Nameless - Recap

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Then he seized his left foot with both hands in such a fury that he split in two.

At a launch party for a new computer game, owner Dominick Spinner calls up Jenna Marshall, Vicky Edwards, Rashid Raju, and Brody Crawford to congratulate them on how much money the game, Black Forest 2, will make. Jenna accepts his thanks on behalf of her team. Meanwhile, upstairs a figure with long sharp nails slips into an office and acid drips from them. Brody Crawford and Jenna slip in for sex and Jenna hears someone moving. She has second thoughts and leaves, and Brody goes to confront the intruder, assuming it's one of his co-workers. Jenna hears Brody make a noise and goes back to see what he's doing, and discovers that someone has torn Brody in half.

Renard receives an anonymous call and then uses a second phone to call his spy in Vienna who wants a meeting in Seattle. He tells Renard that he'll be in Portland the next day... unaware that someone is watching him.

Juliet comes home and looks nervously around, and then calls out to any spirits to talk if they want to talk. She gets no response.

Nick and Hank are called to the game company and Wu explains what happened. The body was cut and half and cauterized as if with acid, and someone has written "Play my game" on the wall in blood. They meet with Dominick and he explains about the launch. He insists that Brody didn't have any enemies and that his team developed special code to let the game work by allowing hundreds of players to "meet" in a single location. The code was a net platform standard that was worth millions, and all four team members had considerable stock options. Dominick admits that there was something going on between Jenna and Brody but he didn't care as long as they got their work done.

The detectives interview Jenna, who explains that Brody wanted to go somewhere private to celebrate and then how she found Brody. She doesn't know what the message means, and neither do Vicky and Rashid. Vicky admits that they were competitive but all wanted the game to succeed. She gets a call and Hank tells her to take it. The killer says "Play my game" and they realize that the call is coming from within the building, from Brody's office. Nick and Hank takes a team there but by the time they arrive, the killer is gone. Brody's ID, cut in half, is on the table along with the title page from three stories. The words What's, My, and Name are written on each one of the three pages.

Back at the station, Wu brings up the security for Renard, Hank, and Nick, and confirms that all the cameras were remotely shut down 22 minutes before Brody was killed. They figure that their killer is a technological genius, but have no idea what murder weapon was used. Wu admits that he's a gamer and has read all three books, and suggests there's a connection between them and the computer game. Once Wu leaves, Hank suggest that it might be a Wesen but Nick and Renard aren't so sure.

Nick goes home to where he's staying with Eddie and describes the case, and the Blutbad admits he hasn't heard of a Wesen that rips its victims in half using acid. As they talk, Eddie asks about Juliette and notes that Nick appears to be handling their separation pretty well. Nick figures that he doesn't have a choice and Eddie assures him that he can stay as long as he likes. As Eddie goes to bed, Nick gets a call from Dominick, who says that there was another guy, Ridley Cooper, who was going out with Jenna before Brody. The owner suggests that the break-up might not have gone well and gives Nick the man's address.

The killer is in his lair working out a Sudoku puzzle at speed.

Juliette is trying to sleep and sees a glowing feature at the foot of her bed. She gets up to confront it and discovers that it looks like Nick, who appears soaked to the skin and is saying something incomprehensible. When she reaches for it, it fades away.

The next day, Hank and Nick go to see Ridley, who lives with his sister Debra. He lets them in and they confirm that they were testing video games during Brody's murder, and they couldn't have left without losing. Ridley invites them to call the company and confirm they were online through the voice recordings. He admits that he knows Brody and that they played missions in Black Forest together. Ridley is shocked when Nick tells him that Brody is dead, and the brother and sister explain that Brody's game avatar was cut in half at 6 p.m., three hours before he died. They admit that they thought was poetic justice but Ridley insists that he wouldn't have killed Brody in real life. He brings up the files and shows that the killer was someone using the ID "Nameless," the best player in the game. The Coopers warn Hank and Nick that there's no way to find Nameless' real identity.

Back at the station, Wu tells Hank and Nick that all three authors used pseudonyms to write their stories. Nick figures that they need to stake out Nameless in the video game and find out the next person he kills.

Eddie goes to the shop and gives Rosalee a clock as a gift. As they kiss, Juliette comes in and tells Rosalee that she's seeing Nick in her visions, and Eddie remembers that Nick was wet the night that Juliette slipped into a coma. She figures that that they're both keeping something from her, and asks them to come to her house to stand guard. Guilty, Rosalee agrees and Eddie reluctantly gives in.

Renard receives a call from his spy, who says that he's there and will text when he's ready to meet.

Hank and Nick meet with Spinner and ask if he can get an IP address from the computer that Nameless is playing. He tracks the IP and they watch as Nameless cuts another player, "Miller's Daughter," in half. Spinner confirms that is Vicky's avatar. Nick calls her and tells her to lock the doors and wait for them to get there. Vicky locks the doors but discovers that a window is open. As she closes it, she sees a grotesque reflection in the window.

