Season 16

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Season 16

516 :16x01 - Chato

Marshal Dillon heads to the New Mexico mountains in pursuit of a renegade Indian, who has killed his friend.
Special Guest Stars: Ricardo Montalban as Chato |
Guest Stars: Jim Shepherd as Case | Pedro Regas as Old Man | Robert Knapp as Surgeon | Rodolfo Hoyos, Jr. as Juanito | William Bryant as Marshal Cooter | Peggy McCay as Mrs. Cooter | Miriam Colon as Mora

517 :16x02 - The Noose

In hopes of drawing Matt, Festus and Doc Adams into his clutches, a young drifter kidnaps Kitty and holds her captive in a ghost town.
Guest Stars: Woody Chambliss as Woody Lathrop | Glenn Strange as Sam Noonan | Ted Jordan as Nathan Burke | William Fawcett as Nebs | Hank Patterson as Hank Miller | Tom Skerritt as Fred Garth (Tom Skerrit)

518 :16x03 - Stark

A young man's wealthy family is blackmailed after he escapes from prison and is captured by a bounty hunter.
Guest Stars: Suzanne Pleshette as Glory Bramley | Bob Burrows as Charlie | Richard Kiley as Louis Stark | Rusty Lane as Bo | Shelly Novack as Adam Bramley | Henry Wilcoxon as John Bramley
Director: Robert Totten

519 :16x04 - Sam McTavish, M.D.

When a female doctor comes to Dodge City as a replacement for Doc Adams, he feels it a threat to both him and his patients.
Guest Stars: Read Morgan as Dan Slade | Dee Carroll as Ellen | Tom Fadden as Harley | Lisa Gerritsen as Christina | Harry Harvey as Johnson | Arch Johnson as Barn Bascomb | Vera Miles as Dr. Samuel McTavish | Kathleen O'Malley as Bridget O'Reilly | Robert Rothwell as Joe Slade | Amzie Strickland as Minnie Carver

520 :16x05 - Gentry's Law

Marshal Dillon comes calling for a land baron's two criminal sons, which he refuses to turn over.
Guest Stars: Darlene Conley as Leelah Case | Shug Fisher as Orly Grimes | John C. Flinn III as Buel | Peter Jason as Colt Gentry | Don Keefer as Floyd Babcock | Louise Latham as Claire Gentry | John Payne (2) as Amos Gentry | Robert Pine as Ben Gentry | Robert Totten as Abner

521 :16x06 - Snow Train (1)

A train is trapped in the snowy Colorado mountains by Indians, containing Matt, Festus, Doc Adams and a whole group of worried passengers.
Guest Stars: Clifton James as Sam Wickes | Anne Seymour as Sarah | Dana Elcar as Pennigrath | Richard Kelton as Bud | Ron Hayes as Floyd Coleman | Eddie Firestone as Hap | Gene Evans as Billy | Roy Engel as Tibbett | Pamela Dunlap as Ada Coleman | Tim Considine as Scott Coleman | Eddie Applegate as Al
Writer: Preston Wood

522 :16x07 - Snow Train (2)

Marshal Dillon heads for help of the trapped, freezing train passengers, but is cornered by three Sioux Indians.
Guest Stars: Clifton James as Sam Wickes | Anne Seymour as Sarah | Dana Elcar as Pennigrath | Eddie Applegate as Al | X Brands as Chief Red Willow | Tim Considine as Scott Coleman | Pamela Dunlap as Ada Coleman | Roy Engel as Tibbett | Bill Erwin as Telegraph Agent | Gene Evans as Billy | Eddie Firestone as Hap | Ron Hayes as Floyd Coleman | Richard Kelton as Bud | Doreen Lang as Mae | Lemoyne L. Lapointe as Hunter | Richard Lapp as Running Fox | Ken Lynch as Lucas | John Milford as Clay Foreman | Ronald A. One Feather as Hunter | Loretta Swit as Donna
Writer: Preston Wood

523 :16x08 - Luke

A dying, old time outlaw is brought into Dodge with hopes of seeing his longtime neglected daughter before passing on.
Guest Stars: Anthony Costello as Austin Keep | Howard Culver as Howie Uzzell | Rex Holman as Moses Reedy | Victor Izay as Bull | Katherine Justice as Doris Prebble | Morgan Woodward as Luke Dangerfield

