Season 10

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Season 10

342 :10x01 - Blue Heaven

Kip Gilman, fleeing the law, and Packy Kerlin, a runaway, meet on the trail. They decide to enter Dodge together to arouse less suspicion. Kips looks for Elena Kerlin and finds her selling herself on Dodge City's version of Skid Row. He gets her help from Doc and after she's cleaned up, she's glad to see Packy. But Kip has problems of his own, for men have come looking to collect the reward on him...
Guest Stars: Diane Ladd as Elena | Ernie Anderson as Man | Kurt Russell as Packy Kerlin | Tim O'Connor as Kip Gilman | Karl Swenson as Tabe | John McLiam as Stableman | Eddie Hice as Duster | Jan Merlin as Ed Sykes

343 :10x02 - Crooked Mile

Quint Asper has been seeing Susan Deglar. Trouble is, Susan's father Cyrus doesn't like it. First Cyrus bullwhips Quint, and when that doesn't work, he calls in a relative to take care of the problem once and for all. Naturally, Matt can't let that happen.
Guest Stars: George Kennedy as Cyrus Degler | Royal Dano as Praylie | Katharine Ross as Susan Degler

344 :10x03 - Old Man

Joe Silva has a talent for making enemies, insulting people wherever he goes. So when someone slips a knife into him it comes as no surprise. But did the old man found with the bloody knife in his hand really commit the murder? The judge seems to think so; he sentences the old man to hang.
Guest Stars: Robert Hogan as Danny Adams | Ned Glass as Old Man | Ed Peck as Joe Silva | Rayford Barnes as Harve Litton | Howard Wendell as Judge | Gilman Rankin as Waiter | Bryan O'Byrne as Clerk | Harry Bartell as Sheriff | Bob Gravage as Hangman (as Robert Gravage) | Al Schottelkotte as Bailiff | Arthur Peterson as Doctor | Glenn Strange as Sam Noonan
Director: Harry Harris
Writer: John Meston

345 :10x04 - The Violators

Willie Scroggs turns up dead, stabbed and scalped, but Matt's not sure Indians did it. Caleb Nash, an Indian, has been seen in town. After another man dies, Matt goes to see Buffalo Calf, a local brave, but learns frustratingly little - just enough to convince him maybe the Indians did murder the men. But eventually, Buffalo Calf and an Indian woman ride into Dodge with Matt, where they help him figure out what really happened.
Guest Stars: Douglas Kennedy as Talbot | Denver Pyle as Caleb Nash | James Anderson (1) as George Hewitt | Michael Pate as Buffalo Calf | Amzie Strickland as Mrs. Hewitt | Garry Walberg as Willy Scroggs | Arthur Batanides as Harv Foster | Lee Phillip Bell as Mrs. Bell
Director: Harry Harris
Writer: John Dunkel

346 :10x05 - Doctor's Wife

A new doctor, Wesley May, arrives in Dodge. His wife has a foolproof (she thinks) plan for getting her husband patients. Unfortunately, her medical judgment is somewhat lacking...
Guest Stars: Phyllis Love as Jennifer May | James Broderick as Dr. Wesley May | Harold Gould as Hadley Boake | Anne Barton as Mrs. Boake (as Ann Barton) | Helen Kleeb as Mrs. Gort | James Nusser as Louie Pheeters | Robert Biheller as Jared | Dorothy Neumann as Old Woman | Howard Culver as Howie Uzzell | Jewel Jaffe as Martha Lou | Buck Young as Carney | Glenn Strange as Sam Noonan
Director: Harry Harris

347 :10x06 - Take Her, She's Cheap

Matt has dinner at the Carp house, and Pa Carp offers his daughter to Matt as a girlfriend. But Matt isn't interested despite the girl's infatuation. Later, a man named Mel Billings shoots up Matt's office and the Long Branch, so Matt tracks him down and gets repayment. When naive Allie chances across the Billings camp and explains who she's going to see, Billings figures he'll take what he thinks the marshal owes him...
Guest Stars: Lauri Peters as Allie Carp | Malcolm Atterbury as Duggan Carp | Linda Watkins as Ma Carp | Willard Sage as Mel Billings | Harry Dean Stanton as Rainey Carp | Mort Mills as Loren Billings | Glenn Strange as Sam | Ray Lane as Man
Director: Harry Harris

