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Season 20

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Season 20

Return to Dodge

Retired US Marshal Matt Dillon, now a fur trapper, is shot by thieves, brought back to Dodge, and nursed by Kitty Russell, played by Amanda Blake. He is hunted by vengeful past nemesis Mannon, who has sworn to kill him and holds a battered Kitty hostage in exchange for a showdown.

The Last Apache

Mike Yardner divulges that Matt sired a daughter, who is now a young woman named Beth.

To the Last Man

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The Long Ride

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One Man's Justice

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612 :20x01 - Matt Dillon Must Die

A widower who planed his revenge against Matt Dillon for the death of his son, a wanted murderer, will get his chance as the Marshal walks into his clutches.
Guest Stars: Joseph Hindy as Jacob Wakefield | Elaine Fulkerson as Annabel | Frederick Herrick as Laban Wakefield | Douglas Dirkson as Abel Wakefield | Henry Olek as Isaac Wakefield | Morgan Woodward as Abraham Wakefield | William Lucking as Esau Wakefield
Director: Victor French
Writer: Ray Goldrup

613 :20x02 - A Town in Chains

Five bank robbers wanted by the Marshal, capture Matt Dillon and hold him for ransom.
Guest Stars: Lloyd Nelson as Welch | Bernice Smith as Helen | Ron Soble as Clatch | Don Stroud as Foss | Neil Summers as Townsman | Paul C. Thomas as Mr. Burry | Russell Wiggins as Pryor | Mari Martin as Unknown | Margaret L. Kingman as Mary | Lance LeGault as Oregon | John Crawford as Muller | Ramon Bieri as Big Thicket | Gretchen Corbett as Arlene | Med Flory as Sheriff Van Berkle | Thad Hall as Shields | Francesca Jarvis as Martha
Writer: Ron Bishop

614 :20x03 - The Guns of Cibola Blanca (1)

A band of former Confederate officers-turned-outlaws hold Doc and saloon owner Lyla Ross as virtual slaves after being kidnapped.
Guest Stars: Kurt Grayson as Evans | Rex Holman as Badger | Gloria LeRoy as Mady | Richard Lundin as Stagecoach Driver | Lloyd Nelson as Dundee | Walter Smith (2) as Freight Clerk | Dorothy Tristan as Lyla Ross | Harold Gould as Colonel Lucius Shindrow | Shug Fisher as Mule Skinner | James Luisi as Ivers | Jackie Coogan as Sheriff Stoudenaire | Richard Anderson as Coltrain | Henry Beckman as Dr. Rhodes | John Henry Cox as Comanchero | Michael Cristofer as Ben Shindrow | Walter Escandon as Hatajo
Writer: Paul Savage

615 :20x04 - The Guns of Cibola Blanca (2)

Matt, Festus and Newly head out tof find their friend Doc when his stagecoach arrives with three passengers missing.
Guest Stars: Harold Gould as Colonel Lucius Shindrow | Kurt Grayson as Evans | Rex Holman as Badger | Gloria LeRoy as Mady | Richard Lundin as Stagecoach Driver | Dorothy Tristan as Lyla | Shug Fisher as Mule Skinner | Walter Escandon as Hatajo | James Luisi as Ivers | Jackie Coogan as Sheriff Stoudenaire | Richard Anderson as Coltrain | Henry Beckman as Dr. Rhodes | John Henry Cox as Comanchero | Michael Cristofer as Ben Shindrow
Writer: Paul Savage

616 :20x05 - Thirty a Month and Found

An old friend of Matt's is discovered dead along with two other men due to a sequence of tragedies.
Guest Stars: Ford Rainey as Storekeeper | Kim O'Brien as Katherine | Hank Kendrick as Sheriff | Bonnie Jedell as Delilah | Victor Izay as Bull | Gene Evans as Will Parmalee | David Brian as Tait Cavanaugh | Hal Baylor as Railroader | Van Williams as Quincy | Nicholas Hammond as Doak

617 :20x06 - The Wiving

The three sons of farmer Jed Hackett are ordered by their father to go into Dodge City and come back with prospective wives.
Guest Stars: Michele Marsh as Sarah Lynn | Rod McGaughy as Cowboy #1 | Herman Poppe as Luke Hockett | Fran Ryan as Hannah Cobb | Linda Sublette as Emily | Martin Kove as Ike Hockett | William Katt as Shep Hockett | Harry Morgan as Jed Hockett | John Reilly as Ike | Robert Brubaker as Floyd the Bartender | Bobby Clark (1) as Cowboy #2 | Karen Grassle as Fran Carter
Director: Victor French

618 :20x07 - The Iron Men

Matt Dillon wants to reform his old friend Chauncey Demon, a former sheriff who has degenerated into a drunk.
Guest Stars: John Russell as Carl Ryker | George Murdock as Luke, Bartender | Alec Murdock as Mace | Paul Gehrman as Dubbins | Barbara Colby as Kathy Carter | William Bryant as Sheriff | Marc Alaimo as Kane | Eric Olson as Johnny Carter | Cameron Mitchell (1) as Chauncey Demon
Writer: John Mantley

