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Season of the Hexenbiest - Recap

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Oh! There is a terrible witch in that house who spewed her poison over me and scratched me with her long fingernails.

At the apothecary, Eddie discovers that Juliette is the one that Renard is obsessed with when he finds them kissing. She walks out and Renard goes after her. She ignores Renard's pleas to stop and let him explain and drives away. A motorcyclist drives after Juliette while Renard gets in his car and drives away... and another motorcyclist follows him.

A woman arrives in Portland and checks in at an expensive hotel.

Renard returns to the station and ignores Nick and Wu when they try to talk to him. Juliette calls Nick and asks if he's going to be home, and says that they need to talk because she's having a bad day. She refuses to explain further and says they'll discuss it that night. Once Nick hangs up, Eddie calls and tells him that they need to meet face-to-face to talk. He asks Nick what he's doing for dinner and Nick says that he's going to see Juliette at home. Eddie insists that Nick stop at his place first but then says that there's no rush.

The two motorcyclists go to the hotel and show the Verrat brands on their hands to the guards. They then report to the woman: Adalind. She tells them to tell her everything about Renard and his new love.

Nick stops at Eddie's and the Blutbad asks how things are going with Juliette. His friend tells him to get to the point and Eddie explains that a guy came into the apothecary and had his arms around a woman. He finally tells Nick that the woman looked like Juliette. Nick asks who the guy is and Eddie admits that he doesn't know who he is and that he doesn't know the whole story. He apologizes for telling Nick but the detective says that it's better to have the truth out. Eddie says that it probably has to do with the spell that Adalind put on her but Nick confirms that Juliette saw Eddie so she knows that Nick is coming.

Renard calls Juliette and she warns him that she knows Eddie and that Eddie is friends with Nick. She admits that she has feelings for Renard but would rather go back to the life she had. Nick pulls up outside and Juliette tells Renard that she doesn't know what she's going to tell him. After she hangs up, Nick comes in and asks what she wanted to talk about. Juliette says that she has feelings for another man and she doesn't know why, and says that it isn't fair to Nick. He asks who it is and Juliette tells Nick that nothing has happened yet. Nick repeats his question but when she hesitates, he says that he doesn't want to know because it's none of his business anymore. He gets up and walks away.

Juliette goes over to see Eddie and tries to explain. She breaks into tears and Eddie hugs her, assuring Juliette that it's going to be okay. She doesn't believe it and Eddie invites her in.

Renard is taking the elevator to his apartment when the two motorcyclists enter with him and show him their brands. The captain asks what they're going to do now.

Hank is making a TV dinner when Adalind knocks at his door. She apologizes for how she treated him and assures Hank that she didn't bring any cookies. Adalind mentions that her mother was killed and Hank offers his condolences, and she hints that Nick had something to do with her mother's death. Hank doesn't buy it and Adalind says that she'll see him around. After she leaves, Hank goes to call Nick but two of Adalind's Wesen servants jump him.

Adalind comes to see Renard and she offers her sarcastic condolences on his condition. Renard realizes that she's met with Eric and Adalind tells him that she's there on Eric's behalf. She orders Renard to get the key from Nick within 48 hours, or she'll tell Nick Renard's real identity and his involvement with Marie's murder.

The next day, Nick is sleeping at the trailer when his phone rings. It's Wu, who informs him Hank was beat up the night before and someone trashed his house. Hank is at the hospital and told them that it was a home invasion, and Nick heads for the hospital.

As Eddie pours her tea, Juliette tells him that she came there because it was the last place she was at before she went into her coma. She remembers that Eddie was going to tell her something and asks him to tell her now, explaining that Nick believes she wouldn't understand. Eddie warns that not everything is understandable and Juliette realizes that he won't tell her. He finally says that someone wanted to poison her to get at Nick, claiming that they wanted revenge on Nick for a criminal he arrested. Juliette says that she's sick of being left in the dark all the time and thanks Eddie for being there for her.

At the hospital, Hank wakes up and finds Nick at his bedside. He says that he didn't get much of a look at his attackers and that he had let his guard down because he was calling Nick. Hank tells his partner that Adalind came to see him and that she suspects Nick was involved with her mother's death. Nick says that he didn't but admits that he has an idea of who did, and says that Adalind attacked Hank to get him out of the way so she could come at Nick and get the key.

Renard calls his contact in Paris, who warns that the Family has caught and killed one of their number. They both figure that Eric is making his move and Renard's man hangs up... just as a Verrat attacks him. Meanwhile, Nick arrives at Renard's office and tells him that Adalind was at Hank's house right before he was killed. Both men agree that they should find Adalind and determine her connection to her mother's death. Nick goes to his desk and tells Wu to put everyone onto finding Adalind. Eddie calls Nick and tells him that Juliette remembers some of what happened on the night she went into her coma. Nick tells Eddie that Adalind is back and asks him to keep Juliette there, but Eddie tells him that Juliette has already left. They realize that Adalind will go after her and Nick hangs up.

Juliette is at home and sees she has a call from Nick. She ignores it and goes out the door, only to find Adalind there.

Nick gets home and discovers that Juliette is gone. He hears someone moving and draws his gun, and finds Eddie looking around. Eddie figures that he should come over when Nick said that Juliette was in danger, and Nick calls Juliette again.

