Guiding Light

Season 52

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Season 52

14193 :52x02 - Tuesday July 1, 2003

Ed suggests they all skip the annual Bauer barbecue this year. Marah wants to surprise Danny and Michelle with a wedding at the barbecue. Marah is horrified to learn that the Bauers are thinking of not having the barbecue. She offers to take over the event. Tony is hesitant about Marah's surprise wedding idea. Mel talks about changing jobs. Feeling guilty, Ed tells Rick they'll do the barbecue. Danny offers to help Ed's clinic, but Ed refuses. Danny is glad to see Tony and Marah without Eden tagging along. Thinking of the good publicity, Danny decides to make a donation to Ed's clinic. A sullen Lizzie calls Ben. Shayne worries about his big decision. Josh speaks with the agent about the draft. Lizzie has her eye on Shayne and starts to make her move. Lizzie receives a text message from Ben informing her that he is at the Country Club. Josh tries to tell Shayne about sending the signed contract. Lizzie sends Marina outside to get some air. An energized Gus brings a woman named Caroline to speak with Jeffrey about Ben Reade. Caroline tells Jeffrey about her friend who disappeared, and she thinks that Ben is somehow responsible. She gives more details of Ben's relationship with her friend. Jeffrey approves Gus bringing in Ben again for questioning. Jeffrey and Gus go to the Country Club looking for Ben. Ben surprises Marina.

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Guest Stars: Aubrey Dollar as Marina Cooper

14194 :52x03 - Wednesday July 2, 2003

Alan informs Alexandra and Phillip that Phillip is truly the father of Olivia’s baby. Later, Alexandra asks Alan why he didn't tell Phillip she rigged the test results. Alan declares that Alexandra's suffering has only just begun. Although Dr. Sedwick won't confirm it, Phillip realizes he is without a doubt the father of Olivia's baby. Rick advises Phillip to go to Olivia and beg her for her forgiveness. Josh learns that the Cubs have drafted Shayne. Knowing that Marina's out of her way, Lizzie moves closer to Shayne. Meanwhile, Ben grabs Marina. After Marina tells Ben that they are over, Ben grows more and more agitated. Josh attempts to tell Reva about Shayne being drafted, but she's preoccupied with finding Marina. Lizzie pretends to look for Marina. Gus figures out that Ben is at the club and everyone takes off looking for Marina. Outside, Reva tells an incensed Ben to let go of Marina. Reva is taken aback by Ben's tone. Shayne and Ben almost come to blows. Ben turns to leave but Gus appears out of the dark and blocks the path. Frank orders Ben to stay away from Marina. Marina figures out that little Lizzie set her up to be alone with Ben. Lizzie denies Marina's accusation. Ben is angry with Lizzie for lying to him about Marina's feelings, but Lizzie encourages him not to give up. Marina tries to shake off her experience with Ben, insisting she is fine. Frank is worried about Marina and fears what Ben might have done if it weren't for Reva. Rick confirms that the coroner was looking into the death of the teenage girl connected to Ben who was murdered just before he was killed.

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14195 :52x04 - Thursday July 3, 2003

Phillip wants a chance to explain, but Olivia tells Phillip to take a hike. Alexandra feigns innocence with Phillip. Olivia alerts Alexandra that she holds all the cards now and she'll decide if she wants in the Spaulding family or not. Marina tells Shayne that she has been accepted to Northwestern. Unfortunately, she can't afford to go. Shayne decides that he wants to play pro ball, but he is angry with Josh for making the decision for him. Although he is angry, Shayne is also excited about his future. Meanwhile, Reva confides in Christopher that she was able to use her "powers" to find Marina at the Country Club last night. Christopher tries to persuade Reva to start working with him, but Reva resists. Later, Josh admits to Reva that he already sent in Shayne's contract. Reva's anger with Josh prompts her to accept Christopher's invitation. Marina intentionally doesn't tell Frank about being accepted to Northwestern. At Company, Tony wants to throw Ben out of the museum. Bill and Remy defend Ben, but Ben says he'll move out anyway. He doesn't want to be somewhere he is not wanted. They decide to let him stay. Marina enters, but Ben decides to lay off. Tony makes Bill and Remy promise that Marah will never be left alone with Ben. In the DA's office, a mystery guest is brought in by Jeffrey to help them catch a killer. Drummond was the lead detective on the Bridget Waters case, and informs the group that Jed Simmons was examining some bones before he died. Drummond thinks Ben is connected to the girl's disappearance and may have killed her. Gus intends to fish around in Ben's past. Gus puts Ben on notice.

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14196 :52x05 - Friday July 4, 2003

Tensions run high between Reva and Josh as they leave for the Bauer Barbeque. Harley tells Blake that Gus wouldn't pursue Ben unless he has a good cause. Even though she doesn't want to discuss it, Harley finds herself drawn into Blake's conversation about the murders. Harley decides to pump Rick for information. Marah is happy for Shayne. Reva remarks to Ross that Josh makes all the decisions in their family. Meanwhile at the Beacon, Alan informs Gus that Olivia's baby is not his. Phillip reveals to Beth and Lizzie that he and Olivia have split. Phillip says the baby is his and he intends to fight to win back Olivia. Lizzie is upset but covers. Gus drags Alan to the BBQ. At Beth's suggestion, Phillip and Lizzie agree to go to the Bauers as well. Reva, not wanting to make her friends uncomfortable, agrees to a truce with Josh, but not a ceasefire. Mel accepts a job in Jeffrey's office. Rick tells Harley about the bruises on Ramona Hendon's neck. Harley wants to see the autopsy pictures, but suddenly Gus is there. Harley dodges when Gus asks her about the pictures. Gus asks Rick about the case the coroner was working on when he died. Beth encourages Phillip to talk to Alan. Marina's thrilled about Shayne joining the Cubs. Lizzie can't stand to see them so close. Phillip calls Olivia, but she doesn't want to talk. Reva's suspicious of Tony and Marah whispering and keeping secrets. When she finds wedding-related evidence, she assumes Tony and Marah are planning to get married. Alan suggests that Lizzie intern at Spaulding over the summer. Gus needs Rick to keep Harley off the radar with regards to the murder. Phillip and Alan avoid each other like the plague but eventually find themselves alone. Phillip reveals to Alan that Olivia has rejected him. Meanwhile, Lizzie visits Olivia to apologize for how badly she's treated her.

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14197 :52x06 - Monday July 7, 2003

Reva and Josh both jump to the same conclusion: Tony and Marah are getting married! Meanwhile, Cassie tells Tammy that she invited Edmund to the Bauers. Tammy doesn’t understand how her mom could give Edmund a second chance. Cassie asks Tammy to keep an open mind. Edmund suggests that Cassie loosen up a bit. Cassie concedes she may have been a little uptight since Richard’s death, but now things are different. Back at the Bauers, Alan continues to taunt Phillip. Gus breaks things up before they come to blows. At the office, Jeffrey declares his independence to the mayor; he is growing his beard back. Mel, his new clerk, convinces him to come to the Bauers. Always thinking of business, Jeffrey has a hard time loosening up at the barbecue. Marah and Tony assure the Justice of the Peace that the bride and groom will arrive any minute. Later, Reva and Josh are hugely relieved to learn that Tony and Marah are not getting married. But to Tony and Marah’s dismay, Danny and Michelle aren’t coming to the barbecue. Lizzie congratulates Shayne for being drafted, but remains jealous of Marina. Lizzie makes Marina feel guilty for distracting Shayne. After, Marina turns down Shayne when he asks her on a date. Rick moves among the crowd, shoring up partners for the egg toss. The games begin. When Alan and Phillip lose, things get ugly. Gus warns Alan about his behavior. Beth catches Lizzie leaving a message for Ben. Frank and Darci grow closer. Later, Frank spots Darci with Eden.

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14198 :52x07 - Tuesday July 8, 2003

Marah tries to reach Danny and Michelle, but to no avail. Ed has no idea where they could be. Meanwhile, in a chapel, Danny and Michelle prepare to get hitched. But in the end, Michelle can’t go through with the wedding. Darci admits to Frank that Eden asked her to hit on him, but explains that she genuinely cares for him now. She wants a second chance, which Frank agrees to give her. The Justice of the Peace has to leave, which kind of ruins Marah’s surprise. Mel knows Jeffrey was once a judge and could perform the ceremony. Ben shows up at the barbecue. Shayne orders Ben to take a hike. Likewise, Frank doesn’t want Ben anywhere near Marina. Bill, taking Ben aside, concurs. Ben sees Bill as a traitor. Holly blames herself for Ben’s troubles. At the DA’s office, Gus wants Eden to think about the killer’s next victim and realizes that it could be her. Eden claims she didn’t keep any records; the names of her clients are all in her head. Gus doesn’t believe her. In examining the autopsy photos, Harley thinks she might know what caused that bruise on Ramona Hendon’s neck: a man’s signet ring. Harley suspects the ring could belong to Mitch Hendon. Blake is glad that this could shift the focus from Ben. Gus isn’t thrilled to learn that Harley’s been working on the case behind his back. Harley says he needs to start looking at other suspects, like Eden. Danny and Michelle arrive at the barbecue and are surprised. They will get married after all. Jeffrey pronounces Danny and Michelle husband and wife.

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14199 :52x08 - Wednesday July 9, 2003

Marah catches the bouquet as Ben watches. The newlyweds thank Tony and Marah for giving them the wedding they didn’t know they wanted. Michelle teases Marah about putting her wedding planner skills to work again and embarrassed, Marah says that she and Tony are nowhere near ready for marriage. Tony is taken aback by this remark. As this is going on, Gus tells Harley that he must accept that Eden isn’t telling him everything she knows. Harley proposes that Mitch Hendon killed of his wife. Gus orders Eden to come in for questioning and to bring the records she claims she doesn’t have. Eden finds a protector in Tony. As the wedding festivities continue, Josh must accept the fact that Reva still can’t forgive him for deciding Shayne’s future. Christopher Langham arrives and informs Reva that he is leaving for the conference in Milan. He asks her to go. Josh takes issue with this arrangement. Josh explains to Marah what he did. Marah thinks that, as long as Shayne is doing what he wants, there is no problem. When Marah is gone, Reva says she disagrees with that. She thinks that she and Josh need time apart, and will consider attending the conference whether he likes it or not. After being serenaded by Daniel Bedingfield, Danny and Michelle go to the Beacon for a one-night honeymoon. Danny insists that they have some elements of a traditional reception, including champagne toasts and dancing. He pledges to make everything right for them this time. They make love. Back at the Bauers, the joy of Danny and Michelle’s impromptu wedding turns into a nightmare as Holly finds Ben lying motionless in the hot tub. He is rushed to Cedars. Holly confesses to Ed how guilty she feels about Ben. Gus and Frank try to ascertain what happened as Ed, Rick and Mel fight for Ben’s life. Later, Gus is surprised to see that Eden has returned to the party and begins to question her.

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14200 :52x09 - Thursday July 10, 2003

Josh says Reva isn’t going away to Italy - she is running. She insists some time and space may be good for them. Marina is upset about Ben, and takes it out on Tony and Marah. She thinks they should be sorry for how they treated Ben. Later, Marah decides to go to Milan with Reva. Although Reva is skeptical of Marah’s reasons for wanting to go, she agrees that they could have some quality girl time. Marah tells Tony about her sudden plans to go to Europe. Eden is happy to see her leave. Reva writes a letter to Shayne, kisses Josh goodbye and departs. Meanwhile, Frank speculates about the attack on Ben. If he was drugged, for example, then any man or woman could have drugged him into the hot tub. Serious Gus orders Eden to save the victim routine. If she wants to help herself, then she should help him. If not, he’s taking her down. Per a search warrant, Gus has collected some things from Eden’s apartment – among them her Tony scrapbook. Gus agrees not to look at Eden’s scrapbook if she provides him with her business records, which she does. From her records, Gus learns the coroner “dated” the second victim Renee. At Company, Tony comforts Eden. Later, Lizzie tells Marina that Ben still loves her. Marina admits she never wanted Ben to get hurt and decides to visit him in the hospital. At the hospital, Frank tries to get through to a groggy Ben. Ben remembers being grabbed from behind, and then blacking out. After Mel describes Ben’s stab wound, Frank and Gus hypothesize that it could be self-inflicted. Marina overhears them speculating.

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14201 :52x10 - Friday July 11, 2003

Olivia receives flowers from Phillip and hurls them away as Cassie and Edmund look on. Cassie and Olivia begin to talk about raising her child alone. Olivia asks Cassie’s opinion about her relationship with Phillip; Edmund thinks that Olivia should go back to him. Meanwhile, Alexandra and Lizzie go on a tour of Spaulding. Beth and Phillip discuss Olivia and the effects that his relationship might have on Lizzie. Lizzie and Alexandra overhear. Lizzie confides in Phillip about visiting Olivia on the 4th of July, noting the meeting didn’t go as well as she had hoped. Alexandra asks Phillip if she can head up the cosmetics division. Later, both Phillip and Olivia recall memories of happier times they shared. At Company, Blake asks Harley to go to the hospital with her to visit Ben. Blake finally convinces her and they leave, just missing Gus. Gus and Frank toy with the idea that Ben could have stabbed himself. Marina defends him, which Shayne overhears. Marina decides that she wants to see Ben alone. Shayne reminds her of what a jerk he is. Marina and Shayne disagree about her visiting Ben alone, but Marina goes in anyway. Ben feels horrible about everything he's done; Marina tells him that he didn’t deserve to get hurt. Blake and Harley find Marina with Ben. Harley and Blake notice a bruise on Ben that matches the one found on Mrs. Hendon. Later, Harley tells Gus that she thinks Mr. Hendon is their prime suspect, and insists that she should be the one to investigate. Shayne is worried that Marina’s feelings for Ben have been stirred up again, but she assures Shayne she’s not going to go running back to Ben.

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14202 :52x11 - Monday July 14, 2003

At Danny and Michelle’s, Eden suggests that she and Tony decorate the house with balloons, candles, etc. for the newlyweds’ homecoming. At the Beacon, Michelle learns about Ben’s attack. Danny and Michelle are surprised to find out that Eden helped Tony decorate the house. Danny suspects that Eden decorated their house just to be close to Tony. Eden tells Danny that he doesn’t get to decide what Tony thinks or who he likes, as Tony overhears. Olivia goes to Lamaze class alone. Meanwhile, Alan wonders how Phillip can give up on Olivia so easily. Later, Phillip shows up at the hospital and announces that he is Olivia’s partner. Olivia is upset when Phillip becomes the star of the class. Olivia concedes she will allow him to be a part of their baby’s life – but that’s it. This gives Phillip renewed hope of a reconciliation. At Company, Harley prepares for a sit down with a possible murderer, Mitch Hendon. Harley notices that Mitch’s Special Ops ring is missing. Harley goes to call Gus about Mitch’s ring, when suddenly Mitch lands a heavy hand on her shoulder. He says he wants Gus to find his wife’s killer and claims that he lost his ring. Later, Harley and Gus go looking for clues at the Bauer’s patio. On a hunch, Harley strips down to her underwear and steps into the hot tub. She discovers Mitch Hendon’s ring in the hot tub drain.

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14203 :52x12 - Tuesday July 15, 2003

It’s an emotional day for father and son as Shayne prepares for his final baseball game as an amateur. Josh gives Shayne Reva’s letter, and they share a heart to heart. Shayne admits he’s in love with Marina and asks if Josh sees her as a distraction. Josh says if it’s right, Marina won’t be a distraction; she’ll be part of Shayne’s big plan. Later, Shayne wonders what’s keeping Marina. Edmund strolls through the lobby of the Beacon sporting a radical new look: jeans, sneakers, and baseball cap. Jeffrey spots him and bursts out laughing. Edmund explains that he’s going to the game. Everybody in town is talking about the big game, including the Coopers. In pain and frightened, Ben calls Marina. Feeling sorry for him, she rushes over. Later, when Marina realizes he manipulated her into coming to visit, Ben declares she is the only one he wants. Meanwhile, Cassie is curious about Tammy’s date, Joey Lupo. At the Beacon, Alexandra recognizes Jeffrey from somewhere but can’t place it. She is horrified when Jeffrey hints he is considering reopening the stalker case. Alexandra is curious about what Edmund has learned about Jeffrey’s past, but Edmund tells Alexandra she’ll have to enlist someone else to help in her scheme. At the game, tipped off by Ben, Lizzie “innocently” lets Shayne know that Marina is at the hospital visiting Ben. Meanwhile, Jeffrey accuses Cassie of being a bad mom by not meeting Tammy’s juvenile delinquent date. Tammy wants Cassie to give Joey a chance. The game is about to begin. Shayne can’t stop thinking about Marina, who is still at the hospital. With a scout present, Josh worries about Shayne’s performance. The game gets off to a bad start when a distracted Shayne hits the first batter in the head with a pitch.

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14204 :52x13 - Wednesday July 16, 2003

Marina tells Ben there is no chance for reconciliation. She summons her strength and, without looking back, walks off. Meanwhile, Shayne has walked the bases loaded in the first inning. Once Marina arrives at the game, Shayne starts to get better. He even hits a home run to win the game! After the game, Marina and Shayne linger in the stands, savoring the moment. While Shayne and Marina make out in the bleachers, Lizzie visits Ben at the hospital and urges him not to give up on Marina. Wary of Tammy’s date Joey, Cassie makes a call to another mother to check him out. Cassie isn’t thrilled that Joey is meeting Tammy at the after-party. Even though Cassie learns that Joey turned things around, she’s still against him running off with Tammy to the burger shack down the road. But Edmund makes it clear that Joey had better be a good boy, and they are able to go on their date. Later, Cassie and Edmund gaze at the stars. Frank wants Darci to steer clear of Eden. Eden talks with Tony about her days of playing stickball in Chicago. Tony reminds Eden of her blackmail and extortion days, and she says that’s a thing of the past. At the Bauer patio, Gus pitches his theory about Mitch killing Ramona and later trying to kill Ben. He theorizes that there are two killers: Mitch and Ben. Gus and Frank share their theory with Jeffrey, who still believes Eden is the behind the murders. He orders Gus to do his job and dig into Eden’s psyche. She could be their serial killer.

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14205 :52x14 - Thursday July 17, 2003

Edmund, Cassie and the boys go to the baseball field for a picnic. Cassie wishes she had a yard that the boys could play in, and Edmund gets an idea. Later, Edmund meets with the county commissioner to speak about fixing up the farm. Ben isn’t pleased when he sees the picture in the newspaper of Marina giving Shayne a kiss on the cheek. Ben tells Bill that Eden came back to the barbecue right before he was attacked. Later, Holly suggests that Ben come home with her when he leaves the hospital. She informs Ben his grandmother Stoddard has had a stroke and that it doesn’t look good. Meanwhile, Eden treats Tony to breakfast, and she gets a bit too close for comfort. Eden feels funny that Tony thinks she was hitting on him. Tony confides in Michelle about Eden’s misunderstanding about the two of them, and he feels bad for coming down too hard on her. Later, Bill questions Eden about lying about being at the barbecue during Michelle and Danny’s wedding. Bill doesn’t understand why Eden lies if she has nothing to hide. He leaves, saying when she is ready to be honest she can call him. Frank and Gus sort through the murder evidence. They decide that Mitch looks guilty for the murder of his wife and the attempted murder of Ben, but they still need motive for the other three murders. After, they question Mitch about his whereabouts the night of Ramona’s murder and inform him his ring was found at the bottom of the hot tub. Ross advises Mitch to stop answering Gus and Frank’s questions. Gus goes to question Eden, and Frank thinks it would be a better idea for someone else to do it. Gus insists he knows when his sister lies.

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14206 :52x15 - Friday July 18, 2003

Marina throws Shayne a post-game surprise party. A reporter asks Marina if Ben’s capable of murder. As Shayne and Marina deal with Shayne’s newfound celebrity status, they long for some time alone together. Meanwhile, Ben wants to visit his dying grandmother Stoddard. Gus demands answers from Eden, who denies killing anyone. Ross calls Gus about Ben’s request to see his grandmother. After, Ben suddenly remembers Mitch Hendon as his attacker. Gus puts out an arrest warrant for Mitch Hendon, but as far as he’s concerned, Ben still isn’t off the hook. At the Beacon, Tony wants to help Eden prove she is innocent. Gus fills Jeffrey in about Ben’s memory of Mitch. Jeffrey makes a mysterious phone call. Mitch agrees to turn himself in. Later, Jeffrey irritates Cassie about Joey Lupo, which prompts Cassie to evict Jeffrey from the hotel. This time, Cassie has had it! She’s serious. Edmund breaks a swimming date with Cassie to meet with someone. He asks Alexandra her opinion about renovating the farm. Alexandra has her own agenda – getting the goods on Jeffrey. Edmund can’t help Alexandra with Jeffrey. Cassie overhears them talking, but Alexandra covers. In the process of getting Jeffrey’s stuff out the hotel, Cassie finds herself on the roof. She wheels around to see Mitch Hendon standing behind her.

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14207 :52x16 - Monday July 21, 2003

Edmund asks if Josh would consider fixing up the farm for Cassie and her kids. He describes the life he wants with Cassie, and Josh is moved despite himself. Josh agrees to look at the farm, and Edmund fantasizes about living with Cassie there. Much to Eden’s frustration, Marah returns from Europe. Marah senses that Tony is still thinking about her negative reaction to the idea of marrying him. They agree that they are not ready for marriage now, but Marah wants to marry him someday. Tony is hurt when he realizes Marah didn’t come back for him. While Eden comforts Tony, Marah encourages Josh to go to Milan to be with Reva. Olivia tells Phillip that Cassie is her birthing coach. Following Olivia to Company, Phillip declares that he is not going to give up. His feelings for her are real, and sooner or later she’ll see that. He presents Olivia with the Top 10 reasons he should be her birthing coach, and pulls her into a passionate kiss. On the Beacon roof, Mitch, near the edge, orders Cassie to go away. Mitch throws Cassie’s cell phone over the side, and slams the door shut, locking them on the roof. It looks as if Cassie might talk Mitch down when Jeffrey suddenly comes onto the roof. Cassie grabs Mitch’s hand; she won’t let him die at her hotel. After not finding Mitch upstairs, Frank puts out an APB on him. Edmund wonders where Cassie has gone. Mitch almost backs down, until he sees a police helicopter and flashes back to being in Vietnam. Frank figures out that Mitch is on the roof. Mitch panics and pulls Cassie over the side of the roof with him.

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14208 :52x17 - Tuesday July 22, 2003

Tony tracks down Bill and guilts him about his fight with Eden. Bill goes to Eden to look out for her and they talk about why neither of them can fully commit. Later, they make love. Harley finds Marina’s acceptance letter to Northwestern. Marina doesn’t want to burden her dad with the high costs of going to Northwestern, and makes Harley promise to keep quiet. Too many people are interested in Shayne’s future, and he wishes he could just crawl under a rock. Marina and Shayne decide to go away to the Bauer cabin. Harley wishes she could tell Buzz about Marina’s Northwestern offer. On the roof, Cassie hangs from Jeffrey’s arm, and Mitch dangles from hers. Frank orders a worried Edmund to stay put. Mitch lets go of Cassie and falls. Jeffrey pulls Cassie onto the roof. He loses his balance and falls flat on his back with Cassie landing right on top of him. Gus reports that Mitch fell off the roof. Edmund is upset with Frank for not letting him look for Cassie. Cassie’s close to Jeffrey, and is reminded how much he looks like Richard and it shakes her. Surprisingly, Mitch Hendon is still alive after the fall and Gus calls for the paramedics. Edmund takes off. He bursts onto the roof and finds Jeffrey with his arm around Cassie. Cassie relates her horrible ordeal to Edmund. The Feds mysteriously whisk Mitch Hendon away. Jeffrey suggests that Gus find the PI Mitch hired to follow Ben. Although no one in Springfield is aware of it, it becomes apparent that Jeffrey is one of the Feds.

