The Ungrateful Dead - Recap

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But if I stand at the sick person's feet, he is mine.

15 Minutes Ago

Renard watches as his brother leaves the hotel and drives off.

At the container yard, Monroe, Rosalee, and Juliette get into Monroe's SUV. The mob of zombies surrounds them and Monroe finally is forced to drive off, abandoning Nick.

Meanwhile, Nick pursues the Baron and the two of them fight.

The zombies hang onto the SUV and Monroe keeps driving.

5 Minutes Ago

Nick finds the Baron's secret lair and the fake ID papers... with his photo on them. The Baron spits Datura on Nick, paralyzing him.

Renard follows his brother to the container yard.

Monroe speeds up and then brakes at the last second, throwing the remaining zombies off the car. More of the zombies run toward them, however.

Renard draws his gun and approaches the shipping container as Eric meets with the Baron and seals the comatose Nick inside of a coffin.


Monroe tries to drive out of the shipping yard but finds every route cut off. He finally makes a wrong turn and grounds the SUV, and the three of them have no choice but to climb atop the containers. The zombies continue pursuing them and Monroe realizes that they need help.

Renard sees the Baron supervising the loading of a coffin into a van. As the Wesen and his men drive away, a zombie attacks Renard, forcing him to drop his gun.

The zombies climb up onto the containers and Monroe, Juliette, and Rosalee do what they can to drive them back.

Another zombie attacks Renard and the two of them start choking him.

Hank arrives at the station and Sgt. Lee tells him that everything has been calm since they locked the zombies up at the jail infirmary. He says that Renard left a couple of hours ago. As Hank goes to work, Juliette calls and tells him that they're under attack by zombies and they don't know where Nick is. She loses her phone and Hank tells Lee to get all unit available to the container yard.

Monroe and the others manage to dispose of the first wave of zombies, but more keep climbing up.

Renard transforms into his half-Wesen form and uses his boosted strength to break free of his attackers.

Monroe transforms into a Blutbad and kicks off more of the zombies. Below, the police arrive and try to get the zombies rounded up. Juliette calls down, telling Hank that they've lost Nick.

Renard disposes of the last of his attackers and hears Nick's cellphone ring. It's a call from Hank and Renard informs him that Eric has Nick. Hank brings him up to speed on where he is and Renard heads over to join him.

The Baron and his men arrive at the airport and they load the coffin onto a private plane.

Renard arrives and tells the others that Eric is going to take Nick out of the country. They drive off to the airport and Renard explains en route that Nick is being shipped in a coffin. Renard figures that Nick is in the same death state and they'll transport him out of the country as a corpse. Rosalee warns that she's not sure how Nick will react to the Datura because he's a Grimm.

The Baron checks on Nick and tells him that he will soon be on his way to his new castle.

Hank calls the airport police while Rosalee checks to see how much antidote she has left.

As the Baron boards the jet, two officers pull up and inform him that the plane has been grounded. He approaches one of them while the other one boards the plane and finds the casket. He hears his partner scream and runs out, and finds the other officer on the ground. The Baron spits Datura into his face.

In Europe, Stefania removes Frau Pech's heart and performs the ritual to restore Adalind's powers, and then orders Adalind brought in.

Hank and the others arrive at the airfield just as the plane departs. Renard warns Juliette that the plane will be over international waters and off to Austria. Juliette slaps him, blaming his family, and Renard promises to do everything he can to keep Nick away from his brother. Lee calls Hank and informs him that they have the zombies locked up. Hank tells Rosalee to make more antidote, and Renard says that they'll check the flight plan. Rosalee says that it's too early to treat the two downed officers and they'll have to take them with them.

Aboard the jet, the Baron enjoys alcohol and a cigar, and hears a noise coming from the coffin. He watches with interest.

Adalind enters the gypsy's tent and Stefania tells her that the next part of the ritual involves Adalind removing Frau Pech's hands, eyes, and feet. The gypsy hands Adalind a knife and she goes to work.

The Baron approaches the coffin as Nick manages to smash his way out. The Wesen spits more Datura in his face, knocking him out, but Nick absorbs the toxin and keeps coming. When the pilot comes out to investigate, Nick attacks him and the plane goes out of control.

