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Season 4

118 :04x01 - Matt for Murder

Wild Bill Hickock comes up with a plan to clear Matt Dillon name after he is accused by Tom Samples of killing an innocent man.
Guest Stars: Elisha Cook as Henchman | Bruce Gordon (1) as Red Samples | Robert J. Wilke as Wild Bill Hickok
Director: Richard Whorf
Writer: John Meston

119 :04x02 - The Patsy

Matt believes a young man, Fly Hoyt, is innocent of shooting a man in the back despite having an eye witness who swears that it was Hoyt who pulled the trigger.
Guest Stars: Ken Lynch as Jim Cavanaugh | Martin Landau as Thorp | Jan Harrison as Holly Fanshaw | John Alderman as Dave Thorp | Peter Breck as Fly Hoyt
Director: Richard Whorf
Story: John Meston | Teleplay: Les Crutchfield

120 :04x03 - Gunsmuggler

A Pawnee renegade raid on a farm has Matt wondering who is smuggling rifles to the Indians. But when it's discovered the rifles are outdated and are basically worthless since no one makes bullets for that model anymore, that the Pawnee will reveal get their revenge on whoever sold them the guns.
Guest Stars: Frank DeKova as Tobeel | Sam Edwards as Cowboy | Dabbs Greer as Wilbur Jonas | Lou Krugman as Smuggler | Paul Langton as Major Evans
Director: Richard Whorf
Story: John Meston | Teleplay: Les Crutchfield

121 :04x04 - Monopoly

Mr. Ivy, a freight owner in Dodge may be the suspect of a homestead being torched and the death of his wife when it is discovered that the home owner refused to sell his business to the stranger.
Guest Stars: Harry Townes as Ivy | J. Pat O'Malley as Joe Trimble | Clegg Hoyt as Bob Adams | Robert Gist as Speegle
Director: Seymour Berns
Story: John Meston | Teleplay: Les Crutchfield

122 :04x05 - Letter of the Law

Matt refuses to serve eviction papers on a farmer and his pregnant wife after a judge refuses to stop the process. When another man is given the duty, the farmer and his wife are roughened up.
Guest Stars: Mary Carver as Sarah Teek | Fred Kruger as Straker | Bartlett Robinson as Lee Sprague | Al Ruscio as Haley | Harold Stone as Judge Rambeau | Clifton James as Brandon Teek
Director: Richard Whorf
Story: John Meston | Teleplay: Les Crutchfield

123 :04x06 - Thoroughbreds

Kitty is the witness of a gunfight in which she claims a stranger to Dodge City, Jack Portis, drew first on his victims.
Guest Stars: Walter Barnes as Burke | Dan Blocker as Keller | Ron Randell as Jack Portis
Writer: John Meston

124 :04x07 - Stage Hold-Up

A stage coach containing passengers Matt and Chester, is held up by a couple of bandits. During a skirmish a passenger is shot but neither of the lawmen saw the murderer's face. While in Dodge, Matt is positive he recognizes a strangers voice as the shooter.
Guest Stars: Bob Morgan as Charley | Sandy Kenyon as Green | Robert Brubaker as Jim Buck | John Anderson (1) as Yermo | Charles Aidman as Verd
Director: Ted Post
Story: John Meston | Teleplay: Les Crutchfield

125 :04x08 - Lost Rifle

Ben Tiple, a good friend of Matt Dillon is accused of murdering Will Gibbs, but the only evidence is missing.
Guest Stars: Charles Bronson as Ben Tiple | George Selk as Moss Grimmick | Paul Engle as Andy Spangler | Lew Gallo as Joe Spangler | Tom Greenway as Will Gibbs | Bert Rumsey as Sam the Bartender
Director: Richard Whorf
Writer: John Meston

126 :04x09 - Land Deal

When a stranger leading some immigrants planning on settling outside of Dodge wants Matt to give him a badge to avert trouble, he gets suspicious and rides out to their camp to see what is really up.
Guest Stars: Nita Talbot as Sidna Calhoun | Dennis Patrick as Trumbill | Ross Martin (1) as Keppert | Murray Hamilton as Jim Calhoun
Director: Ted Post
Story: John Meston | Teleplay: Les Crutchfield

127 :04x10 - Lynching Man

Hank Blenis is found alone, lynched. Charlie Drain believes he knows who was responsible for the hanging and will take care of it himself since the Marshal seems to be dragging his feet with the case.
Guest Stars: Charles H. Gray as Bob Gringle | Chuck Hayward as Jake | Michael Hinn as Gil Mather | George MacReady as Charlie Drain | Robert Montgomery Jr. as Billy Drico | O.Z. Whitehead as Hank Blenis | Bing Russell as Ed Shelby
Director: Richard Whorf
Writer: John Meston

