Face Off - Recap

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The will to conquer is the first condition of victory.

Nick watches Renard on the TV and Eddie realizes that Nick knows the man who is connected to Juliette. As Nick leaves, Eddie tries to stop him, realizing that he's going off after Renard. As they talk, Nick gets a call and tells Eddie that he's been called to the quadruple homicide of the four people they killed earlier.

At the trailer, Renard meets with an owl-like Wesen, a Scharfblicke named Al Eckert, who carefully examines the lock with his enhanced vision. He then takes out a set of skeleton keys and gives Renard the proper one. Renard tells Eckert to forget that he was ever there and the Wesen quickly leaves. The captain then goes into the trailer and looks around for the key. Before he can find it, he receives a call.

At the crime scene, Nick talks to Wu, who confirms that the killer or killers left nothing there. Renard arrives and Nick glares at him suspiciously. They go over the bodies and Nick suggests that they were there to kill the victim. Wu notices a tattoo of interlocking swords on the palms of each victim, and Nick reminds Renard that the man they found eight months ago, Waltz, had a similar tattoo. Renard gets a call from Juliette telling him that Nick moved out. She asks him to come over, saying she's had a hard time trying to understand what's going on. Renard says that he'll call her as soon as he can and then hangs up.

Back at his office, Renard calls his contact in Vienna and tells him to find out if his brother sent the four Verrat members. The spy tells Renard that one of their members, Jacques, is dead., and warns that they're taking a chance trusting the resistance. Renard tells him to find out what he can and then hangs up as Nick and Vu come in with surveillance footage from the hotel where the Verrat were staying. It's Nick, and Wu says that he thinks he looks vaguely familiar. The Verrat members come out and follow Eddie, and Nick dismisses Eddie as a likely suspect. Renard rubs his head as if it's hurting him, and Nick and Wu leave him.

At home, Eddie is cleaning his windows when Rosalee calls. He tells her what's going on with Nick, Juliette, and Renard, and how Renard and Juliette have the romantic compulsion. Rosalee realizes that Renard was the one who must have woken Juliette up from her spell, and tells Eddie that Juliette doesn't have a choice. When Eddie wonders how he can handle it, Rosalee tells him that her aunt is doing better and she'll be coming back to Portland.

Renard drives to Juliette's house, unaware that Nick is following. Juliette opens the door to Renard and wonders what happens if she lets him in, and he admits that he doesn't know. They kiss briefly and Renard goes inside. Nick walks up to the house but his cell phone rings. It's Eddie, who tells him what Rosalee concluded about Renard breaking the spell and the fact they have no control over their attraction. Eddie then apologizes, thinking that he's overreacting, and figures that Nick is at the precinct. Nick doesn't correct him, hangs up, and walks away.

Inside the house, Juliette and Renard rip off their clothing and kiss.

Nick returns to Eddie's house and Eddie explains that Renard came to the shop to get rid of his feelings. He suggests that if he had treated them without knowing who they were, everything would be fine. Eddie also points out that the other Hexenbeist came to the shop to get ingredients and figures that she's involved.

Renard tries to push Juliette away, fighting the resistance. Juliette slaps him and turns away, and Renard tells her that she's going to have to try harder than that. They continue kissing and ripping their clothing off, but Juliette bites Renard on the lip and tells him to get out. They struggle against their feelings and Juliette hits Renard again and then apologizes. He shoves her away, smashes the fixtures, and starts to lose control of his features. When he turns back to Juliette, she's drawn a gun and fires several shots around Renard. She then drops the gun as Renard stares at her in shock. He storms out and runs to his car, leaving just before police arrive to investigate the shots.

Nick and Eddie go to the shop to check the ingredient list that the Hexenbeist brought in. Nick realizes that the phone number belongs to Adalind's mother, Catherine, and they realize that Catherine is the one who set up the spell so that Juliette and Renard would have uncontrollable sexual feelings for each other. Eddie finds the list and says they should talk to Catherine, and Nick admits that his mother killed Catherine Nick gets a call from Wu, who tells him that someone tore up his house. The sergeant tells Nick that Juliette isn't talking, but something happened there. Nick tells Eddie what happened and takes off.

A matron goes to Adalind's cell and releases her. When Adalind demands to know who released her, the officer says that she has no idea and that Adalind has to leave.

Nick returns home and tries to talk to Juliette, and she claims that she saw an intruder. She claims the intruder took the gun with him and says that she doesn't understand why it's all happening. Nick tells her that he knows who it is and then tells Wu to write up as self-defense. Before he goes, Nick asks Wu to have someone watch the house.

