Season 5

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Season 5

157 :05x01 - Target

Danny Kader is smitten with a lovely gypsy damsel who's camped out on his father's spread of land. Needless to say, this development doesn't sit well with Danny's father.
Guest Stars: Darryl Hickman as Danny Kader | Frank DeKova as Gypsy Chief | John Carradine as Pa Kader | Suzanne Lloyd as Nayomi
Writer: John Meston

158 :05x02 - Kitty's Injury

Kitty is injured when she falls off a horse. Matt is then forced to rely on a surly farm family to get help for her but they're reluctant to do so.
Guest Stars: Anne Seymour as Cora Judson | Karl Swenson as Raff Judson | Don Dubbins as Lootie Judson
Director: Buzz Kulik
Writer: John Meston

159 :05x03 - Horse Deal

Matt tries to get to the bottom of things in a horse thievery case.
Guest Stars: Bartlett Robinson as Bowers | Harry Carey, Jr. as Deesha | Trevor Bardette as Slim | Michael Hinn as Wirth | Bill Catching as Joe | Fred Holliday as Harper
Writer: John Meston

160 :05x04 - Johnny Red

A cowboy asks Matt for the location of a widow's ranch saying he's her long lost son but Matt remembers that the son was supposedly killed during the Civil War at the Battle of Shiloh.
Guest Stars: James Drury as Johnny Red | Abel Fernández as Nate | Dennis McMullan as Ponca City Kid | Josephine Hutchinson as Mrs. Crale
Director: Buzz Kulik
Writer: John Meston

161 :05x05 - Kangaroo

After Chester saves a cowboy from a whipping at the hands of a crazy man and his two sons, the three men abduct him and decide to make the deputy suffer the same fate.
Guest Stars: John Crawford as Hod Scurlock | Peter Whitney as Ira Scurlock | Lew Brown as Jim Bride | Richard Rust as Dal Scurlock
Director: Jesse Hibbs
Writer: John Meston

162 :05x06 - Tail to the Wind

Burke Reese wants the Nellers to sell him their farm and he won't take no for an answer.
Guest Stars: Harry Townes as Pezzy Neller | Harry Swoger as Burke Reese | Alice Backes as Cora Neller | Alan Reed, Jr. as Harlow Reese
Director: Christian Nyby
Story: Les Crutchfield | Teleplay: John Meston

163 :05x07 - Annie Oakley

Bitchy Kate Kinsman wants her husband to kill Ed Dolliver because she feels that the gentleman disrespected her. When Kate's husband turns up dead she accuses Dolliver of the crime. It's up to Matt Dillon to get to the bottom of things.
Guest Stars: John Anderson as Dolliver | Florence MacMichael as Kate Kinsman | George Mitchell as Jeff Kinsman
Director: Jesse Hibbs
Writer: John Meston

164 :05x08 - Saludos

Matt and Chester find a young Native American woman lying on the trail suffering from a gunshot wound. After taking the lass back to Dodge for treatment they set out to find the person who shot her.
Guest Stars: Jack Elam as Clem Steed | Robert J. Wilke as Pegger | Gene Nelson as Joe Foss | Connie Buck as Sochi
Writer: John Meston

165 :05x09 - Brother Whelp

Sted Rutgers returns to Dodge City after a three year absence only to discover that his brother has married his sweetie. Needless to say, Sted doesn't take this development very well.
Guest Stars: Dabbs Greer as Wilbur Jonas | John Clarke (1) as Tom Rutgers | Lew Gallo as Sted Rutgers | Ellen Clark as Tassy
Writer: John Meston

166 :05x10 - The Boots

An alcoholic former gunfighter promises a 12 year old orphan a new pair of boots for his birthday but might have to resort to illegal means in order to keep this promise.
Guest Stars: John Larch as Zeno | Richard Eyer as Tommy | Wynn Pearce as Hank Fergus
Director: Jesse Hibbs
Writer: John Meston