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14209 :52x18 - Wednesday July 23, 2003

Danny has a proposition for Phillip. He wants Spaulding Enterprises to build its new pharmaceuticals division on 5th Street. Phillip is interested in what Danny’s strategy was to woo back Michelle. Michelle describes Danny’s persistent ways. Phillip agrees to the 5th Street deal. After hearing about Danny and Michelle, Phillip decides to continue pursuing Olivia. As Ben prepares to visit his grandmother, Gus informs him there is a PI out there who can document his every move. Ben seems nervous about the PI. Ben reminisces about his grandmother, but it is too late; she has already passed away. Gus makes a call to track down the PI Mitch Hendon hired. Shayne, in disguise, comes to see Marina. Rick drops off the keys to the cabin. Harley tells Buzz and Frank about Marina being accepted at Northwestern. Harley and Buzz figure out a way to raise the money for Marina’s college. Marina and Shayne plan their getaway for later that day. Tammy agrees to cover for them. Later, Lizzie tricks Tammy and figures out where Shayne and Marina have gone. At the Bauer cabin, Marina turns off the answering machine so they won’t be disturbed. Meanwhile, Ben learns that he has inherited a large sum of money as part of his grandmother’s estate. He thinks about what this money could mean to Marina. At Company, a customer contributes to the "Marina Fund." Things start to heat up at the Bauer cabin until Marina gently pulls back. Lizzie informs Ben where to find Marina and Shayne.

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14210 :52x19 - Thursday July 24, 2003

Shayne and Marina are at the Bauer Cabin for a day and night of fun and relaxation. But they are unaware that Ben is on his way. Ben is delayed by a motorcycle cop but arrives in time to see some romance between Shayne and Marina. At Company, Phillip and Olivia find themselves dining at the same time. Beth and Lizzie, who is trying to get her parents back together, bring Phillip there. Olivia realizes she has to fill Cassie in on the lie she told Phillip about Cassie agreeing to be her Lamaze partner. But Cassie is reluctant to go along with the lie. Phillip takes advantage of a shortage of wait staff to keep in close proximity to Olivia. Feeling pressured, she finally cops to lying. He is given hope by her gesture of coming clean, but she can’t take that next step of trusting him again and leaves. Gus is beating his head against the wall looking for the PI Mitch Hendon has hired to follow Ben when Jeffrey pops in with the information. Gus is a bit miffed about how easily Jeffrey was able to find the guy, but Jeffrey downplays. Gus is headed for Europe to track down Mitch’s PI. Harley will remain behind, but they make time for a quick romantic goodbye. Jeffrey runs into Edmund and Cassie at Company and Cassie and Jeffrey exchange friendly banter. When Cassie steps away to take a call, Edmund thanks Jeffrey for saving Cassie’s life. Jeffrey takes the opportunity to rub it in to Edmund that he wasn’t the one who helped Cassie. When Cassie returns, she asks to speak with Jeffrey and Edmund looks on, not pleased at all. Beth spots Edmund and advises him to stuff the green-eyed monster, or he will lose Cassie for sure.

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14212 :52x21 - Monday July 28, 2003

Harley receives a fax from Gus, but cannot read it. Blake’s upset that Gus is in Switzerland digging into Ben’s past. Harley realizes the fax has something to do with the boarding school Ben attended in Switzerland, and a female teacher who was fired. Later, Harley receives another fax from Gus, this one showing an angry Ben with murder victim #3. Salerno has put Tony and Eden in the same room with one bed. Tony backs off getting separate bedrooms. He doesn’t want to make Salerno angry since Eden needs an alibi. Later, Tony discovers they’ve been locked in. The bodyguard explains it is for their own “protection.” As Eden settles in to bed, Tony shifts in his chair, her wriggling, sheet draped form making it hard for him to fall asleep. Frank grills Shayne about what could have happened to his daughter. He puts out an APB on Ben’s car. Meanwhile, Marina is jolted awake, and realizes that she is with Ben. Although Ben tries to tell Marina he found her passed out, she remembers that he drugged her. When the car slows, Marina tries to get out. The car lurches to a stop and Ben pulls Marina back inside. He won’t let Marina call for help. Meanwhile, Josh stops Shayne from running off and doing something stupid. Jeffrey offers to get assistance from the FBI without turning over the case. Frank calls Harley about Marina’s kidnapping and asks for her help in pinpointing Ben’s movements in the day. Frank remembers that Marina’s phone has a GPS satellite positioning capability. Marina orders Ben not to come near her; he sadly pulls a roll of duct tape from his pocket. The GPS isn’t working because Marina’s phone is turned off. Ben wants to make love to Marina.

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14214 :52x23 - Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Danny and Michelle invite Tony and Marah to celebrate the revitalized 5th Street Project. Tony reluctantly tells Danny about going to NYC to see Salerno. Danny thinks Tony’s being an idiot with his involvement with Eden. Meanwhile, Michelle warns Marah about Eden. News of Ben “allegedly” taking a hostage shocks all. Tony reveals to Danny that Salerno offered him a job, which is also news to Marah. Michelle notes that Danny and Tony’s argument seems trivial compared to news of Marina. Tensions between Danny and Tony rise. Marah asks Tony why he didn’t tell her about Salerno’s job offer. Darci arrives to lend moral support to Frank. Frank and his team head to the shack. Josh leaves a message for Reva. Jeffrey confronts Darci about her past with Vinnie Salerno. At first Darci denies, but later admits to her involvement with him. Jeffrey assumes Darci knows Salerno’s organization inside and out. She swears up and down that she can’t help Jeffrey with information about Salerno. After Josh fills her in on what’s going on, Reva heads home as Jeffrey, Josh and Darci take off for the shack. To divert Ben’s attention away from Marina, Shayne heaves a flaming gasoline can into the woods. As Ben goes to investigate, Shayne rushes in to rescue Marina, but they don’t have time to get away. After a struggle, Ben holds the injector against Shayne. Ben grabs Marina, with the injector just inches away from her. Frank tries to talk Ben down, and almost succeeds until Ben sees a SWAT cop at the window. Because of his love for Marina, Ben pushes her aside and jabs himself with the injector. Frank calls for EMS. Marina goes to Ben’s side and takes his hand. Ben tells Marina he is sorry and not to forget him.

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14215 :52x24 - Thursday, July 31, 2003

Olivia finds Phillip in her room assembling a crib. She can’t help smiling at the sight of Phillip struggling with it, and sits down to join him. They chat, and she notes their conversation feels normal. Olivia and Phillip are amazed at how easily they put the crib together; it later collapses. Although she enjoyed her evening, Olivia warns Phillip not to push his luck. Reva and Josh decide to set aside their differences to help Marah and Shayne regarding the Ben situation. When Josh brings up her trip to Italy, Reva says that just wants him to respect her need to understand herself. Jeffrey hopes to get a deathbed confession from Ben. Frank questions Marina about her ordeal with Ben. If Shayne hadn’t set off the explosion in the woods, Marina fears that Ben might have done something horrible. Jeffrey, with video camera, begins to question Ben. Holly blames herself for what happened with Ben. Ben confesses to all the murders. A reporter harasses Marina; Shayne tells the guy to back off. Marina grapples with Ben’s decision to turn the injector on himself. Ben wants Marina to get his inheritance. Holly’s overwhelmed by helplessness and nearly panics at the sight of a dying Ben. Tony feels left out when Marah wants to spend time with her family. Buzz asks Marina if she’d like to go to the hospital. She gives him a grateful look, edges toward the door. She makes it as far as the porch, where she recites a poem by Longfellow that keeps going through her head. Ed consoles Michelle; Blake clings to Ross. Ben looks into Holly’s face and is instantly soothed. He closes his eyes and dies. Buzz tells Marina that Ben is gone.

Source: CBS

14216 :52x25 - Friday, August 1, 2003

At the Beacon, Tammy suspects that Lizzie is behind sending Ben after Marina. Olivia tells Tammy not to blame herself or Lizzie for putting Ben on Marina’s trail. At the Spaulding study, Alexandra arrives with news of Ben’s death. Lizzie, at her breaking point after all the news about Ben, says she never meant for anybody to get hurt. She covers her outburst. Jeffrey shows up. Alan calls Jeffrey on his interest in the Spauldings. Jeffrey wants to know what drives Alan about the company, and the stalker cover up. Alan suspects Jeffrey’s hiding something as well. Phillip asks for Lizzie’s help in making Olivia see that she has a home and family. Sweet and innocent Lizzie promises to give it a shot. Alan informs Alexandra that he’ll be taking his stock, but Phillip can continue to run the company. Olivia wants to know if Lizzie sent Ben after Marina to the Bauer cabin. Marina lashes out at Eden and says she must be glad that Ben is dead. Marah questions Eden about her interest in Tony. Eden answers without really answering. At Company, Bill tells Eden if she doesn’t want to be with him, the sooner he knows it, the better. Eden is touched when Bill admits that he needs her. Marah inadvertently offends Tony when she suggests that violence doesn’t come from her world, but his. She has difficulty making peace about Ben. Tony says it is not always so simple as good over evil. Bill invites Eden to have dinner with Billy that night. Shayne reaches out to Marina, and she reacts badly. Shayne and Buzz are concerned about Marina, who is trying not to let the whole Ben situation get to her.

Source: CBS

14217 :52x26 - Monday, August 4, 2003

Alan offers a suspicious Phillip full control as head of Spaulding. Later, Alan goes to Harley’s, claiming that he is curious about how Harley is doing since leaving the force. When Alan suggests Harley consider opening her own agency again, Harley assumes he is trying to buy her off and throws him out. At the Beacon, Lizzie reluctantly admits to Olivia that she called Ben and asks what she intends to do about it. Olivia gets Lizzie to promise that she’ll tell Felicia about calling Ben. Later, Olivia goes to Felicia herself with this information and hopes that Felicia can bring it up in session. Felicia is not as concerned about it as Olivia had hoped. Phillip finds Olivia with Felicia. He worries that something is wrong with the baby, but Olivia assures him that everything is fine. Shayne plans a get-together at the Lewis house to soothe Marina, who insists all she needs is for Shayne to stop making such a big deal about everything. Frank stops off to tell Marina that he has scrimped together enough money to send her to Northwestern. Although she is grateful for the effort, she doesn’t want to go away to school. Reva promises Frank that she’ll speak with Marina. Reva doesn’t make much headway with Maria, but offers to talk anytime she wants. When Lizzie shows up, an upset Marina rips into Lizzie in front of everyone. Lizzie suggests to Tammy that she could lead Joey to believe that Tammy leaked the info about Shayne and Marina being at the cabin. Reva and Josh agree that their disagreement seems less important when compared to the Ben ordeal. After, at Company, Marina cannot share her pain with Shayne and sends him home.

Source: CBS

14218 :52x27 - Tuesday, August 5, 2003

Gus returns from Europe and wants to make some changes in his life. He decides that there is more to life than just police work. He calls Eden at the country club and tells her he is on his way. At the Museum, Tony is relieved when Marah returns, but she plans to stay at her parents’ house one more night. Marah tries to explain to Tony why she wants to spend another night with her family. She says she needs to act like a kid for a while. When he tries to kiss her, she pulls back sharply, but insists there isn’t a problem between them. Later, Shayne and Marah discuss their complicated lives and share some quality brother-sister time. Meanwhile, Tony sits alone on the couch, staring at the ceiling. Harley proposes a business partnership with Blake. She wants to open an all-purpose non-profit detective agency called Harley’s Angels. Billy and Bill pick up Eden for dinner. At the country club, Billy makes his distaste of Eden’s chosen profession abundantly clear. Bill asks to speak with his father privately. Meanwhile, Gus apologizes to Eden for being a bad brother during the investigation and asks if he can make it up to her. Bill slugs Billy. Eden wants Gus to get out of her life. Bill plans to keep seeing Eden, with or without Billy’s blessing. Eden is moved by Bill’s loyalty to her. At home, Gus tells Harley about his disastrous encounter with Eden; Harley fills him in on her new venture. Eden and Bill start to make love. Later, Eden puts away her Tony scrapbook at the bottom of a box of books, determined to make a fresh start with Bill.

Source: CBS

14219 :52x28 - Wednesday, August 6, 2003

Buzz closes the restaurant to go to Ben’s memorial service with Frank. Marina lies to Frank and Buzz and hides out alone in the darkened restaurant. Shayne is angry and wants to lash out. Reva convinces Shayne that disrupting the memorial service is not the way to deal with his feelings about Ben’s death. Reva learns from Ed that Fletcher cannot be found or notified. Michelle and Bill mourn and reminisce. Marina tries to hide from Shayne, but he finds her and forces her to confront her feelings. She vents her frustration by throwing plates at the wall. Shayne is finally able to comfort her. Tony prepares for the service, visibly upset about Marah’s leaving him last night. Marah shows up and they reconcile. Danny wants things to return to normal, now that Eden’s been cleared. Bill and Marah reminisce. Harley offers Mel a job at Harley’s Angels. Harley deduces that Mel thinks she failed the bar. Mel agrees to consider Harley’s offer. She calls to find out when the results of the bar will be in. Harley pitches her Angels’ proposal to Danny and he accepts. Eden comforts a devastated Bill as they prepare to leave for the service. Eden finds an envelope at her door containing shocking photos of Tony which hint he has been abusive to an unknown woman. Eden hides the photos in her purse before Bill can spot them. Holly acts awkward and distracted. Eden backs into Tony, almost revealing the envelope. He tells her she can get a new start now. Blake is at a loss for words. Holly deals with Ben’s death by talking to Ed. Marah opens up to Eden about her fears. Eden presses Marah to reveal her concerns about Tony’s violence.

Source: CBS

14220 :52x29 - Thursday, August 7, 2003

Rick accuses Phillip of playing games with Olivia. Rick lists for Phillip all the injustices he has committed against Olivia. Realizing she never told Felicia the truth, Olivia tries to reach out to an indignant Lizzie. Phillip decides to let up on his stubborn pursuit of Olivia and focus more on Lizzie. Lizzie attempts to reach out for help, but changes her mind when Felicia does not answer her phone. Phillip apologizes to Lizzie for his neglect. Lizzie begins to confess to Phillip, but Olivia interrupts. Phillip confesses his uncertainty about his feelings to Olivia, and they agree to begin anew, to Lizzie’s frustration. Mel has a panic attack in front of Felicia. Felicia gives Mel a pep talk. Mel tries to cover her nervousness, but Rick sees through it. Rick convinces Mel to accept Harley’s job offer. Felicia offers Bill psychiatric help, but Bill has already received all the help he needs from Eden. Marah reveals her insecurities to Eden about Tony’s violent past. Marah accepts Eden as part of the family. Bill and Eden share an affectionate moment. Tony gets angry after hearing the radio show. Marah is tense and lashes out at Tony for mentioning violence. Marah defends the Mole’s statements about Ben. Tony confronts Marah about her reticence towards him. Eden consults Darci about the photos. Darci questions Eden’s intentions toward Tony. Eden admits to her abandoned scheme to split up Tony and Marah. Tony persuades Marah to have dinner with him and Eden at the country club. Later, Eden prepares to show Tony the photos, unaware that Marah is approaching.

Source: CBS

14223 :52x32 - Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Eden arrives to tell Marah she's making a huge mistake. Marah wants to know why it is so important to Eden that she and Tony get back together. Eden admits that she might have made a play for Tony if Bill wasn't in the picture. Christopher wants to prove to Reva that her gift is with her anywhere. Reva is shaken after successfully "reading" Louise, the towel lady. Later, Reva advises Marah to keep an eye on Eden. A breathless Eden hurries into the gym and stops short at seeing Tony in nothing but gym shorts. Tony grabs Eden roughly, and asks if this is what she wanted. Danny enters, and Eden and Tony awkwardly break apart. Danny orders Eden to get out and is stunned when Tony shows him the incriminating photos. Danny decides to get rid of Eden. An upset Eden tries to locate Bill. Danny advises Cassie to reconsider Edmund's offer to renovate the farm. He points out Edmund wanted to do this with no strings attached. R.J. runs to Jeffrey again and grabs onto his leg. Edmund tries to convince Jeffrey to move to the new adults-only condominium tower downtown. As charming as moving sounds, Jeffrey opts to stay put. Later, Cassie apologizes to Edmund and says she'd like to reconsider his offer to renovate the farm, but she wants to share the costs.

Source: CBS

14224 :52x33 - Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Reva tells Holly that Christopher and Arthur will have a sidekick: her. At first reluctant, Holly agrees to go along with this. Josh warns Reva there may be consequences to her psychic pursuits. Reva is hurt by his lack of faith in her. A naughty Cassie tells Edmund to meet her in ten minutes in the linen closet. Edmund bounds up the stairs. Cassie emerges from behind a rack of linens, wearing only a sheet. She and Edmund make love. Danny tells Michelle that Tony and Marah broke up. Michelle informs Danny that she and Bill will be working with Harley and Blake. He approves of her working on 5th Street but asks her to be careful. Jeffrey doesn't think very highly of Mel's decision to work with Harley and Blake. An angry Mel quits her job with Jeffrey. Even though she hasn't received her bar examination results, Mel agrees to join the firm. Harley's Angels are thrilled with the addition of Bill and Michelle to their team. After Harley, Blake and Mel leave, Michelle questions Eden's motives regarding Bill. But Bill turns the tables and asks if Michelle is sure Danny is as squeaky clean as he claims. Michelle and Bill agree to keep their personal and business lives separate. After seeing a softer side of Jeffrey, Cassie wonders how he can be so nice sometimes and yet a total jerk other times. Later, Cassie becomes upset when she sees what she thinks is Jeffrey hitting on Reva. Danny confronts Eden about her role in Tony and Marah’s breakup. Eden plays coy, claiming it was Salerno, but Danny doesn't buy her act. Danny wants Eden to back off. Later, he decides to pay Salerno a visit.

Source: CBS

14226 :52x35 - Friday, August 15, 2003

Reva is having second thoughts about doing the show. Josh helps her remember why she is doing it. Reva decides to step aside and let Christopher and Arthur do the talking. Marah gives Reva a pep talk to calm her nerves. Shayne comes down to the TV station to support his mother and spend time with Marina. Marina has a fantasy of receiving a performance award. Alexandra expresses her sympathy and regrets toward Marina. They share an awkward moment. Jeffrey has a mysterious phone conversation about a "package." He bumps into Beth and his cell phone drops. Beth and Jeffrey introduce themselves and flirt. Lizzie tells Alexandra that she is being blackmailed by Olivia. She confesses that she sent Ben to the cabin after Marina. Alexandra realizes that Lizzie has some issues. The birthing class watches a video on giving birth. Phillip announces that the video is misleading. He tries to score points with Olivia by describing how much more "magical" the delivery process is than the video had said. Phillip is afraid he overstepped, but Olivia learned something from his speech, and is glad she has such an experienced coach. After, Phillip gives Alexandra the job at Spaulding. Alexandra tries to warn Phillip about Lizzie's problems, but he insists he has it under control. Lizzie decides to put an end to Olivia’s pregnancy. She pulls up loose carpet on the stairs. Later, Beth explains to Lizzie that Olivia's baby is already a person. After realizing that she might kill an actual baby, Lizzie tries to stop Olivia from tripping on the step she rigged, but it's too late. Olivia falls.

Source: CBS

14227 :52x36 - Monday, August 18, 2003

Cassie rushes to Olivia's aid after her fall. Jeffrey is suspicious of Lizzie. Olivia, worried about the baby, begs for Lizzie to stay away from her. Jeffrey confronts Beth about Lizzie, and about Ben's abduction of Marina. He shows her the map Lizzie drew leading Ben to the cabin. Beth is upset and wonders if she's failed as a mother. Jeffrey tries to reassure her. Finding Beth’s honesty appealing, Jeffrey kisses her. At the hospital, Lizzie is anxiously awaiting news of Olivia's condition. Phillip arrives and demands to know what happened. Lizzie is defensive in response to Cassie and Phillip's questions, but secretly terrified. The doctor reports that Olivia is fine, but the baby is in distress. Phillip is worried they'll lose the baby. He asks Lillian to check on Olivia. Phillip is disappointed when Olivia asks for Cassie and not him. Lillian and Olivia share a moment as they discuss the forthcoming joys of motherhood. Olivia asks Cassie to keep Phillip and Lizzie away from her. Holly is nervous, as Reva is about to go on air. Reva has a premonition that she will be part of the reading. She introduces Christopher, who discusses Reva's psychic ability, and then Arthur. Arthur successfully makes contact with the deceased. Reva says she felt the accident as it was being related to Arthur. Arthur gets a message from a girl who's been missing for 10 years. Reva announces that the girl isn't dead.

Source: CBS

14229 :52x38 - Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Ross tells Buzz he has business with Marina that will change her life forever. Shayne and Marina help Marah move back in to the Museum. She is clearly not over Tony. Danny is more concerned with the Santos image than with Tony's pain over Marah. Dr. K. gives Michelle a pamphlet for psychiatry certification at Hunley University. He leaves her seriously considering it. Salerno calls Danny to taunt him about Eden. Michelle tells Danny that she knew about his meeting with Salerno. She surprises him by consenting to his actions. She is tired of living in fear. Danny approves of Michelle's going to Hunley University. Ross informs Marina he is there to fulfill Ben's dying wish. Ben left Marina his one million dollar inheritance. Marina turns down the money. Shayne points out that she could use the money for good. It’s Sandy and the Mole’s last radio show; Dean Boudreau has thrown them off the air. Marah hears the radio duo talk about the deceit in Springfield and is inspired to call in. She opens up to Sandy and the Mole. Later, Marah is looking through her sketches when Sandy shows up at her door. He thanks her for the call. Eden phones Salerno and says she wants to go back to her old life. Springfield isn't working out. On a rooftop in NYC, Salerno finds Tony instead and realizes he has been set up. Tony nearly throws Salerno off the roof. Vinnie admits the photos were fake, but continues to provoke Tony, saying he is Danny's pet. Tony lets Salerno go. Eden declares she is the only one who sees Tony for who he really is. They are caught up in a moment of sexual tension, which erupts into a passionate kiss.

Source: CBS

14230 :52x39 - Thursday, August 21, 2003

Marina climbs in through Shayne's bedroom window. She’s conflicted about her future plans and needs his help. Josh catches Marina in Shayne's room. Concerned that Shayne needs a good night’s sleep, Josh tells Shayne to send her home. Shayne stands up to his father and leaves with Marina. Ed doesn't want Michelle to leave the state for another program. She gives Ed her reasons for going to Hunley. He admits he’s being selfish because he doesn’t want her to go away. Danny assigns someone to protect Michelle while she is away. Michelle has hope for Tony and Marah. Marah tells "all-knowing" Sandy that Tony moved out. Marah wants to help Sandy fight to get the show back. She is eager to protest the cancellation of the show and stand up for free speech. Sandy is trying to start a revolution. Marah rallies support for her cause. Eden starts to say how much she has wanted Tony. He hushes her and they continue to get intimate. Tony and Eden both know what they are doing is wrong, but they can't help themselves. They give in to their passion. Eden admits that she wanted Tony all along. Tony accuses Eden of lying and only pretending to be friends with Marah in a plot to be with Tony. She denies it. He finally believes her. They come to an understanding and agree to stay away from each other and not speak of this night. Later, Tony and Eden awkwardly avoid each other. Eden tells Marah they need to talk. Tony partly blames Danny for his losing Marah.