619 :20x08 - The Fourth Victim

Matt fears that Doc is slated as the next victim in what appears to be a pattern of random murders in Dodge City.
Guest Stars: Lloyd Perryman as Henry Meeker | Alex Sharp as Third Matt | Paul Sorenson as Bill Saxbe | Leonard Stone as Ray Price | Al Wyatt as Earl Haines | Biff McGuire as Potter | Victor Kilian as Homer Jones | Frank K. Janson as Jeb Nelson | Howard Culver as Howie Uzzell | Woody Chambliss as Woody Lathrop | Ted Jordan as Nathan Burke | Ben Bates as Second Matt

620 :20x09 - The Tarnished Badge

A town is kept in line by Sheriff Bo Harker, who rules the territory by keeping the citizens in fear with brutality.
Guest Stars: James McNichol as Willie | Nick Nolte as Barney Austin | Eddie Quillan as Telegrapher | Steve Raines as Pete | Robert Swan as Slim | Garry Walberg as Toby, Bartender | Hank Worden as Claude | Pamela McMyler as Jenny Blair | Ruth McDevitt as Gramma Boggs | Sam Edwards as Storekeeper | Ross Elliott as Conway | Eddie Firestone as Hotel Clerk | Victor French as Sheriff Bo Harker | William Katt as Lonnie Weeks | Jon Locke as Abe | James Lydon as Conway

621 :20x10 - In Performance of Duty

Outlaw Emmett Kaysinger and his gang will be set free by Judge Kendall if Marshal Dillon doesn't maintain justice by the letter of the law.
Guest Stars: Michael MacRae as Alf | Theodore Lehmann as Jury Foreman | Paul Koslo as Cory Kaysinger | Ted Jordan as Nathan Burke | David Huddleston as Emmett Kaysinger | Rance Howard as Frank Benton | Eduard Franz as Judge Kendall | Bill Erwin as Snood | Robert Brubaker as Floyd the Bartender | Bonnie Bartlett as Agnes Benton | Martin Kove as Gutherie

622 :20x11 - Island in the Desert (1)

Festus is forced to become a human pack animal after being saved by Ben Snow, a half-crazed desert hermit.
Guest Stars: William Watson (2) as Gard Dixon | Strother Martin as Ben Snow | Ted Jordan as Nathan Burke | Regis Cordic as Sheriff Grimes | Hank Brandt as Sheriff John Lipon

623 :20x12 - Island in the Desert (2)

Ben Snow uses Festus to carry back his hidden gold to civilization to use in fighting an old enemy.
Guest Stars: Hank Brandt as Sheriff John Lipon | Regis Cordic as Sheriff Grimes | Strother Martin as Ben Snow | William Watson (2) as Gard Dixon

624 :20x13 - The Colonel

A once-proud military officer has an unplanned reunion with his daughter, which becomes a painful experience.
Guest Stars: Richard Ely as Bill Higgins | Randolph Roberts as Obie | Todd Lookinland as Corporal | Pete Kellett as Biggs | Roy Jenson as Jeff Higgins | Lee J. Cobb as Colonel Josiah Johnson | Julie Cobb as Anne Johnson | Robert Brubaker as Floyd the Bartender | Daniel J. Travanti as Carl

625 :20x14 - The Squaw

Gristy Calhoun's survival in the badlands will all depend on a Native American woman when he flees from the partners he has double-crossed and from Marshal Dillon.
Guest Stars: John Saxon as Gristy Calhoun | Tom Reese as Charlie Dent | Morgan Paull as Brinker | Harry Middlebrooks as Dobie | Arlene Martel as Quanah | William Campbell as Striker | X Brands as Indian Chief

626 :20x15 - The Hiders

A man and his law abiding associates are skinners by trade, but they soon find themselves on the other side of the law when the go beyond the legal rights to do as they please.
Guest Stars: Damon Douglas as Billy | Ted Jordan as Nathan Burke | Lee De Broux as Quincannon | Woody Chambliss as Woody Lathrop | Ellen Blake as Mrs. Belnap | Ned Beatty as Karp | Sierra Bandit as Martha | Robert Donner as Belnap | Mitch Vogel as Dink
Director: Victor French
Writer: Paul Savage

627 :20x16 - Larkin

Bounty hunters have their aim on Newly and his prisoner, a professional killer, as he escorts him back to Dodge City, forcing them into a strange alliance.
Guest Stars: Robert Sorrells as Hickory | Gilman Rankin as Waiter | Jack Rader as Angus | Maggie Malooly as Woman | Elliott Lindsey as Farmer | Michael Le Clair as Jess | Kathleen Cody as Melissa Cass | Anthony Caruso as Lon Toomes | Robert Gentry as Tucker | Richard Jaeckel as Clay Larkin

