One Angry Fuchsbau - Recap

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He sang a sweet song in tones so full and soft that no human ear could resist them, nor fathom their origin...

Six months ago, a chauffeur hears a fight from inside the manor. Inside, a man chases his wife through the house, furious that she has disobeyed him. The wife clutches at him, tearing his shirt, and the husband transforms into a leonine Lowen while she becomes a mouse-like Mauzhertz. He throws her out the window and she falls to her death below, and the chauffeur calls 911 while the maid looks on in horror.

Now, Nick comes down for breakfast and tells Eddie that he should take her to the trailer. However, Nick doesn't want to be involved because it went badly when he took her there the first time. Eddie wonders what he should do if Juliette remembers everything but Nick begs him to help and the Blutbad reluctantly agrees to help.

At the city courthouse, DA Lauren Castro informs the jury, including Rosalee, that they will prove that Donald Nidaria murdered his wife Katherine. The defense attorney, Barry Kellogg, then addresses the jury, claiming that Katherine committed suicide after a long bout with mental illness. As he speaks, he gives off a glowing golden aura and the jury nods in agreement.

Eddie calls Juliette and agrees to take her to Marie's trailer. She agrees and Eddie insists on taking her immediately, and informs her that he's standing on her front porch. Juliette opens the door and hugs him, surprised that he agreed to do it, and then leaves with him before anyone can change their minds.

When they arrive at the junkyard, Juliette remembers being there but admits that she doesn't remember Nick being there. They go inside and Juliette remembers Nick going through one of Marie's books. Eddie stutters through an explanation about Marie's interest in fairy tales while Juliette finds the weapon cabinet. The Blutbad tries to get her out but Juliette insists on looking around., and starts to remember Nick describing the Wesen and the various poisons. She stumbles outside, overwhelmed by the memories, and tells Eddie that she saw Nick everywhere, and asks him to take her home.

When Eddie returns to the shop, Rosalee tells him that she doesn't want to go out that night. She explains that when she attended jury duty, she started to feel mad at herself. Rosalee explains that she started feeling one way about the case but then changed her mind. She started getting sick but once she left, she felt better. Eddie offers to close up the shop for her and drive her to court the next day, and Rosalee thanks him for his concern.

Nick is eating and receives an email from his mom when Eddie returns home. She apologizes for being away for so long and wishes him well, and says she plans to spend the money wisely. Nick explains that the last sentence is code for the coins. Eddie tells Nick about the visit to the trailer and what Juliette remembered, and suggests that they just stay out of the way rather than push it.

At home, Juliette tries to sleep and hears the words of the Spanish woman, Pilar, when they talked what she was going through. She has more dreams of Nick talking to her and bolts upright.

The next day, Vera Montgomery, the maid, testifies that she saw Donald throw Jennifer of the balcony. Eddie is in the spectator's gallery and watches with the others. Kellogg questions her and points out that Donald testified that he tried to stop Jennifer from killing herself. The defense attorney uses the same ability as before and Vera reverses her testimony, agreeing with Donald's testimony. Castro objects and the judge lets the answer stand, but warns Kellogg to avoid leading the witness.

The judge declares a lunch recess and Rosalee glances over at Eddie. Getting the signal, he follows Kellogg out to the restroom. When Eddie goes inside, he sees Kellogg in a stall and realizes that he's eating toads, and realizes that the lawyer is a Ziegevolk. When Kellogg comes out, Eddie hastily starts washing his hands and the lawyer walks out past him.

Renard briefs Hank and Nick on the identity of the would-be killer and explains that the man was traveling under an alias and posing as a terrorist. The man's real name was Agustain Katt and he worked with the Verrat. Renard figure that Katt's bomb was intended for either him or his spy, and tells them that for the time being they'll let people continue thinking Katt was a terrorist. Eddie calls Nick and asks him to come to the courthouse and explains that Kellogg is tampering with witnesses.

When Nick and Hank get there, Eddie explains that Kellogg is a Ziegevolk. Nick explains about how Ziegevolks can influence people, and Eddie tells them that he was there because Rosalee is on the jury. They go in and listen as Castro questions Wu. Wu testifies that Donald expressed no remorse about Jennifer's death. When Kellogg questions the sergeant, he suggests that Donald might have been remorseful. Castro objects and the judge sustains the objections, and Kellogg asks Wu to describe it in his own words. This time Wu remembers that Donald was grief-stricken about his wife's death. Hank and Nick realize that something is wrong, just like Eddie said.

