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Season 15

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Season 15

490 :15x01 - The Devil's Outpost

The famous gunslinger and gang of a young stagecoach robber want marshal Dillon dead after he makes his arrest of his brother.
Guest Stars: Robert Lansing as Yancy Tyce | Jonathan Goldsmith (1) as Cody Tyce | Karl Swenson as McGruder | Sheila Larken as Abby Tilman | Ken Swofford as Loomis | Warren Vanders as Bo Harper | Valentin de Vargas as Pacos | Charles Kuenstle as Kelly | I. Stanford Jolley as Tilman | Sabrina Scharf as Lora
Director: Philip Leacock

491 :15x02 - Stryker

Marshal Dillon is a marked man when former Dodge City Marshal, Josh Stryker, returns from a 15 year prison sentence.
Guest Stars: Andy Devine (1) as Jed Whitlow | Mills Watson as Reager | Don Happy as Cowboy No. 1 | Ted French as Dish | Glenn Strange as Sam Noonan | James Nusser as Louie Pheeters | Walter Sande as Cal Hoskins | Royal Dano as Jessup | Joan Van Ark as Sarah Jean Stryker | Morgan Woodward as Josh Stryker
Director: Robert Totten

492 :15x03 - Coreyville

When a young man is accused of a railroad murder, his teenage sister seeks help from Marshal Dillon in his defense.
Guest Stars: Nina Foch as Agatha Corey | Charles Fredericks as Clel Wilson | Bill Erwin as Juror | Ruth Roman as Flo Watson | James Almanzar as Rankin | John Schuck as Amos Blake | Jo Ann Harris as Ellie Wylie | Bruce Glover as Titus Wylie | Tom Hunter as Frank Corey | Kevin Coughlin as Billy Joe Corey

493 :15x04 - Danny

Matt is saved by a old time con man, who is at death's door with a heart condition.
Guest Stars: Vito Scotti as Indiana | Steve Raines as Stage Driver | Glenn Strange as Sam Noonan | Frank Marth as Ed Wickes | Kelton Garwood as Percy Crump | Woody Chambliss as Woody Lathrop | Tom Brown (1) as Ed O'Connor | Scott Brady as Big Ed Heenan | Rayford Barnes as Carl Dahlman | Jack Albertson as Danny Wilson
Writer: Preston Wood

494 :15x05 - Hawk

A woman refuses to acknowledge a policeman as her half breed Indian son, who has in for a visit while on the trail of three renegades.
Guest Stars: Brendon Boone as Sergeant Hawk | X Brands as Renegade Indian #1 | Robert Brubaker as Dave Clifford | Bill Hart as Renegade Indian #2 | Louise Latham as Phoebe Clifford | Glenn Randall Jr. as Renegade Indian #4 | Hilary Thompson as Rachel Clifford | Michael-James Wixted as Amos Clifford

495 :15x06 - A Man Called "Smith"

Trouble ensues when an outlaw returns to his homestead to claim some hidden money.
Guest Stars: Jacqueline Scott as Abelia Johnson | Roy Roberts as Harry Bodkin | Susan Olsen as Marieanne | Ted Jordan as Nathan Burke | Earl Holliman as Will | Sid Haig as Buffalo Hunter | William Fawcett as Old Prospector | Mike Durkin as Jonathan | Margarita Cordova as Saloon Girl | Val Avery as Bull

496 :15x07 - Charlie Noon

A band of Comanches follow Marshal Dillon as he brings a prisoner, known as Charlie Noon, across the desert
Special Guest Stars: James Best as Charlie Noon |
Guest Stars: Edmund Hashim as Lone Wolf | Ron Howard as Jamie | Kipp Whitman as Takawa | Miriam Colon as The Woman

497 :15x08 - The Still

The unscrupulous relatives of a young schoolmarm plan to start a moonshine operation when they arrive in Dodge City.
Guest Stars: Lane Bradbury as Merry Florene | Shug Fisher as Uncle Titus | Anthony James as Elbert Moses | Ted Jordan as Nathan Burke | Trent Lehman as Chester | J. Edward McKinley as Mr. Bishop | Glenn Strange as Sam Noonan | James Westerfield as Franks