Source: CBS

14231 :52x40 - Friday, August 22, 2003

At Company, Shayne is determined to stay up with Marina and help her decide. She struggles with her choices. Shayne declares his love for Marina. Eden's story of Salerno's confession on the roof confirms Marah's image of Tony as a violent man. Marah asks Eden to not talk about Tony. She has plunged herself into her work in order to forget her pain. Eden convinces Marah to call Tony and make up, but she changes her mind at the last minute. Tony tries to get Danny to accept that he has lost Marah for good. He admits to his cousin that he slept with Eden. Bill shows up. Danny advises Bill to accept Eden and love her for who she is. Eden has flashbacks of the rooftop incident. She can't go through with tearing up the last picture of Tony. Bill is willing to try again, but Eden can't make any promises. They resolve their issues and make love. Marah doesn't see Tony, who is waiting to speak with her. Inferring from her phone conversation that she has moved on, he decides not to talk to her. Josh quells Reva's fears about the missing girl. He thinks her psychic ability is a curse. Reva is relieved when she gets a call that the missing girl has been found. Now that she sees the good that can be done, Reva can't suppress her ability. Josh is worried about the toll these psychic readings will take on her. She cannot be stopped, and goes to call Christopher. Reva tells Christopher she couldn't have done it without him. Christopher makes a cryptic phone call and says he has found the woman they have been looking for.

Source: CBS

14232 :52x41 - Monday, August 25, 2003

Olivia tells Phillip she thinks Lizzie caused her fall. She explains her reasons for her suspicions, then says she can't see him in order to save their baby from Lizzie. Phillip questions Olivia and concludes that Lizzie was only trying to help. Olivia realizes that Phillip is in denial about Lizzie, and asks him to leave. Lillian tells Alexandra that Beth has taken Lizzie away for a little while. No one is to know where they are. Alexandra wants to be included in decisions about Lizzie. Lillian tries to get Alexandra to see the truth. Alexandra forces Thomas into giving her Alan's number. Marah motivates the dedicated crew for Sandy and the Mole’s cause. Remy is prepared to take on his dad. The Mole refuses to show. Sandy confronts Marah about her love life. Marah confesses that facing the truth has cost her Tony. Sandy admires her honesty. Marah gives a speech that motivates Marina, who decides to take the money and go to Springfield University. She is going to put herself through school and donate the money to Harley's Angels. Sandy wants to broadcast from atop the billboard. Marah and Sandy climb the billboard together in protest. Cassie and Edmund share a romantic moment, which Jeffrey interrupts. Jeffrey is determined to pursue Beth. Edmund is pleased to have him away from Cassie, but this oddly upsets Cassie. Cassie and Edmund agree that Jeffrey isn't right for Beth. They have their work cut out for them on the farm. Cassie has a dream in which Richard turns into Jeffrey. She wakes up screaming, and is not comforted by Edmund's soothing words.

Source: CBS

14233 :52x42 - Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Josh admits to Billy he’s worried that Reva is pulling away from him. Billy gives Josh an encouraging talk. Meanwhile, Reva confides in Chris that her psychic experiences have been taking a toll on her. Christopher urges her to let her true nature come through. He takes Reva to the ER and tells her to trust her instinct and be impulsive again. Reva closes her eyes and feels the joy of a young woman. Josh shows up and sees Chris's arm around Reva. He leaves, disturbed, and doesn’t hear Reva tell Chris she wants to share this moment with Josh. Beth has left James in Harley's care for a few days. Alexandra tells Phillip they must stop Lillian and Beth from institutionalizing Lizzie. She tries to convince Phillip of the seriousness of the situation. Phillip goes to look for Lizzie. Phillip fills in Gus and Harley about Lizzie's problems and asks for their help in finding her. Gus offers Phillip Harley's PI services. Harley forgives Gus for forcing her to take the case. Harley trusts Lillian's judgment. She is in no rush to find the three women, and wants to speak to Olivia first. At the cabin, Lizzie tries to run, but Lillian blocks her way. Lillian is practicing "tough love." Lizzie calls it kidnapping. Lizzie declares that she made Beth psychotic, and that she'll do the same to her. Lillian flat out asks Lizzie if she caused Olivia's accident. Lizzie warns Lillian that she'll do something horrible if she isn't let out. Lizzie locks herself in the bathroom. Lillian prays she won't hurt herself.

Source: CBS

14234 :52x43 - Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Cassie tells Reva about her horrifying dream with Jeffrey. Reva dispels her sister’s fears concerning the dream. She is happy for Cassie and Edmund, but is worried about her own marriage. Cassie motivates Reva to plan a passionate getaway with Josh. Meanwhile, Alexandra tells Alan that Beth and Lillian have kidnapped Lizzie. They decide to work together to get Phillip on their side and be involved in Lizzie's fate. Jeffrey provokes Alan as they discuss Beth. Ross and Jeffrey go to court to put the Ben Reade case to rest, and the judge seems to have it in for Jeffrey. He questions O’Neill about suspicious facts of Mitch's arrest. It appears that the judge knows something about Jeffrey that Ross doesn't. Ross questions a mysterious Jeffrey about his connections. Harley prepares for battle with Olivia, but the women end up bonding over their dealings with Beth and Phillip, and come to an understanding. Olivia wants Lizzie to stay away and Phillip to deal with his own problems. Harley assures her everything will be okay, but Olivia is unconvinced. Harley agrees to make an intervention. Cassie supports Olivia. At the farm, Reva starts to seduce Josh. He pulls back and hesitates. He remembers seeing Chris and Reva's intimacy and is suspicious of Reva's advances. Josh finally gives in and they make love. Eden and Bill share a sweet, post lovemaking moment in bed. Bill wants Eden to go to a construction convention with him. At Company, Gus asks Eden for forgiveness, but she refuses. Tony is stung when he sees Bill and Eden kiss. Eden makes an effort to avoid Tony. Later, Tony confronts Eden about her ignoring him in public. Eden insists to Tony that she is trying to make things work with Bill, and what happened in New York meant nothing.

Source: CBS

14235 :52x44 - Thursday, August 28, 2003

Danny worries about Michelle being on her own. Michelle breaks her shoe in a dark alley and is accosted by a young though named Nico. She doesn't give up the bag without a fight. She falls and Nico helps her up before running off. After, Frank questions Michelle about the mugging. Danny arrives. They have caught the mugger, and Father Ray claims responsibility for him. Ray insists that Nico is not a criminal, but Danny doesn’t believe him. Michelle sides with Father Ray; she wants to help 5th Street by helping Nico. Lizzie refuses to talk. She says that Lillian and Beth hate her, and throws a vase against the wall. Harley finds the cabin and approaches cautiously. Phillip demands that she get Lizzie out immediately. Gus advises Harley over the phone on how to deal with the domestic disturbance. Lillian counsels Beth on handling Lizzie, not too hard or too soft. Beth and Lillian want Lizzie to take responsibility for her actions. Harley watches from the window. Lizzie threatens to slit her wrist with a piece of glass. Gus listens on the phone as Harley goes into the cabin. Harley tries to talk Lizzie out of cutting herself as she moves closer towards her. Gus and Phillip continue to listen on the phone. Lizzie is torn between listening to Harley and cutting herself. Harley snatches the glass from Lizzie's hand and comforts her. Phillip berates himself for being blind to Lizzie's problems. He vows to do everything he can to help her from now on. Harley and Lizzie will ride home together and have a talk. Lillian urges Beth not to give up on Lizzie or give in to her.

Source: CBS

14237 :52x46 - Tuesday September 2, 2003

Harley is driving Lizzie home from the cabin when Lizzie desperately grabs the steering wheel, lurching the car to the side of the road. Harley holds Lizzie to calm her and she cries in Harley’s arms. At the Spaulding mansion, Beth and Lillian present their case to Phillip, Alexandra, Alan and Gus. Alan and Alexandra fear that committing Lizzie to a hospital will mark her for life. Beth is more concerned about getting Lizzie the help that she needs. Gus watches as the debate continues without resolution. Phillip and Lillian propose to move back in to help Beth watch over Lizzie. Harley tries to convince Lizzie that her family cares about her. Gus puts in his two cents. Alexandra doesn't want to hear it and won't back down. Lizzie enters the room calmly, with a smile. Lizzie is elated that Phillip and Lillian are moving in. Reva worries about her daughter. Marah asserts her independence. At Company, Reva and Tony discuss Marah. Reva urges Tony to fight for his relationship with Marah, but he thinks that they are too different to be together. Marah and Sandy begin their sit-in on the billboard, and she is disappointed the Mole won’t be joining them. Marina and Shayne help support the cause. Local DJs Goumba Johnny and Baltazar broadcast from the crowd. The Dean, Sandy and Marah argue. Marah seems to have won the debate. Remy is willing to stand up to his dad. Later, Marah spots Tony at the edge of the field watching her. She sees him turn and walk away. A groupie follows Shayne and kisses him, which Marina witnesses. They realize they’ll both have to deal with other people who find them attractive. Shayne gives Marina an open-ended plane ticket to visit him while he’s away playing baseball.

Source: CBS

14238 :52x47 - Wednesday September 3, 2003

RJ has wandered off and Cassie rushes out to find him. It turns out that RJ is hiding underneath Jeffrey's table. Jeffrey discovers the boy hiding beneath him, but keeps his secret. He gives RJ a fatherly talk about his first day of school. Cassie sees Jeffrey with RJ, but he returns to his rude form once he sees her. Edmund pries into Beth's love life. Cassie admits to Reva that Jeffrey isn't all bad. Edmund arrives. Edmund declares that he doesn't feel threatened by Jeffrey. Later, Jeffrey has confidence in Beth's parenting ability. Beth and Jeffrey kiss. Michelle tells Danny she has bailed Nico out of jail and he will be helping around the house. Danny is not happy. She asks Danny to trust her feelings about Nico. Tony warns Nico not to mess with the family. Danny and Nico finally consent to Michelle's plan. Tony gives Michelle a going away present. Nico refuses to believe that Danny is legitimate. Danny and Michelle share an emotional goodbye. A large crowd of protesters has gathered to support Sandy and Marah. Sandy presses Marah to talk about Tony. Sandy points out the senselessness of Marah's reason not to be with Tony, insisting you can't play it safe all the time. Sandy urges Marah to climb down and return to her life. The Dean arrives and starts up the ladder. Clayton gives in and puts the show back on air. Sandy hints that Marah should work it out with Tony. Sandy sits on the billboard ledge, not looking at the crowd. Marah comes looking for Tony at Danny and Michelle's. At the Beacon, Tony runs into Marah and prepares to leave, but she stops him.

Source: CBS

14240 :52x49 - Monday September 8, 2003

Olivia learns of Cassie's plans to throw her a surprise baby shower, and is touched by Cassie's gesture. Harley advises Cassie to cancel the shower, since nobody likes Olivia enough to attend. Cassie insists on going ahead with it. Cassie tells Olivia that Edmund can't forgive himself for things in the past. Olivia encourages her to talk to him about it. Mel and Rick are worried about each other. They discuss their fertility problem, with Rick blaming his medical condition. Ed points out that this is their problem. While Rick and Mel are on the phone, Robbie tears up Mel's letter. Mel leaves to meet Rick and tells Felicia to wish her luck on the Bar results. Rick tries to put together the pieces of Mel's torn up letter. Rick and the Boudreaus surprise Mel with the good news that she passed the Bar. Eden accuses Marah of being a wimp for giving up on Tony. Marah cannot figure out why Tony has changed his mind about getting back together and wonders if Eden could shed some light. Eden urges Marah to do something big to get Tony's attention and forgiveness. Marah is perturbed that the Mole is a no show. After Sandy confides in Marah he is having some financial problems, she thinks she has a way to help him out. Harley wants to know why Eden is making Gus' life hell. An upset Eden insists that Harley doesn't really know Gus and that eventually, she will see his true self. Eden says that when Gus stops needing somebody, that's it. It's over. She warns Harley that Gus will turn his back on her one day, too.

Source: CBS

14241 :52x50 - Tuesday September 9, 2003

Danny speaks with Michelle on the phone. When he hangs up, it’s obvious the house is a huge mess. Danny tells Nico that when Michelle returns, she expects to see the new and improved Nico. Danny doesn't want her to be disappointed. Danny fires the nanny. Marina arrives with Michelle's care package just as Robbie erupts into wails. After seeing how Marina is with Robbie, Danny hires her as his new nanny. Danny and Nico seem to reach an understanding. At Company, Shayne surprises Marina with a pair of tickets to the hottest concert of the year. Alan is with Gus when he is confronted by an angry woman who claims that her daughter, a former employee of Spaulding, has vanished and was a victim of foul play. She believes one of Alan’s executives is responsible and threatens to go public. Gus offers to look into it. Eden tells Harley it is not Gus's fault he is the way he is. It's probably just in his Spaulding genes. Harley, in spite of herself, is affected by Eden's words. At Olivia's bar, Alexandra and Eden strike up a conversation. They end up discussing a business venture, and the end result is Eden working for Alexandra. Alan wants Christopher to consult on Lizzie's condition, but Christopher refuses. He reconsiders after Alan promises not to interfere with his evaluation of Lizzie. Gus tells Harley he may have a case for her. Harley questions Gus's motives for looking into Lori Jensen's disappearance, but agrees to do it.

Source: CBS

14242 :52x51 - Wednesday September 10, 2003

Phillip, Beth and Lillian are preparing for Lizzie's first therapy session with Dr. Christopher Langham when Jeffrey arrives to take Beth out. She turns him down, citing her focus on her daughter. But, with Phillip and Lillian's help, Jeffrey finally wears her down and she agrees to see him later that night. Meanwhile, Alan breaks the news to Lizzie about her new therapist. For a moment it looks like she might explode, but she takes it in stride. When the session begins, it’s apparent that Christopher has his work cut out for him. Earlier in the day, Christopher shows up at the Lewis house to find Reva, but is met only by Josh. Josh explains to Christopher that the advice he's been giving to open up, be more instinctive could be dangerous to Reva and her family. Christopher promises never to exploit Reva. Marah asks Josh to hire her friend, Sandy. He is less than thrilled with the prospect, but agrees to take the meeting. Later, Josh and Reva share a moment alone and look forward to the future. Marina spends her first day as a nanny for Danny and Michelle. It is tougher than she expected, but Shayne is by her side. Shayne receives a call from Josh with good news. The GM of the Cubs wants to meet with him to discuss his future with the organization. After he hangs up, Shayne realizes in order to take the meeting, he'd have to miss the concert he's taking Marina to. He promises not to bail on her. Marina meets Danny's houseguest, Nico, and the two don't get along. Cassie realizes she needs to confront head on the issue of Edmund's role in her infertility. She makes it clear to him that she doesn't blame him anymore. She wouldn't be with him if she did. They make love.

Source: CBS

14244 :52x53 - Friday September 12, 2003

Shayne's plan for him to take Marina to the concert and yet still be back in time for the meeting with the Cubs GM has gone awry. By the time Shayne arrives at the concert, the GM and Josh are already waiting for him. Christopher and Reva debate the morality of his goals. He'd like to harness her abilities to be able to predict tragedies before they occur, but she's troubled by the idea of messing with fate. When Josh learns that Reva advised Shayne to go to the concert, he is furious. He takes off to find Shayne, and bring him back before the GM leaves town. Meanwhile, Marina convinces Shayne to turn around and go home. Reva has a terrifying vision. Later, her vision is realized as Shayne and Marina are involved in a terrible car crash. Danny takes Nico out to dinner to reward him for a hard day’s work, but there’s still tension between them. At Company, they run into Tony, who is attempting to drink away his sorrows. Danny is stunned to learn Nico witnessed him and Tony beating up the drug dealers on 5th Street. He’s impressed by Nico's ability to keep quiet and his desire to see 5th Street cleaned up. Tony ends up at Olivia's Bar, where his drinking only intensifies. In a drunken haze, he thinks he sees Marah making out with another guy. He springs into action only to find that the girl isn't Marah and the guy has some big friends. Things are about to get very ugly when Bill steps in, and pulls Tony out. Just as Eden arrives, it appears as though Tony is about to reveal to Bill that he and Eden made love. Beth and Jeffrey's date at a Japanese restaurant turns passionate quickly and they begin to make love.

Source: CBS

14245 :52x54 - Monday September 15, 2003

Tony is on the verge of telling Bill about sleeping with Eden. Eden panics, as Bill calls Marah. Later, a concerned Marah starts to clean up Tony's wound and he doesn't pull away. Eden stammers when Bill asks her why she didn't want him calling Marah. Meanwhile, Marah tries to convince Tony not to give up on them. They kiss. Marah learns about Shayne's accident, and she and Tony race to the hospital. The realization hits Beth that she and Jeffrey made love in a restaurant. Beth demands that Jeffrey drive her home, but as they struggle for his car keys, they plop right into the poisonous fish tank. Jeffrey feels Beth is being too rigid: she has every right to have a good time without feeling guilty. Jeffrey becomes agitated with Beth, and urges her not to apologize for the way she feels. Jeffrey insists that life is full of risks, sometimes she's just got to suck it up and take a chance. Without waiting for her reply, he steers her out. In the aftermath of the accident, Marina can't rouse an unconscious Shayne. Shaken, she goes for help to the car who hit them and is shocked to see that Josh is the driver. A horrified Josh tries to pull Shayne from the wreckage. Meanwhile, Reva can't shake the feeling that something bad has happened to Shayne. Marina answers Shayne’s phone, and confirms Reva's fears about Shayne. Shayne is brought into the ER and Reva arrives and sees Josh. The horrible truth that Josh was involved in the accident begins to dawn on Reva. A distraught Reva walks away from Josh after she realizes that she was responsible for Shayne's accident.

Source: CBS

14246 :52x55 - Tuesday September 16, 2003

Beth cannot help letting her excitement about Jeffrey show and says she had forgotten how to enjoy a man. Phillip enters and insists that they don't have to tiptoe around each other. Olivia is concerned about a distracted Phillip. Alan apologizes for not listening to Olivia about how troubled Lizzie is and thanks her for speaking up. Olivia thinks Phillip needs Alan's help. Alan is suspicious about Olivia's motives, but decides to take action. Phillip writes a letter to his unborn daughter telling her he doesn't want to let her down. In the end, he switches gears, and is talking to Lizzie. At the hospital, Reva sits at Shayne's side. Marina tells Frank that Shayne saved her life. Tony comforts Marah. Emotional Reva clings to Cassie. Cassie and Marah are surprised when Reva informs them Josh was involved in Shayne's accident. Reva asks Christopher why this had to happen. Gus questions Josh about the accident. An angry Marina lets Josh have it, declaring that the accident only happened because Shayne was rushing back for the meeting to please Josh. He collapses. Josh comes to, but Rick wants him to lie down at least for a while. Josh flashes back to happy times with his son. Cassie gives Reva the news about Josh collapsing, although Reva seems somewhat hesitant about going to him. Gus tells Frank that he didn't push Josh for answers. Cassie worries about Reva. Ed informs Reva and Josh that there is severe swelling in Shayne's spine and brain. Reva, Josh and Marah move off to see Shayne; Tony slips away. Marina sits with Shayne and Reva pulls away from Josh.

Source: CBS

14247 :52x56 - Wednesday September 17, 2003

Alan is worried about Phillip and wants Gus to speak with him. Harley's Angels discuss the Lori Jensen case. Harley and Blake deduce what might have happened to Lori the last time she saw Brad. Harley admits that part of her wants Alan and Spaulding Enterprises to be completely innocent, for Gus' sake. She’s concerned by Phillip's almost frenetic energy. Gus thinks Phillip is being a little too hard on himself about Lizzie, but he disagrees. Phillip is determined to influence, affect and improve Lizzie's life. Gus wants Phillip to admit he is human, and some things are out of his control. Phillip won't listen to Gus' advice. While the Harley’s Angels organize a blood drive, Edmund and Beth remember when Lizzie was in the hospital. He asks Beth to put aside past differences and attend Olivia’s baby shower. He also grills Beth about her date with Jeffrey and encourages her to keep after him. Beth suspects Edmund wants her with Jeffrey to keep him away from Cassie. Much to her surprise and delight, Beth receives a note from Jeffrey asking her out again. Alan demands that Brad tell him what he did to Lori, but if Brad lies, he'll be on his own. Brad counters that Alan has the power to make this thing go away, or things could get dicey for Spaulding. Rick finds Mel's medical tests, opens and reads the results. Rick and Mel announce they are pregnant. In the hospital chapel, Reva reacquaints herself with God. She doesn't want Shayne to suffer for her mistakes, and asks God to make her son whole again.

Source: CBS

14252 :52x61 - Wednesday September 24, 2003

Gus needs Phillip's help with a case. He piques Phillip's interest in Brad Green and Lori Jensen. Harley and Blake decide that they will not abandon Brenda Jensen, regardless of working on the same case. Now that Gus is heading up the Jensen investigation, he tells Harley and Blake they can step down. Harley refuses. She bets him that Harley's Angels can solve the Jensen case better and faster than the Springfield PD. They make their wager official. Alexandra wants answers from Brad Green about Lori Jensen. Brad points out how many Spaulding secrets he knows. Later, Phillip confronts Alexandra about Brad, and she ends up defending him. When Blake runs into Brad, she pretends to be an old friend of his. After Tony shows up at Danny’s with a waitress from Company, an emotional Marah bursts into tears and leaves. Danny convinces Tony to stay for a family dinner, and tries to keep the peace. Nico points out that Tony loves Marah, which is why he paraded around his date in front of her. Tony admits he wanted Marah to see him with another girl so that she will move on. Meanwhile, Marah joins Josh at Shayne’s bedside. Nico tells Danny that music is good for drowning out silence. Tony stands alone and adrift, looking out over the lake. Ed examines Shayne and Marah and Josh keep vigil. Elsewhere, Phillip watches a mother and her newborn.

Source: CBS

14253 :52x62 - Thursday September 25, 2003

Lizzie won’t leave her room to have therapy with Christopher, so the session takes place there. Lizzie rants that she could act pregnant for attention. She reveals she’s been holding a baby doll underneath her shirt, and rips the doll’s head off. Later, Christopher and Felicia agree that it is time to warn Olivia about Lizzie. Meanwhile, a devious Lizzie is glad that Tammy is coming over and plots a way to escape. Phillip massages a wary Olivia and she can't say no. Olivia promises to never shut Phillip out of her baby's life. Phillip and Olivia take candles and head outside for Shayne. They hold candles up in the darkness. Marah asks how Reva could let Josh move out of the house. Shayne is not perfect anymore; is Reva going to throw him away, too? Reva realizes her daughter is now talking about Tony. Reva cautions that stuffing down what you feel never works, and, in the end, everyone gets hurt. Josh approaches Marina to work things out. He says he knows what it's like to be where Shayne is. A long time ago he had an accident and fought his way back. As a result, Marina finds it easier to include Josh in the therapy session, but Shayne is still hesitant. The physical therapist works with Shayne. The Mole wants everybody to put a light in their window, honk their horn, send up a flare, whatever, to get Shayne back on his feet. Reva lights a single candle and prays. Marah goes into Sandy's apartment without knocking, and gasps at what she sees. Meanwhile, moved by the outpouring of support, Shayne moves his finger. Josh and Marina are thrilled.

Source: CBS

14254 :52x63 - Friday September 26, 2003

The shower for her nemesis Olivia is very much on Lizzie’s mind as she spends the evening trapped in the Spaulding house. Tammy arrives and Lizzie senses a way to escape, but it's not to be as Lillian offers Tammy a ride home courtesy of one of the Spaulding drivers. But Lizzie won't be deterred and when Tammy's boyfriend Joey calls, Lizzie lies that Tammy is still at the house and tells him to come on over. She clearly has plans for his car. Later, Lillian checks in on Lizzie but she's made up her bed to appear as if she's sleeping in it as she waits at the end of the driveway for Joey. Beth has arrived to seduce Jeffrey but when trying to question him about his past, he is decidedly vague and maneuvers things so that she doesn't go into his room. Meanwhile, Cassie is convinced all the people she's invited to the shower will be no shows. She sends Edmund out to hunt for attendees, and he runs into Beth, just off a romantic interlude with Jeffrey. But Edmund sees what Beth does not, a woman greeting Jeffrey and acting for the entire world like a lover. He invites her to his room. Marah's walked in on Sandy and has made the surprising discovery: there is no Mole. It's been Sandy doing both voices all along, using a puppet he found as a child to speak to his audience. He confides in her a touching tale of the day he invented the Mole, as a way to talk back to his father, when he could not. Marah leaves with a new understanding of Sandy but there is more she still hasn't learned. Once she goes, he opens a cabinet to reveal he has a framed picture of Reva that he's been hiding from her.