524 :16x09 - The Gun

A reporter builds up a story about a young man after he kills a notorious gunfighter in self defense.
Guest Stars: Frank Biro as Sporting Gentleman #2 | Foster Brooks as Sporting Gentleman #1 | Eric Chase as Joseph | Stanley Clements as Ed Jacobi | Kevin Coughlin as Randy Gogan | Jack Garner as Kemble | L.Q. Jones as Sumner Pendleton | Bert Madrid as Townsman | Jon Jason Mantley as Tom | Marie Mantley as Anne | Ken Mayer as Greenwood | Sam Melville as Wade Pasco | Patricia Morrow as Stella Felton | Hank Wise as Townsman | Robert Phillips (1) as Vance Jessop

525 :16x10 - The Scavengers

A black man falsely accuses a group of Indians of attacking a wagon train, to clear himself of the crime.
Guest Stars: Slim Pickens as Colley | James Almanzar as Ogana | Jere Fields as Merilee Biggs | Kelton Garwood as Percy Crump | Victor Holchak as Lieutenant | Victor Izay as Barkeep | Roy Jenson as Rath | Yaphet Kotto as Piney Biggs | Eddie Little Sky as Scarface | Glenn Strange as Sam Noonan | Steve Raines as Driver | Cicely Tyson as Rachel Biggs | Hank Wise as Livery Man | Link Wyler as Logan

526 :16x11 - The Witness

The relatives of the witness to a murder is held hostage so that they won't testify at his trial.
Guest Stars: Tim O'Connor as Arnie Sprague | Harry Morgan as Osgood Pickett | Barry Brown as Jared Sprague | June Dayton as Martha Sprague | I. Stanford Jolley as Beecher | Ted Jordan as Nathan Burke | Annette O'Toole as Edda Sprague | Dack Rambo as Ira Pickett | Glenn Strange as Sam Noonan | Robert Swan as Texan | Herb Vigran as Judge Brooker | Ray Young as Joseph
Director: Philip Leacock

527 :16x12 - McCabe

Marshal Dillon must work out a deal to save a hostage when he is grabbed by an outlaw while Matt attemps to arrest him.
Guest Stars: Mitch Vogel as Dobie | Mills Watson as Kipp | Trevor Bardette as Conductor | David Brian as Clay White | Lew Brown as Weaver | Maree Cheatham as Abigail Hartly | Jim Davis (1) as Sheriff Shackwood | Tani Guthrie as Ami | Pete Kellett as Bartender | Dan Kemp as McCabe | Jon Lormer as Judge Clairborne | Robert Sorrells as J.W. Hicks | Tom Sutton as Lennie

528 :16x13 - The Noon Day Devil

A priest's twin brother, a Mexican bandit, seeks sanctuary while pursued by Marshal Dillon.
Guest Stars: Pepe Callahan as John Hike | Annette Cardona as Unknown | Fred Coby as Doctor | Antonio Cordova as Brother Antonio | Aneta Corsaut as Rita | Tony Davis as Indian Boy | Bert Madrid as Carlos | Julio Medina as Rodriguez | Ernest Sarracino as Quito Vega | Natividad Vacio as Diego | Warren Vanders as Bones Cunningham | Anthony Zerbe as Heraclio Cantrell / Father Hernando Cantrell
Director: Philip Leacock

529 :16x14 - Sergeant Holly

The Army payroll has been stolen, and the prime suspect in a sergeant who is accused of desertion.
Guest Stars: Read Morgan as Roy Gast | Forrest Tucker as Sergeant Emmet Holly | Glenn Strange as Sam Noonan | Vito Scotti as The Indian | Albert Salmi as Willis Jeeter | David Renard as Chico Fuentes | Gregg Palmer as Bodine | Bob Morgan as Lomax | Frank Hotchkiss as Corporal Tuttle | Med Flory as Corporal Steckey | Victor Eberg as Luke Pinero

530 :16x15 - Jenny

Newly commits a crime when he releases a dangerous outlaw to visit his nine year old daughter.
Guest Stars: Bob Burrows as Driver | Lisa Gerritsen as Jenny Pritchard | Rance Howard as Judge Franklin | Glenn Strange as Sam Noonan | Ted Jordan as Nathan Burke | Steve Ihnat as Lucas Pritchard | Steve Raines as Ed Reilly
Director: Robert Totten