167 :05x11 - Odd Man Out

Did a woman's clothing salesman have anything to do with the disappearance of a Dodge City woman? That's what Matt tries to find out.
Guest Stars: William Phipps as Hody Peel | Elisha Cook as Cyrus Tucker | Elizabeth York as Mrs. Peel | Dallas Mitchell as Cowboy | Dabbs Greer as Wilbur Jonas | Clem Fuller as Clem | George Selk as Moss Grimmick
Writer: John Meston

168 :05x12 - Miguel's Daughter

Matt tries to prevent a man from taking the law into his own hands against two drunken cowboys who assaulted his daughter.
Guest Stars: Ed Nelson as Rusk Davis | Simon Oakland as Miguel Ramirez | Fintan Meyler as Chavela Ramirez | Wesley Lau as Ab Cole
Writer: John Meston

169 :05x13 - Box o' Rocks

Packy Roundtree asks a preacher to help him fake his death. The preacher then buries a coffin containing nothing but rocks in the ground.
Guest Stars: Howard McNear as Pete | William Fawcett as Packy Roundtree | Larry J. Blake as Jed Crooder | Vaughn Taylor as Reverend Blouze | Gertrude Flynn as Mrs. Blouze

170 :05x14 - False Witness

Tom Morey is convicted of murder and sentenced to hang on the purported eyewitness testimony of Romey Crep. A few weeks later Crep says he witnessed another murder. This gets Matt Dillon to question the veracity of Crep's original story.
Guest Stars: Wright King as Romey Crep | Richard Sinatra as Bob | Brad Trumbull as Sawyer | Norman Sturgis as Jake | Len Hendry as Hank | Robert Griffin as Judge | Wayne Rogers (1) as Tom Morey | Harold Goodwin (2) as Clerk
Director: Ted Post
Writer: John Meston

171 :05x15 - Tag, You're It

A hired killer rides into Dodge to kill a person named Rusty but then balks when he discovers that Rusty is a woman.
Guest Stars: Madlyn Rhue as Rusty | Paul Langton as Karl Killion | Harold Goodwin (2) as Clerk | Greg Stewart as Tex
Director: Jesse Hibbs

172 :05x16 - Thick 'n' Thin

Matt is forced to lock up two feuding ranch partners until the two men can settle their differences.
Guest Stars: Percy Helton as Otie Perkins | Robert Emhardt as Brace McCoy | Tina Menard as Summer Dove
Director: Stuart Heisler
Story: Les Crutchfield | Teleplay: John Meston

173 :05x17 - Groat's Grudge

A former Confederate soldier arrives in town looking for a Dodge City resident who supposedly burned down his house and killed his wife during the Civil War.
Guest Stars: Ben Wright as guest star | Thomas Coley as Tom Haskett | Ross Elliott as Lee Grayson
Writer: John Meston

174 :05x18 - Big Tom

Matt Dillon steps into the boxing ring when Doc won't allow a former prizefighter to do se because of health reasons.
Guest Stars: Howard Caine as Brady | Robert J. Wilke as Tom Burr | Harry Lauter as Clay Crane | Gregg Palmer as Harry | Don Megowan as Hob Creel | Rand Harper as Jim
Writer: John Meston

175 :05x19 - Till Death Do Us

Someone takes a shot at Jezra Cobb but misses and manages to escape apprehension. Kitty then overhears a drifter say that he was paid $300 to kill Cobb.
Guest Stars: Rayford Barnes as Puggy Rado | Milton Selzer as Jezra Cobb | Mary Field as Minerva Cobb
Director: Jean Yarbrough

176 :05x20 - The Tragedian

Matt tries to help out Edward Vanderman, a has been actor who was caught cheating at cards but the former thespian proves to be a hard case.
Guest Stars: Howard McNear as Joe | John Abbott (1) as Edward Vanderman | Harry Wood as Ben | Stanley Clements as Brad
Director: Arthur Hiller
Writer: John Meston