Source: CBS

14255 :52x64 - Monday September 29, 2003

Shayne’s progress fades and he can’t move his finger again. Ian suspects that something is bothering Shayne. Josh and Reva bond briefly while consulting with Shayne’s doctor. Soon after, the Cubs Executive calls, which upsets Reva. Josh is anxious to talk, but Reva’s not ready yet. Shayne is still upset about Marina quitting school to take care of him. Marina fantasizes about Shayne's speedy recovery. After Marina and Josh exit, we see that Shayne's eyes are filled with tears. Josh notices the tears on Shayne's cheeks and gently dabs them away. An emotional Reva watches father and son through the glass. Meanwhile, the baby shower is underway. Alexandra tells Lillian it is a pity somebody in her family didn't give Olivia the boot while it was still possible. Alexandra's gift to Olivia is a vow to be on her best behavior for as many nights to come as she can possibly manage. Tammy asks Edmund about sex. Edmund advises Tammy to be honest with Joey and herself. That is the kind of closeness that counts in the long run. Having tricked Joey into driving her, Lizzie is on her way to the shower. Joey is onto Lizzie after he speaks with Tammy on the phone. But Lizzie’s able to manipulate him into feeling sorry for her. When Olivia starts to open her gifts, it’s a transforming moment as suddenly, everyone's in the spirit. Olivia thanks everyone for coming and toasts her mother. Later, a bellhop informs her that someone is outside to see her. Olivia hears rustling in the bushes. Reva steps out and explains that she didn't want to take anything away from Olivia's night but has a gift for the baby. A toast is made to Cassie. Later, Olivia comes face to face with Lizzie.

Source: CBS

14256 :52x65 - Tuesday September 30, 2003

Gus attempts to make peace with Eden but things goes awry when he finds a Garden of Eden receipt with Brad Green's credit card imprint on it. When he tries to question her about it, their tentative truce goes out the window. Bill becomes fed up with Eden and Gus's bickering and intervenes. He tries to make Gus and Eden work it out, but fails. Edmund wonders about the Japanese woman huddled with Jeffrey. It is the second time her has seen them together and it appears they could be lovers. Edmund takes pleasure in telling Jeffrey that he has his number, and soon everyone else in town will, too. Jeffrey is unfazed and, it appears, a little dangerous when it comes to his private life. Lizzie has tracked down Olivia at the Beacon and quietly menacing, offers her a gift. Olivia's hands go instinctively to her stomach as she tries to tell Lizzie to go home. An impatient Lizzie thrusts her gift at Olivia, who scans the room for help. There is no one. Christopher intercepts Lizzie's gift and says she really shouldn't have. He sends Olivia away and confronts Lizzie about her stunt. A skeptical Christopher wants to know the contents of Lizzie's box, but it’s a perfectly normal baby outfit. Olivia feels today may be the first day of her second chance as she covers with Cassie about her unsettling experience. The baby is changing her life in so many ways. Upstairs, Cassie and Olivia share a warm moment over the crib Phillip is attempting to build. Beth realizes Lizzie is gone. Christopher calls to check on Olivia and takes Lizzie home. Later, Olivia finds Lizzie's mangled doll head in the baby's crib.

Source: CBS

14257 :52x66 - Wednesday October 1, 2003

Marah asks Eden if she thinks Tony cheated on her. Marah believes that Tony changed after he and Eden confronted Salerno about the photographs. Bill calls Eden to say he misses her, and this stops her from confessing her one-night stand with Tony to Marah. Tony arrives and informs Marah he's leaving town. He admits he loves Marah, which is why he has to go. Tony starts to lose it, and wants Marah to promise that she'll remember the good times. He rushes off. Sandy drops by for the latest 5th Street paperwork, and Bill thinks he's just a little too curious about the Lewis family. Sandy downplays his interest and Bill apologizes for getting protective. Lizzie swears she went to congratulate Olivia and to give her a gift. If Lizzie can convince her family that everything she's done is reasonable and responsible, Christopher says he'll give her up as a patient. The family clearly doesn't believe Lizzie's story. Meanwhile, Olivia screams at seeing the doll's head in the crib; Jeffrey and Cassie rush to her assistance. Olivia wants Jeffrey to do something about Lizzie. Jeffrey notifies Beth, who finally realizes the magnitude of Lizzie’s illness. Beth confronts Lizzie about the doll's head, but she denies everything. Cassie offers to spend the night with a nervous Olivia. Cassie comes to a new appreciation of Jeffrey as she watches how good he is at comforting Olivia. Meanwhile, Lizzie lashes out at the family. She breaks down when she realizes the jig is up, and real tears come, overwhelming her.

Source: CBS

14259 :52x68 - Friday October 3, 2003

Harley and Blake prepare to interview Mrs. Marie Green. Gus would also like to speak with her. Marie says her husband is a womanizer, but not a murderer. After noticing Gus, Harley advises Marie not to speak with the police without a lawyer present. Marie won't talk to Gus. Harley offers to give Gus her notes if he lets her have access to Spaulding records. Nico calls Marina on her fears about getting into a car again and offers to help her get over it. She refuses, but Nico tricks her into driving to the hospital. She suddenly realizes that Nico has taken Danny’s car without permission and he doesn’t have a license. A grim Ed approaches Marina outside Shayne's room. Ed tells her that Shayne asked for her to stay away; he doesn't want to see her. Alan interrupts Alexandra's evening out with Buzz and tells her she needs to come home with him right away. Christopher recommends that Lizzie be hospitalized. Alan wants to speak with his granddaughter before agreeing to such a drastic measure. Alan and Lizzie have a heart to heart. Beth grapples with sending Lizzie away. Alan knows that sending Lizzie away is what is best for her now. The family agrees about Lizzie's course of treatment. Buzz brings Alexandra a drink and says it looks like she could use one. Lizzie breaks down, admitting her actions and begging for help. This is what Christopher needed to see and he agrees to help her. Eden tries to convince Tony to stay in town and fight for Marah, but he won't do it. Tony explains to Danny he needs to leave town to find his own life. They share a poignant goodbye. Phillip comes to tell Olivia that they’ve taken care of the problem, but finds her room cleared out. She’s gone!

Source: CBS

14260 :52x69 - Monday October 6, 2003

Phillip finds Olivia's room empty, and turns to Cassie for answers. Olivia has left a note explaining to protect her baby from Lizzie, she's leaving town and not coming back. Manic Phillip takes off on a quest to find her. He tries to hire Harley, but she refuses to help, and advises Phillip to let Olivia go. On his way out of Harley's office, Phillip again finds himself short of breath just as Alan arrives. Meanwhile, Olivia calls Cassie to the dock, where she is ready to board a ship. She thanks Cassie for being a good friend, but won't reveal where she's going. Marina refuses to believe Shayne has asked Ed to send her away, but Shayne confirms he wants her to go. Hurt and confused, Marina struggles to understand why Shayne would reject her. Nico suggests Shayne is proud and her presence is making him worse. After Nico diverts Ed, Marina confronts Shayne with Nico’s theory. Harley's Angels wait for possessions belonging to the missing woman, Lori Jensen. Jeffrey shows up with a gift for Mel, a statue of the scales of justice. He takes one look at the timeline Harley and Blake have put together and says they have it all wrong. Jeffrey warns them to stay out of police business. They don't back down and hassle Jeffrey right back. When Jeffrey brings up Mel's first court appearance, she puts on a good face, but soon admits to Blake that she is terrified. Harley, Blake and Mel wonder why Jeffrey cares so much about the Lori Jensen/Brad Green case. Gus is also on the case, anxious to beat Harley to the punch. He needs info on Brad Green from Eden, but knows she won't talk to him or the cops. Frank volunteers to talk to Darci during the special evening she has planned for him.

Source: CBS

14261 :52x70 - Tuesday October 7, 2003

Marina realizes that Shayne rejected her to spare her rearranging her life for him. Suddenly, Shayne moves his head. Overjoyed, Marina calls Billy and Josh. Ed examines Shayne. Billy berates Reva for letting Josh move out of the house. Frank worries about pumping Darci for information about the Garden of Eden. Darci prepares the place for Frank's arrival. He reluctantly admits that he called Darci for reasons that weren't so romantic. Bad timing, Darci tells Frank, but it doesn't stop her from wanting to make love. Darci reveals she was never a full-fledged hooker. Frank doesn’t care and declares his love for her. Buzz doesn't want Alexandra to be alone, and she takes him up on his offer. Ed informs Josh and Marina that Shayne may soon be released to a rehab center. Shayne and Marina make a secret deal that requires her to go back to school. Alan recognizes that Phillip is having a panic attack, and manages to calm him down, if only for a few minutes. Beth asks Alexandra to leave her alone with Lizzie. Phillip storms off to continue searching for Olivia. Cassie is grateful that her own life isn't in turmoil. She delivers Olivia's letter to Beth and Lizzie. Beth notes Lizzie's delighted reaction to the news that Olivia has left town. Beth says there is no one to blame for what Lizzie feels or has done, except herself. Lizzie fears that Phillip will hate her. Edmund inadvertently clues Phillip into Olivia’s last known location. Edmund tells Cassie he saw Phillip and he isn't handling Olivia's departure very well. Phillip rushes to the dock, but Olivia is already gone. He has a vision of his unborn daughter as a young woman, and she hates him for abandoning her.

Source: CBS

14263 :52x72 - Thursday October 9, 2003

Alexandra asks if Phillip blames her for Olivia's disappearing act. Phillip wishes he could, but he has to look closer to home. Lizzie overhears. Phillip and Lizzie have a session with Christopher. Phillip assures Lizzie he blames himself not her for Olivia leaving town. At Company, Darci's arrival interrupts Marina on the verge of telling Frank about her move to the Museum. The room comes to a halt when she announces that she's moving in with Shayne. Frank doesn't approve of Marina's plans. Alexandra and Darci team up to convince Frank to loosen up. Marina is going ahead with the move whether Frank likes it or not. Frank reluctantly gives his approval. Jeffrey advises Mel about a witness who could help her win the case. Blake worries that Jeffrey has led Mel astray. She's a no show at first, but Mel finally arrives with a surprise witness. Mel wins the case, and can't figure out why Jeffrey helped her. Jeffrey insists he wants to see justice served, but meanwhile, he has bugged the Angels' office. Harley rips into Gus for stealing her evidence, but he wonders if the competition between them isn’t something of an aphrodisiac. Harley denies, but the passion between them proves otherwise. Harley insists on seeing Lori Jensen's personal effects. Gus says he'll have to cut through a lot of red tape, but it'll happen. Later, Lori Jensen's things arrive as Gus promised.

Source: CBS

14264 :52x73 - Friday October 10, 2003

The Angels find a journal among Lori Jensen's things and discover that Lori was pregnant. A skeptical Gus questions Brad Green about the last time he saw Lori. Brad claims to have an alibi for the weekend she disappeared. Harley tells Brad that she knows Lori was pregnant. Brad agrees to meet her later at Company. Gus stops by to pick up Harley, but she can't leave until later because of her appointment with Brad Green. It turns out that Brad Green doesn't have an alibi for the time of Lori's disappearance. Gus hopes Harley still hasn't gotten in touch with Green. Meanwhile, an imposing Brad Green surprises Harley in her office. Alan brings Lizzie to visit Shayne. A contrite Lizzie apologizes to Shayne and Marina, but Marina can't forgive her for sending Ben to the cabin. The roommates prepare for Shayne's arrival. Josh lectures them about the huge responsibility they are all taking on, and hopes they are ready for the challenges. Alan praises Lizzie for being a good friend to Shayne. Later, he is concerned when she expresses great satisfaction in running Olivia off. Bill and Marah talk about how Eden has changed both their lives for the better as Eden overhears. Eden suggests holding Marah's fashion show at an old warehouse on Fifth Street. Shayne types 4 give U on the screen for Josh. Josh can barely choke out the words through his tears. Billy intends to set Reva straight about her treatment of Josh. Billy defends Josh, but Reva doesn't know if she'll ever be able to forgive him for hurting Shayne. Billy tells Reva she has two choices: start connecting with her husband, or go off and make another mistake like always. Later, Christopher comforts a distraught Reva and they come very close to a kiss.

Source: CBS

14265 :52x74 - Monday October 13, 2003

Shayne arrives at the Museum and tries to put on a brave face as he takes in his friends, but it's too much. His private nurse arrives for duty. The roommates try to allay Josh's concerns, and he is finally able to let go. Gus looks for Harley. Meanwhile, Harley is on alert with Brad after he surprises her at the office. Blake worries about Harley. Although concerned, Gus knows Harley can take care of herself. Harley speculates about Brad and Lori. Brad says it's a terrible thing to feel threatened and grabs Harley by the arm. She tries to win his confidence. Gus asks Blake if Harley has made contact with Brad, but Blake thinks he's fishing for info and refuses to tell him. Harley ignores the ringing phone. An increasingly agitated Brad declares that Harley's coming with him. Her wallet falls out as he drags her off. Gus convinces Blake that Harley may be with Brad. Reva speaks with Blake about Shayne's homecoming. Gus tears off for the office to look for Harley, while Blake and Ross go to the house. Sandy finds a photo of Reva and a baby and is curious. Marah is drawn to him and wonders why he is interested. Gus discovers Harley's wallet on the floor and fears the worst. Reva pulls away from Christopher, narrowly avoiding a kiss. Christopher confesses that Reva is the first connection he’s made since his wife died. Reva admits her family problems have sparked her emotions but insists they can go no further. Later, Josh finds Reva and Chris sharing an innocent ice cream sundae.

Source: CBS

14268 :52x77 - Thursday October 16, 2003

At the police station, Joey's brash mother Shirley finds herself instantly infatuated with Edmund. Joey takes the blame for getting in trouble. Frank announces that the owner of the shed plans to press trespassing charges. Edmund makes a deal with the owner to drop the charges. Tammy and Joey are both grounded. Shirley tells Edmund to look her up some time. Tammy asks if Edmund will keep quiet about her arrest, but he insists that she can't keep this from her mom. Tammy thinks Cassie is lucky to have Edmund in her life. Reva and Christopher cook dinner for Shayne. Marah watches as Christopher intimately touches Reva's cheek. Chris makes a quick exit. Reva swears that nothing is going on between her and Dr. Langham. Reva has a vision of Tony on the phone, which Marah interprets to mean that he might be calling her. Reva urges Marah not to live for the men in her life. Gus tells Alan he is positive Brad Green is lying through his teeth. Brad produces the photo of dead Lori. Jeffrey listens to Harley and Brad via his bugging device. Harley wants Brad to go home and sit tight while she goes to the docks. Jeffrey sends Gus to the docks. Gus and Harley compete to find evidence of Lori Jensen's murder. Harley discovers a reddish brown substance on one of the boards. Jeffrey promises to show Harley the lab results on the substance. Blake calls to tell Harley she met Mrs. Brad Green. The results are in: the substance is fake movie blood. Blake and Harley suspect that Marie Green killed Lori. Gus and Jeffrey believe that Marie and Lori faked Lori's death, and blackmailed Brad.

Source: CBS

14269 :52x78 - Friday October 17, 2003

Four men of Springfield have private and dark reactions to today's date. It is the same date on a gravestone in the town cemetery, in a marker bearing the name Maryann Caruthers. It is name all too familiar to Buzz, Ed, Billy and Josh. As they visit the grave, each in turn, it becomes apparent that this is a yearly ritual for them. Marina finally secures some time alone with Shayne at the museum, nearly shooing everyone else out. She has prepared a feast of some of Shayne's favorite dessert treats, and they curl up together in his room, lit by candles. Later, they both drift off to sleep. As Shayne wakes up, he discovers the flame from one of the candles has ignited a billowing curtain. Shayne is powerless to do anything about it, even to alert Marina. Marah reacts when she hears the phone ring, thinking it is Tony and barely conceals her disappointment when it turns out to be Sandy. Marah decides to take Reva's advice, and grab the bull by the horns. She meets up with Sandy at a large college bash and tries to get him to dance with her, but he is reluctant. They end up dancing but when the song turns slow, he tries to end it, but Marah presses him, trying to keep him close. She doesn't want to be alone tonight. Michelle returns to Springfield and Danny surprises her with a welcome home party. Michelle is disappointed when Ed makes an unexpected exit to visit the cemetery. The party is a big success. Nico thinks Michelle's return magnifies the lack of reason for him being around the house any longer, but she urges him to stay and he agrees.

Source: CBS

14270 :52x79 - Monday October 20, 2003

A really drunk frat guy clumsily steers Marah away from Sandy in a dance. Sandy gets rid of him, and Marah assumes that Sandy acted out of jealousy. Sandy insists that he and Marah will never be a couple, but she doesn’t believe him. A distant Sandy leaves, but Marah is clearly not giving up on him. Reva has a vision of the sun, and wonders if it’s a metaphor for her son. Reva and Christopher attempt to analyze her vision. Reva has a vision of the Ying and Yang symbol. Reva checks on Shayne and knows he is okay, but she is still disturbed about her vision. Frank and Darci thank Danny and Michelle for a nice evening. Michelle knows that Ed did not leave the party to go to work. Ed admits he had something important to take care of, but will not tell Michelle what it was. Later, Danny assures Michelle that Ed will talk to her when he is ready. Michelle continues to be amazed by how Danny arranged her new living room. After, Michelle is shocked to discover the living room furniture has been completely rearranged. Marina sleeps as a towel catches fire, and Shayne is helpless to warn her. He manages to speak and wake up Marina. Marina is thrilled about his progress, but feels badly about causing the scare. Darci enters and realizes what almost happened. Frank smells smoke and Darci covers for Marina by saying Marina burnt some popcorn. Frank doesn't buy Darci's story, but doesn't let on in front of Marina. If Marina were in real trouble, Frank trusts Darci to tell him. Marina gets into bed with Shayne, saying that she wants him to feel how much she loves him. Shayne looks away from her, and a single tear falls down his cheek.

Source: CBS

14271 :52x80 - Tuesday October 21, 2003

Alexandra orders her attorney to make "complications disappear," including Eden August. A similar phone conversation occurs for Eden with her lawyer. Alexandra is worried about Jeffrey's interest in Beth. Alan agrees to speak with Beth about Jeffrey. Alan insinuates that the only reason Jeffrey would be interested in dating Beth is to get to the Spauldings. Although offended, Beth covers. Eden realizes that Sandy is the reason for Marah's distraction. She tells Marah she can't force Sandy to date her just because she's looking for the anti-Tony. Sandy fights his attraction to Marah. An empathetic Sandy asks Marah to include Lizzie in the fashion show in some capacity. Lizzie offers to help with the fundraising. Beth thanks Marah. Marah likes Sandy even more because of his kind gesture toward Lizzie. Sandy is awkward with Marah. Marah dreams up a "meet the parents" scenario for Sandy, which will get her folks back in the same room. Jeffrey wants Harley's help on the Lori Jensen case. A cop, subpoena in hand, comes for Harley. Jeffrey takes great pleasure in informing Gus and Harley that they are once again partners. He wants to know everything they know, no holding back. Harley and Gus try to piece together the Lori Jensen mystery. Harley wonders why Jeffrey is so interested in the Jensen case. Harley and Gus don't mind working together again. Jeffrey is thrown by Beth's assertiveness. Jeffrey orders somebody to pull the bug out of the Harley's Angel's office. Alexandra suspects that something is bothering Buzz.

Source: CBS

14272 :52x81 - Wednesday October 22, 2003

Marina discovers Nico outside her music harmony class. She finds in the music an outlet for her pent up emotions. Nico comforts her and they bond. Marah has arranged for both her parents to be at the museum at the same time, and asks them to join her and Sandy for dinner. She wants their opinion on her unconventional wedding dress. Shayne begs Josh to help him with extra therapy, and the session is agonizing. Reva has difficulty watching it and wants him to stop. She apologizes to Shayne and Josh about her outburst. Josh tells Shayne to imagine he is gripping a baseball, and Shayne moves his arm. Reva and Josh rejoice, and decide they will have dinner with Marah and Sandy. Jeffrey arrives at the Spaulding study for breakfast, but he has more than food on his mind. Beth resists Jeffrey's advances, but he isn't taking no for an answer. They make love on Alan's desk. They put their clothes back on just in time for Alan's entrance. Alan asks Jeffrey about his intentions toward Beth. Beth humors Alan, but he’s concerned. Michelle finds the living room furniture rearranged once again, and assumes Nico is responsible. But he says he isn't. She suspects that Marah and Marina are sneaking into the house, moving the furniture as a practical joke. They laugh at Michelle's theory, insisting they both have too much going on to play practical jokes. Per Michelle and Danny's request, Nico seals the tunnel entrance. Sandy is shelving the Mole and doing the show on his own. Sandy accepts Marah's invitation to dinner, unaware that Josh and Reva will be there.

Source: CBS

14274 :52x83 - Friday October 24, 2003

Marah’s dinner is a disaster. Sandy is unresponsive as Reva questions him. Finally fed up, he excuses himself and leaves. Marah apologizes to Sandy about Reva. Sandy tells Marah he is grateful to have known her, but he has to leave. He heads to Josh’s office and removes payroll money from the safe. Reva has followed him and confronts him. Harley and Gus watch Lori go into her mother's hospital room, and hear her let out a shriek. Lori "discovers" her mother has died; Marie says they need to get going. Harley confronts the women. Lori and Marie try to get out of it, but when Gus, Jeffrey and Blake arrive, they’re busted. Gus and Harley pat themselves on the back for a case well solved. Jeffrey intends to keep a watchful eye on Brad Green. There is a difference of opinion between Gus and Harley over who won the bet. Danny asks Nico's advice about Fifth Street, but he doesn't want any part of Danny's Fifth Street renovation. Danny becomes frustrated and Nico blows up at him. Danny apologizes to Nico, realizing he can’t push him too far. Danny agrees to let Nico "use" a street corner for his singing. Danny misses Tony. In a limo, Tony breaks into a satisfied smile. It's all his, he says. Michelle wants to know who's moving her furniture, and determines to find out. She camps out in a dark living room. She attempts to read, but instead falls asleep. Michelle awakens to a pale woman, perched on the edge of the sofa. The room is all wrong, she announces. Michelle has no taste.

Source: CBS

14275 :52x84 - Monday October 27, 2003

A ghostly woman arranges the furniture, as Michelle looks on. A freaked out Michelle charges up the stairs, calling frantically for Danny. When he returns with her, the woman has disappeared. Danny is skeptical of Michelle's story and wonders if she was dreaming. Nico is accosted by a couple of old friends, who expect him to trash Marah's show. Nico comes home in a bad mood, and Michelle wants Danny to speak with him. Danny tries to talk to Nico, but he is unresponsive. Later, somebody watches Michelle alone in her living room. Marah advises Tammy not to let Joey pressure her about sex. Joey asks Tammy to a formal dance. She agrees, but is concerned about attending the ball. Edmund offers to give dance pointers to a nervous Tammy. Cassie returns home and Edmund and Tammy rush to embrace her. Marah arrives at the warehouse; she has a lot of work ahead of her. She waits for Sandy, who is late. Meanwhile, Reva catches Sandy stealing the Lewis Construction payroll. She notices that he has accessed the bank account of Jonathan Randall, and asks Sandy how he knows her son. He claims that he is a friend of Jonathan’s, but she doesn’t believe him. Reva sees his tattoo, and suspects that he is Jonathan. He denies it, but finally admits to Reva that he is her son. Sandy is determined to leave town, but Reva’s tears persuade him to stay.