348 :10x07 - Help Me Kitty

Hope Farmer, the daughter of one of Kitty's old friends, comes to Kitty for help. A man who promised he'd marry her has not, and now she's pregnant. Kitty plans to take Hope back to her mother, but en route, their stagecoach gets hijacked.
Guest Stars: Jack Elam as Specter | Betty Conner as Hope Farmer | James Frawley as Furnas | Larry J. Blake as Stagecoach Passenger (as Larry Blake) | Joe Conley as Carl | Burt Douglas as Ed | Peggy Stewart as Nettie Farmer | Howard Culver as Howie Uzzell | Glenn Strange as Sam Noonan
Director: Harry Harris

349 :10x08 - Hung High

Matt arrests Sergeant Wilks for drunkenness. The next morning Wilks assaults Matt, who must throw the lout out of his office. Later, Matt's friend Jim Downey visits, and Tony Serpa, who hates the law, kills him. After someone lynches Serpa, Sergeant Wilks comes looking for Matt, convinced he's the murderer!
Guest Stars: Scott Marlowe as Tony Serpa | George Lindsey as Bud | Edward Asner as Sergeant Wilks | Robert Culp as Joe Costa | Elisha Cook as George | Michael Conrad as Dick Corwin | Harold Stone as Jim Downey | Clegg Hoyt as Stableman | Steven Marlo as (unknown)
Director: Mark Rydell
Writer: John Meston

350 :10x09 - Jonah Hutchinson

Jonah Hutchinson was the first settler in the Dodge City area. He went to prison for a long time, but now he's back. His son Sam and his three grandsons meet him. Jonah's not happy with what Sam has done while he was "away" and sets about "fixing" Sam's "mistakes." Which just gets him back in trouble...
Guest Stars: Richard Anderson as Samuel Hutchinson | Robert F. Simon as Jonah Hutchinson | June Dayton as Phoebe Hutchinson | Tommy Alexander as Franklin Hutchinson | Claude Johnson as Aaron Hutchinson | David Macklin as Steven Hutchinson | Roy Barcroft as Roy | William Fawcett as Dan Lefferts | Charles Seel as Joe Gorth | Glenn Strange as Sam Noonan | Rocky Shahan as Stagecoach Driver | Jason Johnson as First Rancher | Jacques Shelton as Second Rider
Director: Harry Harris

351 :10x10 - Big Man, Big Target

Pike Beachum, a wanted criminal, wants to be with Ellie Merchant. But Ellie's married, so Pike has to figure a way to get Joe Merchant out of the picture. He does, but in the end, Ellie's love proves very destructive.
Guest Stars: J.D. Cannon as Pike Beechum | Harry Lauter as Leach | John McLiam as Delphes | Frank Ferguson as Enoch Miller | Glenn Strange as Sam Noonan | Mike Road as Joe Merchant | Mariette Hartley as Ellie Merchant
Writer: John Mantley

352 :10x11 - Chicken

Dan Collins has a reputation for killing four outlaws. Nobody wants to go against him. Thing is, he didn't actually do it. But he likes the limelight and he likes how the reputation makes folks back down, so he doesn't tell anyone the truth. And he skates on his reputation. For awhile...
Guest Stars: Gigi Perreau as Lucy Benton | Glenn Corbett as Dan Collins | John Lupton as Carl Benton | L.Q. Jones as Jim Brady | Lane Chandler as Wes Morgan | Dave Willock as Becker | Lane Bradford as Hal Davis | Chubby Johnson as Harve Rogers | Roy Barcroft as Roy | Michael Keep as Willis | John Pickard (2) as Phelps | Bob Steele (1) as Coe
Writer: John Meston