498 :15x09 - A Matter of Honor

Louie Pheeters is accused of murder when he is found intoxicated beside a dying man, unable to remember what had happened.
Guest Stars: Larry D. Mann as Prosecutor | John Anderson (1) as Jess Fletcher | Jack Bailey as Judge Brooker | Richard Bakalyan as Billy Holland | Bob Burrows as Ranch Hand | Dan Ferrone as Otis Fletcher | Katherine Justice as Lydia Fletcher | Walter Sande as Cal Haines | Tom Simcox as C.V. Fletcher | James Nusser as Louie Pheeters | Glenn Strange as Sam Noonan
Director: Robert Totten
Writer: Joy Dexter

499 :15x10 - The Innocent

Festus and a female teacher become hostages of a family of hide thieves as they arrive in the Cimarron territory.
Guest Stars: Barry Atwater as Pa Yewker | Lee De Broux as Zeal Yewker | Eileen Heckart as Athena Partridge Royce | Anthony James as Loyal Yewker | Eddie Little Sky as Indian Chief | Tom Nolan as Sonny | Manuel Padilla, Jr. as Indian Boy | Robert Williams (1) as Phelps
Director: Marvin Chomsky
Writer: Walter Black

500 :15x11 - Ring of Darkness

Deputy Newly O'Brien gets influenced by a pretty blind girl in his efforts to apprehend a horse thief.
Guest Stars: John Crawford as Pinto | Anthony Caruso as Gulley | Tom Drake as Ben Hurley | Pamela Dunlap as Susan Hurley | Rex Holman as Car

501 :15x12 - MacGraw

The Long Branch Saloon hires a new piano player in Jake MacGraw, an ex-gunfighter. But there are some people in Dodge City who question his motives.
Guest Stars: Bobby Hall (1) as Hamilton | Allen Jaffe as Ed Crawford | Ted Jordan as Nathan Burke | Glenn Strange as Sam Noonan | Charles Kuenstle as Wilkes | Michael Larrain as Dave Wilson | Sam Melville as Garvey | Ned Wertimer as Jed Douglas | Sid Haig as Crawford | Tom Brown (1) as Ed O'Connor | J.D. Cannon as Jake MacGraw | Sam Edwards as Barfly | Diana Ewing as Ella Horton
Director: Philip Leacock

502 :15x13 - Roots of Fear

Three desperate farmers are forced to commit a robbery after the Dodge City bank has a run.
Guest Stars: Jodie Foster as Susan Sadler | Walter Burke as George Acton | Tom Brown (1) as Ed O'Connor | John Anderson (1) as Amos Sadler | Ted Jordan as Nathan Burke | Robert Karnes as Charlie | Louise Latham as Emilie Sadler | Paul Micale as Assistant Teller | Cliff Osmond as Daniel Sadler | Arthur Peterson as Judge Brooker | Roy Roberts as Mr. Botkin | Warren Vanders as Ridge Sadler | Hank Wise as Townsman
Director: Philip Leacock

503 :15x14 - The Sisters

A harsh, neglecting father fakes his change of heart after he is confronted by three nuns concerning the care and custody of his kids.
Guest Stars: Susan Batson as Sister Blanche | Gloria Calomee as Sister Charles | Jack Elam as Pack Landers | Lynn Hamilton (1) as Mother Tabitha | Craig Huxley as Toby | Erica Petal as Gail | CeCe Whitney as Ivy Landers
Director: Philip Leacock

504 :15x15 - The War Priest

Kitty is kidnapped by Gregorio, an Apache war priest and escaped cavalry prisoner, while on her way from Owl Flats to Dodge City.
Guest Stars: Richard Anderson as Gregario | John Crawford as Amos Strange | Vince Deadrick, Sr. as 1st Trooper | Richard Hale as El Cuerno | Pete Kellett as Shotgun | Sam Melville as Lieutenant Snell | Glenn Strange as Sam Noonan | Tom Sutton as 2nd Sentry | Forrest Tucker as Sergeant Emmet Holly | Link Wyler as 1st Sentry

505 :15x16 - The Pack Rat

Marshal Dillon is helped from an impending ambush by a wily little orphan-thief, who stole from him earlier.
Guest Stars: Robert Brubaker as Jake Hawkins | Bill Catching as Trapp | Woody Chambliss as Woody Lathrop | Glenn Strange as Sam Noonan | Manuel Padilla, Jr. as Sancho | Robert Rothwell as Shotgun | Loretta Swit as Belle Clark | Heidi Vaughn as Martha Mason | William Watson (2) as Sam Danton
Director: Philip Leacock

