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Gus starts grilling Holly and Buzz for information on the source of Blake’s book. Blake tries to subtly tell Gus that he should talk to her about the source for her book and maybe they can make an arrangement. While Gus continues to harass Buzz, Ross calls in a favor from his friend at the justice department who gets Gus to back off. Gus leaves and Blake is not far behind him. They meet in Gus’ office and discuss the terms of their deal. If Gus gives Blake lots of useful information for her next book, Blake will tell Gus her source. Olivia calls Edmund to tell him that she suspects that there are gong to be problems at Richard’s funeral. In San Cristobel, Edmund calls for more security in the palace. He warns Cassie that she should cooperate with him if she wants to return to Springfield and be with her children. She agrees to do whatever he wants. He instructs her to behave with quiet dignity at the funeral. Cassie is grief stricken to see Richard in his casket. Meanwhile, Beth reads the letter that Cassie wrote on the wall of the tower. Edmund tries to get Beth to go to Richard’s funeral with him, but she refuses and she tells him that she wants to go back to Springfield. He leaves her in the tower when she refuses to cooperate with him. Beth, alone in the tower, hopes that Phillip will come rescue her.

Source: CBS

Episode Info

Episode number: 49x246
Airdate: Friday June 22nd, 2001

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