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Mr. Sandman - Recap

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"Now we've got eyes--eyes—a beautiful pair of children's eyes," he whispered.

A man, Andre, parks in front of a church and then takes some pills. He goes in to where a group is meeting to share their grief and a woman, Molly Fisk, talks about the death of her brother. The councilor then turns to Andre and asks if he'd like to share. Andre talks about losing a wife to bone cancer and how he's coped with the loss. Afterward, Molly talks to Andre, who explains that he came to the U.S. from South Africa for a job. He claims that his wife was easy to talk to, like Molly, and she admits that she feels the same about Andre. As Molly prepares to go home, Andre offers her a ride and she accepts.

At home, Juliette is in the kitchen and hears something in the house. She goes to the living room and sees a strange ghostlike apparition appear and then disappear.

When Andre takes Molly home, he encourages her to talk more about her brother. When she refuses, he breathes a red venom into her face. He then transfoms into a fly-like Wesen, and laps at her tears. Once he's done, he leaves and Molly, blind, knocks a heavy bookcase over on herself and is crushed to death.

Hank and Nick have dinner with Eddie and Rosalee, and tell him about Renard being one of the Royals. Eddie points out that Renard is a half-blood and his family wouldn't trust him. They figure Renard wants the key for leverage, but he also wants Nick on his side to help him against his family.

The next morning, Nick and Hank are called to Molly's apartment when the landlord finds her body. They notice the two set s of cups and find her appointment book saying she was at a grief support meeting. Nick notices that her eyes are red and flag it for the ME. The detectives head to the church and talk to the councilor, who explains that Molly was talking with a new member, Andre. The man doesn't have Andre's last name but says that he had an accent. Nick gets a call from the ME and takes off with Hank.

In Vienna, Frau Pech comes to see Adalind. She knew Catherine and offers Adalind her condolences, and also knows that Grimm took Adalind's powers. Frau Pech, a Hexenbiest, briefly reveals her true face and sense that Adalind is pregnant, and Adalind explains that the child belongs to either Renard or his half-brother. She asks Frau Pech for help and the old woman says that it would be her honor.

Andre pulls up to another church and clutches at his head in pain. He then goes inside to the grief support meeting.

At the morgue, Dr. Harper tells Hank and Nick that Molly's windpipe was crushed. She also tells them that Molly was recently blinded by a sandlike substance. Under magnification, the "sand" is revealed as a parasitic disease found in Africa. The disease is usually transferred by the bite of a fly, but Harper tells them that it was caused by direct contact. It also looks like the parasites came to life when they made contact.

Andre goes home with his newest victim, Kelly, and blinds her, and then feeds on her tears. He's interrupted when Kelly's sister Casey arrives. Andre drops Kelly, who cries out to Casey. Casey catches a glimpse of Andre through the window and keeps knocking, and Kelly grabs his leg when he tries to leave. By the time Casey comes in, Andre has made his escape. She just catches a glimpse of Andre's car as he drives away.

At the station, Nick is checking on Molly's background and confirms that she was never in Africa. Hank has checked with a doctor and made sure that the disease isn't found in the U.S., and gotten a sketch of Andre from the grief counselor. The detectives get a call on Kelly and leave off.

Juliette come to see Rosalee and asks if there are any side effects. She explains that she's seeing something out of the corner of her eyes and assumes it's related to the cure Rosalee created. Rosalee offers to come over and Juliette accepts, saying that she doesn't want to be alone.

Nick and Hank talk to Casey, who explains that they're mother died two weeks ago. She can't confirm it was Andre from the sketch but she does describe his red-and-white '59 Cadillac that he was driving. Casey also confirms that Kelly was at a grief support meeting before she came home. As she goes to the hospital to check on her sister, Wu shows them how Kelly brought Andre in for coffee, but wonders why he blinded his victims. As the sergeant puts out an APB on the Cadillac, Hank and Nick go to the hospital to confirm that Kelly has the same disease as Molly.

Juliette brings Rosalee home and describes her hallucinations about the black void and the voice saying, "I just want you to know the truth." She shows Rosalee where the figure appeared and then asks her what kind of spice shop she runs. Rosalee talks vaguely about how she provides traditional herbal treatments, and Juliette stops her when she hears something. She looks around and sees the same ghostlike figure where it was earlier. It runs up the stairs and Juliette runs after it upstairs into the bedroom. It fades away just as Rosalee comes in, and she tells Juliette that she didn't see anything. Shocked, Juliette sits down and worries that she's losing her mind, and Rosalee assures her that she isn't.

That night, Renard wakes up in the middle of the night and sees Juliette in bed with him. She tells him that he wanted her there but Renard insists that she has to leave. Juliette says that she's trying and then tells him to kiss her like he did before as she morphs into a Hexenbiest.