Adalind finishes her part of the ritual and Stefania tells her that now she must walk in the woods. She tells one of her sons to bring the keilhacke and escorts Adalind to a field of flowers as the sun rises. Stefania removes the lid from the box containing the heart and tosses it into the air. It hovers and then lands on the ground, and Stefania hands Adalind the keilhacke and tells her to dig there. Adalind reluctantly does so.

The jet heads for the forest below and the Baron orders Nick to obey him. Nick hesitates for a moment and then renews his attack, while the pilot yells that he can't control the plane. As they fight, the jet slams into the ground.

Back at the apothecary, Rosalee makes more antidote and realizes that they need a better way to administer it to as many victims as possible. Monroe wants to head to Austria and rescue Nick, warning that they can't trust Renard. Juliette agrees but Rosalee warns that they're dealing with the Royal Family and they wouldn’t have a chance. Monroe suggests that they call in a few of the people that Nick has helped for reinforcements. Meanwhile, Rosalee suggests that they transform the antidote into a gas and let the zombies breathe it. Juliette suggests that they put the gas in glass bottles and throw it, and let the victims inhale the antidote.

Renard returns to the station and calls his spy in Austria. He tells the spy that Eric has taken Nick and forced their hand, and tells the man to have Meisner deal with it. Renard tells the spy to stay near the family and look shocked. Hank comes in to inform Renard that the jet is heading for Vienna and Eric isn't aboard. Renard says that he'll take care of the jet once it gets to Vienna, assuring Hank that Eric will be dealt with. Hank points out that someone has to get Nick and storms out.

In the forest, the Baron lied dead among the wreckage. As the wounded co-pilot tries to crawl free, Nick steps over him and runs off into the forest.

At the container yard, the police get the last of the zombies into the container and lock it. Rosalee and the others arrive with the antidote and explain that they can administer the antidote as a gas. He grabs a nightstick and beats on the other end of the container, and Lee and Franco open the door so Rosalee can throw the bottles inside. The officers lock the door and they wait to see if the zombies quiet down.

At the station, Hank gets a call and goes to talk to Renard. Renard is telling someone to make sure that Eric dies in his car. Hank tells him that the jet went down near Mount Cedera.

Nick runs through the woods until he finds a road. A car drives toward Nick, who steps out onto the road and follows it to a nearby bar.

The zombies quiet down inside the container and then start talking in normal voices. Lee and his men open the doors and they discover that they've recovered. Hank calls Monroe and tells him and the others that Nick's jet went down and he's heading to the crash site with Renard. Juliette insists on meeting them there.

Nick staggers into the bar.

Hank and Renard arrive at the crash site and confirm that the Baron is dead and the pilot and copilot are alive but in bad condition. Renard confirms who the Baron is and Hank finds the fake ID that they were using for Nick. They find the coffin and realize that Nick could have walked away, and that he's probably infected. They put out the word to Dispatch to notify them of any 911 calls.

Nick goes into the bar is overwhelmed by the lights and sounds. The bartender notices him immediately and figures that he's on something, while a customer tries to push past Nick. Nick slams him to the ground and walks to the bar, taking out everyone in his path. The bartender calls 911 while his customers run. One customer goes for a knife but Nick easily knocks him out.

Juliette, Rosalee, and Monroe arrive at the crash site and Hank and Renard tell them that Nick survived the crash but is infected. They get a report on the bar fight and head there.

The bartender grabs a shotgun and peers up from behind the counter. He hesitantly steps out and Nick yanks the shotgun away from him. The bartender runs out and Nick studies himself in the mirror. After a moment he flies into a rage and shatters it.

Hank and the others pull up and the bartender warns them. Monroe and Rosalee can smell Nick, and Rosalee warns the others that the scent is different. Hank, Renard, and Monroe go inside and Monroe follows the scent out the back.

Adalind finishes digging and puts the body parts into the hole, and then the box holding Frau Pech's heart. Stefania tells her that she has to bury it herself. Once Adalind does so, Stefania tells her to stand up and says that they will soon see if she's been accepted. They wait until the flowers start dying in a circle radiating out from the hole. A mist drifts out of the ground and flows into Adalind, and Stefania tells he that she has been accepted... and tells her to gather all of the dead flowers.

The local police arrive at the bar and Renard has them cordon off the area and get ambulances there. Renard tells Juliette that Hank and Monroe are looking for Nick so they can stop him before he kills someone.

Monroe and Hank follow Nick's scent through the forest.

Nick comes to a house and sees two parents taking their two daughters in for the night.