Source: CBS

14278 :52x87 - Thursday October 30, 2003

Tammy brings Edmund a gift to thank him for keeping her secret. Cassie confronts Tammy about her arrest, and emphasizes that she can talk to her about anything. Danny tells Harley and Gus that Nico's friends trashed the warehouse. Nico says the "taggers" sent a message, so they have to send one back by tagging what belongs to them. Nico explains why his friends destroyed the warehouse; he intends to keep watch at the door until after the show. At first he disagrees, but later, Gus admits he was wrong about Nico's plan of attack. Sandy is on his way to the warehouse with paint supplies. Marah says to forget the show; it isn't going to happen. But she decides to start over; the show must go on. Sandy rushes out on a mission; a curious Reva watches him go. Sandy goes on the air and speaks about Marah's troubles. Marah is touched when Sandy asks the town to help her clean up the warehouse. Reva is afraid that he only made her care for him more. Sandy insists that wasn’t his intention. Help arrives. Reva watches as Marah embraces Sandy, concerned. Billy asks Alan where he was on the 17th, because he didn't go to the grave. He insists that Alan should have gone to Maryanne's grave. He owed it to her. After, Alan approaches Billy about rigging the charity auction. Billy jokes with Alexandra. Darci says Eden is too negative. Marah has a good feeling about her show. She paints over the last of the graffiti, and the cleanup is complete.

Source: CBS

14280 :52x89 - Monday November 3, 2003

Josh tries to understand why Reva is acting tense. Sandy attempts to explain to Marah why he did not tell her he is her brother. Tony makes a mysterious call. Marah just misses running into Tony when she changes directions to avoid Sandy. A magazine reporter pressures Marah to answer some questions. Sandy steps in when the reporter wants to know if Sandy and Marah an item. They are forced to take a picture together for the magazine. Michelle searches for Danny. Nico continues to hide his wound from Danny. The two are surprised by Tony's arrival. Danny is frustrated by Tony's secretive plans for a new life. He finds Nico passed out on the floor. An EMS team tends to Nico. Danny vows to make whoever did this pay. Danny and Tony agree to go after the punks that stabbed Nico together. Michelle discovers a chair from her house in the warehouse, with a note attached. Marah tells Sandy she let him in her heart and he lied to her. She declares that she'll never forgive him. Marah can't believe Reva knew Sandy was her brother and didn't tell her. Josh informs Bill he's hired someone to pick up the slack at work. Bill is frustrated, and Eden suggests perhaps Josh is afraid of how capable Bill is. Reva goes to Shayne and breaks the news to him about Sandy. He handles it very well. Sandy comes clean with Josh about his identity. An angry Josh demands answers. Meanwhile, a distraught Marah can't bring herself to go into the after show party.

Source: CBS

14284 :52x93 - Friday November 7, 2003

Josh checks out of the hotel with intentions of going home. Billy can’t believe that his brother is going running back to Reva. Alan tells Reva he knows about Jonathan's return and offers her some parenting advice. He recommends that she not push and eventually her son will come to her. Sandy and Reva don't know how to act around each other. Reva tries to convince Marah to give Sandy another chance. Sandy attempts to talk to Marah, but she is still too hurt to move forward. He gives her the mole, and she softens a bit, talking to the puppet. Later, Marah is shocked to find that Tony is the mystery cowboy. Reva vents her frustrations regarding Marah to Josh. The two are interrupted by a call from Christopher. Josh realizes Reva told Christopher about Sandy being Jonathan before she told him. Reva tries to explain that she went to Christopher because of doctor patient confidentiality. Without revealing to Reva that he planned to return home, Josh checks back into the hotel. Harley tries and fails to access the files in the computer. She calls Blake and lets her know they'll need a hacker. Alan interrupts Harley's stakeout and then makes a call to Ross. Harley calls Blake and finds out she will not be joining her on the stakeout. A romantic dinner for two is wheeled into the room. Gus reveals himself and explains to Harley he set her up in order to get some romance. He convinces Harley to switch out of detective mode. Marina enters to find Shayne and Remy waiting with a surprise. Shayne speaks a sentence and then tells Marina he loves her. Marina tells Marah Shayne spoke an entire sentence. After, Marina encounters Carrie at Company and is stunned when she suddenly disappears.

Source: CBS

14285 :52x94 - Monday November 10, 2003

Josh tells Billy he is not moving back home after all. He admits he was wrong not to give Bill more responsibility in the first place. When Billy accuses Reva of neglecting her children, Josh orders him to leave. Josh agrees to come to Reva's dinner, but that doesn't mean their problems are solved. He knows how important this dinner is to Reva. Billy admits he was hard on Reva. The two brothers feel the weight of guilt. Marah finds herself face to face with Tony. She’s there to take measurements for the custom made suit, but Tony doesn't want it. Marah demands to know why Tony gave up on them. She insists on going ahead with the suit, but Tony roughly throws her out. Eden helps Bill solve a work-related problem. They concur that they make a great team. After, Tony confronts an uncomfortable Eden at the bar. Reva invites Sandy to the family dinner. She convinces him to attend. Meanwhile, Cassie has a few family members she wants to discuss with Sandy. She talks to Sandy about his father and Edmund, then takes him to Richard's grave. Cassie explains how much Edmund has changed over the years and asks Sandy to give him a chance. Although he’s not ready to forgive just yet, Sandy promises to keep an open mind where Edmund is concerned. Reva is thrilled that Marah is willing to attend the dinner. Cassie prays to Richard asking him to help Sandy learn to forgive Edmund.

Source: CBS

14286 :52x95 - Tuesday November 11, 2003

Edmund helps Tammy run lines for the play, and she is entranced by the poetry and the romance. Lizzie tries to apologize to Joey, who accepts, much to her surprise. She attempts to hide her jealousy when Joey tells her about Tammy's Juliet audition. Alexandra leaves Lizzie with Buzz after she receives an important phone call. Lizzie calls Tammy and lies that Dr. Langham is insisting she audition for the play. Tammy changes her mind about auditioning. Edmund convinces Tammy she has a fighting spirit and should still try out. She gives an outstanding Juliet performance for him. Tammy makes sure Lizzie is well enough not to do something crazy if Tammy gets the part of Juliet over her. Tony convinces Eden to stay and have a drink with him, instead of going home to wait for Bill. Eden tries to persuade him that Marah makes him better. Instead, he says that he'll wait for Eden until she realizes they're meant to be together. Gus takes Eden to the Perfume Shop so she can see the "Bad Girl" storefront. He’s proud of her. Alexandra and Eden bicker over the "Bad Girl" image. Eden gets angry with Gus for tricking her into coming to the storefront. Eventually, the two make up. Reva invites Cassie to a dinner welcoming Sandy into the family. A young boy named Jake asks Reva if she could find a way to speak to his father, who has passed away. She assures Jake that his dad's spirit is still around. Reluctantly, Cassie agrees to come to dinner alone. Tony runs into Reva for the first time since his return. He declares that he and Marah were never right for each other. Cassie tells Edmund about the family dinner at Reva's. Edmund says it's okay that she go alone, but neither one of them is comfortable with that.

Source: CBS

14287 :52x96 - Wednesday November 12, 2003

Danny confides in Michelle that he and Tony "had a conversation" with the thugs who knifed Nico. Now, he has to tell Nico. Nico takes Danny's news well. Michelle asks Nico to move into the house. He agrees that is a good idea. Marina asks Danny and Michelle's advice about Shayne's Christmas present. Michelle goes back to work, and Danny leaves to check on Nico. Nico advises Marina not to worry so much about Shayne's present. They're alive, which is all that really counts. Danny watches, unseen. Nico collapses; Danny and Marina rush to his side. As Cassie leaves for dinner at Reva's, Edmund wishes he could go with her. Reva is nervous about Sandy coming to dinner. Lizzie succeeds in making Tammy feel like a loser about the Romeo and Juliet tryouts. Lizzie literally runs into Nico, and is a little snotty about it. Before going inside, Marah gives the Mole back to Sandy. Reva answers the door, and Sandy reluctantly goes inside. The family dinner is awkward until Jeffrey interrupts. Cassie pulls him inside, and says he couldn't have come at a better time. The Lewises asks Jeffrey to stay for dinner. He urges them to relax, and not to force things with Sandy. Tammy feels badly that Edmund couldn't go to dinner with Cassie. The director of the play calls Tammy with casting news. An ecstatic Tammy announces that she's been cast as Juliet. Lizzie will play the nurse. Against her better judgment, Reva pulls out home movies. After an uncomfortable moment, Jeffrey offers to drive Marah home. Sandy leaves without saying goodbye, and Reva fears that she's blown it with her son.

Source: CBS

14289 :52x98 - Friday November 14, 2003

Gus and Harley attempt to rush off to the Springfield Inn for a romantic getaway, but are interrupted by Eden. Gus decides he can't lose any momentum with Eden and leaves Harley waiting. He tries to push himself a little further into Eden's life, but she's making it difficult. A cop and woman who claims she's being stalked approach Gus. The police can't help her, but Harley steps in and offers her PI services. When Gus and Harley discover the woman’s apartment has been broken into, it becomes a police investigation. They set up for an all night stakeout. Bill explains to Danny and Tony all the reasons Danny should run for mayor. Danny attempts to convince Tony to be his right hand man if he runs. Jeffrey realizes the car is out of gas. Marah is amused by their situation, but Jeffrey is not. She suggests they walk to the Beacon so she can get a cab and buy him that drink. Jeffrey makes sure Marah is legal. Tony and Marah lock eyes. Marah attempts to smooth things over with Tony, who shuts her down and tells her to forget the outfit. Jeffrey steps in to help Marah out of the awkward moment. Tony reminds Danny that his relationship with Marah is over. Marah asks Jeffrey for a rain check on their drink. Danny agrees to think about Bill's suggestion. Tony decides to work with the campaign, much to everyone's surprise. Things heat up between Shayne and Marina as she begins to unbutton his shirt. Shayne stops her. He struggles to explain that he doesn't want her first time to be like this; he wants it to be perfect. Marina wants to show him she loves him. Shayne and Marina make love for the first time. They profess their love and agree their first time was perfect.

Source: CBS

14290 :52x99 - Monday November 17, 2003

On a stake out, Harley and Gus have trouble keeping their hands off each other. An intruder enters the apartment, and they’re stunned to realize it’s Phillip. He thinks Olivia lives there. When Andrea returns home, Phillip apologizes and promises not to bother her again. Later, Phillip sees his fantasy daughter again, and tries to convince himself she's not real. Alan runs into Lucia, who senses his sadness. She encourages him to reach out to Phillip.

Source: CBS

14291 :52x100 - Tuesday November 18, 2003

Danny reveals to Michelle and Ed his plans to run for mayor. They’re stunned, and he tries to convince them it’s a good idea. Michelle begins to come around, but Ed voices his concerns. Later, Danny talks about how their lives will change if he runs for mayor, as Michelle tries to seduce him. After their night of love making, Shayne and Marina grow closer. Later, Marina can't seem to focus on her studies, so she gives her mom a call instead. Darci arrives and Marina opens up to her about her first time. Shayne pushes himself during his workout with Remy. Nico comes to visit Shayne and delivers an invitation to a dance to Marina. Marina admits to Nico that she resents happy, "normal" couple. She asks Nico to throw the invitation out to spare Shayne’s feelings. Shayne's heartbroken after overhearing their conversation. Lizzie rehearses with Tammy and tries to be happy about her role. Joey announces that he will be playing Romeo, and Tammy is thrilled. Lizzie is jealous of their closeness. Gus brings Phillip home after his attempted break in. Phillip is taunted by a vision of his fantasy daughter, and he struggles to hold a conversation with Alan and Gus. He tries to get Lizzie to open up to him about her feelings regarding the play. She vents her frustrations. Alan and Gus worry about Phillip's behavior. Alan encourages Gus to make contact with his mother. After, Phillip agrees to meet Alan at Towers for dinner with Beth.

Source: CBS

14292 :52x101 - Wednesday November 19, 2003

Phillip hasn't shown up for dinner with Alan and Beth. Emotionally exhausted Phillip tells Beth he is on his way, but after he hangs up, he lies down on the floor and just stares up at the ceiling. An embarrassed Alan confesses that he asked Lucia out on a date. Alan and Beth watch Jeffrey with Amy. They enjoy their champagne, conversation, and then leave to find Phillip. After, they discover Phillip on the floor. Beth thinks that Phillip needs to talk with Rick. Danny feels out the mayor about his intentions to run in the next election. Surprised Eden answers the door to Tony. Bill questions Tony about potential skeletons in his closet. Eden turns to find Tony standing very close to her. Marina asks Marah if she's heard from Carrie. Nico visits Shayne. He thinks he and Shayne have more in common than he originally thought. Marina worries about Shayne's mood. Shayne asks Sandy for a favor. Jeffrey speaks into his cell phone, noting the higher Danny climbs, the harder he falls. He won't oppose Danny's campaign. Jeffrey informs Danny that Amy works for the Journal, and will most likely report that Danny and the mayor were seen having dinner. When Danny enters, Eden quickly steps back from Tony. As far as Bill is concerned, Danny is ready to run for office, and he, Eden and Tony will work on his campaign. Tony wants Eden to go with him to Fifth Street, and talk up Danny, but Bill thinks her talents can be put to better use elsewhere. Marah tells Jeffrey she's propositioning him. She's just looking to have fun. Seductive Marah succeeds in making Jeffrey uncomfortable. He rebuffs Marah's advances as Sandy witnesses the exchange.

Source: CBS

14293 :52x102 - Thursday November 20, 2003

Reva vents to Christopher about her difficulties in trying to make progress with Sandy. Sandy expresses his disapproval of Marah spending time with Jeffrey. Marah sees a negative article about Danny in the newspaper and rushes off to find Michelle. Ed and Ross try to convince Michelle that Danny running for mayor is a bad idea. A large bouquet of balloons from Marah is delivered to Jeffrey. Embarrassed, he gives the balloons to Michelle for Robbie. Michelle finds the article about Danny just before Marah arrives to warn her. Marah is dismayed by Jeffrey's reaction to the balloons. Ed and Ross ask Jeffrey for his opinion about Danny running for mayor. Ross is intrigued that Jeffrey is not opposed to the idea. Edmund struggles with what he did to Sandy and with his love for Cassie. He won't allow Cassie to say she loves him until he makes things right with Sandy. Edmund reminds Sandy he should be mad at him, not the other members if the family. Edmund tries to give Sandy a family heirloom, but Sandy refuses. He won’t accept Edmund's offer to pay his schooling bills. Much like Sandy, Reva doesn't buy Edmund’s attempts to make amends with him. She asks him to back off so that she can develop a relationship with her son. Marah and Michelle find scarab rings in their fortune cookies. They are creeped out by the fortunes that accompanied the rings. Marina storms into the house with the third ring. The women realize the rings are from Carrie and wonder what they're for. Cassie thanks Jeffrey for lightening the mood at the family dinner. He tells Cassie someone should talk to Marah about older men and the things she's going through right now. Cassie jumps to the conclusion that Jeffery has been hitting on Marah.

Source: CBS

14294 :52x103 - Friday November 21, 2003

Christopher meets Reva for dinner. Josh and Billy walk in on Christopher holding Reva's hand. Josh comes over and Billy takes a few none too subtle jabs at Christopher and Reva. Christopher takes Billy to the bar and buys him another ginger ale. Josh admits to Reva that he prays every day they find their way back to each other. Reva says she just wants to be sure of the man she comes back to. Billy thinks Josh should make Reva jealous by getting friendly with some nurses. Michelle, Marina and Marah figure that Carrie is the mystery giver of their identical scarab rings. Carries arrives with the fourth matching ring. She explains the history of the rings to the three girls. They have a hard time believing the rings will grant them wishes. Michelle wishes people would respect the name Santos. Bill reads over a negative opinion piece that discusses Danny's possible mayoral run. Danny assures Bill he's still going to run. Danny and Eden come to terms with their past animosity. Nico calls and tells Danny to get down to the redevelopment office. Bill worries about Danny and the angry mob. Nico and Danny return from dealing with the mob. They explain to Michelle that the mob was there to support Danny, and she wonders if her wish was granted. Jeffrey ties to convince Cassie that Marah has a crush on him. Cassie throws a glass of water in his face. Jeffrey starts over and carefully asks Cassie to talk to Marah because she is a woman Marah trusts. As the two battle, a photographer snaps a picture of them. Following the scene, Jeffrey realizes he should never ask Cassie for advice again.

Source: CBS

14295 :52x104 - Monday November 24, 2003

Carrie tells Marina wishes do come true, but you must believe in what you wish for. She asks Marina what she wants the most. All Marina wants Shayne to walk, to get back to everything he lost. Shayne gives Nico two tickets to the college dance, and says that he wants Nico to take Marina. Nico refuses, but Shayne reveals he overheard Marina and Nico’s conversation. Later, Nico asks Marina to the dance and she turns him down. Nico insists that she has to go with him, and explains why he asked her to the dance. Eden hesitates when Bill asks her to call Tony. Gus asks Eden what's bothering her. He encourages her to open up to him about her problems, but she remembers their night on the Beacon roof and clams up. She turns down his invitation to Thanksgiving. Later, she tells Bill she couldn't reach Tony. Sandy tries to warn Marah off of getting involved with Jeffrey. Marah asks him if Jeffrey could possibly hurt her any more than he did. She accuses Sandy of being jealous of Jeffrey. Josh and Jeffrey have an unlikely encounter at the bar. They commiserate about their frustrations with women: Josh with Reva, and Jeffrey with Cassie for not talking to Marah about him. They both have too much to drink. Later at Lewis Construction, Sandy would like to talk with Josh about Marah and Jeffrey, but ends up babysitting a tipsy Josh instead. He returns with coffee, and finds Josh asleep at his desk. Meanwhile, Marah shows up at Jeffrey's door, and says she needs to be with him.

Source: CBS

14296 :52x105 - Tuesday November 25, 2003

Nico tries to convince Marina to change her mind about the dance. Marina finds Shayne doubled over, in agonizing pain. Shayne says that the only reason Marina won't go to the dance is because she's stubborn. He's just as stubborn, and is going to keep pushing. Marina tells Nico she'll go with him to the dance. Shayne makes a one-way phone call, asking for somebody's help. Cassie breaks the news to Reva that she, Edmund and the kids are having their own Thanksgiving and won't be coming to Reva's. She explains her reasons for wanting to start a new tradition; Reva tries her hardest to understand. Marah needs somebody to talk to; she has nowhere else to go. Jeffrey pulls her inside and slams the door shut. He offers to teach her how to get rid of her pain. He declares that he's a free man, and Marah can be a free woman, if she wants. Marah thinks that he talks a good game, but he's a really bad liar. She says his life sounds sad; her words sting him, and he shuts down. Marah leaves, only to be spotted in the hall by Cassie. She announces that she's been going after Jeffrey. Cassie expresses her disapproval, but Marah wants her aunt to stay out of her life. Jeffrey sneaks out of his room and runs into Reva at Company. He surprises her when he fixes RJ's costume. Cassie calls Reva about Marah and Jeffrey. As Harley plans to cook Thanksgiving dinner, she goes to Reva and Cassie, desperate for help. They give Harley conflicting advice about cooking her turkey. Harley then seeks Buzz's advice about Thanksgiving. He informs Harley that Alexandra will be coming to dinner. Later, Harley discovers that the turkey she ordered is alive, and has already been named Harriet by Zach.

Source: CBS

14299 :52x108 - Tuesday December 2, 2003

Danny gives Alexandra and Eden the run of the house for their photo shoot.

Source: CBS

14302 :52x111 - Friday December 5, 2003*

Gus, Beth and Christopher react to the news of Olivia's baby. Alan wants to get Phillip out of Springfield and away from Olivia as soon as possible. He suggests moving Phillip to Ravenwood. Beth discusses with Christopher how to tell Lizzie about Phillip. Alan asks Gus to spend some time at Spaulding while Phillip is away. Gus agrees to give Alan, and Spaulding, a chance. Marah talks to Michelle about Carrie's latest visit. Michelle says Ed hasn't been himself lately. Ed and Ross arrive at Company to watch the interview. Buzz and Ed talk about the nightmares they're having and wonder how Alan is sleeping. Beth warns Marah about getting involved with Jeffrey. Reva introduces Danny at the beginning of her show. He asks Michelle to join him, and announces that he will run for mayor. People react to Danny's news. The reporters start questioning Danny and Michelle. Tony tells Eden they should leave. As a reporter questions Nico, he blurts out that Danny murdered his parents. Two federal agents grab Harley on her way to Company for a coffee run. Harley is ushered into a safe house, where Jeffrey confirms her suspicions regarding a bug in her office. Harley wonders, if Jeffrey is not just the DA of Springfield, then who is he? He explains that he is giving Harley an opportunity to save someone she cares about.

Source: CBS

14303 :52x112 - Monday December 8, 2003*

Beth informs Olivia that Phillip is being transferred to a private sanitarium. She doesn’t think it’s a good idea for Olivia to visit him right now. Later, Olivia takes Beth's hospital ID and sneaks into the hospital. Phillip has a nightmare that his children need to see more of him and wakes up in a cold sweat. Olivia appears, but Phillip doesn't believe she’s real. After she convinces him, he shoves her and tells her to get out. Jeffrey gets Harley’s attention when he explains that she loves is in danger. Harley realizes that he’s talking about Phillip, but Jeffrey won’t give her any details. Jeffrey needs her to get close to Brad Green. Danny's family killed his family, Nico explains to a reporter, but Danny and Michelle have been great to him. They gave him a second chance. Ed stiffens when he thinks Michelle doubts his word. Buzz interrupts Ed and Michelle when he hears them mention Maryanne. Marah tells Tony if he's thinking of apologizing, it's too little, too late. Tony wanted distance; well, now he's got it. After, Tony says Eden belongs with him not Bill. Marah tells Eden she and Tony are not getting back together. Later, Marah presses her body very close to Jeffrey. She wants him to look over a contract. For their own various reasons, Ed, Ross and Buzz seem concerned about Danny's campaign.

Source: CBS

14304 :52x113 - Tuesday December 9, 2003

Lizzie talks to Sandy about his directing the play, but he’s distracted by Marah and Jeffrey. Sandy helps Jeffrey go over Marah's contract. Annoyed, Marah invites Jeffrey to the museum. In an effort to convince Jeffrey she has no expectations, Marah gives him a contract to sign regarding a no-fault affair. Although tempted, Jeffrey refuses her offer. She kisses him, but he won’t change his mind. Sandy approaches Olivia for the first time. They catch up, and she’s surprised to hear about his less than perfect upbringing in her sister’s house. At Sandy’s request, she agrees to leave his situation with his adoptive parents alone. Christopher explains to Olivia why her visit set Phillip off. He hopes she has someone to help her through everything. Harley finds out Phillip is being sent to Ravenwood, and wants to see him before he goes. She questions Alan about what he's doing for Phillip and if Phillip will be kept safe. Gus swears he won't let Phillip down. He fills Harley in about Alan's request to have Gus work at Spaulding for a while. Harley encourages Gus to work at Spaulding and help out the family. She vows to protect Phillip, whatever it takes. Christopher tells Alan about Olivia's visit. Lizzie hears Christopher tell Alan that Olivia might be the only person able to help Phillip. Christopher tells Phillip it's time to go. After a moment of panic, Phillip calms down and agrees.

Source: CBS

14306 :52x115 - Thursday December 11, 2003

Reva tells Cassie about how Shayne strained himself during his workout. Jeffrey approaches Cassie with a possible alternative therapy for Shayne. He takes Cassie to an acupuncturist's office. Cassie's headache disappears after her acupuncture treatment. She talks to Dr. Chen about Shayne. Cassie is conflicted about whether or not to tell Reva and Josh about the acupuncture. Things are tense between Reva and Josh when they discuss Shayne’s workout. Sandy lets Tammy know he doesn't want Edmund involved in this production. Tammy wants Sandy to give Edmund a chance so they can be a family. She explains that she had it in for Edmund at one point, but she eventually saw how good and caring he is. Sandy and Edmund make a start at decreasing the tension between them, and Reva is surprised to see them together. Michelle realizes the white powder is important to their investigation of what happened to the curator of the museum. Carrie explains what the powder was made up of and what it was used for. She also reveals that the research and development of the powder is what led to the Spauldings and the Caruthers family joining forces. The drug produced from the powder made a lot of money for both families, but Maryanne never saw any of it. She wants the girls to go in search of information about a car that lost control and plunged off a bridge.