Juliette is at a coffee shop with Adalind and ignores the call. She admits that she's been having issues with Nick ever since Adalind's cat scratched her. Adalind feigns ignorance and explains that she went to Europe after she broke up with Hank. She talks about how she got a job in Vienna and found out that her mother was murdered, but she claims that she doesn't know who was responsible. She then fishes for information, asking if Juliette's problems involve another man. Juliette says that their problems go beyond that.

Nick returns to the station and Wu tells him that Adalind arrived the day before on a flight from Vienna and someone picked her up or she took a cab. There is no one registered under Adalind's name and they figure that she's staying in someone else's hotel room. Nick asks Wu to triangulate Juliette's phone and Renard calls Nick into his office. Once they're alone, the captain says they should talk about Nick and Juliette. Nick admits that things aren't going well and finally admits that he thinks Juliette is seeing someone else. Once he realizes that Nick doesn't know about him, Renard says that Nick should let it work itself out. Wu comes in and tells Nick that Juliette is at a coffee shop.

Juliette talks to Adalind about her memory loss. Adalind is interested to know that Juliette remembers Marie, and Juliette mentions Marie's trailer. Nick calls again and Juliette finally takes the call. He asks if she's all right and if she's with Adalind. Juliette takes offense and Nick says that he was trying to get hold of Adalind. Adalind agrees to talk to him and they make small talk since others are listening. Nick suggests that they talk and Adalind invites him to come by the coffee shop. He says that he's on the way and hangs up, and Adalind returns to asking Juliette about Marie's trailer. Juliette vaguely remembers her visit there on the night that Nick took her there and talks about all the weird books and bottles. However, she doesn't know where Nick took it at first, but finally remembers that it's in a storage yard.

The police pull up outside the coffee shop. Wu places Adalind under arrest while Nick and Renard come in. Nick explains that Adalind is a suspect in her mother's death and needs to answer some questions. Juliette accuses Nick of using her and tells him to stop worrying about her. As she walks off, Renard talks to Adalind privately. She says that she wanted to be in police custody so that Renard couldn't kill her without compromising himself, and warns him that he can't do what he did to Kimura. She settles back and orders Renard to shut the door.

Eddie goes to Hank's home and discovers that someone has ransacked his home. He sniffs the air and realizes that there were Hundjager there.

Nick interrogates Adalind about her whereabouts when her mother was dead. She assures him that she has receipts proving that she was in Vienna and asks who he thinks killed her mother. Adalind brings up his troubles with Juliette, well aware that Renard is watching through the one-way mirror. Nick persists, pointing out that Hank is in the hospital and was beat up the same time that she was there. Adalind points out that she couldn't possibly beat up Hank, and confirms that she went back to her hotel room after seeing Hank. She gives Nick the name of the waiter that brought her room service and informs him that the room is registered under GQR Industries. Adalind tells Nick that the company is involved with a lot of different matters and tells him to give up the key and be done with it. As Nick walks out, Adalind asks what happened to her cat. Satisfied, Adalind winks at Renard.

The two officers meet and discuss what's going on, and Renard asks about the key. Nick claims that he knows nothing about it and then goes back to his desk. As he checks on GQR Industries, Eddie calls and says that the Hundjager Verrat are back in Portland and attacked Hank. They both figure that they're connected to the ship that arrived in Portland with the Family assassin, and Nick asks Eddie to check out Adalind's hotel room.

Renard goes to see Adalind, who says that Nick is attracting attention with all the enemies he's killed. She says that Renard should have killed her when he had the chance, and that Marie brought her trailer to town and it's now in a storage yard. Adalind suggests that Nick hid the key there and the captain goes back to his office and calls his contact to have him start searching storage yards.

Eddie goes to Adalind's hotel room and knocks at the door. When the guard opens the door, Eddie claims that he has the wrong room and the man slams the door in his face.

Nick goes to the trailer and removes the key from its hiding place. Eddie calls and tells him that the Hundjagers that attacked Hank are at the hotel along with two more. Nick tells Eddie that he's on his way and grabs a weapon.

Eddie knocks at the door again and insists that the person he's looking for is there. He storms in takes a look around before they throw him out. As he heads off, the Hundjagers suspect something is wrong and go after him.

Eddie meets Nick at a nearby cafe and warns his friend that they're coming. When he realizes that Nick plans to fight it out, he draws them away so that Nick can emerge. He asks which one beat up his partner and they transform and attack him. Nick and Eddie take them out and try to question one of the survivors. However, her partner kills her and Nick kills him. The two men take all of their ID and cell phones and Nick has Eddie take it all back to his place along with his weapon.

Nick goes to see Adalind in her cell and says that he's dealt with the Verrat. She admits that she's working with the Royals and that she killed Marie. Nick figures that the Royal in Portland put her up to it and asks for the name, but Adalind offers it to him in return for the key. After a moment he refuses and walks away.

Juliette wakes up when Nick comes in. He tells her that he's not sleeping on the couch and she says that he's not sleeping in there. Nick says that he knows and gets his things. He goes to Eddie's and his friend assures him that he already has the spare room made up. As Nick settles in, Eddie asks if he's all right and Nick admits that he's worried that Juliette is in danger. Eddie points out that Juliette is probably safer but Nick says that there's nothing he can do about it. The Blutbad says that he recorded something off the news a couple of weeks ago and shows it to Nick. It's a recording of Renard, and Eddie confirms he was the man that Juliette was with.

Once he gets word from his contact, Renard drives to the trailer.