353 :10x12 - Innocence

Elsa Poe arrives in Dodge. She's there to meet her fiance Charlie Ross, but Bob Sullins and Art McClain are also interested, and they won't take "go away" for an answer. At a wedding party, someone hits Else over the head and kills Charlie. Sullins and McClain have both left Dodge, but Matt finds them and brings them back, then uses a tricky scheme to figure out who murdered Charlie.
Guest Stars: Michael Forest as Bob Sullins | Claude Akins as Art McClain | Bethel Leslie as Elsa Poe | Jason Evers as Charlie Ross | Lee Krieger as Carl Beck | Ric Roman as Sims | Jacques Shelton as Joe Rogers | Don Brice as Cowboy #1
Director: Harry Harris
Writer: John Meston

354 :10x13 - Aunt Thede

Festus' aunt, Thede, wants a husband. So does Ivy Norton. Thede needs to find a man and Ivy needs to lose one - her overbearing father.
Guest Stars: Howard McNear as Howard | Frank Cady as Webb Norton | Jeanette Nolan as Aunt Thede | Dyan Cannon as Ivy Norton | James Stacy as George Rider | Hap Glaudi as Townsman | Jenny Lee Arness as Laurie
Director: Sutton Roley

355 :10x14 - Hammerhead

Jim Ponder comes to town to buy horses from Fitch Tallman. Another man claims his animals are better and eventually they agree to settle the matter with a race - Jim will buy all the stock of the winner. Naturally, some folks can't leave winning to the best horse, so there's sabotage and intrigue all the way to Cheyenne and the finish line.
Guest Stars: John Fiedler as Fitch Tallman | Arch Johnson as Big Jim Ponder | Linda Foster as Carrie Ponder | Chubby Johnson as Wohaw Simmons | Don Briggs as Deggers | William Henry as Feeney | Pete Dunn as Squatty Reynolds (as Peter Dunn) | Ray Hemphill as Tom | Bill Catching as Stomp | Dan White (1) as Attendant (as Daniel M. White) | Chuck Hayward as Cowhand | Hal Needham as Henchman | Tommy Richards as Gambler | Gene Redfern as Gambler
Director: Christian Nyby
Writer: Antony Ellis

356 :10x15 - Double Entry

Brad McClain, an old friend of Matt's, comes to town. He wants to buy a business, so Matt introduces him to Jake Bookly. From Jake, Brad learns enough to enact his real plan: steal gold from the mine. What Brad doesn't know is that Matt has received a notice about him and now knows he's an outlaw...
Guest Stars: Roy Roberts as Mr.Botkin | Forrest Tucker as Brad McClain | Mel Gallagher as Yuma Joe | Nora Marlowe as Stagecoach Passenger | Lew Brown as Pete Elder | Glenn Strange as Sam Noonan | Fred Coby as Wagoneer | Rudy Sooter as Fiddler | Cyril Delevanti as Jake Bookly | Hal Needham as Charlie
Director: Joseph Sargent

357 :10x16 - Run, Sheep, Run

Tom and Mary Stocker plan to go to California as soon as they receive the money Dan Braden owes them. But Dan hasn't got the money - he post dated his IOU by a full year! Tom tries to get his money, Dan winds up dead and people think Tom shot him.
Guest Stars: Ted Knight as Bill Miller | Burt Brinckerhoff as Tom Stocker | James Nusser as Louie Pheeters | Tom Fadden as Lem Hudley | Anne Barton as Beth Miller (as Ann Barton) | Arthur Malet as Cox | George Keymas as Harry Crane | Davey Davison as Mary Stocker | Peter Whitney as Dan Braden
Director: Harry Harris
Writer: John Meston