177 :05x21 - Hinka Do

Matt comes to suspect that the new female owner of the Lady Gay saloon might have had something to do with the death of the previous owner of the saloon.
Guest Stars: Walter Burke as Herman Bleeker | Nina Varela as Mamie | Ric Roman as Manuel | Bob Hopkins as Pete | Michael Greene (1) as Cowboy | Richard Reeves as Drunk

178 :05x22 - Doc Judge

With Matt out of town, an ex-convict mistakes Doc for the judge who sentenced him to a long stretch in the pen and vows revenge despite the physician's claim that he's never been a judge. It's up to Chester to figure out a way to extracate Doc from his predicament.
Guest Stars: Barry Atwater as Brice Harp | Dennis Cross as Bob | Dabbs Greer as Wilbur Jonas | George Selk as Moss Grimmick
Director: Arthur Hiller
Writer: John Meston

179 :05x23 - Moo Moo Raid

A feud between trail bosses of two separate cattle drives threatens to become an all-out war unless Matt can get to the bottom of the killing of a man and his cow.
Guest Stars: Ron Hayes as Cary | Robert Karnes as Bert | Lane Bradford as Tush | John Close as Joe | Richard Evans as Pete | Raymond Hatton as Onie | Tyler McVey as Gib
Writer: John Meston

180 :05x24 - Kitty's Killing

Jacob Leech arrives in Dodge City and promptly announces that he plans to kill a man named Ollie Radford. Kitty eventually finds herself smack dab in the middle of Leech's vendetta.
Guest Stars: John Pickard (2) as Ollie Radford | Clem Fuller as Clem | Abraham Sofaer as Jacob Leech
Director: Arthur Hiller
Writer: John Meston

181 :05x25 - Jailbait Janet

Matt goes after three train robbers who killed a railroad employee during the holdup. The trio are a man, his son, and his daughter who lost their home due to negligence on the part of the railroad.
Guest Stars: Bartlett Robinson as Crocker | John Larch as Dan | Jon Lormer as Clerk | Nan Peterson as Janet | Steven Terrell as Jerry
Director: Jesse Hibbs

182 :05x26 - Unwanted Deputy

A man who calls himself Vince Wiley arrives in Dodge determined to make Matt draw on him first so he can kill the Marshal in self-defense.
Guest Stars: Charles Aidman as Vince Walsh | Edward Faulkner as Harry | Dick Rich as Rudd | Joe Haworth as Charlie | Mary Carver as Maise | Ray Boyle as Tourney | Craig Fox as Lee
Writer: John Meston

183 :05x27 - Where'd They Go

Matt and Chester ride out to arrest a farmer for robbing a store in town and end up doing most of the man's farm chores. Doc later arrives on the scene with the truth regarding the "robbery."
Guest Stars: Jack Elam as Clint Dodie | Dabbs Greer as Wilbur Jonas | Betty Harford as Medora Dodie
Director: Jesse Hibbs
Writer: John Meston

184 :05x28 - Crowbait Bob

Greedy relatives of a dying man arrive in Dodge hoping to get something of value from his estate but find out that he's willed all his possessions to Kitty.
Guest Stars: Shirley O'Hara as Martha | Hank Patterson as Crowbait Bob | Ned Glass as Elbin | John Apone as Ace

185 :05x29 - Colleen So Green

A southern belle arrives in Dodge and immediately begins charming all the menfolk but Kitty forms an almost instant dislike of the woman.
Guest Stars: Dabbs Greer as Wilbur Jonas | Robert Brubaker as Jim Buck | Clem Fuller as Clem | Harry Swoger as Bull Reeger | Joanna Moore as Colleen Tawny | Perry Ivins as Employee | Harold Goodwin (2) as Clerk
Director: Jean Yarbrough
Writer: John Meston