506 :15x17 - The Judas Gun

A feud between a pair of ranchers escalates when their only son and daughter begin a romance.
Guest Stars: Glenn Strange as Sam Noonan | Richard X. Slattery as Noah Haimes | Ralph Neff as Town Bum | Laurie Mock as Janie Bolden | Sean McClory as Clete Bolden | Peter Jason as Cully Haimes | Ron Hayes as Boyd Avery | William Fawcett as Liveryman | Brad David as Teddy | Margarita Cordova as Saloon Girl | Tom Brown (1) as Ed O'Connor

507 :15x18 - Doctor Herman Schultz, M.D.

Doc Adams takes it upon himself to bring an old friend to justice when he is accused of committing a robbery.
Guest Stars: Howard Culver as Howie Uzzell | Glenn Strange as Sam Noonan | Ted Jordan as Nathan Burke | Pete Kellett as Stoney | Benny Rubin as Doctor Herman Schultz

508 :15x19 - The Badge

Kitty, disgusted with the Dodge City lifestyle, decides to close the Long Branch Saloon and join her old friend as a partner, after seeing Matt shot once again.
Guest Stars: Fred Coby as Sloan | John C. Flinn III as Worden | Roy Jenson as Keller | Henry Jones (1) as Papa Steiffer | Ted Jordan as Nathan Burke | Glenn Strange as Sam Noonan | James Nusser as Louie Pheeters | Jack Lambert (1) as Locke | John Milford as John Dawson | William O'Connell as Jackson | Mary Angela Shea as Bea

509 :15x20 - Albert

A tame bank teller, soon to be dismissed, takes a bit of money for himself during a bank heist.
Guest Stars: Patricia Barry as Kate Schiller | L.Q. Jones as Nix | Natalie Masters as Mrs. Bodkin | Dorothy Neumann as Emily Cushing | Roy Roberts as Mr.Botkin | Robert Random as Tom Clark | William Schallert as Jake Spence | Milton Selzer as Albert Schiller | Glenn Strange as Sam Noonan

510 :15x21 - Kiowa

Matt Dillon is set for a long trek to rescue a teenage girl who was abducted by Indians from her family.
Guest Stars: Lucas White as Russ Vail | Dub Taylor as Reverend Finney Cox | Glenn Strange as Sam Noonan | Ted Jordan as Nathan Burke | Richard Lapp as Tomani | Victor French as Ed Vail | Angela Carrol as Indian Woman | John Beck as Albert Vail | Richard Angarola as Quichero | Joyce Ames as Melissa Vail | Jean Allison as Martha Vail
Writer: Ron Bishop

511 :15x22 - Celia

A pretty, young girl and her partner makes Newly O'Brien's best friend a victim of a con game.
Guest Stars: Vince Deadrick, Sr. as Cowboy #1 | Ace Hudkins as Cowboy #2 | Frank Marth as Martin Blake | Troy Melton as Second Driver | Melissa Murphy as Celia Madden | Cliff Osmond as Ben Sommars | George Petrie as Cashier | Steve Raines as Stagecoach Driver #1 | Roy Roberts as Harry Bodkin | Charles Seel as Barney Danches | Glenn Strange as Sam Noonan
Director: Philip Leacock

512 :15x23 - Morgan

While Matt Dillon is away, a psychotic outlaw takes over Dodge City, holding the town hostage while he awaits for a shipment of gold to arrive.
Guest Stars: Read Morgan as Lieutenant | Mills Watson as Greer | Steve Forrest as Morgan

513 :15x24 - The Thieves

Three teenage boys wear out their welcome in Dodge City after having been put on probation from a county jail.
Director: Philip Leacock

514 :15x25 - Hackett

An ex-convict plans his revenge against his former partner who left him behind during a train robbery.
Guest Stars: Steve Forrest as Hackett | Earl Holliman as Will Hackett | Morgan Woodward as Quint Sargent

515 :15x26 - The Cage

A young outlaw gives Marshal Dillon a hand apprehending his own gang after becoming a victim himself.
Warning: Gunsmoke guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure | Drama | Western
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 10, 1955
Ended: March 31, 1975
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