358 :10x17 - Deputy Festus

Matt jails three rowdy trappers, then must leave for Hayes City. He leaves Festus in charge. Festus learns that one of the trappers is his cousin, so he lets them go on condition they get their horses and leave Dodge City. After they've left, someone finds Dave dead in the stable; Festus must go retrieve his cousin after Mr. Halligan says he saw the trappers attack Dave...
Guest Stars: Denver Pyle as Claudius | Don Beddoe as Halligan | Shug Fisher as Emery Haggen | Bill Zuckert as Mr. Jacobsen | Michel Petit as Glen | Royal Dano as Lambert Haggen | Carl Reindel as Dave Carson | Ken Mayer as Tiplett | Glenn Strange as Sam Noonan | Harold Ensley as Waiter
Director: Harry Harris

359 :10x18 - One Killer on Ice

Anderson comes to town. He wants Matt to help him get a killer named Sturney to town so he can collect the $5000 bounty. When they get to where Sturney is, Matt discovers the man dead - and so is Anderson's partner. Anderson just needed someone to identify the body! Then Matt discovers that maybe Sturney wasn't the one who killed Anderson's partner...
Guest Stars: John Drew Barrymore as Anderson | Richard Carlyle as Carl | Glenn Strange as Sam Noonan | Eddie Hice as Frank | Dennis Hopper as Billy Kimbo | Anne Helm as Helena Dales | Philip Coolidge as Owney Dales
Director: Joseph H. Lewis
Writer: Richard Carr

360 :10x19 - Chief Joseph

Chief Joseph and several Nez Perce braves come to the Dodge House. The chief has pneumonia. A man named Corly Watts, whose brother died at Nez Perce hands, sees an opportunity for revenge. Matt must keep Chief Joseph safe until he can board the train for Washington and a meeting with President Grant.
Guest Stars: Victor Jory as Chief Joseph | Robert Loggia as Lt. Cal Tripp | Michael Keep as Yellow Bear | Dennis Cross as Three Hand | Leonard Stone as Wiley | Howard Culver as Howie Uzzell | Joe Maross as Charlie Britton | Willard Sage as Corly Watts
Director: Mark Rydell
Story: Thomas Warner | Teleplay: Clyde Ware

361 :10x20 - Circus Trick

Elko's Varieties comes to town, a circus. Something strikes Matt as suspicious, so he sends some telegrams and gets answers: two other towns had bank robberies while the circus was there.
Guest Stars: Roy Roberts as Mr.Botkin | Walter Burke as Hieronymus P. 'Harry' Elko | Elizabeth MacRae as April Clomley | Warren Oates as Speeler | Isabel Jewell as Mme. Ahr | Ken Scott as Big Eddie | Roy Barcroft as Roy | Glenn Strange as Sam Noonan | Angelo Rossitto as Billy

362 :10x21 - Song for Dying

A wandering minstrel comes to town, just ahead of the Lukins clan, who aim to kill him. Matt must figure out why before he can put a stop to it.
Guest Stars: Lee Majors as Dave Lukens | Robert F. Simon as Will Lukens | Theodore Bikel as Martin Kellums | Roger Ewing as Ben Lukens | Russell Thorson as Mace | Sheldon Allman as Cory Lukens | Glenn Strange as Sam Noonan | Ford Rainey as Hode Embry
Director: Allen Reisner

363 :10x22 - Winner Take All

Feuding brothers Cody and Pinto cause trouble Matt must end.
Guest Stars: Tom Simcox as Curly Renner | John Milford as Pinto Renner | Margaret Blye as Karen (as Margarent Bly) | H.M. Wynant as Relko | Allen Jaffe as Gunman | Nestor Paiva as Barman | Ralph J. Rowe as Stableman

364 :10x23 - Eliab's Aim

Festus' nephew comes to Dodge City gunning for his uncle - or is he?
Guest Stars: James Hampton as Eliab Haggen | Don Kelly (1) as Dealer | Gregg Palmer as Jake Craig | Glenn Strange as Sam Noonan | Hank Patterson as Hank Miller | Larry Barton as Citizen | Dee J. Thompson as Pearl Winton
Writer: Will Corry