531 :16x16 - Captain Sligo

Dodge City is chosen as the new home of a retiring middle aged seas captain.
Guest Stars: Salome Jens as Josephine Burney | Geri Reischl as Anne Burney | Richard Basehart as Captain Aron Sligo | Royal Dano as Watney | Bobby Eilbacher as Tim Burney | Matt Emery as Trail Boss | Larry Finley as Bartender | Brian Foley as Cowboy | Stacy Harris as Leonard | Bob Herron as Vern | Ted Jordan as Nathan Burke | Glenn Strange as Sam Noonan | Troy Melton as Rackley | Boyd "Red" Morgan as Tanner | Fred Stromsoe as Tobin | Robert Totten as Blacksmith
Director: William Conrad

532 :16x17 - Mirage

Deputy Festus Haggen is attacked by a killer after becoming lost in the desert and wanders into a ghost town.
Guest Stars: Dan White (1) as Stocker | John Anderson as Lemuel Cleary | Kevin Burchett as Adam Cleary | Robert Knapp as Deputy | James Minotto as Amos Fowler | Harry Raybould as Maddox | Mary Rings as Elsie Cleary | Charles Wagenheim as Parson Mueller | Gary Wood as Tom Cleary | Bill Zuckert as Hotel Clerk

533 :16x18 - The Tycoon

Festus nearly marries when he enters the freight business and becomes a rich man.
Guest Stars: John Beck as Moody Fowler | Walker Edmiston as Henry Folsom | Shug Fisher as Titus | Gwynne Gilford as Dora Lou | Ted Jordan as Nathan Burke | Nora Marlowe as Ma Fowler | James Minotto as Amos Fowler | Herman Poppe as Clarence Carver | Glenn Strange as Sam Noonan | Charles Wagenheim as Parson Mueller

534 :16x19 - Jaekel

A woman is claimed by a released convict who had been corresponding with him by mail for years.
Guest Stars: Vic Tayback as Dirks | John Crawford as Norman Wilson | Eric Braeden as Carl Jaekel | Julie Gregg as Beth Wilson | Mia Bendixsen as Penny Wilson | James Chandler as Warden | Scott Edmonds as Doctor | Bob Golden (1) as Guard | Ted Jordan as Nathan Burke | Glenn Strange as Sam Noonan

535 :16x20 - Murdoch

An aged lawman plans to capture a gang of outlaws on his own.
Guest Stars: Clint Howard as Lonny | Timothy Burns as Braly | Anthony Caruso as Townsend | Bobby Clark (1) as Gatlin | Gary Combs as Fairchild | Jim Davis (1) as Amos Carver | Jack Elam as Lucas Murdoch | Lisa Marshall (1) as Ruth | Robert Random as Scott Murdoch | Tom Waters as Morris
Director: Robert Totten

536 :16x21 - Cleavus

Festus' childhood friend kills a prospector and then goes insane after the mine he has been working on contains merely fool's gold.
Guest Stars: Hank Wise as Waiter | Robert Williams (1) as Woody | Robert Totten as Cleavus Lukens | Glenn Strange as Sam Noonan | Arthur Hunnicutt as Uriah Spessard | Robert Cornthwaite as Clerk | William Challee as Baylock

537 :16x22 - Lavery

Marshal Dillon gets the opportunity to save a young cowhand who had recently save Matt's life.
Guest Stars: Hank Patterson as Hank Miller | Jack Perkins as Trapper | Chanin Hale as Verna | Glenn Strange as Sam Noonan | David Carradine as Clint | David Huddleston as Arno | Ken Swofford as Harry | Karl Swenson as Mr. Hubert | Judi West as April | Anthony Costello as Keith Lavery

538 :16x23 - Pike (1)

Sally Fergus, known as Dirty Sally by the people of Dodge, helps a wounded outlaw. But his gang comes to her shop looking for the missing loot.
Guest Stars: Dack Rambo as Cyrus Pike | John Puglia as Boy #1 | Cliff Osmond as Tom Macomb | Jeanette Nolan as 'Dirty' Sally Fergus | Susan Newmark as Girl #2 | Billy Murphy as Loomis | William Mims as Hawkins | Billy McMickle as Boy #2 | Marie Mantley as Girl #1 | Jon Jason Mantley as Billy | Jim Boles as Sutro | Ross Hagen as Hicks

539 :16x24 - Pike (2)

Sally attempts to reform a young outlaw who she has mended following a robbery.
Guest Stars: Jim Boles as Sutro | Ross Hagen as Hicks | William Mims as Hawkins | Billy Murphy as Loomis | Jeanette Nolan as 'Dirty' Sally Fergus | Cliff Osmond as Tom Macomb | Dack Rambo as Cyrus Pike | Glenn Strange as Sam Noonan
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure | Drama | Western
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 10, 1955
Ended: March 31, 1975
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