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Grosse Pointe Episode Guide

1 :01x01 - Pilot

First aired: Sep/22/2000
Writer: Darren Star
Director: Andrew Fleming
Guest star: Joely Fisher (Hope Lustig), Martin Spanjers (Adam), Michael Hitchcock (Richard Towers/Ted Johnson), Nat Faxon (Kevin the P.A.), Michele Dalcin (Mary Johnson), Katie Fountain (Marilyn the Extra), Bonnie McFarlane (Katie Ellis), Lisa Mende (Pat Kemp), Michael Mitz (The Director), Nicole Nieth (Jessica), Jeb Armstrong (Ira)

Grosse Pointe, a hot show on the WB for three years, welcomes a new actor to the set - Courtney, who is straight from Tempe, Arizona in her first Hollywood role as the main characters' cousin from West Virginia. Courtney's arrival upsets Hunter, the main female star of the show who, despite playing "good girl" Becky, is experienced in manipulating people to get what she wants.

Marcy, an actress who plays Becky's best friend Kim, is Hunter's best friend; Marcy tries to be nice to the new girl, but Hunter plays on her insecurity to try to create problems for Courtney. Johnny, who plays Becky's brother Brad, is happy to see Courtney simply because she's hot. Dave, Johnny's best friend and stand-in on the show, is trying to break into the business as an actor. Quentin plays Stone, Becky's boyfriend, but he is significantly older than his teenage role. To cover up the fact that he's losing his hair, he wears a wig, which a sick child who's visiting set discovers and uses to blackmail him. Rob and Hope, the executive producers, just try to keep things running on set so their show goes smoothly.

2 :01x02 - Thieves Like Us

First aired: Sep/29/2000
Writer: Darren Star
Director: Andrew Fleming
Guest star: Joely Fisher (Hope Lustig), Michael Hitchcock (Richard Towers/Ted Johnson), Nat Faxon (Kevin), Jorge Luis Abreu (Jorge), Michele Dalcin (Mary Engel/Mary Johnson), Steve Kramer (The Director), Dwayne Macopson (Security Guard), Brian Howe (Photographer)

Hunter is caught shoplifting for the third time this year, and Rob and Hope make her realize that Courtney's arrival is an insurance policy against her activities becoming public, necessitating that the network fire her. She then tries to get Courtney fired instead and ropes Marcy into helping her do it. Meanwhile, Johnny is getting aroused in his scenes with Courtney, who is supposed to play his cousin. Dave gets kicked out of his apartment and asks Johnny for permission to crash in his trailer until he finds a new place to live.

3 :01x03 - Prelude to a Kiss

First aired: Oct/06/2000
Writer: Rob Lotterstein, Ellen Idelson
Director: Andrew Fleming
Guest star: Joely Fisher (Hope Lustig), Merrin Dungey (Joan Marks), Nat Faxon (Kevin), Jorge Luis Abreu (Jorge), Scottie Epstein (Pizza Guy), Steve Kramer (The Director), Tom McCleister (Paul/Crew Guy)

Marcy, trying to spend more time with Johnny, throws a big season premiere party for the cast and crew. Dave is in need of money so he asks several people for a loan. A new script calls for Laura, Courtney's character, and Stone, Quentin's character, to kiss, even though Stone is dating Becky, Hunter's character. Hunter is upset about the continued victim status of her character and fights to have the storyline changed.

4 :01x04 - Devil in a Blue Dress

First aired: Oct/13/2000
Writer: Darin Henry
Director: Jake Kasdan
Guest star: Joely Fisher (Hope Lustig), Joe E. Tata (Himself), Michael Hitchcock (Richard Towers/Ted Johnson), Nat Faxon (Kevin), Jorge Luis Abreu (Jorge), Michele Dalcin (Mary Engel/Mary Johnson), David Gautreaux (The Director), Lisa Mende (Pat Kemp)

Hunter auditions for the lead in Oliver Stone's new movie, Lewinsky, but the part would require her to gain weight. To show she's serious about the role, she decides to gain weight for the screen test. It turns out that Hunter is nice when she actually eats, but the network (and Rob and Hope, despite their misgivings about what message their work sends to young girls) isn't happy with a female star who isn't thin. Dave and Kevin find an easy way to make money when they sell the confidential Lewinsky script and various things from the Grosse Pointe show. Meanwhile, Quentin is the "younger face" for a fundraising walk for an organization dedicated to eradicating prostate cancer.

5 :01x05 - Halloween

First aired: Oct/20/2000
Writer: Amy Engelberg, Wendy Engelberg
Director: Jake Kasdan
Guest star: Joely Fisher (Hope Lustig), Gifted (Themselves), Derek Hamilton (Christian), Nat Faxon (Kevin), Rus Blackwell (Stunt Rigger), David Gautreaux (The Director), Barry H. Scadron (A.C.)