186 :05x30 - The Ex-Urbanites

Chester must remove a bullet from Doc when the physician is wounded on the prairie by a gang of wolfers.
Guest Stars: Robert J. Wilke as Pitt | Lew Brown as Nate | Ken Curtis as Jesse
Writer: John Meston

187 :05x31 - I Thee Wed

Matt tries to persuade a battered wife to prefer charges against her abusive husband.
Guest Stars: Hank Patterson as Judge | Allyn Joslyn as Sam Hackett | Alice Frost as Hester Hackett
Director: Jesse Hibbs
Writer: John Meston

188 :05x32 - The Lady Killer

A witness is shot by one of Kitty's saloon girls shortly before he is scheduled to testify in court. Does the damsel have a connection with the defendant?
Guest Stars: Harry Lauter as Cy Welch | George Selk as Moss Grimmick | Clem Fuller as Clem | Jan Harrison as Mae Talmey | Ross Elliott as Grant Lucas | Charles Sterrett as Cowboy
Writer: John Meston

189 :05x33 - Gentleman's Disagreement

A man named Ed Beaudry arrives in town determined to kill another man who married his former galpal. When Beaudry turns up dead the husband is the leading suspect.
Guest Stars: Tom Reese as Tulsa | Val Dufour as Ed Beaudry | Adam Kennedy as Bert Wells | Fintan Meyler as Jeanne Wells | Joseph Hamilton (1) as Pete
Director: Jesse Hibbs

190 :05x34 - Speak Me Fair

Matt, Doc, and Chester are on a hunting trip when they find a Native American boy who's been severely beaten. While Doc tends to the boy's injuries, Matt and Chester ride out to try and discover who gave the boy the beating.
Guest Stars: Douglas Kennedy as Traych | Perry Cook as Gunner | Chuck Roberson as Driver | Ken Curtis as Scout

191 :05x35 - Belle's Back

After riding with an outlaw for three years, Belle Ainsley returns to Dodge and tells Matt she's dumped the rotter. Matt, however, has his doubts regarding Belle's veracity.
Guest Stars: Gage Clarke as Dobie | Nita Talbot as Belle Ainsley | Nancy Rennick as Phyllis | Dan White (1) as Ainsley
Director: Jesse Hibbs

192 :05x36 - The Bobsy Twins

Two no-talent assclown brothers announce they've come West with the intention of killing Native Americans.
Guest Stars: Ralph Moody as Harvey Finney | Clem Fuller as Clem | Buck Young as Buck Grant | Hank Patterson as Carl | Morris Ankrum as Merle Finney | Richard Chamberlain as Pete | Charles MacArthur as Taylor | Paul Hahn as Les | Jean Howell as Lavinia | John O'Malley as Man
Director: Jesse Hibbs
Writer: John Meston

193 :05x37 - Old Flame

An old flame arrives in town and asks Matt to help find her husband. Matt finds the man but things aren't exactly as they seem between the couple.
Guest Stars: Peggy Stewart as Mary | Clem Fuller as Clem | Hal Smith as Dobie | Marilyn Maxwell as Dolly Winters | Lee Van Cleef as Rad Meadows
Director: Jesse Hibbs
Writer: John Meston

194 :05x38 - The Deserter

Matt goes after an Army corporal who made off with his unit's payroll. He finds the corporal at his father's house but daddy has no intention of turning his boy over to the law.
Guest Stars: Charles Fredericks as Sgt. Strafe | Harry Bartell as Jed | Henry Brandon as Major | Rudy Solari as Corporal Lurie | Jean Inness as Maddie | Joseph V. Perry as Radin
Director: Arthur Hiller
Writer: John Meston

195 :05x39 - Cherry Red

A special agent for a stagecoach line arrives in Dodge and announces to a woman that he's going to marry her. There's only one problem--he killed her outlaw husband during a stagecoach robbery.
Guest Stars: Douglas Kennedy as Yancey
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure | Drama | Western
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 10, 1955
Ended: March 31, 1975
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