365 :10x24 - Thursday's Child

Julie Blane, Kitty's friend and former employer, stops in Dodge on her way to Wicheta. She's a big hit with Doc and Kitty enjoys remembering good times, too. So both of them are surprised when she just... disappears.
Guest Stars: Scott Marlowe as Lon Blane | Jean Arthur as Julie Blane | Joe Raciti as Vardis | Roy Barcroft as Roy | Hank Patterson as Hank Miller | Suzanne Benoit as Amy Blane | Glenn Strange as Sam Noonan | Fred Coby as Clint Marston
Director: Joseph H. Lewis
Writer: Robert Lewin

366 :10x25 - Breckinridge

Matt runs into trouble when a lawyer new to Dodge City begins questioning how he does his job.
Guest Stars: John Warburton as Judge Danby | Elisha Cook as Jocko Beal (as Elisha Cook) | Glenn Strange as Sam Noonan | Hank Patterson as Hank Miller | Harry Harvey as Old Man (as Harry Harvey Sr.) | Dorothy Neumann as Woman | Howard Culver as Howie Uzzell | Jack Perkins as Bully | Ben Cooper as Breck Taylor | Robert Sorrells as Sled Grady

367 :10x26 - Bank Baby

Ne'er-do-well Bert Clum learns there are pilgrims camped near Dodge City, and tries to figure out how that can benefit him. He figures they'll be easy marks.
Guest Stars: Roy Roberts as Mr. Botkin | Jacques Aubuchon as Bert Clum | Gail Kobe as Grace Fisher | Virginia Christine as Bess Clum | Hampton Fancher as Milton Clum | Harry Carey, Jr. as Jim Fisher | William Boyett as Harry | Cliff Ketchum as Teller
Writer: John Meston

368 :10x27 - The Lady

Hattie Silks, once rich and once of New Orleans, plans to take her niece Liz to San Francisco. But they run out of money in Dodge, so Hattie takes a job at the Long Branch. Then she falls in love and decides to settle down. But Liz has other plans...
Guest Stars: Michael Forest as Ray Pate | Clifton James as Sam Hare | Eileen Heckart as Hattie Silks | Walter Sande as Charlie | Hank Patterson as Hank Miller | Glenn Strange as Sam Noonan | James Nusser as Louie Pheeters | R.G. Armstrong as Jud Briar | Katharine Ross as Liz Beaumont
Director: Mark Rydell
Writer: John Mantley

369 :10x28 - Dry Road to Nowhere

Amos Caldwell, a preacher who advocates temperance, arrives in Dodge. That spells trouble for Miss Kitty and her Long Branch saloon. But Amos Caldwell has problems of his own to deal with...
Guest Stars: Read Morgan as Pete Moreland | John Saxon as Dingo Tebbetts | James Whitmore as Amos Campbell | James Nusser as Louie Pheeters | Glenn Strange as Sam Noonan | Howard Culver as Howie Uzzell | Julie Sommars as Bess Campbell | L.Q. Jones as Wally

370 :10x29 - Twenty Miles from Dodge

Grant Shay and his band of outlaws kidnap the passengers of a stage bound for Dodge City - one of whom is Kitty. Matt chooses to deliver the ransom personally...
Guest Stars: Noam Pitlik as Dobbs | Stafford Repp as Otie Schaffer | Darren McGavin as Will Helmick | Everett Sloane as Mr. Follansbee | Aneta Corsaut as Eleanor Starkey | Tony Haig as Johnny Hutton | William Fawcett as Bert Fraley | Gerald S. O'Loughlin as Grant Shay | Val Avery as Dorner
Director: Mark Rydell
Writer: Clyde Ware

371 :10x30 - The Pariah

John Hooker visits the Scanzano range and demands food and other comforts. Because the Scanzano children collect wanted posters, they realize the man is a wanted outlaw and tell their father, who ambushes Hooker. When Hooker goes for his gun, Scanzano shoots him. And that's just the beginning of his problems...
Guest Stars: John Dehner as Paolo Scanzano | Steve Ihnat as Ben Hooker | Tom Reese as Wayne Hooker | Lee Van Cleef as John Hooker | Don Keefer as Newspaper Editor | Glenn Strange as Sam Noonan | Donald Losby as Thomas Scanzano | Ilka Windish as Rosita Scanzano
Director: Harry Harris

