Season 7

The Growing Pains Movie

This television movie reunites the Seaver family once again. Mike, who is now married to Kate, and has kids of his own, and Carol, who is a successful lawyer, both meet up with their family in Washington D.C. for their parent's wedding anniversary. When Maggie is fired, she decides to run for Congress, at which time her entire family rushes in to help her campaign.
Guest Stars: Alan Thicke as Jason Seaver | Joanna Kerns as Maggie Seaver | Kirk Cameron as Mike Seaver | Tracey Gold as Carol Seaver | Jeremy Miller (2) as Ben Seaver | Ashley Johnson as Chrissy Seaver | Chelsea Noble as Kate McDonnel | Brandon Douglas as Scott Coffer | Marlyne N. Afflack as Jody | Noel Burton as Director | Peter Colvey as Mr. Trotter | John Moore as Timothy James | Danny Wells as Street Person | Mathew Harbour as Jack Coffer | Mike Chute as Policeman
Director: Alan Metter

Growing Pains: Return of the Seavers

In this second television movie, the Seaver family reunites once again. This time, Jason and Maggie plan on selling their home and setting out to travel the world together. Mike and Carol do not approve of their parents' plan and try to convince them to stay, while Ben who is a real estate agent would like to help them sell the house.
Guest Stars: Alan Thicke as Jason Seaver | Joanna Kerns as Maggie Seaver | Kirk Cameron as Mike Seaver | Tracey Gold as Carol Seaver | Jeremy Miller (2) as Ben Seaver | Ashley Johnson as Chrissy Seaver | Chelsea Noble as Kate McDonnel | Johnny Alonso as Mickey | Evan Arnold as Richie | Britt Robertson as Michelle Seaver | Michael Arata as Exterminator | P.J. Davis as Fiona | Doug Eames as Ukranian Crewman #1 | Stephen Occhipinti as Ukranian Crewman #2 | Billy Slaughter as Costco Clerk | Josh Wexler as Ukranian Crewman #3 | Corey Michael Badeaux as Office Worker | John McConnell (2) as Foreman | Matthew D. Miller as Fatz
Director: Joanna Kerns

143 :07x01 - Back to School

The first day of school proves to be a challenging day for all four Seaver children. Carol has trouble settling into her dorm room at Columbia University and isn't too fond of her new roommate. Meanwhile, Ben and Chrissy try their hardest not to destroy their reputations on the first day, while Mike takes a teaching job and realizes that he as a teacher has a lot to learn.
Guest Stars: Fred Applegate as Mr. Tedesco | Shawn Modrell as Brianne Miller
Director: Jack Shea

144 :07x02 - Stop, Luke, and Listen

Mike discovers that one of his best students, Luke Brower, is homeless and living in the school basement. He tries to help the boy, but ends up making matters worse. Meanwhile, Maggie who has prepared a dinner for Mike's girlfriend, Kate, grows frustrated when she learns of her strict diet.
Guest Stars: Fred Applegate as Mr. Tedesco | Chelsea Noble as Kate McDonnel | Tony Hablian as Student
Director: Jack Shea
Writer: Liz Sage

145 :07x03 - In vino veritas

Mike convinces his parents to let Luke stay with them temporarily until they can find him a good home. However, the family grows worried when they notice a large number of wine bottles are missing and all signs point to Luke.
Guest Stars: Steven Porter as Attendant
Director: Jack Shea

146 :07x04 - Paper Tigers

When Maggie and Jason are both offered columns in the "Long Island Sentinel", they soon learn that the newspaper only has the budget to take on one new column and the two are forced to battle it out to see who can write the better column and get the job.
Guest Stars: Peter Jurasik as Doug Stanton | Page Leong as Tiffany | Alicia Bergman as Jessica | Shavar Ross as Kenny | Kellye Nakahara as Girl
Director: Jack Shea

147 :07x05 - The Young and the Homeless

Luke isn't too happy when the Seavers find the perfect family to take in Luke. Meanwhile, Mike's character in the soap opera "Big City Secrets" has finally woken up from his coma, which means that Mike will now have actual lines on the show. His big day is ruined though, when he learns that Luke plans to run away, and he has to go stop him.
Guest Stars: Charles Levin as Glenn Chakin | Lynn Milgrim as Shelley Kimball | Cynthia Mann as Jennifer | Chelsea Noble as Kate McDonnel | Robert Costanzo as Ernie | Carol Locatell as Lynette Castille-Flechman | Paul Collins as Jim Kimball | Therese Kablan as Diondra | Stephanie Mello as Courtney | Dana Craig as Bus Driver | Shawn Modrell as Brianne Miller | Mark Eliot as Dr. Braddock
Director: Jack Shea