When Rosalee returns to the shop, she finds Nick, Hank, and Eddie waiting for her. They explain about Kellogg and Eddie figures that he's using a rare type of toad that supercharges his abilities. Hank asks Rosalee if she can make an antidote but even if she can, they can't give it to the entire jury. Nick figures that they have to stop Kellogg for good and Rosalee warns them that closing arguments are the next day.

Juliette calls and invites Pilar over, and the woman says that she can sense something different about Juliette. She realizes that Juliette has lost her memories and explains that she is standing on the border between the worlds of light and dark.

The group goes through Rosalee's books and she finds a reference to a gland that the Ziegevolks have that let them release pheromones through their sweat glands. She suggests that they create a potion that will block the gland, but warns them that they need one specific ingredient: Kellogg's sweat. Nick says that they'll find the attorney and they'll make him sweat.

Kellogg is at a club and discretely eats another toad. He easily picks up a woman, Olivia Sutton, convincing her to come back to his room with her, and she agrees. Eddie charges out of an alleyway in his Blutbad form and Kellogg runs for it. Nick and Hank pull up and tell Olivia to go inside. Meanwhile, Kellogg runs to a pickup truck and finds Bud waiting for him. Bud agrees to drive Kellogg away and they quickly leave as Eddie comes running up. Hank and Nick arrive and Eddie assures them that Kellogg is sweating.

As he drives away, Bud offers Kellogg a handkerchief to wipe off his sweat. The Eisbiber drops Kellogg off at his hotel and asks for his handkerchief back, claiming that his wife gave it to him as a birthday present. He hastily grabs it and drives to the shop. Rosalee uses the handkerchief to mix the gland-blocking potion. She tells them that once it's ready, they have to apply it to Kellogg's toad so it goes directly to his gland.

The next morning, Hank and Nick visit Kellogg at his hotel room and explain that they're there to follow up on the report that Olivia filed. While they distract him, Rosalee gives Eddie a syringe to inject into the toad. Since Kellogg could recognize Rosalee, Eddie has to go in. While Nick and Hank question Kellogg, who claims he was leading the attacker away, Eddie sneaks in and finds Kellogg's briefcase. There's a jar containing two toads and there's only one dose. He finally chooses one of toad and tries to inject it, but it jumps out of his hand. Eddie goes after it while Kellogg tells the detectives that he has a case and has to go. They see Eddie behind him and try to stall, while Eddie grabs the toad, takes it back to the bedroom, and injects it. He then puts the briefcase back and gets out just in in time. Eddie meets them outside and warns them that Kellogg had two toads, and he picked one.

At the courthouse, Kellogg gives his closing statement and releases his pheromones.

In Vienna, Eric summons Adalind to his study and asks for the key. She admits that she doesn't have it and Eric reminds her that he told her to warn Renard that they would reveal his real identity to Nick if he didn't cooperate. Adalind claims that she doesn't understand what motivates Renard, and volunteers to tell Nick the truth. Eric says that he plans to tell Nick himself and the notices something different about Adalind. He says that she has a glow and Adalind tries to pass it off, saying it's because she's with Eric.

Eddie, Hank, and Nick wait outside the courthouse and the jury soon reaches a verdict. They go inside and Rosalee passes the verdict to the judge. She reads it and then has Rosalee announce that the jury has found Donald guilty as charged. Donald demands to know what happened but Kellogg has no idea.

That night, everyone gathers at the shop to celebrate. As they share a toast, they hear someone come in. Eddie goes to greet the customer and discovers that it's Kellogg. The Ziegevolk explains that he's lost his abilities. When Rosalee comes out, Kellogg recognizes her and figures that she's responsible. He leaps at her and Eddie woges and throws him back. Nick and Hank come off and restrain Eddie, and Kellogg realizes that they were all in on it. As Nick hauls him away for assault, Hank points out that Kellogg won't be able to prove anything.

At the jail, Kellogg is locked in a cell and demands to talk to a lawyer. Donald is in the adjoining cell and tells him that lawyers aren't worth anything, and transforms into his Lowen form.

At home, Juliette continues to experience overlapping memories of Nick, including the time that they spent together.