Goodnight, Sweet Grimm - Recap

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And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.

At the Gregory Hotel, Eric is enjoying a meal with the Baron, who says that everything will be ready in 24 hours. He assures Eric that he has more than enough people. Eric asks for a demonstration and the Cracher-Mortel is glad to oblige. The Prince calls in one of his bodyguards, Lucas, and the Baron spits in his face, transforming him into one of his zombies.

At home, Juliette and Nick awkwardly get around to the topic of Nick being a Grimm. He admits that he was wanted to tell her but was afraid to push her into something she wasn't prepared for. Juliette points out that now she knows she hasn't lost her mind, and she's as prepared as Nick was when he first learned of his role as a Grimm. She assures Nick that she still loves him and wonders if it still matters, and Nick assures her that it does. Juliette comes over and kisses him.

The Baron performs a ceremony with a group of his zombies and then directs hem toward Portland.

In Rosaliengebirge, Austria, Frau Pech mixes a potion and takes out a small vial marked "doppelganger."

Monroe and Rosalee have supper at his place and they assume that things are going well with Nick and Juliette since he hasn't come home. They try to approach the topic of Rosalee staying over but Monroe drops it, but Rosalee kisses him and says that they can clean up in the morning.

Renard is at his office when he gets a call from his spy in the Castle. He sends him files of the three photos he found in Eric's desk. Two of them have passports without photographs with death certificates attached. One of them belongs to a Thomas Schirach, and Renard wonders what he's doing for Eric.

The next morning, Lucas boards a tourist elevator and attacks the people inside.

In Vienna, a waiter serves Adalind her meal and leaves her room. Outside, he tells Frau Pech that it's done and gives her the room key. Pech goes inside and confirms that Adalind is in a drugged slumber, and takes some of her blood.

The Baron's zombies go on a rampage through downtown Portland.

Nick and Juliette are enjoying breakfast when Renard calls to say he has something important to talk about and it has to be in person. Once he hangs up, Nick tells Juliette that they should take it easy and that he'll see her later.

The zombies continue attacking everyone they come across.

Nick meets Renard in his office and the captain explains that his brother Eric is in town. Renard doesn't trust him and explains that Eric's mother tried to kill Renard and his mother. The captain then shows Nick the files that his spy sent him, and warns the Grimm that one of them is working with Eric. He's worried about Schirach, whose file is empty except for paper to transfer a corpse. Eric calls Renard and Nick listens in as he invites Renard to dine with him at his suite that night at 8. Once Renard hangs up, Wu comes in and tells them that they've had dozens of 911 calls about rage-filled attacks. Renard sends Nick with Wu to deal with it.

Nick and Wu drive to a shop where two of the zombies threw someone out a window. The officers go inside and hear someone growling upstairs. When they split up to search the place, the female zombie, Lilly O'Hara, grabs Wu, trips him, and bites his leg. She runs off as Nick comes over, then doubles back, jumps at Nick, and falls two stories onto a car. Despite that, she gets up and it takes three officers to subdue her. The second zombie, Al the truck driver, attacks Nick, who takes him down and then turns when Hank comes in behind him. Nick tells Hank to bring his car around to the side so they can take Al to the apothecary, and the two of them drive off.

At the shop, Nick and Hank secure the zombie and tell Rosalee and Monroe about the Cracher-Mortel and the Baron. Rosalee has information on the pharmacology involved and confirms that there are several states. Dammerzustand is caused by the Cracher-Mortel and causes the illusion of death. The victims go through paralysis, a drugged-like state, an appearance of death, and finally violent behavior. The treatment is only effective in the final state, and they have to give them three simultaneous shots that will stimulate the nervous system. Rosalee takes out her equipment and explains that the treatment is fast but it will take her a while to prepare the doses. Nick and Hank head back to the precinct while Monroe stays with Rosalee.

Back at the station, Nick discovers that Al was reported missing 24 hours ago. There have been other missing-persons reports and they figure that the Baron is responsible for all of them.

As Monroe and Rosalee work on the treatment, Al wakes up and goes berserk. Monroe tries to calm him down and finally punches him, and Rosalee gives Al the injection.

Al's boss comes in and tells the officers that the person who called had a weird accent. He plays back the recording, and on it the caller says his name is Baron Samedi and asks for a tow.

Pech removes the vial she prepared earlier and injects Adalind's blood into it. She then casts her spell and transforms her body into Adalind's and vice versa. The phone rings and Stefania unwittingly tells Pech/Adalind that she's come up with a way to deal with Pech. Smiling, Pech/Adalind says that she's looking forward to hearing how.