148 :07x06 - Jason Sings the Blues

When it is discovered that Jason has a hernia and must undergo surgery, he leaves the boys in charge of organizing his psychiatric banquet. A week after the surgery, when Jason accidentally takes too many pain killers, he makes a fool out of himself at the banquet as everyone gets to see a side of Dr. Jason Seaver that they've never seen before.
Guest Stars: Nick DeMauro as Ira Lowenstein | Kedric Wolfe as Hymie Lowenstein | Natasha Pavlovich as Fatimah | Carol Henry as Receptionist | Ellen Crawford as Doctor
Director: Jack Shea
Writer: Jerry Colker

149 :07x07 - The Kid's Still Got It

Maggie and Carol go to a resort for the weekend, leaving Jason and the boys home alone. Their fun-filled weekend comes to a screeching halt, however, when Chrissy is sent home from school with a bad case of head lice.
Guest Stars: Christopher Burgard as Dwight | Tom LaGrua as Frank Panini | Michael Woolson as Brad | Matthew Robert Gottlieb as Bandleader | Jane Alden as Nurse
Director: Iris Dugow
Writer: Jerry Colker

150 :07x08 - There Must Be a Pony

Chrissy refuses to go to bed because she is convinced that the real fun around the house takes place after she falls asleep. Jason comes up with a plan to let her stay up the entire night so that she can see for herself that it's business as usual. However, he picked the worst possible night to do this when the worst luck ever practically turns the Seaver home into a carnival.
Guest Stars: Hilary Swank as Sasha Serotsky | Michael Cudlitz as Chuck | Chelsea Noble as Kate McDonnel | Michael Goldfinger as Delivery Man | Karla Tamburrelli as Jodi Creedmore | Tamika L. McClelland as Tuba Player | Kirsten Holmquist as Donna "Wild Thang" Kent
Director: Iris Dugow
Writer: Liz Sage

151 :07x09 - The Big Fix

For her column, Maggie must test out a vacuum cleaner and write a review on the product. When Ben accidentally destroys the cleaner and doesn't tell her about it, she wrongly accuses the company of misleading consumers in their advertisements.
Guest Stars: Peter Jurasik as Doug Stanton | Cristine Rose as Lucy Snyder | Lawrence McNeal III as Stage Manager | Shavar Ross as Kenny | Danielle Harris as Susie Maxwell
Director: Iris Dugow

152 :07x10 - Home Malone

When Maggie's mother wants to sell her house and move to Florida, Maggie pays one last visit to the house she grew up in, where she is then flooded with old memories of her childhood and her parents.
Guest Stars: Gordon Jump as Ed Malone | Betty McGuire as Kate Malone | Chelsea Noble as Kate McDonnel

153 :07x11 - Bad Day Cafe

When Mike learns that Luke's birth father is in town and wants his son back, he keeps this from Luke and devises a plan to get the man to change his mind and leave town. His plan works, but then Mike realizes that isn't fair to Luke to keep him from seeing his father, so he allows Luke meet with him and decide what he would like to do for himself.
Guest Stars: Fred Applegate as Mr. Tedesco | Gary Grubbs as George Brower | Nealla Gordon as Waitress | Wilson Raiser as Big Guy George
Director: Renny Temple
Writer: Bud Wiser

154 :07x12 - B=MC2

Ben has plans to take a college entrance exam, but when he overhears his father say that he isn't smart, his feelings are hurt and he gives up on the test.
Guest Stars: Sam Anderson as Mr. Dewitt | Christopher Burgard as Dwight | Heather Haase as Elaine | Shavar Ross as Kenny | Mark Bramhall as Bernie | Shawn Modrell as Brianne Miller | Mark Daniels (1) as Pork
Director: Gerren Keith
Writer: Cathy Jung

155 :07x13 - It's Not Easy Being Green

It's Christmas but the Seaver family is not feeling the holiday spirit. Carol finds herself angry when Dwight goes on a date with another woman, and Mike jealous when he learns that his model girlfriend, Kate, will be taking part in a risque photo shoot. The rest of the family has trouble dealing with the Christmas tree.
Guest Stars: Fred Applegate as Mr. Tedesco | Chelsea Noble as Kate McDonnel | Stewart Finlay-McLennan as Nigel Dunn | Kristen Trucksess as Assistant | Cary Bolton as Man
Director: Renny Temple