128 :04x11 - How to Kill a Friend

Marshal Matt Dillon is hunted down by an old friend when he refuses a bribe to let a fixed poker game be played in Dodge City.
Guest Stars: Philip Abbott as Ben Corder | Pat Conway as Toque Morlan | James Westerfield as Harry Duggan
Director: Richard Whorf
Writer: John Meston

129 :04x12 - Grass

When a man is killed by a farmer who was defending himself against two men trying to scare him off his land, the surviving thug plans to exact his revenge.
Guest Stars: Charles Fredericks as Earl Brant | Philip Coolidge as Harry Pope | Chris Alcaide as Ned Curry
Director: Richard Whorf
Writer: John Meston

130 :04x13 - The Cast

After a farmers wife swallows a nail, her son runs to tell Doc Adams. But when the woman dies, Matt fears that Doc's life will be in danger, knowing the man distrusts doctors. He is made a suspect when Doc is shot at while walking the streets of Dodge.
Guest Stars: Ben Carruthers as Rufe Tucker | Robert F. Simon as Shell Tucker
Director: Jesse Hibbs
Writer: John Meston

131 :04x14 - Robber Bridegroom

A woman is kidnapped while a stage coach is being robbed by a down on his luck rancher. But the woman's fiancé wants her back, and the kidnapper dead.
Guest Stars: Tex Terry as Pete | Dan Sheridan as Hank | Donald Randolph as Reeves | Frank Maxwell as Stage Driver | Jan Harrison as Laura Church | Clem Fuller as Joe | Burt Douglas as Jack Fitch
Director: Richard Whorf
Writer: John Meston

132 :04x15 - Snakebite

When Poney Thompson exacts his revenge on two men who killed his dog, he winds up the prime suspect in the death of one of the troublemakers. But a search ensues when Poney escapes from Chester on the way to jail.
Guest Stars: Warren Oates as Jed Hakes | Charles Maxwell as Walt Moorman | Andy Clyde as Poney Thompson
Director: Ted Post
Writer: John Meston

133 :04x16 - Gypsum Hills Feud

When Matt is shot at while on a hunting trip, he discovers he has wandered into the middle of two feuding families.
Guest Stars: Hope Summers as Ellen Cade | William Schallert as Alben Peavy | Albert Linville as Jack Cade | Sam Edwards as Ben Cade | Anne Barton as Lize Peavy
Director: Richard Whorf
Story: John Meston | Teleplay: Les Crutchfield

134 :04x17 - Young Love

Two ranch hands, Rod Allison and Jim Box, end up in a feud when Jim kills their boss. Rod has eyes for Anna, the boss' widow, and is shot by Jim while he steals her cattle.
Guest Stars: Charles Cooper as Jim Box | Joan Taylor as Anna Wheat | Jon Lormer as Jesse Wheat | Wesley Lau as Rod Allison | Stephen Chase as Enoch Miller
Director: Seymour Berns
Writer: John Meston

135 :04x18 - Marshal Proudfoot

When Chester's visiting uncle comes to town, Matt plays along with the act that Chester is the Marshal and he is his deputy.
Guest Stars: George Selk as Moss Grimmick | Howard Culver as Howie Uzzell | Charles Fredericks as Jack Pargo | Dabbs Greer as Uncle Wesley | Earl Parker as Ben
Director: Jesse Hibbs
Story: Tom Hanley, Jr. | Teleplay: John Meston

136 :04x19 - Passive Resistance

Gideon Seek has lost everything when a pair of rustlers kill all his sheep and burn down his home, but why won't he tell Matt who is responsible?
Guest Stars: Read Morgan as Joe Kell | Carl Benton Reid as Gideon Seek | Alfred Ryder as Hank Boyles
Director: Ted Post
Writer: John Meston

137 :04x20 - Love of a Good Woman

Doc's former nurse, Abby, has returned to Dodge City. Unfortunately, so has Coney Thorn, a man who Marshal Dillon sent to jail for five years. Thorn has come for his revenge but gets ill in the meantime, and is nursed back to health by Abby.
Guest Stars: Jacqueline Scott as Abby | Kevin Hagen as Coney Thorn
Director: Arthur Hiller
Story: John Meston | Teleplay: Les Crutchfield

