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A creature derived from the wolf. They are savage and vicious, conduct wild hunting rituals, and operate either alone or in packs. They share a strong family bond with family members, mates, and their packmates. Like many Wesen, they possess superhuman strength, speed, and endurance, and are capable of running vast distances without sign of fatigue.
A creature of "dragon-like" lineage. They are able to release their body fat in the form of a fine spray and then ignite it using an organ that generates a small electrical spark, making them appear to be fire-breathers. They like collecting copper and lightning rods, presumably to prevent random electric charges from setting off their lipid spray. They have a strong sense of tradition and typically lurk in caves and other underground structures. When dying, a Daemonfeuer seeks to go out fighting rather than suffer an ignominious death.
This genus of Wesen is typically affable and friendly, and adverse to confrontation. They are related to beavers, and often gather in community lodges to make decisions. They are skilled with their hands and often work as repairmen.
A rare frog-like Wesen with a unique woging condition: it woges involuntarily when in the presence of someone who is sexually aroused. The Folterseele's human form is typically extremely attractive.

A Folterseele in Wesen form exudes a rare toxin that causes a fatal allergic reaction within seconds to anyone who touches it. Folterseele often deform themselves using knives and brands to avoid arousing anyone, woging uncontrollably, and then accidentally killing them.

It is not known how Folterseele reproduce, although presumably they only do so with each other under the assumption that they are immune to their own toxin.
Grimms are humans of several bloodlines that extend back to at least the beginning of the millennia. A Grimm has the genetic ability to "see" a Wesen when the creature woges uncontrollably. They also possess heightened strength, speed, and senses, and a talent for mastering weapons on short notice.

In the Wesen world, the Grimms act to protect humans against Wesen. They have allied with both the Royal Families and the Wesen Council. There is no one preferred method that Grimms have for dealing with Wesen. The method used depends on the personality of the individual Grimm. Nick Burkholdt takes a more laid-back approach, only killing when forced to. Some Grimms kill Wesen without mercy when they break human law. This gives Grimms a bad reputation in most Wesen circles.

Further hurting the Grimms' reputation, Wesen can see them for what they are when they are in their true form. A Wesen sees a Grimms' eyes as soulless black holes. A Grimm can wear sunglasses or otherwise shield their eyes to avoid detection.
A creature derived from any of a variety of spider genus. Their natures tend to reflect the particular type of spider they are based upon. The most infamous are the rare black widow Spinnetods, which are forced to regularly kill victims or age at an accelerated rate. Some varieties, including the black widow, pump digestive fluids into their victim's mouths and then suck out their organs.
Varme Tyv:
A reptilian Norwegian Wesen who is cold-blooded. during winter months, their systems slow down and they can only draw heat from each other or from human beings via bite. The process is lethal in the latter case, freezing the victim solid. If a Varme Tyv doesn't get heat in time, he will freeze solid instead.

During the winter months, Varme Tyv gather into isolated hibernaculums and fall asleep, sharing body heat to stay alive.
This term (pronounced "vessen") refers to "domestic" creatures that have chosen to live among humanity and pose as humans, covering up their supernatural natures. Any creature can be a Wesen, even Blutbads, but some are inherently too savage to pass.

A Wesen in human form is undetectable as a Wesen, even to each other and to a Grimm, unless they become woge to their true form. Their superhuman abilities, if any, are typically repressed while in human form.
"Woging" is the process used by a Wesen to change back and forth between their true Wesen form, and their human form. It typically requires either intense concentration, or extreme emotion. A Wesen who dies "locks" into their human form, woging as necessary if they are in their Wesen form.

There are two forms of woging. The first is when a Wesen undergoes the process during extreme emotion. However, his true nature remains unseen to all but Grimms. Grimms can see a Wesen woge, although they can't tell if they are a Wesen until they woge due to extreme emotion.

The second form is when a Wesen deliberately woges. This reveals their true form to anyone watching. However, the Wesen Council frowns on this since it risks exposure. A Wesen in his true form can mentally shock an unsuspecting human observer, giving them a combat advantage. It also gives them access to many of their special abilities which aren't available in their human form. A Folterseele, for instance, only exudes their toxic sweat in their Wesen form.

Some rare Wesen have unique woging conditions. A Folterseele, for instance, woges when he or she is exposed to someone who is sexually attracted to them.

A Wesen in his true form through either means of woging sees a Grimm's eyes as soulless black holes, allowing them to identify a Grimm for what he is.