156 :07x14 - The Call of the Wild

Mike and Kate along with Carol and Dwight wind up on a not-so-fun ski trip with Ben, Luke and a few of their most troublesome classmates.
Guest Stars: Chelsea Noble as Kate McDonnel | Christopher Burgard as Dwight | Michael Cudlitz as Chucksteak | Scott Fults as Leo Limetongue | Karla Tamburrelli as Jodi Creedmore | Michael Dempsey as Officer | Asher Metchik as Max Creedmore | Ashley Kerns as Crystal
Director: Andy Cadiff

157 :07x15 - Honest Abe

When Luke meets up with an old friend, Barney, he is invited into the Seaver home to celebrate Luke's birthday. But Luke soon learns that his friend isn't all that he seems when he discovers Barney stealing from the Seavers.
Guest Stars: Christopher Burgard as Dwight | Jim Bentley as Barney | Juney Smith as Officer Anderson
Writer: Wendy Braff

158 :07x16 - Vicious Cycle

When Luke is grounded for violating curfew, it's Mike who takes the blame when Luke still disobeys his punishment.
Guest Stars: John David Conti as Priest | J. Gordon Noice as Older Hood | Terry Davis (2) as Nurse | Michael Ennis as Doctor | Alejandro Quezada as Kevin Sprague
Writer: Cathy Jung

159 :07x17 - Menage a Luke

Ben is outraged when he learns that the girl he wanted to take to the dance is going with Luke.
Guest Stars: Wendy Cox as Cheryl | Hilary Swank as Sasha Serotsky
Director: Gerren Keith
Writer: Todd Thicke

160 :07x18 - The Five Fingers of Ben

When Ben is being tormented by a fellow classmate, he decides to take up karate to give his self-confidence a little boost.
Guest Stars: David Kriegel as Razor | Simon Rhee as Master Simm | Christopher Burgard as Dwight | James Lew as Movie Villain #2 | Jerry Colker as Movie Villian | Jonathan Stockwell Baker as Businessman | Cristi Harris as Becca | Gina Philips as Gail | Michael Orfanos as College GIrl
Writer: Jerry Colker

161 :07x19 - Don't Go Changin'

Mike isn't happy with the impression his best friend, Eddie, is having on Luke. Meanwhile, Ben shoots a video of the family to send to Carol, who is off studying in London.
Guest Stars: K.C. Martel as Eddie | Gary Lazer as Foot | Susan Lee Hoffman as Charese | Shannon Day as Melanie
Director: Don Amendolia

162 :07x20 - The Truck Stops Here

When Luke finds out about his father's serious condition, he decides to join his father on the road and says his goodbyes to the Seaver family.
Guest Stars: Gary Grubbs as George Bower | Jeremy Lawrence as Dr. Kramer
Director: Joanna Kerns
Writer: Jerry Colker

163 :07x21 - Maggie's Brilliant Career

Maggie, who feels that she hasn't accomplished as much as she had hoped to by this point in her life, decides to fulfill a long-time dream of hers- climbing a mountain.
Guest Stars: Jeff Lester as Kent
Director: Gerren Keith

164 :07x22 - The Wrath of Con Ed

A power failure leaves Maggie and Jason stuck in traffic, while Ben is babysitting his little sister, Chrissy, who is afraid of the dark. Mike and Kate are also trapped with Carol and Dwight and the two pairs begin to get on each others nerves.
Guest Stars: Chelsea Noble as Kate McDonnel | Christopher Burgard as Dwight
Director: Nancy Heydorn
Writer: Liz Sage

165 :07x23 - The Last Picture Show (1)

In this flashback-filled episode, Maggie stuns her family with the news of an amazing job offer in Washington D.C. The entire family is supportive of the move, except for Ben, who refuses to leave the house he grew up in.
Director: Jonathan Weiss

166 :07x24 - The Last Picture Show (2)

After Ben's blessing, Maggie decides to take the job offer and the family begins to prepare for the move. With moving day here, the Seavers are ready and excited about starting a new chapter in their lives- but not before having one final meal as a family where they reminisce about the fun times they've had together in the house.
Guest Stars: Chelsea Noble as Kate McDonnel
Director: Jonathan Weiss
Network: ABC ( USA)
Type: Scripted
Genres: Comedy, Family
Status: Canceled/Ended
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 24, 1985
Ended: August 27, 1992
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