Jenna is in her office when she receives a call from Vicky's phone. When she answers it, the killer asks her what his name is and tells her that Vicky is dying to give her the next clue.

When Hank and Nick arrive, Wu is already there and confirms that they can't get in. Jenna calls to inform them that the killer is in the house and the team breaks down the door. They find Vicky inside, cut and half, and Nick has Wu sends officers to bring in Rashid and Jenna. The killer has penned a partially-completed Sudoku puzzle on the kitchen table, with seven highlighted squares, and written the words "Guess my name" on the wall. When they wonder what to do, Wu says that he has an idea.

Eddie and Rosalee come over to Juliette's house and have supper. Juliette wonders how Rosalee met Nick and she explains that Nick was the one who investigated her brother's murder. As they talk, Juliette has another vision of a ghostly Nick, but Eddie and Rosalee can't see it. Juliette goes over and sees that the ghost-Nick is looking through a book for something. The vision fades away again as she tries to touch it.

At the station, Wu completes the Sudoku puzzle, revealing the highlighted numbers 3121915. Nick and Hank figure that it's a time and ask Jenna if March 12 at 1915 hours, military time. She doesn't remember any particular significance. Meanwhile, Wu is at her desk going over the title pages and finally realizes what they mean. He goes to Renard's office and tells them that they are all nom de plumes. Jenna remembers that an IT guy invited her out on a date to a restaurant called Nom De Plume. Her computer broke down during a deadline and the IT guy agreed to help her if she would go with him, but she stood him up. Jenna doesn't remember his name except that it was something weird that began with a T. Wu suggests that the IT man helped Jenna wrote the code, and Jenna reluctantly admits that he helped her with the code. She passed out and when she woke up, the code was done and the IT guy was done. Renard tells Jenna that they're going to put her in a safe house.

Juliette tells Rosalee and Eddie what she saw and that the book had writing and a creepy drawing. Eddie figures that it's a book from the trailer, but then hesitantly reverses himself when he remembers that Juliette isn't supposed to know about the significance of it. Juliette starts to remember that she was there the night that she went into the coma, and realizes that Eddie doesn't want to tell her anything about the trailer. Rosalee encourages him to take them there and Juliette begs him to take her there and warns that she will leave Nick if she can't remember what's happened that night.

Renard sends a text message to his spy to meet him at a café at 8 p.m. The man who followed the spy from Vienna intercepts the transmission and drives to the café.

Nick and Hank report back to Renard, informing him that they've been able to get a name or address on the IT guy, who has electronically hidden all traces of his identity. The detectives go to the trailer and find a journal entry on a Fuchstefelwild, which secretes acid to kill its victims. It has dozens of names, which are made up of the same series of letters in different combinations.

Back at the station, Nick and Hank show Wu the names and he runs it through an anagram software program. They have Spinner give them access to the game server, and finally locate a match to a player, Trinket Lipslums. Nick says that they need to get into the game and Spinner agrees to help them.

Jenna is playing the game at home when Nameless contacts her. He reminds her that they had a deal that she failed to keep, but Jenna says his real name. She then attacks his avatar and triumphantly cuts it in half. Furious, the Fuchstefelwild tears apart his basement workshop and then returns to his computers and pinpoints Jenna's address.

Renard goes to the café and meets with his spy. He explains that someone is taking his place in Venice to cover his absence, and tells Renard that his brother Eric is planning a takeover in Guangzhou. Eric and the other families are attempting to dissolve the union and take power through any means necessary if their legal means fail. The spy gives Renard a flash drive with the names of the participants, and warns Renard that no one in their organization trusts Meisner, who is running the Resistance. Renard insists that they need Meisner to stop the families from eliminating the democracy. As they talk, Renard spots the family's agent leaving a briefcase behind. He grabs the case and throws it outside just before it detonates. As everyone flees, the assassin prepares to shoot them but Renard kills him first and flashes his badge to get everyone to stay back. He then checks the killer's ID and confirms he came from Vienna.

Jenna logs off her computer and goes to her room. and the Fuchstefelwild cuts through the door and lets himself in. He slips through the house and opens Jenna's door... and discovers that Nick and an undercover woman disguised as Jenna are waiting for him. The Fuchstefelwild runs for it, climbing out the fire escape and up to the roof. Wu goes up after him but the Fuchstefelwild cuts through the ladder's supports. Nick and Hank catch up to the Wesen on the work and tell him that they know he's a Fuchstefelwild. He insists that he can't lose and leaps off the rooftop to his death.

Renard returns to the station and accesses the flash drive on his laptop. After typing in the password, he confirms the names of all the Family members.

Nick returns to Eddie's home and finds the Blutbad waiting for him. Eddie explains that Juliette remembers seeing him at the trailer and wants Eddie to take him there when he mentioned it by accident. When Nick tells him not to help, Eddie warns that Juliette threatened to leave Portland for good if he didn't help her.