Hank tracks down the license plate of the car that the Baron called and discovers that it belonged to Mulpus. Wu informs them that they found the car at the docks and they head out to check it.

Renard arrives at the suite, but refuses to let Eric's bodyguard search him. When he threatens to leave, Eric comes in and says that it's okay. He ushers his brother into his suite and asks about the last time they met. Renard reminds Eric that his mother took him out of class and they left the country to stop Eric's mother from killing them. Eric says that it's the past and suggests that Renard could rejoin the family, but Renard tells him that he doesn't have the key. Eric asks him how it's like working with a Grimm and points out that Nick isn't very traditional. Renard assumes that the assassins that Nick killed were sent by Eric, and Eric says that Adalind mentioned that Renard needs more time to get it. He tells Renard that the Family will give Renard some time to get the keys, and that they want him back. When Renard wonders how Eric feels, Eric says that it's time for him to come home. Renard says that he'll think about it.

Nick, Hank, and Wu check out the car and find voodoo candles in the trunk. Nick tells Hank that the Baron is playing them, but can't put his finger on it. As they leave the nearby container yard, Hank tells Nick to have a good time at supper with Juliette while he gets his cast removed.

That night, Renard watches from across the street as Eric gets into his car and leaves.

At the shop, Al wakes up and Monroe and Rosalee confirm that he's back to normal.

Nick arrives home and he decides to tell Juliette exactly what happened. He apologizes, figuring that she doesn't want to hear it, but Juliette assures him that she wants to know. She tells him that it's his house as well as hers and that she can move back in anytime. Nick gets a call from Monroe, who tells him that Al is awake but doesn't remember anything. when Nick prepares to leave, Juliette says that she's going with him if it's Wesen-related. She begs him not to lock her out again and Nick agrees.

Pech/Adalind comes to see Stefania and the Gypsy queen explains that Pech will anticipate everything they might do. To succeed, they need her heart to restore Adalind's heart, and it must be cut out of her while she's alive. As Stefania's sons bring food, Stefania says that she'll tell Pech that she plans to betray Adalind to lure her there. Pech/Adalind asks for details and Stefania says that one of her sons will slip up behind her and strangle her. When Pech/Adalind wonders if it could work, Stefania grabs her hands and her son Miguel chokes her. She then grabs a knife and pulls out Pech's heart through her stomach. As she does, Pech and Adalind revert to their true appearances.

At the hotel, Adalind wakes up and notices Pech's clothing, and realizes what has happened and that Stefania will restore her powers.

At the apothecary, Monroe is surprised to see that Nick brought Juliette with him. They talk with Al and he remembers that the Baron was wearing a top hat and being locked in a big black room with other people like him. Al can't remember what he saw but he does remember a truck horn and a lot of green. Juliette wonders if he's a Wesen and Monroe whispers to her that Al is a normal guy. Nick remembers that some of the containers near the abandoned car were green, and figures the Baron is there. He tells Rosalee and Monroe to make more of the treatment, and Juliette volunteers to help. Nick tells them that one of the Cracher-Mortel started a revolution, and figures that he might be connected to Eric. He gives the key to Rosalee and asks her to hide it, and they go to work.

Nick and the others drive to the container yard, unaware that the Baron is watching them. He then opens one of the containers and releases the dozens of zombies inside. As they search the containers, Monroe and Rosalee hear zombies approaching. Juliette spots them and Nick and Monroe knock them out. The women administer the treatment but the Baron releases more of the zombies. Nick refuses to shoot innocent victims and they run for it. He gets separated from the others and Monroe assures Juliette that the Grimm can take care of himself.

The Baron laughs from atop a container and bows to Nick. The Grimm climbs up after him and chases him across the containers. The Cracher-Mortel finally turns and fights, drawing his sword cane, and they fall through a trapdoor into the container below. The Baron disappears into the shadows and Nick finds his voodoo altar. There's a coffin nearby and Nick opens it. Inside are the papers for Thomas Schirach... and the photo has Nick's face. The Baron emerges from the shadows and spits into Nick's face.

Monroe, Rosalee, and Juliette get to the truck. They wait for Nick as long as they can but the zombies surround them and start pounding on the windows.

Eric enters the cargo container and the Baron shows him the coffin... with a comatose Nick inside, with Schirach's papers on his chest.