138 :04x21 - Jayhawkers

Dolph Quince sends for Marshal Dillon's help when Jayhawkers invade his herd of horses.
Guest Stars: Brad Payne as Cook | Earl Parker as Snyder | Cliff Ketchum as Cowboy | Chuck Hayward as Studer | Jack Elam as Dolph Quince | Ken Curtis as Phil Jacks | Lane Bradford as Jay
Writer: John Meston

139 :04x22 - Kitty's Rebellion

An old friend of Kitty comes to Dodge City. He makes himself her protector and in intent of defending her honor when it is challenged at the Long Branch. But Kitty feels she has no honor worth defending since she is merely a saloon keeper.
Guest Stars: Ben Wright as Whiskey Drummer | Richard Rust as Weeb | Addison Powell as Tal | Barry McGuire as Billy Chris | Tom Greenway as Joe Hines | Howard Culver as Howie Uzzell | Robert Brubaker as Jim Buck
Director: Jesse Hibbs
Story: Marian Clark | Teleplay: John Meston

140 :04x23 - Sky

Someone has killed Frog-mouth Kate at Ma Torvet's boarding house, and the likely suspect is Billy, a young man who denied her advances from Kate earlier at the Long Branch.
Guest Stars: Roy Barcroft as Luke | Olive Blakeney as Ma Torvet | Allen Case as Billy Daunt | Patricia Huston as Woman | Charles P. Thompson as Clabe | Linda Watkins as Frog-Mouth Kate
Director: Ted Post
Story: John Meston | Teleplay: Les Crutchfield

141 :04x24 - Doc Quits

Doc Adams is upset when a new doctor arrives in Dodge City with promises of new miracle cures and lower fees. Feeling slighted by the people, Doc Adams resigns. But when a young boy nearly dies, Matt makes a search for his return.
Guest Stars: Jack Younger as Cullen | Bert Rumsey as Sam the Bartender | Bartlett Robinson as Jake Wirth | Wendell Holmes as Dr. Betchel | Fiona Hale as Mrs. Crumley | Jack Grinnage as Andy Wirth
Director: Edward Ludlum
Writer: John Meston

142 :04x25 - The Bear

Joe Plummer tries to frame his boss, Mike Blocker, because of a love triangle involving them and a woman named Tilda.
Guest Stars: Grant Williams as Joe Plummer | Guy Wilkerson as Pete Wilkins | Norma Crane as Tilda | Russell Johnson as Harry Webb | Denver Pyle as Mike Blocker
Director: Jesse Hibbs
Writer: John Meston

143 :04x26 - The Coward

A gambler, Ed Eby makes it known that the man who kills Matt Dillon would be a legend, in hopes of someone taking up the challenge.
Guest Stars: Sheldon Allman as Bill | Barry Atwater as Ed Eby | James Beck (2) as Jack Massey | John Close as Pete | House Peters, Jr. as Nat Swan | Barney Phillips as Bill Pence | William Phipps as Lou
Director: Jesse Hibbs
Writer: John Meston

144 :04x27 - The F.U.

Al Clovis becomes a wanted man after a man he argued with during a poker game winds up dead. He becomes more of a suspect when it's discovered Al has skipped town on a train.
Guest Stars: Fay Roope as Mr. Botkin | Steve Raines as First Cowboy | Bert Freed as Al Clovis | Joe Flynn (1) as Onie Becker | Edward Faulkner as Second Cowboy
Writer: John Meston

145 :04x28 - Wind

When men start killing each other over a saloon girl, believed to be a good luck charm for those who play blackjack, Matt figures something is up with that and wants them run out of Dodge City.
Guest Stars: Whitney Blake as Dolly Varden | Walter Burke as Bystander | George Douglas as Man | Roy Engel as Jed Garvey | Dabbs Greer as Wilbur Jonas | Allan Lurie as Singer | Mark Miller (1) as Frank Paris | Stephen Roberts as Hank | Robert Swan as John | Guy Teague as Norman
Director: Arthur Hiller
Writer: John Meston

146 :04x29 - Fawn

Matt rescues a woman and her child from the clutches of a buffalo hunter, and then finds himself protecting them from her abusive husband.
Guest Stars: Wendy Stuart as Fawn | Peggy Stewart as Mrs. Philips | Robert Rockwell as Roger Philips | Joseph Kearns as Dobie | Robert Karnes as Jep Hunter | Phil Harvey as Henry | Raymond Guth as Lou | Michael Gibson (2) as Bert | Charles Fredericks as Jack Band
Writer: John Meston

