Natural Born Wesen - Recap

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So the animals debated how they might drive the robbers out, and at last settled on an idea.

Rosalee explains to the others that Nick's collapsing is part of the process. Juliette wants to call an ambulance but Eddie stops her, explaining that Nick is doing it for her. She demands an explanation and he tells her about hormonal eruptions, while Renard tells Rosalee that he didn't remember much of what happened to him when he went through the same thing. Nick comes out of it and turns back to his normal color, and asks for water. Juliette figures that everything is okay, but Rosalee tells her and Renard that there is one more thing she has to do and leads them away.

Once the others are gone, Eddie pricks Nick's finger and takes some blood. Once he has it in a bottle, they take it to the other room and Juliette it adds it to the potion she's prepared. She offers Renard and Juliette the potion and they both swallow it down. Rosalee says that it should restore them to normal but they'll have to wait and see. Juliette insists on going home to wait alone. Once she leaves, Nick glares at Renard and irritably says that he's going to follow her and make sure she stays alone/

Juliette takes a taxi home while Nick parks down the street. She gets inside, sees that the floor has disappeared to reveal a great abyss, panics, and tries to get out, only to discover that the front door is sealed shut.

The next morning, Eddie goes to the bank to deposit money. Robbers break in and fire their guns into the ceiling to get everyone's attraction. They are apparently wearing masks but Eddie realizes that they are actually revealing their true Wesen faces. The robbers knock everyone to the floor and grab the cash. When one guard tries to sound the alarm, a female robber knocks him unconscious. The other robbers finish grabbing the money and they all run down the street, get into a truck, and drive off.

Nick meets Hank and shows him the stolen key and the impression it makes. He explains that there are six more keys and when the map they form is put together, it will reveal the item hidden in the 12th century. Nick also explains that Renard is one of the Royals and a partial Hexenbeist. He puts the key on a chain around his neck and tells Hank that he's trying to give Juliette some space.

At home, Juliette finally gets up and runs to the stairs, only to discover that the upstairs floor has disappeared.

Hank and Nick get the call on the bank robbery as Franco takes statements. Eddie calls the detectives over and tells them that the Skalengeck and two Blutbaden were deliberately using their real faces and broke the Gesetzbuch Ehrenkodex. He explains that it's the Wesen code of honor that they have to protect themselves from the human world, and tells Nick that there's something about it in his trailer.

They go to the trailer and find a reference to the meeting 400 years ago. The Wesen set guidelines to protect their community and prohibits the revealing of their true faces to humans. Eddie warns that it could happen just like it did before during the witch hunt, and warns that the Wesen will freak when they learn what happened. He leaves to start asking questions in the Wesen community while Nick and Hank check to see if the robbers have struck before.

At the house, Juliette stands on the edge of the pit and her cell phone rings. When she tries to answer it, she drops it and it falls into the depths.

Back at the station, Nick and Hank check surveillance cameras showing the robbers' escape route. Wu has found info on two other robberies involving the same "animal masks." Renard calls Nick into his office and Nick demands to know what his feelings are for Juliette. The captain says that he isn't feeling as strongly toward Juliette and then tells Nick that they have to work together. Nick assures him that he isn't going anywhere and Renard explains that he's worked behind the scenes to protect him. He wants to overcome their differences and work together, making history. If not, they'll both be destroyed. Nick informs Renard that he's told Hank everything, and the captain admits that he trust Nick more than he trusts his family so he didn't give his brother the key. Renard says that they're done for now, and Nick takes a call from Eddie. The Blutbad has tracked the robbers to a bar, the Junkyard Dog.

Juliette watches as small flickering lights fly out of the abyss.

That night, Hank and Nick meet Eddie outside the bar. They're ready to go in but Eddie warns that only Wesen are allowed. He asks them to give him ten minutes inside and assures the detectives that he can handle things. They reluctantly agree and Eddie goes to the door and flashes his true face to the bouncer. The man lets him in and Eddie immediately starts asking customers about the bank robbery. None of them want to talk. The robbers are shooting pool and take an interest in Eddie, and one of them, Cole Pritchard, recognizes him from the bank.

Eddie is talking about the robbery with a drunken woman when the robbers come over. Cole reveals that he was there and demands to know what Eddie is doing asking questions. He claims that the police have interrogated him but he didn't say anything, and suggests that they might cut him in for a piece of the action. They throw him across the bar and he fights them off as best he can, while the third robber, Gus Campbell, slips out the back. The other customers run out and Hank and Nick run in to break it up. They grab everyone, including Eddie, and demand IDs. The woman, Krystal Fletcher, claims that Eddie molested her, but Cole speaks up and says that she won't press charges. Krystal tries to flirt with Nick, who tells her to go home. He then heads for the shop to meet with Eddie.

Juliette cowers in a corner as the lights continue to shoot out of the abyss.