Adalind leaves the police station and walks nervously down the street. Renard comes up behind her and says that they need to talk. He guides her across the street to his car, tells her he found the trailer, and drives off.

Nick goes back to Eddie's house and tells him what happened. He figures that if Juliette wanted Renard dead then he would be. Eddie suggests that he get some sleep but gives it up as a bad idea and goes to bed.

Renard drives Adalind into the woods and demands that she fix what's wrong with him. She says that she can't because somebody took those powers away from her. However, she says that she has a way to make it better. When he realizes what she means, he tries to slap her but she stops him and says that Renard will have to trust her. They start to kiss but Adalind tells Renard that she wants the real him. he concentrates and reveals his part-Hexenbeist features, and they rip off their clothing.

The next day, Eddie and Nick go to the bus station to pick up Rosalee. When she gets off the bus, she immediately kisses Eddie. Once they're done, Rosalee says that they need to go to the spice shop because she knows what the problem is.

Adalind is at Renard's apartment getting ready for the day. He comes out of the bedroom and notes that he'll be in trouble if his brother gets the key. Renard suggests that she can still choose sides and Adalind says that she chose his side long ago but he turned her back on her. He admits that he underestimated her and tells herself to make herself at home.

At the spice shop, Rosalee realizes that Renard is the Royal in Portland who went through the purification ritual. She warns that if the spell progresses, Renard and Juliette will kill each other. They start going through books, looking for cure.

Renard goes back to the trailer and searches for Nick's key. He remembers seeing Nick at the office, putting something in a drawer.

Eddie finally locates the cure but Rosalee warns that it involves getting Juliette and Renard taking it together. Nick says that he'll make it happen, but Rosalee points out that they also need the original item of infection. When Nick suggests that they get the cat, Rosalee and Eddie explain that the cat escaped and was hit by a car. When Nick wonders to do next, Rosalee shows him a passage from the book.

Renard goes to Nick's desk and finds the key hidden in the drawer. As he takes it, Hank comes in and asks where Nick is. Renard claims he was looking for the file on Adalind and wonders why she was involved in his beating. The captain warns Hank to watch his back and Hank assures him he'll be keeping an eye out.

Rosalee mixes the purification potion that Catherine brought in. She tells Nick that he'll have to drink it but warns that they don't know what will happen. However, it's the first of two steps to break the spell, and the second step involves all three of them. Before Nick drinks, Hank calls and says that he saw Renard going through Nick's desk drawer. Nick says that he's on his way and tells Hank to keep Renard there. Once he hangs up, he tells Rosalee and Eddie that he'll have to drink the potion later.

In his office, Renard uses ink to bring out the image on the key. He tucks it away in his desk and then goes out, and Hank asks to talk to him about Adalind. Renard tries to leave and Hank tries to stall him without success. The captain goes back to his apartment and gets a call from Juliette. She tells him that Nick knows he's involved. When Adalind asks if he has the key, Renard lies and claims that he didn't find the key. She warns him that his brother is impatient and there's a car waiting for her. Adalind thanks him for the previous night and walks out, and Renard takes the key out of his pocket.

Nick arrives at the station and confirms that the key is gone. He tells Hank what's going on and Hank tells his partner that Adalind was released. They head out and Nick tells Hank that it's between him and Renard, and tells Hank to find Adalind. As Nick gets in his car, he gets a call from Renard asking to talk.

That night, Nick drives out to the now-empty home of the Postman, the first Wesen killer that he encountered. Renard pulls up and explains that he chose the house for a reason. Nick punches him and knocks him down. Renard insists that they don't have to fight but Nick disagrees and continues his attack. The captain loses control and reveals his Wesen face, and explains that it was about the key, not Aunt Marie. Nick continues his assault but Renard holds him off and gives him the key back. He explains that even if one of them kills the other, it won't end. Renard warns Nick that if Adalind gets the key then they're both dead. Nick asks about Juliette and Renard says that he wants it to end. When Renard admits that he doesn't know how to prove his good intentions, Nick says that he knows a way.

Juliette answers the door and finds Nick and Renard there. They all go to the spice shop and Rosalee makes the purification potion again. Nick drinks it and starts gagging. As he collapses, Juliette goes to his side and insists that they do something.

At a hotel in Vienna, Adalind does a home pregnancy test and confirms that she's pregnant.