Source: CBS

14307 :52x116 - Friday December 12, 2003

Reva worries about Shayne's therapy sessions with Josh. Cassie suggests acupuncture as an alternative. Reva and Josh agree to research acupuncture. Reva looks forward to discussing this option further over dinner with Josh. Ed asks Rick to run a fingerprint test on Carrie's letter on the QT. Ed and Josh discuss Billy's concern; all they can do is stick together and keep quiet. Reva has a flash of Josh and a grave. Josh downplays Reva's image of death, but calls off their dinner date. Harley visits Gus on his first day at the office. She places a call to Jeffrey when she leaves. Brad wants to speak with Jeffrey about his wife, but Jeffrey doesn't have the time. Alan tries to make Gus feel comfortable. Olivia has taken it upon herself to pick up the slack at the company where Phillip left off. Alan insists they have everything under control. Olivia gets an idea and heads out. Alan gives Gus a quick lesson on the business. Later, Gus finds a confidential file from Spaulding Pharmaceuticals. Jeffrey wants Harley to make a "connection" with Brad Green and sends her to the gym. Harley tries to get in Brad's good graces. She claims that she understands Brad's frustration with the District Attorney's office and Marie's prosecution as Jeffrey listens in. Brad becomes suspicious when Harley turns the conversation toward Spaulding business and demands to know what she’s up to.

Source: CBS

14309 :52x118 - Tuesday December 16, 2003

Eden complains to Alexandra that the Bad Girl line isn't funded well enough. Alexandra informs her that Brad Green controls the purse strings of the division. Eden makes her pitch to Brad for more money. If Eden can create enough buzz to make Bad Girl the next must-have label of the moment, Brad will come through with more cash. Nico tells Danny and Michelle that he's leaving town. Danny tries to convince Nico to stay in Springfield by proving to him that they're not strangers anymore. He proposes building and naming a park in honor of Nico's parents. Nico is visibly moved. New roomies Frank and Darci have differing views on holiday decorating. Buzz wants Alexandra to "bust out of town" with him. At the cemetery, Michelle, Marina and Marah finally find Maryanne's grave. They realize she died on October 17, 1977. Frank and Darci are skeptical of Marina/Marah/Michelle's story of where they've been. The women are more determined than ever to find out what their fathers/grandfather were doing on October 17, 1977. Carrie tells Maryanne to rest in peace. Her time is coming.

Source: CBS

14310 :52x119 - Wednesday December 17, 2003

Cassie and Edmund bring Tammy to play rehearsal. Sandy allows Edmund to step in and assist with Joey's fencing lesson. Tammy gives Joey a scarf identical to Edmund's, but he doesn't think it's really his style. Lizzie uses the moment to hit on Joey. Sandy comforts Lizzie after some harsh words are said about her dad. Play rehearsal ends and Edmund shows up to tell Tammy about a surprise. Tammy leaves with Edmund, and Joey accepts a ride home from Lizzie. Marah questions Josh about the clothes of the seventies and slyly starts to ask about his life back then. Michelle questions Ed about addiction and then specifically brings up his life in the seventies. Marina goes to Buzz for help with a college paper about the seventies. Michelle comes right out and asks if Maryanne Caruthers is one of the things Ed wanted to forget by drinking. Buzz explains to Marina why he went AWOL on the family. Marina asks about Maryanne Caruthers again. Josh lets Marah know he never wants to hear about Maryanne Caruthers again. He then places a call to Billy. Ed can't understand why Michelle believes some scrap of paper instead of trusting what he said about Maryanne Caruthers. Buzz wants to know where Marina's inquiries are coming from. Carrie pushes the girls to continue to ask questions about Maryanne Caruthers, even after the girls are upset about their strained relationships with Josh, Buzz and Ed. She offers the girls an out and Michelle decides to take it. Buzz reminds Ed they agreed to visit the grave only once a year. Buzz puts his arm around Ed and the two leave.

Source: CBS

14311 :52x120 - Thursday December 18, 2003

When a reporter shows up to snap a picture, Michelle is upset with Bill for turning their hotline center into a photo op. She is a bit unsettled by Danny and Bill's style of campaigning. Rick comments to Michelle that their dad has been acting strangely lately. He thinks they should try to get Ed to open up about whatever's bothering him. Rick overhears Ed tell Buzz that he's been trying to avoid Michelle and Rick asks him why. Tony has a run in with Jeffrey about Danny’s campaign. Jeffrey makes it clear he's not supporting Danny’s bid, only not opposing it. Jeffrey wants Harley to pump Gus for information. Harley refuses to spy on Gus, but agrees to keep her eyes and ears open. Olivia makes it clear she thinks Gus is making a power play at Spaulding, and the battle lines are drawn. Gus asks Harley why she's cozying up to Brad Green at the gym. When Gus leaves the room, Harley spots a confidential folder. She is able to resist the temptation to look at the file, but she's shaken by what she almost did. Tony agrees to stop bothering Eden. Eden likes the fact that Gus has switched careers. Gus wonders what kind of power trip she's on. She covers, says she was kidding. Christopher knows he has to find a way to break the news to Phillip that his child is dead. Phillip tells Christopher that he wants to see his baby. Christopher brings Olivia to visit Phillip. Phillip learns his baby is gone and blames himself for her death.

Source: CBS

14312 :52x121 - Friday December 19, 2003

Josh and Shayne meet with the acupuncturist at Cedars. Josh has reservations about the doctor starting the treatment now; he'd like to discuss it with Reva first. But Shayne gives the go-ahead to start. He has momentary second thoughts about the procedure when he sees the needles, but gets over it. Josh speaks privately with Ed about Maryanne, fearing that somebody else knows their secret. Shayne is optimistic about his first treatment. Olivia tries to comfort Phillip, who only seems to physically shrink and retreat into himself. Cassie tries to soothe an upset Olivia. Christopher comments on Olivia's choice of words about her baby's death, and implies the child might be alive. Olivia is angry with Christopher for insinuating she could lie. He apologizes and suggests that he take her home. He gives Olivia a mild sedative, which she quickly pockets. Phillip's fantasy daughter appears, says she has to go now. As she fades, it’s obvious that Phillip still hasn't moved. Meanwhile, Cassie realizes that Olivia has disappeared. Michelle feels as if she's being disloyal to her father by sneaking around behind his back, looking for answers. Marah and Marina still plan to investigate, and Michelle decides it's better to face the truth than try to keep it hidden. She's back in. Carrie says it's settled. She orders the ladies to go to Cutter's Bridge, where Maryanne's car is pulled from the lake.

Source: CBS

14315 :52x124 - Wednesday December 24, 2003

Reva, Harley and Cassie have thought of a way to restore the children's belief in Santa. Josh, Gus and Edmund all arrive dressed as Santa. Alexandra asks Alan to play Santa Claus. Add Danny and Rick to the list of Santas. Olivia tells Cassie she can't make it to the wedding. She goes to church instead to pray. Father Ray reminds an emotional Olivia that Christmas is about birth and new beginnings. Shayne continues to work out by himself. He struggles to lift his body out of the wheelchair and into a standing position. His hand slips from the bars, and he goes down, falling hard on the mat. Marina rushes to Shayne's side, cradles him in her arms. He tells her he wanted to walk for her. She reassures him. Unbeknownst to them, a large red welt swells on his spine. Back at the Beacon, Santas Alan, Frank and Buzz arrive, as does Jeffrey. All Marah wants for Christmas is for Jeffrey to tell her one personal detail about himself. Later, Jeffrey confides in Marah he was afraid of thunder as a child. Josh, Alan and Buzz worry about the sunken car. Reva asks Sandy to spend the night at the house. Holly refuses to let Ross see Blake before the ceremony. Ross asks Ed to help him see Blake. Ed volunteers to walk Blake down the aisle. But first there is someplace he wants to take her. Ed delivers Blake to Ross; they confirm their undying love. Blake and Ross say their vows. Alan surprises everyone when he begins to sing. Blake and Ross exchange rings. Jeffrey pronounces Rose and Blake husband and wife. Josh agrees to spend Christmas at the house. The "real" Santa hands out gifts to the kids. After everybody leaves, Blake and Ross dance beneath the Christmas tree.

Source: CBS

14317 :52x126 - Monday December 29, 2003

A boy asks Lizzie to the dance, and it’s obvious that Beth has put him up to it. Marah challenges Jeffrey to meet her for a lip lock at midnight. He claims he already has plans, and flirts with Beth for Marah's benefit. Beth insists she won’t help Jeffrey play whatever game he's playing with Marah. Later, Sandy asks Marah to the dance, but she turns him down. Later, she reconsiders. Shayne tells Marina she's going to the dance with Nico. She promises to be home by midnight. A slightly apprehensive Nico hopes he'll fit in at the dance. He arrives to pick up Marina. Shayne isn't able to hold onto Pam's keys, which prompts her to think there could be a problem. Reva encourages Josh to forget the past and spend New Year's Eve with her. It seems as if he might tell Reva about Maryanne when Ed calls to tell them about Shayne. Ed's annoyed with Shayne for working out on his own. Josh questions Ed's ability to treat Shayne. Nico and Marina are the youngest people to arrive at the party. Because of her promise to Shayne, Marina is determined to have fun tonight. Danny and Michelle spy on Nico and look forward to the future. The neurologist arrives to examine Shayne. The doctor gives Shayne two options: wait and see, or operate, but risk permanent paralysis. Shayne decides to go for the second option.

Source: CBS

14318 :52x127 - Tuesday December 30, 2003

At Olivia’s, Lizzie approaches Olivia and says that she wants to be friends for Phillip's sake. Marah flirts with Jeffrey. She tries to convince him that all she wants is one night where she feels wanted. Jeffrey tells Marah what he wants for her. Marah asks Jeffrey what he wants for himself and he leads her out of the bar. Sandy searches for Marah. Meanwhile, in Jeffrey’s room, Jeffrey and Marah begin to make love. Shayne insists on having the surgery, but doesn't want Marah and Marina to know just yet. Josh and Reva reassure Shayne while he also reassures them. Josh wonders if Ed is up to this. Marina catches Nico consulting his conversational cheat sheet. They break the ice by filling in the dialogue for a couple across the room. Nico asks Marina to dance. Reva asks Josh to tell her a story about Shayne when he was little. Shayne is put to sleep. As he drifts off, he imagines his loved ones smiling down on him and wishing him well. Reva asks Josh if they're all right. Marina and Nico are dancing. Cassie and Edmund continue their game and begin to dance. Ed informs Reva and Josh the surgery went as well as can be expected. Josh goes to call Marah and Marina. Marina receives Josh's call and rushes out. Nico is confused to find her gone when he brings out their coats. Marina is desperate to get to Shayne before midnight. Sandy dedicates a song to Marina, from Shayne. Reva sits at Shayne's side. Shayne fantasizes about Marina and smiles in his hospital bed. Everyone counts down to midnight and the various couples share New Year's kisses.

Source: CBS

14319 :52x128 - Thursday January 1, 2004

Bill wants to speak with Eden about Tony. He needs her help keeping Tony under wraps. Joey asks Edmund for advice on giving Tammy his baseball ring. After, Joey awkwardly gives his baseball ring to an excited Tammy, admitting that he had a little help with the presentation from Edmund. A delighted Tammy shows her new ring to Edmund. Christopher makes a dinner date with Olivia. Reva admits to Christopher that all the old feelings she had for Josh have come flooding back like a miracle. Josh tells Bill that he doesn't want any new projects started at Lewis without his approval. Bill convinces Josh to change his mind and promises to keep him appraised of every decision. Jeffrey has mixed emotions about Marah waking up in his bed. Neither Jeffrey nor Marah seems to want this to end, but they made a deal that last night was out of time. Jeffrey teeters on the verge of opening up, but pulls back. Marah, tears in her eyes, rushes out. Ed tells Josh that so far, Michelle hasn't made the connection between the photo of the car and Maryanne. Josh wishes the whole thing would fade away. Marina's willingness to hope falters in the face of Shayne's latest setback. Cassie arrives at the hospital to check on Shayne. Reva admits to her sister that she might have finally pushed Josh too far. Marah learns about Shayne's surgery. Jeffrey tries to be his usual, contained self but his mind drifts to thoughts of Marah. Reva notes that something is bothering Josh. After Marah sees Josh in deep conversation with Ed, she has to wonder. Shayne wakes up.

Source: CBS

14321 :52x130 - Monday January 5, 2004

Reva notes that Jeffrey seems to have softened lately, and she wonders who has caused it. Jeffrey ignores the question and looks to Reva for some feedback on the license plate of the car they pulled out of the river. She has a vision of someone drowning. At first she thinks it’s Shayne, but then realizes it’s Josh. Elsewhere, Carrie begins to tell the tale of October 17, 1977 at the country harvest fair. Alan, Josh, Billy, Ed and Buzz hang out at a picnic table, watching fairgoers. Meanwhile, the men have gathered at Company to discuss their dilemma. Alan urges them to keep their mouths shut. He recalls spiking Maryanne’s beer, which was passed around to everyone. According to Carrie, Maryanne left the fairgrounds with the five young men, drunk and reckless. The drug made Maryanne woozy. The car swerved off the bridge and slammed into the water. Inside the car, everyone panicked except for Maryanne who was barely conscious. The men made it to the river's edge. Buzz and Billy raced back to get Maryanne, diving under the water again and again, but they couldn't find her. The women reel from the retelling of Carrie’s story. Meanwhile, Alan suggests the men follow their daughters to find who's been stirring them up. Billy insists that they tried to save her. Now they have to save themselves. If the truth gets out, all their lives will be ruined. The men agree to keep the secret buried.

Source: CBS

14323 :52x132 - Wednesday January 7, 2004

Olivia encounters a woman from her Lamaze class who asks about Olivia's baby girl. Cassie saves Olivia from the awkward situation, relating to Olivia’s pain since she also lost a baby. Edmund approaches Cassie about whose fault it was that she lost her baby, but she won’t discuss it. Edmund insists they need to talk, but she fears if she lets all of those feelings out, she might not be able to put them away again. Olivia runs into Christopher while returning her baby gifts. Buzz calls the men together after Carrie's latest note. Josh points out the girls now have all the details. Alan insists the key is to find the person who is giving the girls the information. He wants to hire private investigators but the men insist they will follow the girls themselves. Reva and Sandy find Marina alone in Shayne's room watching a tape of Shayne pitching. Shayne comes back from his tests, excited about tingling in his legs. He tries but fails to move his legs. Rick quickly explains Shayne's phantom feeling is perfectly normal. A distraught Shayne asks to go back to bed. Reva wonders if something besides Shayne is bothering Marina. Sandy tells Shayne a story and subtly suggests Shayne should put himself first. Shayne wants to get used to things as they are but Marina wants him to keep fighting. Nico sees Marina come out of Shayne's room, feeling for her. After meeting with a client, Billy is clearly tempted to drink the rest of the vodka martini left behind. Meanwhile, Josh is surprised by a visit from Reva.

Source: CBS

14324 :52x133 - Thursday January 8, 2004

Rick sees Michelle's bruise and is stunned to find out Ed hit her. He is outraged. Michelle asks him not to tell Danny. She reveals Ed almost gave Shayne the wrong meds. As a victim is rolled in, Ed freezes, seeing flashes of Maryanne. Rick steps in and calls the shots, covering for a spaced out Ed. After, Rick confronts his father about hitting Michelle. Ed regrets it, but refuses to say what is bothering him. Danny and Bill notice the heads of the Chamber of Commerce stand by Ross after the men lead them to believe they may be behind Danny. Danny asks Bill if he wants to throw in the towel. Bill insists that he believes in Danny and they agree to proceed with the campaign. Later, Michelle lies to Danny about her face. Danny and Michelle reflect on the home they've made together. Edmund urges Cassie to face what happened the day her baby died, but she resists. Edmund rehashes the incident, forcing Cassie to remember how terrified she was. She lashes out at Edmund about his behavior then and right now. She realizes Edmund never meant to hurt her and she put her child's life in danger. Against Edmund's objections, Cassie wants to bear some responsibility. Edmund insists it is his fault and asks Cassie to let him take the blame so they can move on. Edmund reveals he was at the hospital when the baby died and saw Richard's devastation. Reva shows up at Josh’s with wine, popcorn and movies. They discuss Shayne getting discouraged about his recovery. Reva talks Josh into lying in bed with her. She reveals she saw a vision of Josh drowning in black water, and he is jolted. Reva asks Josh what is troubling him. He is tempted to tell her but doesn't. Reva kisses him and he responds. Josh pulls back from her embrace and suggests that she leave. Reva is hurt by Josh's rejection but tries to swallow it bravely.

Source: CBS

14325 :52x134 - Friday January 9, 2004

Jeffrey senses Marah’s feeling guilty for being in his bed when Shayne was taken into surgery. He reaches out to her, but quickly pulls back. His kind words enable her to go off to join her family. Harley prepares for her night out with Brad Green. Gus enters and assumes she’s ready to go out with him. Later, Harley leads Brad along. He's clearly enjoying it and she's definitely not. Jeffrey listens in as Harley gets Brad to talk about Alex and Spaulding Pharmaceuticals. Eden answers a call from Alexandra as she soaks in the tub. She is startled when the door opens and Tony enters with proofs from Eden's latest shoot. Eden wants him to leave but Tony shuts the door and enjoys the view. He continues to pursue Eden, who insists she isn’t interested. Buzz makes a phone call; he wants to book a one-way ticket to Greece. Later, Gus and Buzz share a drink and Gus senses something is very wrong. He heads out to find Harley. Reva and Josh attempt to stay cheerful around Shayne. Josh assures Shayne he'll always be their golden boy. Shayne's frustrated at feeling he needs to walk for his parents. Nico tries to comfort Marina and is touched by the kiss on the cheek she gives him. Everyone is excited for Shayne's release from the hospital. Shayne asks Marah to control Josh and Reva. He wants to try and get on his feet one more time. The group anxiously waits as Shayne slowly rises out of his chair.

Source: CBS

14326 :52x135 - Monday January 12, 2004

Josh encourages Shayne to take his first step. Shayne walks straight into Marina's arms. Marina, Marah, Reva and Josh are thrilled about Shayne’s moment. Nico is affected by Marina's excitement about Shayne, but she doesn't notice. Shayne's determined to walk out of the hospital. Overhearing a strained conversation between Ed and Josh, Reva wonders why Josh is a million miles away. Gus finds Brad Green feeding oysters to Harley, as Jeffrey listens in. Harley and Brad create a cover story for why they are together. After Gus tells Harley that Buzz is behaving strangely, she leaves to speak with him. An airline ticket arrives for Buzz. He writes a goodbye letter to Harley, Frank and Marina. Harley shows up to talk to her father, mistakenly thinking that he’s is dying. Marina calls to report Shayne's progress. After speaking with Marina and Harley, Buzz decides to stay put. Bill thinks Gus should extend his stay at Spaulding. Tony continues to taunt a naked Eden. The Shadow calls Tony and Eden to meet him. Bill comes looking for Eden but she's gone. The Shadow appears to Eden and Tony and says he'll do all the talking. He notes that there are forces at work behind the scenes, using Danny's campaign for their own corrupt gain. The Shadow declares that Bill brought the mob into Lewis Construction.

Source: CBS

14327 :52x136 - Tuesday January 13, 2004

The Shadow vanishes after telling Tony and Eden to follow the crumbs. A cop stumbles across them and Tony pulls Eden into a kiss. Eden wants to ask Bill point-blank if he's involved with the mob. Tony thinks Eden should check out the paper trail at Lewis Construction and that she'll have to get her hands on the keys. After, Eden feels guilty as she watches Bill put the keys on the dresser. Alan implies to Alexandra that Gus will replace Phillip as CEO. Bill sings Gus's praises to Alan and Alexandra; Alan reacts with fatherly pride. Alexandra notes that something's been bothering Buzz for weeks now. When Gus mentions Alan's car being found in the river, Alan becomes upset and leaves. Jeffrey asks Gus what's eating at dear old dad. Carrie is upset that Michelle isn't with Marina and Marah. After all, she summoned all of them. Michelle lies to her father about a busy night and sneaks out of the hospital, but a suspicious Ed follows her. Carrie wants to know how the men reacted to the letters. Things get tense between Carrie and Michelle. A distressed Ed wants to call it quits, but Buzz and Alan force him to take them to where he last saw Michelle. At the museum, Buzz says that Michelle must've realized she was being followed, because the women have disappeared. Meanwhile, Carrie leads the women into her secret room. From now on to be safe, this is where they'll meet.

Source: CBS

14328 :52x137 - Wednesday January 14, 2004

Rick tells Michelle he is going to ask Ed to leave the hospital. Later, Rick suggests Ed take a vacation, and Ed catches on immediately. When Rick pushes the issue and lets Ed know he would go to the board to get him out of the hospital, Ed reminds Rick he doesn't forgive easily. Reva picks up on Shayne's lack of enthusiasm, despite Marina and Marah's cheerleading. Marina uses an old newspaper clipping to try and inspire Shayne. Sandy tells Marah he saw her come out of Jeffrey's room on New Year’s and asks if she spent the night with him. Marah lies and says she simply fell asleep in Jeffrey's arms. Later, Marah is thrilled when Jeffrey shows up. He has a couple of baseball books for Shayne, and he wants Marah to give them to him. Marah tells Jeffrey she misses him and he returns the sentiment, but insists that this is the way it has to be. Jeffrey leaves and a determined Sandy follows him. He threatens Jeffrey. Jeffrey surprises Sandy by admitting that he cares for Marah but can never have her – much like Sandy. Shayne tells Reva he just wants to rest after the others leave and she calls him on being a quitter. Tony phones a guilty Eden and pressures her to make the copy of Bill's keys, while Bill sleeps in the bed. Eden fails to convince Tony to let Danny and Bill in on what's going on. Tony asks Danny if he trusts Bill. Danny assures Tony he does, but admits that he would have preferred a family member watching his back. Tony assures Danny he's always looking out for him. Eden nabs the keys and Tony commends her. Meanwhile, Danny opens the door of his office to find Vinnie Salerno.

Source: CBS

14329 :52x138 - Thursday January 15, 2004

Ross asks Blake to be his campaign manager, but she says he should hire someone who really knows how to win elections. Salerno visits Danny. He offers Danny a five-figure check made out to cash, but Santos refuses to accept it. Later, Bill suggests that Ross has broken the law by exceeding his campaign limits. Ross lets Danny and Bill know that the law allows him to use his unused Senate campaign funds. Danny realizes he can’t win the money war with Ross. Jeffrey asks Harley about her breakfast with Brad. Brad is turning up the heat romantically and Harley can hardly stand it. Harley tells Jeffrey that Brad and Alexandra used to be an item. Alexandra wonders why Harley has been pumping Brad for information about her. Buzz suggests Alex have lunch with Harley. Meanwhile, Jeffrey gives Harley the same idea. Not thrilled at all, Alex calls Harley and invites her to lunch at Towers. Shayne admits to his parents that he is scared. Josh assures him that he will never be disappointed in anything Shayne does as long as he gives it his best shot. Reva tells Shayne a story to show him that he needs to start living again. Billy, close to ordering two fingers of bourbon, calls Josh for support. Josh insists that nothing is worth hitting the bottle over again. Billy apologizes to his brother for not looking out for him in the past. Harley and Alexandra sit down to an awkward lunch.