At the shop, Eddie warns Rosalee that more Wesen could get ideas and endanger them all. Rosalee points out that her brother fought for the community. Nick and Hank arrive and confirm the identity of two of the robbers, and Eddie points out that there was a third one who slipped out. Eddie wants them that Nick may have to act as a Grimm rather as a cop, but Nick insists that they have to deal with them as cops first. Once they leave, Rosalee realizes that Eddie didn't tell them about the Wesen Council. He admits that he didn't and hopes that it doesn't come to that.

Cole and Krystal Fletcher meet Gus at Gus' house. They share beers and Cole boasts that no one can touch them. Gus has photos he took at the next bank that they're going to hit, but says that they have to work things out. Cole and Krystal ignore him and go to bed.

The next morning, Hank and Nick go to Cole's listed address, an abandoned chemical factory. They break in and discover the floor is covered in old chemicals, and then see someone moving in the shadows. The detectives give chase and finally tackle the man, who insists that he lives there alone except for the "monsters." He explains that Gus threatened to kill him and runs off, and they figure that Gus is the third man in the robberies.

At home, Juliette hears her cell phone ringing from the pit. Bracing herself, she steps to the edge and the boards reassemble themselves beneath her feet. The cell phone appears and she answers it. It's Nick, who is asking if everything is okay. Juliette lies and says that she's doing fine, and thanks him for his concern. Once he hangs up, Juliette sighs in relief.

The next day, the three robbers hit the next bank. They run out and the guards give chase, and Cole guns down a bank guard and a passing pedestrian.

Eddie makes a special breakfast for Nick for his first full morning there, but Nick gives it a pass. The Blutbad reluctantly brings up the Wesen Council and explains that it's the council of justice for Wesen. He warns Nick that they enforce very strict penalties. Nick gets a call about another robbery and takes off. As he goes, Eddie gets a call from Rosalee and she gives him some shocking news.

The robbers drive to the abandoned factory, running in past the old man. He cowers in fear when Cole threatens to cut his tongue out.

Nick and Hank arrive at the bank and Wu tells them what happened, including the two shootings.

The three robbers go over their stolen money, but Gus complains that Cole shot two people. Cole tells him to get over it and Gus shoves him, and Krystal breaks up the pending fight.

Eddie arrives at the shop where many of the Wesen have arrived to complain to Rosalee. They insist that they need to handle it themselves and point out that Rosalee's brother Freddy would have handled it if he were still alive. Rosalee assures him that she can take care of it and asks them to trust her like they would have trusted her brother. Once the Wesen leave, Rosalee tells Eddie that she needs his help.

Nick and Hank meet with Renard, who informs them that there was another independent robbery by a different Wesen. Hank confirms that he knows what's going on and they start working together to put a lid on the situation before they have a riot.

At the shop, Rosalee tells Eddie that she remembers how her family panicked when something similar happened. After a week, her father told her that it was over. She has Eddie get a trunk out and opens it, and explains that her father told her brother something when he turned 18. Freddy eventually told her that their family had an uneasy alliance with the Council, and he took over from his father. He made Rosalee promise to take over for him if he ever died. Rosalee finds a letter in the trunk and shows it to Eddie. It was sent to him by Freddy's contact in Amsterdam, De Groot, and Rosalee calls, telling Eddie that it's her responsibility.

In Amsterdam, De Groot gets the call from Rosalee. She introduces herself and her family and reports a violation of the Code. De Groot takes down the pertinent information.

At the station, Renard emails the photos of Cole and Krystal to De Groot. Meanwhile, Hank identifies Gus, Cole's former cell mate, and gets an address. Nick and Hank head out to confront them.

Cole and Krystal are at Gus' house watching Youtube video of the robbery. Gus comes in and warns them that they have to lie low, but Cole insists that they have to show Wesen everywhere that they don't have to hide. Cole boasts that they have real power and they're going to keep up the robberies. Gus tells his partners that he's taking his share and walking away, and Cole attacks him. Krystal tries to stop her boyfriend but then says that he can't have all the fun and rips Gus' throat out.

Later, Hank, Wu, and Nick break into Gus' house and find his corpse on the floor. They find chemicals on his boots that match what they saw at the industry and head out there while Wu calls in the murder.

In Amsterdam, De Groot calls in an operative and tells him to deal with the situation in Portland.

Nick and Hank go back to the factory and spot lights. They move in, unaware that Cole has seen them. He opens fire and the partners take cover. The officers return fire until the robbers run out of fire. They move in and take out Cole and Krystal. When Cole realizes that Nick is a Grimm, he insists that Nick has to arrest him. They boast that Nick can't prove they were in the bank and the officers haul them in.

At the station, Renard calls a press conference. As Hank and Nick lead the Wesen in, Cole boasts that they're just the start and there's nothing Nick can do about it. A man emerges from the crowd, shoots both Wesen, and surrenders.

Later, De Groot's operative tells his superior that they hired a local man to dispose of the Blutbads. De Groot shreds the photos of the two robbers.

Juliette is sleeping when she gets a call from an unknown caller. She answers it and hears a strange droning noise. The electricity sizzles over the phone and Juliette looks down to see that the floor has disappeared beneath her bed. As she cowers back, she hears a voice saying that it just wants her to know the truth.