During filming of Grosse Pointe's Halloween episode that capitalizes on Buffy's success, Marcy hurts herself doing her own stunts. Once again ignored by Johnny, Marcy throws herself into a relationship with a singer from a band she meets at a bar, but when Hunter truthfully warns her that the musician hit on her, the friends have a falling out. Johnny throws Dave out of his trailer.

6 :01x06 - Mommie Dearest

First aired: Oct/27/2000
Writer: Will Gluck
Director: Peyton Reed
Guest star: Leslie Bibb (Herself), Carly Pope (Herself), Shareen J. Mitchell (Helena Sarkissian), Nat Faxon (Kevin), David Gautreaux (The Director), Robin Strasser (Lila Van Guilden)

Hunter convinces Rob (Hope has left the show) to give a small part to her recently sober mother, Helena, but Helena manages to convince Hunter to get her an even bigger role as the teacher who attempts to seduce Stone. Marcy is hosting the WB's beach party, which includes a volleyball game that matches Johnny and Courtney against Leslie Bibb and Carly Pope, of Popular.

7 :01x07 - Sleeping with the Enemy

First aired: Nov/05/2000
Writer: Ellen Idelson, Rob Lotterstein
Director: Peyton Reed
Guest star: Ted Danson (Jack the Dog), Ted Casablanca (Himself), Shareen J. Mitchell (Helena Sarkissian), Nat Faxon (Kevin), Michele Dalcin (Mary Engel/Mary Johnson), Bob Sattler (The Photographer), Barry H. Scadron (A.C.)

Johnny invites the cast to his movie premiere and asks Courtney to go as his date. Marcy is determined to break her streak of being featured as one of the "worst-dressed." Helena agrees to go with Quentin, which upsets Hunter.

8 :01x08 - Satisfaction

First aired: Nov/12/2000
Writer: Robin Schiff
Director: Andrew Fleming
Guest star: Merrin Dungey (Joan Marks), Lisa Edelstein (Shawn Shapiro), Michael Hitchcock (Richard Towers/Ted Johnson), Nat Faxon (Kevin), Shannon Cochran (Julie's mom), Kady Cole (Julie), Tory Kittles (Sound Guy), Barry H. Scadron (A.C.)

The networks send in a new executive producer, Shawn, who tries to take Grosse Pointe in a different direction. She comes up with a storyline where Kim has her first orgasm, which concerns Marcy, who fears acting that scene because she has never had an orgasm herself. Rob is upset with Shawn's ideas for the show, but Dave is happy because she may finally cast him in a part on the show.

9 :01x09 - Boys on the Side

First aired: Nov/19/2000
Writer: Darren Star
Director: Allison Anders
Guest star: Nat Faxon (Kevin), Ryan Scott Greene (Deegan), Lisa Amsterdam (Roberta), Thomas Dekker (Leslie Chupak), David Gautreaux (The Director), Barry H. Scadron (A.C.)

Courtney's boyfriend, Deegan, visits her, but turns off nearly all her cast mates with his condescending and dismissive behavior. Johnny is looking forward to having dinner with the winner of a teen magazine's essay contest to have a date with him until he finds out the winner is a young gay boy. With Rob not allowing Kevin to do personal errands for Hunter and Dave in need of money, Hunter hires Dave as her personal assistant.

10 :01x10 - Puppet Master

First aired: Nov/26/2000
Writer: Will Gluck
Director: Jim Fall
Guest star: Nat Faxon (Kevin), Bernard van Bilderbeek (Jonah), Julia Schultz (Melanie), Elisa Leonetti (Ursula), Jeniffer Brooke (Judy)

The director for this week's Grosse Pointe's episode is Hunter's ex. When she finds out he is directing the new Matt Damon movie, she tries to restart their relationship, but he ignores her in favor of Courtney. Dave tries to show Marcy that he has feelings for her by buying a gift. Quentin tries to cheer a recently dumped Rob by going out, but Quentin keeps getting all the attention from women.

11 :01x11 - Star Wars

First aired: Dec/17/2000
Writer: Darin Henry
Director: Allison Anders
Guest star: Michael Hitchcock (Richard Towers/Ted Johnson), Nat Faxon (Kevin), Hamilton von Watts (Brady Wagner), Judy Kain (Angie), Jonathan Del Arco (Greg), Ann Ryerson (The Director), Nina Cho (Jacqueline), George Takei (Japanese Ad Executive)

Quentin mocks Hunter after she passes gas during a scene and she retaliates by getting a restraining order against him. Courtney appears in a Japanese beer ad. Dave auditions for a potential love interest for Kim, but the more stereotypically hot guy who gets the part goes after Marcy for real.