Source: CBS

14330 :52x139 - Friday January 16, 2004

At lunch, Harley questions Alex about Brad Green. Alexandra suspects that Harley's snooping stems from her desire to check up on Gus, and his involvement with Spaulding. Alan thinks it would be best if Olivia moved away from Springfield and offers to buy her out of Spaulding. Olivia agrees to consider Alan's request but she isn't making any promises. Alan tries to get through to an unresponsive Phillip. He pledges to protect Phillip’s interests. Olivia questions Christopher, who says that Phillip is capable of reason. Olivia visits Phillip and says she has an idea to help them both. She asks Phillip to marry her. An angry Michelle confronts Buzz about following her. He lets her have it about her investigating the past, and Ed comes to Michelle's defense. Michelle says Buzz is mistaken if he thinks she will lead him to the person who told her about Maryanne. She remembers Carrie asking if she could imagine what the men might do to keep Maryanne buried. Danny senses the tension between Michelle and Ed. Buzz calls a meeting of the men, says they should leave Alan out of it. The men come to a chilling realization that this mysterious person wants to kill their children. Alan arrives and says they need to find this person and then get rid of them. Danny meets with Cassie and thanks her for putting him on the road to legitimacy. Cassie is hesitant about endorsing Danny. Later, Jeffrey compliments her on how she handled Danny. Cassie accuses Jeffrey of patronizing her. She publicly endorses Danny for mayor, which is exactly what Jeffrey hoped she'd do. Carrie calls Jeffrey; she has a story to tell him that she thinks he'll find very interesting.

Source: CBS

14331 :52x140 - Monday January 19, 2004

Carrie recounts the tale of the museum curator and the mysterious white powder he found in the sarcophagus to Jeffrey. She also spells out the connection to the Spauldings. Through a series of flashbacks, Carrie tells the story of Maryanne's death to Jeffrey. He realizes that if what she is saying is true, it could tear this town apart. Jeffrey knows that Carrie may want some sort of vengeance, but he warns her to be careful. After Tony sneaks into the file room, Bill returns and surprises Eden in the office. A nervous Eden tries to persuade Bill to go home. Tony rifles through the stack of files. Bill agrees to leave but hears a noise in the file room. Eden stops him, says not to go in. Tony remains still. Bill suspects Eden is up to something. Eden claims that she's tired and achy from the horseback riding and just wants to go home. Tony’s relieved when he hears the office door close. Beth is hesitant, but Christopher thinks it may be a good idea for Lizzie and Phillip to see each other. Phillip agrees to marry Olivia. Olivia says that their marriage will give Phillip something to come back to but she wants to keep it a secret for now. Phillip doesn't react. As usual, there are fireworks when Olivia and Lizzie come face to face outside Phillip's room. Lizzie visits Phillip, and promises not to let him fall. She says that he's here because of her. Phillip embraces Lizzie, who tells Beth everything is going to be okay. Olivia arrives on a doorstep, looks around to confirm she's unseen. She asks the man where "she" is, and the man gestures toward another room. It becomes apparent that Olivia's baby is alive.

Source: CBS

14332 :52x141 - Tuesday January 20, 2004

Gus finds himself being drawn into helping Jeffrey work out the mystery surrounding Maryanne Caruthers.

14333 :52x142 - Wednesday January 21, 2004

Josh resists the temptation to tell Reva what has been going on. Ed continues to be worried.

14334 :52x143 - Thursday January 22, 2004

As Harley continues to work undercover she finds herself getting into a compromising position with Brad.

14335 :52x144 - Friday January 23, 2004

When Michelle looks into Carrie's past she ends up with a shock. Olivia puts her plan for Phillip into action.

14336 :52x145 - Monday January 26, 2004

Michelle is unsure who can trust anymore. Beth and Lizzie are determined that Olivia wont marry Phillip.

14337 :52x146 - Tuesday January 27, 2004

Josh decides to confess to the police about his role in Maryanne's accident.

14338 :52x147 - Wednesday January 28, 2004

Josh turns to Reva for support. Cassie is manipulated by Olivia.

14339 :52x148 - Thursday January 29, 2004

Ross clashes with Danny about the election. Gus is determined to find out who sent the fax to Spaulding.

14340 :52x149 - Friday January 30, 2004

Harley is upset by Gus' decision not to leave the company as she is unaware of his true reasons for staying. Marah is unnerved.

14341 :52x150 - Monday February 2, 2004

Jeffrey helps Marah works out that Carrie is the reason for her torment. Ed finds himself having to make a difficult decision.

14342 :52x151 - Tuesday February 3 2004

Marina and Marah are scared as they believe that Carrie might have tampered with the doll. Sandy has concerns about something Reva is up to.

14343 :52x152 - Wednesday February 4, 2004

Josh is worried that the attack on his daughter is his own fault. The boys decide to try and put an end to what has been going on once and for all.

14344 :52x153 - Thursday February 5, 2004

Gus enjoys working undercover. Alan and Alex try to make the board members at Spaulding believe everything is going to be OK.

14345 :52x154 - Friday February 6, 2004

Cassie's family and friends are anxious to find out if she has inherited her sister's physic powers.

14346 :52x155 - Monday February 6, 2004

As she is looking around a cave it collapses and Marina finds her life in danger. Will Buzz and the others get to her intime.

14348 :52x157 - Wednesday February 11, 2004

Marina and Shane both get ready to go to the Valentine's dance. Marah decides to try and make it a special night for the two of them.

14349 :52x158 - Thursday February 12, 2004

Marah feels a connection between herself and Tony but he is called away to a mysterious meeting.

14350 :52x159 - Friday February 13, 2004

The girls try to have some fun as the Valentine's dance gets under way. Their fathers involvement in what happened to Maryanne Carruthers still in on their minds though.

14351 :52x160 - Monday February 16, 2004

Determined to gain revenge for what happened to Maryanne, Carrie shows up at the dance dressed as her.

14352 :52x161 - Tuesday February 17, 2004

Josh and the the others are confronted by Carrie about what happened all those years ago. When Lizzie takes Nico to the ER she finds herself in trouble with Lillian.

14354 :52x163 - Thursday February 19, 2004

Buzz and Marina have a heart to heart. Olivia stops Phillip from answering Rick's questions about their relationship. Buzz loads a gun for the confrontation at the fairground.

14355 :52x164 - Friday February 20, 2004

Cassie urges Olivia to be honest with Phillip about the baby. The night finally arrives for the truth about Maryanne's death to be revealed.

14356 :52x165 - Monday February 23, 2004

Carrie's plans are revealed. Olivia decides she will tell Phillip the truth after she has done something she needs to do first.

14357 :52x166 - Tuesday February 24, 2004

Bullets are fired at the fairground as a deadly game of cat and mouse is played.

14358 :52x167 - Wednesday February 25, 2004

Josh and the others attempt to cover their tracks and put the past behind them so they can all move on with their lives.

14359 :52x168 - Thursday February 26, 2004

Marina and the girls try to come to terms with what happened at the fairground. Gus becomes suspicious of his father's role in what happened.

14360 :52x169 - Friday February 27, 2004

Following Josh's arrest, Reva vows to defend him. Josh refuses to tell her anything that happened so that he can protect Marah.

14361 :52x170 - Monday March 1, 2004

The police question Ed, Billy and Buzz about what happened at the fairground. They all try and get their stories to match to protect Josh.

14362 :52x171 - Tuesday March 2, 2004

Olivia feels under pressure as the true nearly comes out. Phillip hears a revelation from Olivia as she attempts to win his trust.

14363 :52x172 - Wednesday March 3, 2004

Reva begins to work out what all the flash backs she has been having mean. Alan receives an offer from Gus and Harley.

14365 :52x174 - Friday March 5, 2004

Jeffrey is forced to face up to what Marah has done. When Reva finally hears the truth about the Maryanne Caruthers story she makes a confession of her own.

14366 :52x175 - Monday March 8, 2004

Josh and Reva what their daughter nearby and insist she moves in to the pool house. When a reporter asks him about Marah, Jeffrey looses control.

14367 :52x176 - Tuesday March 9, 2004

Marah and Jeffrey are able to spend some time alone despite everything that is going on. Marah is still haunted by Carrie in her dreams.

14369 :52x178 - Thursday March 11, 2004

Reva's worst fears look like they are about to become a reality. Marah's case receives a showing blow to it.

14370 :52x179 - Friday March 12, 2004

Jeffrey is forced to consider what his options are. Cassie believes that Edmond might have returned to his old ways.

14372 :52x181 - Tuesday March 16, 2004

When another weird letter arrives addressed to Josh and Carrie there is a confrontation.

14373 :52x182 - Wednesday March 17, 2004

Olivia finds out why Phillip has been acting so strangely. Olivia finds herself having to make a difficult decision.

14374 :52x183 - Monday March 22, 2004

Reva and Harley are determined to clear Marah's name as things close in around her. They also find the missing rings.

14375 :52x184 - Tuesday March 23, 2004

Bill finally proposes to Eden. He finds himself in danger though when she wants to keep it a secret.

14376 :52x185 - Wednesday March 24, 2004

Marah finds herself being saved from reporter's questions by a mystery man.

14377 :52x186 - Thursday March 25, 2004

Tony offers Marah his support as she hides at at the house from the press. Marah begins to find the strain too much.

14378 :52x187 - Friday March 26, 2004

Harley is determined to see if her suspicions are correct about what happened and goes to the fun house to try and discover the truth.

14379 :52x188 - Monday March 29, 2004

Harley and Reva follow some tunnels as they try and discover the truth. Emma disappears.

14381 :52x190 - Wednesday March 31, 2004

Gus and the police look for Lizzie and baby Emma. Marah's mental state continues to get worse.

14382 :52x191 - Thursday April 1, 2004

As Reva grows even more intertwined with Maryanne's spirit she is determined to follow through with it at what ever cost to herself.

14383 :52x192 - Friday April 2, 2004

It looks like as if Danny has no chance what so ever of winning the election. Michelle tries to comfort him by telling him winning isn't everything.

14384 :52x193 - Monday April 5, 2004

Harley continues to search for the proof of Carrie's guilt. Reva has one last dream that could unravel the mystery but it could cost her everything.

14385 :52x194 - Tuesday April 6, 2004

Jeffrey wants to get the mob out of Springfield for good.

14386 :52x195 - Wednesday April 7, 2004

Buzz, Billy and the others visit Maryanne's grave to pay their respects. Marah comes to terms with everything that has happened.

14387 :52x196 - Thursday April 8, 2004

Danny has some news to share with Michelle but he becomes sidetracked by baby stuff. Jeffrey watches what Marah is up to.

14388 :52x197 - Friday April 9, 2004

Marah gets some good news and leaves for Paris. Rick isn't happy when he learns that Phillip hasn't been taking his medication.

14389 :52x198 - Monday April 12, 2004

When Bill and Eden join Harley and Gus for dinner tensions run high. Jeffrey wants Danny to keep quiet about what is going on.

14390 :52x199 - Tuesday April 13, 2004

Sam is shocked to learn that Olivia is about to move in to the Spaulding mansion. Gus tries to hide what has happened to him from Harley.

14392 :52x201 - Thursday April 15, 2004

Jeffrey finds himself lonely after Marah's departure and Cassie attempts to get information out of him about Danny.

14394 :52x203 - Monday April 19, 2004

Romeo and Juliet is a big success. Bill is asked for help by Michelle who cant find it in himself to tell her the truth about Danny.

14395 :52x204 - Tuesday April 20, 2004

When his son is bullied because of his behavior, Danny is forced to come clean. Lizzie is jealous at the play's after party.

14396 :52x205 - Wednesday April 21, 2004

Danny realizes that he could end up in prison. Edmond is confused about the kiss he and Tammy shared. Olivia and Phillip argue when she visits him.

14399 :52x208 - Monday April 26, 2004

Cassie and discuss what they should do about Tammy. Phillip is upset that there is nothing he can do to save the company.

14400 :52x209 - Tuesday April 27, 2004

Jeffrey isn't happy that Danny has admitted the truth to Michelle. Salerno wants Eden to do a job for him.

14401 :52x210 - Wednesday April 28, 2004

When Danny arrives in New York for a job interview he has a huge surprise. Tammy is embarrassed by her her mother and Edmond when they confront her about her infatuation.

14403 :52x212 - Friday April 30, 2004

Danny and Michelle find themselves having to pay the price for their actions. Lizzie manages to keep Joey away from Tammy.

14404 :52x213 - Monday May 3, 2004

Gus finds himself in Frank's bad books. Joey tries to win Tammy's heart. Harley tries to get answers about Salerno from Eden.

14405 :52x214 - Tuesday May 4, 2004

Olivia is given a scare by Phillip. Eden is told what is expected of her by Salerno.

14407 :52x216 - Thursday May 6, 2004

Salerno is surprised when Michelle stands up to him. Vinnie wants Eden to do him a favour.

14408 :52x217 - Friday May 7, 2004

To prove that he is loyla to Vinne, Danny is forced to defens him to Bill and Eden. Tammy and Joey get themselves in to trouble.

14411 :52x220 - Wednesday May 12, 2004

Ed tells an upset Michelle that he plans to go to Africa. The shipment from San Cristobel arrives in Springfield.

14413 :52x222 - Friday May 14, 2004

Following Jeffrey’s orders, Harley goes to the docks to confirm arrival of a shipment from San Cristobel. They are hopeful that this is the same shipment that Vinnie Salerno is expecting. But at the docks, Harley is surprised to spot Danny, nosing around – and armed. She alerts Jeffrey about Danny’s presence, and he orders her to leave and heads down there himself. Meanwhile, Tony arrives, saying that he knew Danny couldn’t obey orders. Tony challenges Danny but they are interrupted by the cops. Jeffrey shows up as Danny pries open some crates – only to find antiques. Meanwhile, Harley ends up at Eden’s where she discovers the party decorations Eden sent away for. But when she opens the packages, Harley realizes they are loaded down with bags of white powder – just as Eden walks in. Phillip is prepared to take the blame for what’s been happening at Spaulding. He wants to use his time as Ravenwood as an excuse that he couldn’t be responsible for his actions. Gus warns Phillip that he has no idea how serious the Federal investigation is, and remarks he feels sorry for the head of Spaulding when it’s over. Phillip goes to Alan and decides that it’s a good idea to leave Olivia in charge for a while. Ed informs Michelle that he's leaving unexpectedly early to go to Africa. She wasn't prepared to deal with this so suddenly. Rick wants his sister to talk to Ed and try to convince him to stay. Although tempted, Michelle stays firm in her goal to isolate herself for her father’s own good. Ed leaves and Danny returns home to finds his wife struggling with what this mission is costing them.

Source: CBS

14415 :52x224 - Tuesday May 18, 2004

Eden is about to make the drug transfer to Salerno but is stopped when Bill unexpectedly shows up. It seems that he will bust her with the drugs when Gus arrives and takes his future brother-in-law out to his surprise bachelor party. Relieved, Eden heads out to find Salerno. Jeffrey and Harley listen in as Eden completes the deal and informs Salerno she’s finished working with him. But, Salerno threateningly tells her that they’re finished when he says so. A frightened Eden lifts a key on her way out. She watches Vinnie as he hides the drugs and leaves. Once he’s gone, she sneaks back in. In a moment of defiance, and unknown to Jeffrey and Harley, she flushes all the drugs. Olivia’s working late at the office when Phillip arrives, wondering why she’s staying away from the house so much. Phillip lets slip that Bill’s having a bachelor party tonight. Curious to know if Bill is the one buying up all the Spaulding stock, she decides to crash the party. When she gets there, she learns from Billy that Bill lied to her when he said he knew nothing about buying and selling stocks. She decides to go for broke and proposes a partnership to Bill. Olivia is not pleased when Bill turns her down flat.

Source: CBS

14416 :52x225 - Wednesday May 19, 2004

At Reva’s, Cassie attempts to reach out to Tammy. She wants to be calm and rational, but can’t help but be concerned about what did or didn’t happen between Tammy and Joey at the cabin. When Tammy appears unrepentant, Cassie fears her worries are justified. Reva steps in to mediate the “negotiations” between mother and daughter. At the end of the day, Cassie leaves behind a token of her love and respect, and Tammy is touched in spite of herself. Bill wakes up with a hangover. Meanwhile Eden hardly slept, anticipating the inevitable fallout from her destroying Salerno’s drug shipment. Jeffrey, who has been monitoring the social club, shows up. He forces a reluctant Bill to leave him with Eden and rails at her for destroying the drugs. He declares that to save her neck and to bring down the mob, she must testify against Salerno. As Bill struggles with his hangover, he runs into Harley. She tries to convince him that everything is okay, but Bill assumes that something’s going on with Eden and Salerno is the cause of it. Later, Jeffrey orders Harley to keep an eye on Eden. Eden is contemplating running away when Bill confronts her with his suspicions. Elsewhere, Salerno is furious when he discovers his drug shipment is missing and immediately suspects Danny. He sends his henchmen to turn Michelle’s house upside down to find the stolen drugs. Michelle rises to the occasion and is able to turn the tables on Salerno with a phone call. Later, Tony pitches in to help Michelle clean up the mess. Although things are still tense between them, he respects her unwavering support of Danny. Meanwhile, Salerno realizes who has betrayed him, and he orders Danny to kill the traitor.

Source: CBS

14418 :52x227 - Friday May 21, 2004

Bill and Olivia continue to get to know each other in Olivia's bar. Olivia admits that she knows nothing about romance, and refers him to Josh and Reva for further instructions. Tony finds Michelle snooping around the Social Club. He reprimands her for carrying a weapon, but she insists that she wouldn’t hesitate to use it. When Danny emerges from the club, she remains hidden but she can see he’s upset following his discussion with Salerno about the hit. Danny goes to the surveillance van where he confronts Jeffrey over his impossible situation. Gus presses Harley and Eden to tell him the truth. Harley confesses Salerno had one last assignment for Eden. Gus is upset Harley let Eden do something that dangerous without backup. Harley doesn’t say anything about the Federal investigation until Jeffrey shows up. Jeffrey pulls Harley and Gus from the apartment, telling them they must talk in the van. Meanwhile, Danny calls and lures Eden down to the warehouse. Eden reluctantly goes to meet him. Danny sends her into the inner office, and sets the timer on a detonation device. He leaves the warehouse just as Michelle, who has followed him, enters the warehouse from a different direction. The timer counts down and the warehouse explodes.

Source: CBS

14419 :52x228 - Monday May 24, 2004

On Salerno’s orders, Danny detonates the bomb in the warehouse to kill Eden. What he doesn’t realize is that Michelle is also inside. Danny takes a photo of Eden as proof for Vinnie and walks right by Michelle, hidden in the rubble, on his way out. Jeffrey and Frank coordinate the rescue teams outside the warehouse, but the Fire Chief holds them back due the fear of another explosion. Gus arrives to see Eden being pulled out of the debris. Eden is loaded into the ambulance where, to Gus’ horror, they lose her. However, as the ambulance races away with Gus and Jeffrey inside, Eden sits up to reveal it’s all been a set-up. Back at the warehouse, Tony calls Salerno to verify that Danny did the job. He barely misses Michelle but he discovers her when her cell phone starts ringing. He lifts her from the wreckage and she opens her eyes to see her rescuer. Just then they are sent flying by another intense explosion. Having prepared a romantic evening, Bill waits for Eden to come home. Bill is happy and hopeful until Billy arrives, having been called by Frank. He breaks the news of the explosion, but doesn’t yet have word on Eden’s condition. Bill reacts with fear and denial. Phillip rushes Emma to the emergency room where Rick meets him and assures him she’s just fine. The old friends commiserate about the pressures of leading a family and Rick admits he worries about Michelle. Olivia arrives and she and Phillip share a momentary truce over their child.

Source: CBS

14420 :52x229 - Tuesday May 25, 2004

Eden faces life in the witness protection program. She’s horrified to learn that everyone will have to believe she’s dead - including Bill. She makes an emotional appeal to Jeffrey and Gus to tell Bill the truth but Jeffrey insists that no one can know. Gus and Eden share a tender moment, realizing it’s one of the last they’ll ever have together. Back at the warehouse, there is a second explosion, and Tony covers Michelle with his body to protect her. Frank and the rescue teams move in to help, but a shell-shocked Tony refuses to hand her over. He carries her all the way to the emergency room where he finally hands her over to Rick. Meanwhile, it turns out that Danny was in on the plan to fake Eden’s death all along. He arrives at the safe house to check in with Jeffrey, Harley and Gus. Then he goes to the hospital to see Michelle, who is supposed to be on duty. He is devastated to learn from Tony that Michelle was caught in the explosion. He tries to get to her, but can only watch as she’s wheeled off for emergency surgery. With his dad beside him, Bill waits for word on Eden’s condition. Harley arrives to break the horrible news that Eden didn’t survive. Bill suspects foul play and blames Salerno, but Harley assures him it was an accident. Billy follows Bill to the warehouse, where he finds Eden’s engagement ring in the rubble. After giving Billy the slip, he returns home with H.B.’s old pistol.

Source: CBS

14421 :52x230 - Wednesday May 26, 2004

Things remain tense between Danny and Tony as they await word on Michelle’s surgery. Tony doesn’t doubt Danny’s remorse - but it isn’t enough. He blames Danny not only for taking Eden’s life but for possibly destroying Michelle ’s as well. Marina, Shayne, Frank and Buzz attempt to be supportive, but Danny is still distant. Jeffrey shows up and Danny tears into him for putting him in the position which lead to these horrible events. Jeffrey can’t help but feel for a distraught Danny. After, Jeffrey presents Eden with her new identity papers. Eden longs to see Bill one last time but Gus and Harley remind her it’s impossible. All that matters now is bringing down Salerno and his contacts at Spaulding. Gus and Harley leave to gauge the reactions of Alan and Alex. Although she is genuinely sad, they get a sense that Alex has something to hide. Back at the safe house, Gus and Harley vow that they will justify all the heartache and bring the villains to justice, whoever they may be. Bill is filled with rage and ready to use H.B.’s old pistol to avenge Eden’s death. Olivia arrives and does her best to reason with him - even as she understands his pain and anger. But Olivia can’t convince Bill, who is determined to make someone else suffer the way Eden suffered. Tony shows up and Bill turns the gun on him. Olivia helps to mediate the situation, and the two men bond over their shared passion for Eden. Tony helps Bill put aside H.B.’s pistol and focus on honoring Eden’s memory and not inflicting more pain.

Source: CBS

14422 :52x231 - Thursday May 27, 2004

The residents of Springfield gather to say a final good-bye to Eden when Vinnie Salerno shows up. Josh tells him he’s not welcome, but Bill insists that Vinnie stay to see how much Eden was loved. Gus speaks first to wish his sister farewell. He talks about their childhood and explains how proud he is of the woman she became. Harley can’t bear to witness the pain Bill is in and tells Gus that she has to leave. As the assembled crowd each places a rose on Eden’s casket, they depart. But Bill has trouble leaving and remains for his own personal goodbye. He recites the vows that he prepared for his and Eden’s wedding day. Back at the safe house with Jeffrey, Eden imagines the ceremony that she’s missing. Harley and Gus arrive and plead with Jeffrey to reconsider his plan and let Bill and Eden have a chance to say goodbye, but he maintains that they can’t take the risk. Frustrated Eden heads to the bathroom and escapes through the window. Danny sits by Michelle’s bedside, agonizing over her comatose state. He goes to the hospital chapel and begs the Lord to punish him and heal Michelle. Cassie surprises him there and asks whether or not he’s in the mob. His refusal to answer tells her what she needs to know. Back in Michelle’s room, Ross warns Danny that if he finds out this was anything other than an accident, Danny will pay. An angry Danny asks Ross to leave. Tammy comes to the hospital to find Cassie and apologizes for letting a silly fight come between them. They reconcile and Cassie is thrilled. Danny continues to talk to Michelle in the hopes of reaching her.