The next morning, Nick and Eddie go to the trailer and go through the records to find a lead on Andre. Hank arrives late and they show him an entry on a Jinnamuru Xantee, a fly-like Wesen that preyed on villagers by blinding the innocent and feeding on their tears. Eddie figures that people in grief are the perfect victims for the Jinnamuru Xantee. The Grimm who killed the creature decapitated it and found its brain filled with red worms, and reports that the Wesen revisits its victims' families when they suffer from the grief of the loss it caused.

Harper calls Nick and tells him that Kelly has the same disease and the worms are still alive... and getting bigger. Hank and Nick go to see Kelly and Casey tells them that her sister is sleeping. Kelly did say that her attacker's name is Andre and he claimed to have lost his wife in an accident. Kelly wakes up, screaming in pain, and Casey goes to get a doctor. Nick and Hank go in and watch as Kelly rips off the bandages, revealing her bloody eyes. Meanwhile, Hank gets a call from Wu saying that they have found Andre's Cadillac outside a high school.

When the detectives arrive, Wu confirms that no one has come back to the car. There's a grief supporting meeting at the school and it breaks up just as Hank and Nick get there. They spot Andre and recognize him from the sketch, and he runs back into the school. Nick and Hank go after him and Nick chases him into a classroom. The detective orders him down and moves in, and Andre spins around and breathes into his eyes. As the Jinnamuru Xantee breaks the window and escape, Hank and Wu arrive and Nick tells Hank to call Eddie. Meanwhile, Andre yanks a driver out of his truck and steals it.

At the shop, Rosalee reads up on the Jinnamuru Xantee and confirms that the parasites have barbs that make it impossible to wash them out. As she tries to find something, she tells Eddie about Juliette's hallucinations. Hank gets Nick there and Rosalee has him keep his eyes open since light slows down the worms' growth. Nick is able to identify Rosalee from her footsteps, and she sets up a lamp to shine into his eyes. As he waits, he hears Hank whispering to Eddie about how Kelly's eyes have been entirely eaten away.

Rosalee finds something and calls Hank and Eddie into the other room. Nick can still hear her as she talks about how they can cure Nick by pulling out the eye of the Jinnamuru Xantee. It has antibodies that keep the worms from blinding it, and she shows them a picture of how to do it using a spoon. Rosalee warns them that they have to do it when it's in its Wesen form. Nick, overhearing them, asks how long he has and Rosalee tells them that they only have three to four hours. Hank calls Wu as he talks to the driver and says that they have to find Andre.

Casey goes home and starts cleaning up. She finds a photo of her mother and starts crying, and Andre watches her from the stairway and transforms into his Jinnamuru Xantee form.

At the shop, Nick's hearing continues to improve, letting him everything in the shop. Wu calls to tell Hank that they found the abandoned truck at an address near Casey's house. He reminds his partner about how the Jinnamuru Xantee revisits its victims' families and insists on going after the Wesen. Rosalee agrees, saying that they all have to go so they can make a salve from the Jinnamuru Xantee's eyes and apply it as quickly as possible.

Casey hears something moving in the house and Andre grabs her. She covers her eyes as he tries to breathe into them and then shoves him aside.

Hank and the others pulls up outside and Hank tells his partner to stay in the car with Rosale. He and Eddie circle around to come in from both doors.

Casey continues to fight Andre off and Nick hears her. Meanwhile, Andre runs when Hank knocks at the door. Casey yells for him and he breaks in and goes to her. Once he makes sure that he's okay, Hank goes after Andre. Meanwhile, Nick insists on going in and Rosalee guides him.

Hank finds Eddie in the back and they try to figure out where Andre went.

Using his heightened hearing, Nick follows a buzzing noise upstairs and goes upstairs to the attic door. He sends Rosalee to get Hank and she runs downstairs, only to find Casey holding a knife. Rosalee assures her that she's with the police and Casey lets her go to get Nick.

Nick makes his way into the attic and hears Andre as the Wesen comes at him. The Grimm manages to fight despite his blindness and pins the Jinnamuru Xantee. The others arrive and Eddie reluctantly digs out one eye. Rosalee mixes the slave and applies it to Nick's eyes, while the half-blinded Andre trips and falls down the stairs. Casey stabs him with a knife, killing him.

At home, Juliette is drinking coffee and reading when she sees the same ghostlike figure again. She demands to know what it wants and it solidifies... revealing that it's Nick. After a moment it fades away.

The next day, Nick is practicing blind-fighting in the woods. After Eddie finishes tossing cantaloupes at him, he congratulates Nick and figures that his brief blindness may have done him some good.