12 :01x12 - Barenaked in America

First aired: Jan/07/2001
Writer: Robin Schiff, Will Gluck
Director: Dennis Erdman
Guest star: Michael Hitchcock (Richard Towers/Ted Johnson), Nat Faxon (Kevin), Judy Kain (Angie), Eric Fleeks (Rutherford), Margot Rose (The Director), Ray Proscia (Announcer)

Deegan, Courtney's ex-boyfriend, has sold racy photographs of her to a magazine, but despite how embarrassed Courtney is about the attention, it makes the show's ratings hit an all-time high. Marcy feels guilty about being given an award for portraying a cheerleader when she does not do any of the cheers, so she requests the opportunity to learn a routine. Dave writes out how he feels about Marcy, but Marcy and Hunter believe he has a crush on Hunter when they find his writing.

13 :01x13 - Secrets and Lies

First aired: Jan/14/2001
Writer: Darren Star
Director: Alan Myerson
Guest star: Nat Faxon (Kevin), Michael Hagerty (Eli Goldberg), Nina Cho (Jacqueline), Ann Ryerson (The Director), Barry H. Scadron (Assistant Cameraman)

Hunter and Dave are enjoying their secret fling, but Hunter's increasingly confusing moods are too much for Dave, who wants to end their relationship. Quentin wants a birthday party, but has trouble deciding what age he should pretend to be. Marcy starts to date a Jewish guy who inspires her to try to get more in touch with her heritage. Also, Courtney makes fun of Johnny when he mispronounces words in his line readings.

14 :01x14 - The End of the Affair

First aired: Feb/04/2001
Writer: Ellen Idelson, Rob Lotterstein
Director: Dennis Erdman
Guest star: Kristin Davis (Herself/Satin), Scott Thompson Baker (Dr. Martin), Eric Fleeks (Rutherford), Barry H. Scadron (Assistant Cameraman), David Starzyk (Ken)

Dave wants to end his now-public relationship with Hunter, but he is tempted to continue with it because she keeps giving him things, such as a new Porsche. Kristin Davis guests stars on Grosse Pointe as the madam at a brothel, and Rob tries to act on his long-time crush by going on a date with her. Johnny is required to cry on-camera over Kim being in a coma.

15 :01x15 - Opposite of Sex

First aired: Feb/11/2001
Writer: Will Gluck
Director: Jason Priestley
Guest star: Jason Priestley (Himself), Merrin Dungey (Joan Marks), Sam Rubin (Himself), Eric Fleeks (Rutherford), Mike Grief (Fat Man), Suzanne Kent (Nurse), Ed O'Ross (Officer Volpe), Justine Priestley (Woman), Margot Rose (The Director), Gordon Thomson (Dr. Evangelitis), Sami Reed (Prostitute)

After Quentin is caught with a prostitute, Rob orders him to attend Sex Obsessives Anonymous meetings, where he meets Jason Priestley, who agrees to sponsor him. The network sets up a call-in contest where viewers decide whether Kim, who is in a coma, lives or dies. This is obviously worrying to Marcy, who wants to keep her job. Johnny's brother has made a pinball machine based on Grosse Pointe and Johnny needs all the cast members to sign off on their image being used, but Hunter is the one holdout.

16 :01x16 - Passion Fish

First aired: Feb/16/2001
Writer: Darren Star
Director: Darren Star
Guest star: Sarah Michelle Gellar (Herself), Rachael Harris (Reporter), Merrin Dungey (Joan Marks), Michael Hitchcock (Richard Towers/Ted Johnson), Donna Hardy (Lucille Wolf), Margot Rose (The Director), Joanna Sanchez (Cecile), Barry H. Scadron (Assistant Cameraman), Mark Schwed (TV Guide Reporter), Katie Wagner (TV Guide Reporter)

Rob pressures Marcy to invite her new yoga buddy, Sarah Michelle Gellar, to guest star on Grosse Pointe. Sarah says yes on the condition that her character kiss Marcy's character, which leads everyone to think that Sarah has a real-life crush on Marcy. While driving, Quentin runs over an old woman, who doesn't realize that Quentin is the guilty party when he plays the hero in helping her and offering reward money for the hit-and-run criminal's capture. Rob is having trouble writing scripts for the show and Kevin helps him out with ideas, but Rob takes credit for them.

17 :01x17 - My Best Friend's Wedding

First aired: Feb/18/2001
Writer: Robin Schiff
Director: Alan Myerson
Guest star: Elizabeth Berkley (Herself), Dweezil Zappa (Himself), Tac Fitzgerald (Tom Hodges), Nina Cho (Jacqueline), Michael Mitz (The Director), Dee Dee Rescher (Gayla Nethercott), Randall Rapstine (Priest), Estelle Rayna (Ludmilla), Ted Stryker (Best Man)

Hunter shocks everyone with her announcement that after a couple of hours of knowing someone, they are getting married. She hires Elizabeth Berkeley to be a celebrity bridesmaid, with Marcy as maid of honor. To help out Dave in getting a part on the show, Kevin "forgets" to give a guest star a wake-up call, and Dave gets to fill in for the part, which is as a love interest for Kim, including a kiss with Marcy.