Source: CBS

14424 :52x233 - Monday May 30, 2004

Danny is stunned when Michelle stirs from her coma, looking at him blankly before seeming to recognize Tony. But she quickly lapses back into unconsciousness. Rick explains that this is not uncommon, and they need to remain patient. Vinnie shows up and points out that Michelle’s presence at the warehouse makes her a potential witness to murder. To protect Michelle, Danny claims that Rick has diagnosed that Michelle will be in a coma the rest of her life. When Salerno leaves, Tony calls Danny on his lie. Danny surprises him by confessing that he’s working undercover for Jeffrey. Danny lays out the whole sordid tale, pretty much putting his life in Tony’s hands. Bill gets the shock of his life to find Eden alive – but his joy is short-lived when she tells him she’s entered the Witness Protection program and is leaving Springfield at that very moment. Bill begs her to stay – but Eden is forced to tell him what a lie their relationship was and how she never really stopped being the small-time crook she was before they met. She even admits to her affair with Tony. A bitter Bill leaves Eden, who’s crushed. After a quick goodbye to Gus, she leaves. Gus surprises Harley by declaring that he really wants is to get back to work – tonight. Cassie is a little surprised when Edmund tries to talk her out of trying to do something about the drug problem in Springfield. She’s even more surprised when he overreacts at the sight of her reaching into his diplomatic pouch. He covers. Later, Edmund realizes that what he was expecting to be in the pouch didn’t arrive and he has to explain this to Vinnie Salerno.

Source: CBS

14426 :52x235 - Wednesday June 2, 2004

Jeffrey informs Cassie that Edmund is a possible target of his drug investigation. He stuns Cassie with the news that he visited San Cristobel and had an eye on Edmund and his illicit activities in the past. Before Cassie can get the whole story, Edmund shows up. When Jeffrey pushes Edmund’s buttons, Cassie sticks up for her man – but secretly wonders if Jeffrey’s accusations are true. Gus visits Eden’s apartment and discovers a very suspicious looking Alan rifling through Eden’s things. Alan covers and makes a impassioned plea for Gus to let the Spauldings be his family. After, Gus finds receipts from Eden’s escort business from Spaulding, plus a photo that seems to incriminate Brad Green in the drug trade. Harley arrives and recognizes Alan in the photo. Drunk Bill tracks down Danny and demands an explanation about his connection to Eden. Danny tries to hush him and warns him not to talk about this in public. Harley advises Bill to move on but Bill’s determined not to let things happen to him anymore. Later, Danny receives a call from Vinnie with new instructions. Determined to ruin Tammy and Joey’s romantic summer plans, Lizzie takes action. She approaches Alexandra and pitches an intern contest for Spaulding. Hungry for some good publicity, Alex thinks it’s a wonderful idea. Lizzie works hard to convince Tammy, Joey, Sandy, Shayne, Marina and their friend Kyra to sign up. Alex pitches the idea to Alan, who is willing to come on board as long as he can control the situation.

Source: CBS

14427 :52x236 - Thursday June 3, 2004

Danny has worked hard to convince Vinnie that Michelle could never provide information about the night of the explosion, now that she is in a permanent coma. Salerno seems appeased until Frank bursts in, raiding the club. Danny demonstrates his loyalty to his boss and Frank’s attempt to get Salerno is foiled. Salerno is finally satisfied that Danny has proven himself, and rewards him with the coveted job of playing bagman to his San Cristobel drug supplier. Vinnie then lets Danny know he wants him to kill Jeffrey. Danny goes to find Jeffrey and informs him their plans are falling into place. Gus is still reeling from the connection that’s been made between Alan, Salerno, Eden and Brad Green. He questions Edmund about Alan’s involvement in San Cristobel’s drug business. Later, Gus looks for Alan, unable to shake his suspicions. Meanwhile, Cassie’s suspicions of Edmund continue to grow after she sees Edmund’s defensive reaction to Gus’s questions about the drug business in San Cristobel. Cassie and Edmund argue but ultimately make amends. Phillip learns from Alan that the Federal probe into Spaulding Enterprises is winding down. Realizing he’s running out of time to frame Olivia, Phillip moves into action with a plan to stick her with incriminating memos. Later, Phillip alerts Alan that Olivia is going down. Lizzie, Tammy, Joey, Shayne, Marina, Sandy, and Remy gather for their first meeting about summer jobs at Spaulding. A reluctant Alan lays down the law, as well as his plans for their summer project. Lizzie has a project of her own and fixes the teams so that she winds up with Joey. Alexandra shows up to further her own agenda: using this summer employment program to spin some positive PR for the company.

Source: CBS

14428 :52x237 - Friday June 4, 2004

It seems that Danny and Jeffrey’s plan to set up Salerno’s hit on Jeffrey is in jeopardy when Vinnie vetoes Danny’s idea to be the shooter. Danny is able to convince Vinnie that he has to be the one to pull the trigger. They decide to hit Jeffrey while he eats lunch in his car. Phillip provides Olivia memos from the pharmaceutical division and Antimonius. Later, he shreds his own copies of the memos so that Olivia has the only copies in her possession. Lizzie and Joey join forces to sell the most tickets to the San Cristobel Festival. Joey is impressed when Lizzie gets off to a good start by selling Alexandra ten tickets. At the Beacon, Tammy and Joey share a close moment, which is interrupted by Lizzie, who pulls Joey away. Bill comes into the Beacon late for a meeting with a client. He’s not pleased to see that Josh has covered for him. Bill finds a way to mollify the client and solve the problem. After, he heads to Olivia’s bar and confronts Tony about his relationship with Eden. Tony denies it and warns Bill to pull it together. Marie Green hires Harley to follow Brad to San Cristobel. Then Harley sees Brad and Edmund emerge from Olivia’s bar with the diplomatic pouch. Marie tells Harley that Brad often couriers it for Edmund. Cassie presses Edmund about the pouch and its contents but to no avail. She runs into Jeffrey who assures her that she can come to him if anything concerns her. Later, Cassie witnesses Edmund give a package to Vinnie that she saw him take from the diplomatic pouch earlier. Unnerved, she dashes off to find Jeffrey eating lunch in his car. She arrives there just as the ‘shooter’ pulls the trigger.

Source: CBS

14429 :52x238 - Monday June 7, 2004

Cassie shows up and disrupts Jeffrey and Danny’s planned “hit.” Jeffrey is grazed, but all are okay. Cassie insists on taking Jeffrey back to her room to patch him up. When she realizes that Salerno was behind the attempt on Jeffrey’s life, she fears that Edmund could be involved as well. Jeffrey advises her not to jump to any conclusions. Later, Cassie spots Edmund and Alan in a huddle, and can’t help but assume that Edmund, Alan and Salerno are partners in crime. Meanwhile, Harley watches the social club when Danny returns from his aborted “hit.” Salerno is furious that Jeffrey is still alive but Tony urges Vinnie to keep his cool and his eyes on the prize – the drug deal that’s scheduled to go down at the San Cristobel Festival tomorrow night. Danny and Tony find themselves working together – Danny to bring Salerno to justice and Tony to take Vinnie’s place. The plan is set, but there’s a problem. Harley hears that Vinnie plans to be out of town when the drug deal goes down, making it impossible for him to get caught along with his Spaulding supplier. Gus confronts Alan with the photograph that proves that Alan lied about how well he knew Eden and Salerno. It is a painful moment for Gus as he struggles with the fact that guilty or not, Alan will always keep a portion of his life secret from his son. Gus realizes that the planned takedown of Vinnie and his associates the night of the Festival might involve his father. He is comforted by the notion that if Alan falls, at least Harley will still be there – the one constant in his turbulent life.

Source: CBS

14430 :52x239 - Tuesday June 8, 2004

Cassie confides all of her suspicions about Edmund to Jeffrey. He urges her to be cautious. Cassie realizes that she and Jeffrey have moved beyond their usual bickering to an actual friendship. Edmund shows up, and Cassie continues to be suspicious of his every move. Meanwhile, Harley and Gus prepare for the bust at the San Cristobel Festival. Struggling to come up with a way to keep Vinnie from leaving town, Harley decides to use his superstitious nature against him and asks Reva to help. Reva protests that her psychic powers are gone, but Harley insists all she needs is for Reva to fake it. Initially, Reva refuses but when she realizes that Cassie was almost killed, she is moved to take on Salerno. Monitored and protected, Reva visits Salerno. In an attempt to provide a false sense of security, Gus surprises Alan and the rest of the Spaulding clan with the news that the Feds are dropping the investigation into Spaulding Enterprises. Everyone is temporarily relieved, except for Phillip whose plan to destroy Olivia depended on the investigation. Alan assures his son that they will find another way to get her out of their lives. Marina and Shayne visit Michelle at the ICU. After Shayne is able to charm their way past the nurse, Marina tells her “sleeping” friend that they are going to surround her with friends and family – and they tape photographs and drawings all over the room. Marina is keenly aware how lucky she and Shayne are, given that only recently he was fighting for his life in this same hospital. They leave music for Michelle, it seems that they may have managed to reach her.

Source: CBS

14431 :52x240 - Wednesday June 9, 2004

Determined to embarrass Olivia before the Board, Phillip brings his wife a daring new dress to wear. Despite her discomfort, he goads her into putting it on, but not before she makes it a little more daring. She must have the last word. Lizzie tries her best to cozy up to Joey but Tammy stays one step ahead of her. When Joey asks Tammy to the Spring Fling, she softens in her attitude toward Lizzie and asks Joey to see if he can get her a date. But Lizzie, disappointed that the invitation is not coming from Joey, says she’s not interested. Sandy reaches out to a dejected Lizzie. Jeffrey has his agents in place at the Gala. He checks and rechecks their technological devices, wanting to be sure everything is ready. But when Vinnie, spooked by Reva’s psychic prediction, calls off the deal, Danny has to do some fancy talking to put the deal back together. Marina and Shayne try to fix Sandy up with Lindsey but Sandy is uncomfortable at a festival celebrating San Cristobel. He turns to Edmund to share his unhappy memories of San Cristobel. Gus and Alan experience a touching yet awkward moment when Alan admits how proud he is of Gus and that he loves him. After, Gus goes down to the wine cellar early, wanting to be in place when the action goes down. Someone starts into the cellar and Gus is horrified to see that it is Alan!

Source: CBS

14433 :52x242 - Friday June 11, 2004

Cassie challenges Edmund with her knowledge of the package he gave to Salerno and accuses him of smuggling drugs from San Cristobel. Heartbroken, Edmund reveals that the package contains cigars, with which he hoped to bribe Vinnie to stay away from the Festival – and Cassie's hotel. Edmund storms out and a stunned Cassie follows, pleading for him to understand. After, Gus sees Brad show up with a suspicious gym bag, which he leaves in a hidden spot. Gus checks it out, and announces that this is it. Jeffrey and Harley hear this via their earpieces and are thrilled. Elsewhere, Salerno confronts Reva on her way into the Gala. When Vinnie escorts Reva back to the Social Club, Tony tries but fails to get Reva away from him. Later, Danny comes to deliver the drugs and alerts Jeffrey Reva is there. Jeffrey leaves the festival with Gus in charge. In the wine cellar, Gus hears footsteps approaching to claim the money...and he’s shocked by who shows up. At the Social Club, Vinnie proposes a partnership of sorts, suggesting that if Reva brings her "powers" along with her to work for him, he'll make it worth her while. Reva resists and Vinnie reminds her that he rarely has to ask for favors twice. Olivia's thrown to find Bill at the party. She tries to offer him sympathy, but Bill is in no mood for it. He pulls her into a semi-drunken kiss to shut her up and Phillip gets there in time to see all. Joey goes searching for Tammy to confront her about her kiss with Edmund. Meanwhile, Tammy witnesses Edmund and Cassie’s fight and heads outside to comfort him. Joey finally finds Tammy as she's embracing Edmund. Later, Tammy gets a message from an angry Joey saying she’s going to Spring Fling, alone.

Source: CBS

14434 :52x243 - Monday June 14, 2004

Gus is stunned when Alexandra turns up to retrieve Salerno's drug money. She begs for him to protect her, but Gus won’t hear it. Alan shows up and reveals that he’s been following his sister for months. Pressed by both men, Alex admits to her role in Brad’s scheme to sell drugs to the mob. She claims that didn't know the full extent of it until it was too late. Gus is outraged when Alan asks him to protect Alex and keep her involvement a secret. Alan appeals to Gus as a Spaulding, and it starts to get to Gus, who points out that Brad will want to take Alexandra down with him. Meanwhile, upstairs, Harley sees Brad with the stash of cash, heading for the door. She stalls him long enough for the FBI to nab him. A panicked Brad screams he wasn't alone and suddenly suffers a massive heart attack. He attempts to tell Harley something, but can’t get the words out. Downstairs, Gus gets a radio call that Brad is dead. At the Social Club, Danny tries to get Reva out but Vinnie realizes he's been set up – and Danny has been in on it! He knocks out Danny and drags Reva outside, using her as a shield. Reva plays mind games and convinces Salerno that she senses that his gun has no bullets and therefore she's just going to walk away. Vinnie doesn't buy this but is unnerved long enough for Danny to fly out the door and take him down. At the Gala, Phillip plays the loving husband, but back home, he turns on Olivia. He declares that she looked like a tramp in that dress tonight. She's thrown, reminding him that he’s the one who bought it – but Phillip shows her a receipt, insisting she made the purchase. He storms out, leaving Olivia’s head spinning.

Source: CBS

14435 :52x244 - Tuesday June 15, 2004

Gus rushes upstairs to see Brad lying dead on the floor. With Brad gone, so is any proof that Alex was involved in his drug trafficking scheme. As the paramedics arrive, Harley reveals Brad tried to implicate someone with his dying breath. Alex and Alan wait anxiously as Gus decides to protect his family and keep quiet about what he knows. Danny returns to the ICU to tell Michelle it's over: the mob's been busted up, and she can safely recover without fear of Salerno coming around. Jeffrey comes to thank Danny for what he did. But Danny lashes out at Jeffrey, telling him if he really wants to thank him for all he's done, he'll bring his wife back to him and return the weeks he's lost with her and his son. Cassie tracks Edmund down and is stunned to see him packing his belongings from her room. She knows she messed up by thinking the worst of him, but she swears it was a one-time mistake that she'll learn from. But Edmund thinks it wasn't an isolated incident and that she'll always have a reason to suspect him. She begs him not to give up on them but Edmund walks out.

Source: CBS
Director: Susan Strickler

14436 :52x245 - Wednesday June 16, 2004

Olivia tries to do damage control after wearing the inappropriate gown at the Festival. Meanwhile, Phillip questions Jeffrey about the punishment for illegal stock trading. Jeffrey explains that the punishment would definitely involve jail time and that if Phillip doesn’t handle it internally, he will handle it criminally. In Olivia’s Bar, Gus tells Alan and Alex that the only way he will keep their secret is if Alan stops selling Antimonius and destroys the formula. They are pleased that he is a loyal member of the Spaulding clan. Tammy is distraught that Joey left her the dance tickets and a note. Lizzie admits to telling him about her kissing Edmund. Tammy frantically tracks down Joey, who can't deal with the deception and walks out on her. Lizzie tries to convince Alan to put Joey and her together in the ‘pairs’ part of the intern contest. Later, Lizzie promises to help Tammy win Joey back, but Tammy warns her not to interfere. At Eden’s apartment, Bill goes on a destructive rampage. Olivia shows up to ask him about their kiss the other night. He assures her that it didn’t mean anything. Back at the Beacon, Phillip informs Olivia that by selling his stock with a proxy she obtained while he was incapacitated, she committed fraud. Danny goes to the ICU to show Michelle the newspaper that proclaims him a hero. Ross arrives and questions Danny about the explosion. He vows that if he finds out that there was more to it, he will pursue it. Later, Danny doesn’t notice when Michelle’s finger starts to move.

Source: CBS

14437 :52x246 - Thursday June 17, 2004

Cassie is still reeling from Edmund’s decision to move out of the Beacon and return to Towers. Reva tries to give her sister a pep talk, but Cassie seemed defeated. However, Jeffrey refuses to let her quit. He is able to convince her to go fight for the man she loves. Meanwhile, Tammy pays Edmund a visit, assuming it’s her fault he moved out. Edmund tries to reassure her but Tammy has been stung by Joey’s breaking up with her. Later, Cassie comes to see Edmund. He tells her he doesn’t want to live his life on trial every minute of the day. Since she doesn’t have faith in him, he thinks they should go their own separate ways. Gus is greeted with a hero’s welcome upon his return to the police station. Jeffrey stops by with a commendation from the Mayor for Gus and Harley. Gus is uncomfortable with all the attention, and it gets worse when Alex shows up. Harley senses something is wrong but Gus surprises her by setting the date for their wedding. Phillip threatens to go to the DA with proof of Olivia’s stock fraud, unless she agrees to his terms – which include an eventual divorce and surrendering of baby Emma to her father and his family. Olivia is horrified, but relieved now the gloves are off and she and Phillip can now openly hate each other.

Source: CBS

14438 :52x247 - Friday June 18, 2004

Michelle begins to stir in her coma, reliving the moments after the explosion over and over again in her mind. Rick informs Bill that her movements are likely involuntary. Meanwhile, Danny arrives at the police station to bail out Tony. He’s disappointed when Tony informs him that he secured his own bail, from a known mob attorney. Danny pleads with his cousin to go legit, but Tony refuses. He’ll stay by Danny’s side until Michelle is healthy, and then they’ll part company. Danny and Tony head to the hospital where they have a tense run-in with Bill. Later, Danny leaves Michelle’s room to call Robbie. Tony takes Michelle’s hand, and is stunned when she squeezes back. She opens her eyes and smiles at Tony. A desperate Olivia can only watch as Phillip takes Emma for a play date with Rick. She appeals to Beth for help, but Beth won't side with Olivia against the Spaulding family. An angry Olivia vows to remember Beth’s unwillingness to help. Later, Bill calls Olivia over to his apartment and admits that he’s the one buying up shares of Spaulding stock. Alex finds Gus at the police station and pressures him to let her plan his wedding as payback for protecting her. She advises him to get in touch with his Spaulding roots and let go of the guilt he feels for lying to Harley. After, Gus asks Beth how she’s learned to accept the Spaulding way of life. Beth suggests that he stop judging them and let them be a support system.

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14440 :52x249 - Tuesday June 22, 2004

Danny attempts to jog Michelle’s memory, but only succeeds in frustrating her. Danny gets paged, and sends Tony to check it out. Tony is stunned when Robbie runs into his arms. He summons Danny, who shares a couple of heartbreaking moments with the little boy who misses his mother so much. At the hospital, Reva surprises Michelle with the news that she’s been where Michelle is. Reva talks about her sordid past and they share a laugh. But when Reva advises Michelle to hold onto Danny and their love, Michelle gets annoyed. Later, Danny returns to the room and finds that Michelle gone. At the gym, Olivia takes another crack at intimidating Bill into joining forces with her. Once again, he rejects her and questions her ability to take on the Spauldings. Olivia vows to show Bill she can play hardball. She contacts Josh and plays the worried friend, informing Josh that she found Bill with a gun. Josh leaves to confront Bill, and Olivia is satisfied her job is done. The participants in the intern contest show up for their second assignment. Lizzie is pleased when Tammy doesn’t arrive at the beginning of the meeting. But Tammy, off advice from Reva, shows up looking great and makes a splash with Alan. On a break, Tammy tries to talk to Joey, but he blows her off. Meanwhile, Lizzie presses Alan to fix the contest so she is teamed up with Joey. Alan makes her believe she won’t get her way, then gives in and assigns the twosomes.

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14441 :52x250 - Wednesday June 23, 2004

Cassie and Harley attempt to forget their troubled relationships in a yoga class. Instead, they decide to face their problems. Meanwhile, Gus and Edmund run into each other at Olivia’s bar, just as confused and miserable about the state of affairs. The two men trade war stories. Gus realizes that his past mistakes will come back to haunt him and he should tell Harley the truth about protecting Alex. At that moment, Harley shows up wanting to put the past behind them and concentrate on their wedding. Harley helps Cassie find a way to get Edmund out to the farm, hoping she can reach him with a little romance. Buzz questions Alex about her newfound affection for Gus. She is able to cover and work her charm to get Buzz enthused about a Spaulding style wedding for Gus and Harley. Overwhelmed by the holes in her memory, Michelle leans on Tony for support. But he’s not interested in being her rock – or anyone else’s. When Josh comes to talk to him about Bill’s emotional state, Tony blows up. He insists that he’s not responsible for other people’s problems and is determined to remain on his own – and answer to no one. Danny and Rick try to remind Michelle of her life and work at Cedars. Nothing seems to click until the mention of pediatrics. Danny and Rick are hopeful that Michelle may remember Robbie, but it’s quickly apparent that she doesn’t. Danny realizes that he must keep Michelle from knowing she has a child – at least for now. Josh takes Jeffrey to task for endangering Reva's life with Salerno.

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14443 :52x252 - Friday June 25, 2004

Trying hard to find a connection with Danny, Michelle asks him to touch her. They are interrupted and Michelle is secretly relieved. Bill comes to visit and she senses that he doesn’t like Danny. Rick informs Danny that Michelle is ready to be released and Danny is sure that once Michelle is home, her memories will return. Later, Bill, Rick and Danny inundate Michelle with stories about herself and she begins to crumble under the pressure. Cassie is annoyed when she finds Jeffrey has returned to his philandering ways. He’s annoyed that she’s annoyed and comes to the farm to tell her she has no right to judge him. They end up in a deep conversation. He talks about Rebecca and admits Cassie reminds him of her. Cassie believes that Jeffrey is still looking for atonement for Rebecca’s death and tries to help him move on. They bond as they debate who’s the bigger grudge bearer. The moment is interrupted by Edmund’s arrival. Harley lets Gus believe she’s eager to elope and invites Alex and Alan over to break the news to them. She surprises them all when she announces that she’s willing to let the Spauldings throw her wedding. Gus thanks her and says it means a lot to him to include his family. Later on, a romantic moment is ruined when Gus has to lie to Harley again about the meaning of Brad’s last words. He realizes how hard it’s going to be to live with this lie between them. Marina visits Michelle but can't reach her. While Sandy works on a mysterious project, Kyra flirts with Shayne. Marina sees and doesn’t like it. She throws herself into her work. Sandy eventually confides in Marina that he’s hacking into the Spaulding system. She’s intrigued and sees Sandy in a whole new light.

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14445 :52x254 - Tuesday June 29, 2004

Danny is able to cover when Michelle asks if they have a child, and an exhausted Michelle is ready for bed. Upstairs, Danny moves cautiously, not wanting to make Michelle uncomfortable in her own home. They climb into bed together, but she cannot settle down in his arms. Danny quickly volunteers to sleep in the guest room. She asks that he stay in the room while she goes to sleep so Danny, alone and on the other side of the room, complies. Cassie has invited Edmund to stay the night and he’s hesitant. She admits her mistake but blames him for not taking a chance on their relationship. Tammy and Remy decide to give fate a push by loosening the battery cables on Edmund’s car. Edmund is ready to leave, but his sudden car trouble makes him realize he’s been wrong. He and Cassie reconcile, and they make love. Phillip finds Olivia enraged over having her access to Spaulding credit cut off. To make matters worse, he presents her with a script she’s to read at the board meeting tomorrow, announcing her resignation and Phillip’s ascendancy to the company’s helm. Humiliated, she waits until Phillip is gone…then meets a mysterious man at the Beacon to make her own arrangements. Tony and Bill go to the Social Club so Bill can get a look at what Tony intends for the place. In the middle of their meeting, Josh and Billy arrive to demote Bill. Bill is outraged but they insist it’s a temporary situation until he pulls through this rough patch he’s in. Although he tries to refuse, a powerless Bill must accept their decision.

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Network: CBS ( USA)
Type: Scripted
Genres: Drama, Soaps
Status: Canceled/Ended
Airs: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays at 03:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: June 30, 1952
Ended: September 18, 2009
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