them off. Nick and Hank go to the trailer with the sketches and discover that the Kreskis are Wendigos, a local creature. According to the journal, the Wendigos were cannibals with a high resistance to pain. There are articles indicating that Jeffrey Dahmer may have been a Wendigo, and the journal suggests that Wendigos dig holes beneath houses to store their victims after killing them.

Hank and Nick go to the prison to talk to Craig and Nick notices that several of the prisoners are Wesen... and they all recognize Nick as a Grimm. Craig says that he has nothing to say to them and figures that Hank is there to clear his conscience. Hank introduces Nick as a cop who specializes in unusual cases, and Nick offers to help. He asks Craig to describe what happened and Hank shows him the sketch he made. Nick shows him the page from the journal and explains that the creatures are called Wendigos and other people have seen him. Craig says that it doesn't make any difference but admits that he saw no evidence that the Kreskis were cannibals. He explains that he went there to fix their sink and the Kreskis laughed and says that they wanted to have him for dinner. They boasted that they would fix Craig for dinner and he tried to leave, and they changed and attacked him. Craig got his gun out of his toolbox, shot them, and ran.

As Hank and Nick leave, they figure that they'll need to find the remains of the Wendigos' victims. They figure that the Kreskis buried the remains of their victims where they lived and drive to the brothers' former home. However, they discover that a convenience shop has been built where the house once stood.

Renard calls Juliette and apologizes for what happened, but says that it's a symptom of worse. He starts to propose solutions and suggests that they meet with someone who can help them. Juliette agrees and Renard starts to give her directions to the apothecary. However, Wu interrupts to say that the district attorney is there and Renard tells Juliette that he'll call her back later.

Nick and Hank go into the convenience store and Nick figures that they can use sonar to confirm if there are bodies are there. They're running out of time and go to see Renard. The district attorney, Lauren Castro, is there and has already learned that they visited Craig. She wants to know why they're digging into Craig's date at this late date. When they admit that Craig did kill one of the brothers, Lauren says that's enough and leaves. Hank figures that she's worried because of the political repercussions since she's running for mayor, but Renard points out that they don't have much. He agrees to support them if they can find the evidence.

Outside, Hank apologizes for dragging Nick into it but Nick says that it isn't his fault. They go to work and figure that they should check on Johnny Kreski, the survivor, and see if they can provoke him into going Woge. Nick points out that they can't do anything with what they know or coerce him. Hank figures that Johnny might be killing victims and burying them at his new home. They check his criminal record and discover that he has an outstanding warrant for ducking jury duty. They also get his address from the files and set out to find Kreski.

At home, Kreski is cooking a stew... which has human body parts in it.

Juliette is at home reading about the symptoms of obsession. Nick comes in and Juliette asks what he remembers from the night when she woke up. He says that he doesn't remember much and Juliette says that she remembers dreams of something being taken away from her. She wonders how only one part of her memory could disappear and Nick says that it was probably the cat scratch. When he says that it was different, Juliette asks what he means and Nick asks what she remembers. Juliette remembers being at Eddie's but not why she was there. She also remembers standing in the rain and crying, and Nick says that he was there and knows why she was crying. Juliette begs him for an explanation, but Nick says that it wouldn’t make any sense to her. Angry, she storms off.

In his cell, Craig looks at the sketch of the Wendigo and remembers the night that the Kreskis attacked him in their true forms.

The next day, Nick gets a report from Missing Persons confirming that there was an increased number at each address where Kreski lived. With seven hours left, they find the last job where he worked and head off with seven hours remaining. The man confirms that Kreski works there as an assistant manager and take them into the back. He refuses to answer any questions about Craig, and Hank tells him that they know that he's a Wendigo. Kreski reveals his true face to the Grimm and says that Craig is the monster and now he's going to die for killing his brother Miles. He storms off and Nick tells Hank what he saw. They go to the manager to get Kreski's address.

Rosalee calls Eddie at the shop and says that her aunt is getting better and she'll be home in a couple of weeks. Renard comes in and Eddie tells Rosalee that he'll call her later. The captain says that he'll bring in the object of his desire the next day and asks Eddie to close the shop so they have complete privacy. Eddie warns Renard that he can't be specific about how much time it will take. Renard says that he'll call the next day with a specific time.

That night, Hank and Nick drive to Kreski's current home. Figuring they have probable cause from the skipped jury duty, the detectives go in and search the floor for loose boards. They discover that the refrigerator has been moved, shift it aside, and find a concealed trapdoor beneath.

Warden Stocker tells Craig that it's time for his execution.

Hank and Nick search the cellar and find a crate containing rotting corpses.

Kreski pulls up outside.

The detectives figure they have enough to stop the execution and go upstairs to call Lauren. Hank comes up first and Kreski attacks him. They knock the refrigerator over, slamming Nick back into the corpse. He tries to push the refrigerator out of the way while Hank manages to hold off Kreski. The Wendigo runs off and Hank wounds him with a gunshot and then moves the refrigerator. They realize that the Wendigo is more dangerous than ever.

Craig goes to the execution chamber and sees Monique among the observers.

Lauren rehearses her press statement about Craig's execution.

Hank finds Kreski's blood trial and tells Nick to call it in while he follows the trail. When Nick objects, Hank says that it's his case and he's going after Kreski. Nick reluctantly goes back and calls Lauren. Meanwhile, Hank follows Kreski's blood into a nearby field.

The guards strap Craig down and the doctor prepares the lethal injection.

Nick gets put through to Lauren's office phone too late, as she has already left for the night.

Hank continues through the nearby trees, trying to find Kreski.

Nick reaches Lauren on her cell phone and tells her that they have evidence that Kreski is a killer. He tells her that they've found corpses in Kreski's house and advises her to search the convenience store. Before Nick can explains further, Kreski bursts into the house and attacks the Grimm. They struggle and Kreski realizes that Nick is a Grimm. He leaps out the window and Hank, arriving outside, orders him to surrender. When Kreski comes after him, Hank is forced to shoot him. They realize that they're out of time.

As the doctor inserts the IV line, Craig looks at Monique. They begin the injection process... just as Warden Stocker receives a call granting a 12-hour stay of execution.

The detectives get a warrant and the police dig up the convenience store floor. They find dozens of corpses underneath.

Later, Hank and Nick meet with Renard and Lauren. They leave it up to her to handle the situation. Lauren releases a statement congratulating Hank and Nick on finding evidence to stay Craig's execution.

Hank goes to see Craig in prison. He thanks Hank and wonders why he believed him when no one else would. Hank says that there are things that they don't understand but it doesn't mean they don't exist. Craig realizes that Hank saw Kreski as he really is and Hank says that it's a long story.

Eddie closes the apothecary and waits in the back. Juliette and Renard arrive and Renard says that they have to try. She kisses him just as Eddie comes in... and realizes that Juliette is Renard's obsession.