628 :20x17 - The Fires of Ignorance

A school teacher fights to get all the children of Dodge City into school for a good education, something sorely lacking in the area, where the children's parents believe books are a waste of time..
Guest Stars: Robert Brubaker as Floyd the Bartender | Ted Jordan as Nathan Burke | Allen Garfield as Henry Decory | John Pickard (2) as Bud | Charles Wagenheim as Joshua Halligan | Janet Nichols as Lucy | Herb Vigran as Judge Brooker | Diane Shalet as Ami Harker | Lance Kerwin as Tommy Harker | Karen Obediear as Sallie | George DiCenzo as Mr. Bruce | John Vernon as Oliver Harker
Director: Victor French

629 :20x18 - The Angry Land

Marshal Dillon escorts Bessie Sutherland to her Aunt Rachel's home after her parents are killed, but find out she is unwelcome in her house.
Guest Stars: Carol Vogel as Rachel | Eileen Mcdonough as Bessie Sutherland | Dayton Lummis as Mr. Holmby | Bruce M. Fischer as The Man | Phil Chambers (1) as Farmer
Story: Herman Groves | Teleplay: Jim Byrnes (2)

630 :20x19 - Brides and Grooms

The three sons of farmer Hackett are told it is time they wed the women they brought back from Dodge earlier.
Guest Stars: Linda Sublette as Emily | David Soul as Ike Hockett | Fran Ryan as Hannah Cobb | Herman Poppe as Luke Hockett | Spencer Milligan as Jinx Tobin | Amanda McBroom as Fran Carter | Michele Marsh as Sarah Lynn | William Katt as Shep Hockett | Harry Morgan as Jed Hockett | Jim Backus as Reverend Sims | Bobby Clark (1) as Farmboy | Ray Girardin as Cliff Tobin | Jerry Hoffman as Dub
Director: Victor French

631 :20x20 - Hard Labor

A shooting in Bedrock has Marshal Matt Dillon sentenced for murder with a life imprisonment and hard labor.
Guest Stars: William Smith (1) as Latch | Kevin Coughlin as Elton Prine | Ben Piazza as Fifer | Gerald McRaney as Pete Murphy | Don Megowan as Mike | Jackie Russell as Bar Girl | Lloyd Nelson as Jury Foreman | Fred Lerner as Guard | Hal Williams as Widge | John Colicos as Judge Flood | Gregory Sierra as Osuna
Story: Hal Sitowitz | Teleplay: Earl W. Wallace

632 :20x21 - I Have Promises to Keep

A preacher from back East intends to build a church for the Native Americans, placing Festus in the middle of a dispute when the townspeople protesting the idea.
Guest Stars: John Wheeler as Waiter | David Wayne as Reverend Byrne | Trini Tellez as Meala | Ken Swofford as Dunbar | Fran Ryan as Hannah Cobb | Ken Renard as Tonkowa | Ed McCready as Freight Agent | Tom Lacy as Reverend Atkins | Ted Jordan as Nathan Burke

633 :20x22 - The Busters

A wild stallion ruins the dreams of two bronco busters who have risked their lives to raise money to build a ranch in Montana.
Guest Stars: Fran Ryan as Hannah | Randy Boone as Hub Miller | Lynn Benisch as Zoe | John Beck as Mitch Hansen | Gary Busey as Harve Daley | Gregg Palmer as Simeon Reed

634 :20x23 - Manolo

A traditional Basque custom, thought to prove one's manhood, causes Manola to be shunned by his people for refusing to fight his father.
Guest Stars: Mike Howden as Tom | Claudio Martinez as Vitorio | Michael Gregory as Sabation | Brion James as Joe Barnes | Jess Walton as Kattalin Larralde | Alma Beltran as Engrace | Mark Shera as Joachim Etchahoun | Robert Urich as Manolo Etchahoun | Nehemiah Persoff as Alejo Etchahoun | Fran Ryan as Hannah | James Almanzar as Artola Larralde | Ted Jordan as Nathan Burke

635 :20x24 - The Sharecroppers

Ann Marie Pugh needs to have a crop planted before her landlord evicts them from the property, but has her hands full trying to get her lazy family to work.
Guest Stars: Victor French as Dibble Pugh | Graham Jarvis as Rupert | Robert Brubaker as Floyd the Bartender | Jacques Aubuchon as Linder Hogue | Danil Torppe as Hargis Sills | Lisa Eilbacher as Lailee Pugh | Terry Williams as Abel Pugh | Susanne Benton as Ann Marie Pugh | Ted Jordan as Nathan Burke | Bruce Boxleitner as Toby Hogue | Chanin Hale as Woman
Director: Leonard Katzman
Warning: Gunsmoke guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure | Drama | Western
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 10, 1955
Ended: March 31, 1975
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