147 :04x30 - Renegade White

Matt Dillon is captured by the Cheyenne Indians after being thrown from his horse while pursuing a murderer, Ord Spencer.
Guest Stars: Robert Brubaker as Jim Buck | Michael Pate as Wild Hog | Hank Patterson as Jake | Barney Phillips as Ord Spicer
Story: John Meston | Teleplay: Les Crutchfield

148 :04x31 - Murder Warrant

Jake Harbin is chasing down Lee Prentice, using a fake dead or alive warrant poster. After Matt finds Lee wounded, he knows he must protect him from Hardin and Sheriff Ben Goddard, who plans on taking him in custody.
Guest Stars: Onslow Stevens as Sheriff Ben Goddard | Fay Roope as Mr. Botkin | Ed Nelson as Lee Prentice | Mort Mills as Jake Harbin | Joseph Kearns as Dobie | George Selk as Moss Grimmick
Writer: John Meston

149 :04x32 - Change of Heart

Brisco Cass uses a woman, Bella Grant, as a lure for his brother, Jerry, to get him away from the homestead so he can lay claim to it.
Guest Stars: Ken Curtis as Briscoe Cass | James Drury as Jerry Cass | Lucy Marlow as Bella Grant | Fay Roope as Mr. Botkin
Writer: John Meston

150 :04x33 - Buffalo Hunter

Matt Dillon intervenes when a pair of buffalo hunters are found dead under mysterious circumstances.
Guest Stars: Garry Walberg as Tobe | Harold Stone as Jim Gatluf | Scott Stevens as Pete | William Meigs as Agent | Lou Krugman as Tom Mercer | Brett King (2) as Duff | Tom Holland as Alvin | Sam Buffington as Cook
Director: Ted Post
Writer: John Meston

151 :04x34 - The Choice

Matt gives a man wanted for robbery, Andy Hill, a chance to redeem himself and get a job.
Guest Stars: Dick Rich as Tough | Tyler McVey as Unknown | Charles Maxwell as Kerrick | Darryl Hickman as Andy Hill | Robert Brubaker as Jim Buck
Director: Ted Post
Writer: John Meston

152 :04x35 - There Never Was a Horse

Kin Creed, a stranger to Dodge City, does everything he can think of to egg Marshal Dillon into a gunfight.
Guest Stars: Jack Lambert (1) as Kin Creed | Joseph Sargent as Drunk | William Wellman, Jr. as Roy
Writer: John Meston

153 :04x36 - Print Asper

Print Asper feels he is being swindled out of his land by a shyster lawyer, and swears he will kill him if his land isn't returned back into his possession.
Guest Stars: J. Pat O'Malley as Print Asper | Robert Ivers as Johnny Asper | Lew Brown as Will Asper | Ted Knight as Jay Rabb
Director: Ted Post
Writer: John Meston

154 :04x37 - The Constable

The Dodge businessmen want Marshal Dillon to keep out of their affairs as they hire an outsider to handle things. But they soon regret their decision when a group of rowdy cowboys come into town.
Guest Stars: Lee Winters as Bob | Dan Sheridan as Dobie | Scott Peters (1) as Pete | John Mitchum as Joe | Strother Martin as Dillard Band | Victor Lundin as Hank | John Larch as Rance | Joseph Kearns as Mr. Botkin | Pitt Herbert as Green | Robert Decost as Carl | William Bryant as First Cowboy | Joseph Breen as Mike | Joel Ashley as Second Cowboy
Director: Arthur Hiller
Writer: John Meston

155 :04x38 - Blue Horse

An Indian, Blue Horse, comes to Matt's aid when he is overpowered by a prisoner he and Chester were delivering across the prairie. Chester was forced to leave Matt behind when his horse broke a leg.
Guest Stars: Monte Hale as Sergeant | Billy Murphy as Lt. Eldridge | Gene Nelson as Hob Cannon | Michael Pate as Blue Horse
Writer: John Meston

156 :04x39 - Cheyennes

Matt and Chester run across a family massacred by Cheyenne renegades. After Matt is released from mistakingly being accused of the killings by the Cavalry, he heads off to capture the men who sold the guns to the Indians.
Guest Stars: Chuck Roberson as Sgt. Keller | Ralph Moody as Long Robe | Eddie Little Sky as Warrior | Dennis Cross as Jim | Connie Buck as Daughter | Tom Brown (1) as Major | Walter Brooke as Captain Nichols | Edward G. Robinson, Jr. as Brown
Writer: John Meston
Warning: Gunsmoke guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure | Drama | Western
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 10, 1955
Ended: March 31, 1975
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