372 :10x31 - Gilt Guilt

Doc tries to help Mary Rice and her son Sully, who are fighting for their lives.
Guest Stars: William Phipps as Drifter | Jan Clayton as Mary Rice | Andrew Duggan as John Crail | Peter Brooks as Sully Rice | William Boyett as Jake Worth | James Nusser as Louie Pheeters | Roy Barcroft as Roy
Director: Harry Harris

373 :10x32 - Bad Lady from Brookline

Molly McConnell arrives in Dodge City with her young son Willie, only then learning that her husband was killed in a gunfight.
Guest Stars: Claude Akins as Sy Sherne | Betty Hutton as Molly McConnell | John Hubbard as LaFarge | Jonathan Kidd as Harper | Billy Bowles as Willie McConnell | Ollie O'Toole as Herb | Jan Peters as Curley | Glenn Strange as Sam Noonan | Eddie Hice as Cowboy | Tom McCauley as Ben

374 :10x33 - Two Tall Men

Matt has business elsewhere so he asks Doc to take $1500, reward money for an outlaw, back to Dodge City. But two men attack and rob Doc. A buffalo hunter brings a nearly dead Doc back to Dodge. When Festus captures the men, the townsfolk prepare for a lynching...
Guest Stars: George Lindsey as Billy Yeager | Harry Townes as Abihu Howell | Jay Ripley as Ned Moore | Maurice McEndree as Newspaperman | Preston Pierce as Tommy | Glenn Strange as Sam Noonan | Ben Cooper as Breck Taylor

375 :10x34 - Honey Pot

Matt's friend Ben Stack comes to Dodge, and wants to start something with saloon girl Honey Dare. Thing is, Honey already has a boyfriend. That soon puts Matt in the position of having to arrest his good friend...
Guest Stars: John Crawford as Hal Biggs | Rory Calhoun as Ben Stack | Dick Wessel as Sol Durham | Harry Bartell as James Riley | Harry Lauter as Gregory Bellow | Hank Patterson as Hank Miller | Roy Barcroft as Roy | Charles Maxwell as Hy Evers | Glenn Strange as Sam Noonan | Joanna Moore as Honey Dare
Writer: Clyde Ware

376 :10x35 - The New Society

Twelve years after the crime, an accused murderer makes a death bed statement that he did not commit the crime. Since one of their paymasters was the victim, the Army asks Matt to investigate, but he receives scant cooperation from the people of Ridge Town.
Guest Stars: James Gregory as John Scanlon | Richard X. Slattery as Coor | Sandy Kenyon as Bennings | Lew Brown as Eli Wall | Ian Wolfe as Old Man Wall | Elizabeth Perry as Vera Scanlon | Dennis Cross as Aaron | Garry Walberg as Roy | Victor Izay as Depositor | Fred Coby as Sy | Jeremy Slate as Tom Scanlon | Jack Weston as Wesley | Linda James (3) as Sue Ann
Director: Joseph Sargent

377 :10x36 - He Who Steals

Jeff Sutro finds the "modernization" of the West a challenge. First he steals a calf and then shoots the owner. He's exonerated for that, but soon manages to get himself into more trouble when someone steals his horse.
Guest Stars: George Lindsey as Billy | Russ Tamblyn as Billy Waters | Roger Torrey as Steve Hays | Lane Bradford as Dan O'Hare | Will J. White as Beckett | James Nusser as Louie Pheeters | Glenn Strange as Sam Noonan | Harold Stone as Jeff Sutro | Len Wayland as Jim Donner | Larry Ward as Sid Perce | Stanley Adams as Charlie Rath
Director: Harry Harris
Writer: John Meston
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure | Drama | Western
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 10, 1955
Ended: March 31, 1975
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