Season 8

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Season 8

268 :08x01 - The Search

Marshal Dillon befriends a young man, Cale, who has earned his respect. But Tate Gifford believes Cale has stolen his horse.
Guest Stars: Leonard Nimoy as Arnie | Ford Rainey as Tate Gifford | Virginia Gregg as Ess Cutler | Carl Reindel as Cale | Hank Patterson as Hank Miller | Raymond Guth as Sam Cutler | Holly Bane as Frank | Fred Coby as Horn | Mickey Morton as Coot
Director: Harry Harris

269 :08x02 - Call Me Dodie

A teenage girl who escaped from an abusive situation at an orphanage, leads to Matt's discovery of the true happenings of what is going on there.
Guest Stars: Bob Hastings as Whip | Joby Baker as Ky | Diane Mountford as Lady | Carol Anne Seflinger as Martha | Dennis Cross as Norm | Buck Young as John | Jackie Searl as Floyd Bagge | Mary Patton as Addie Bagge | Wallace Rooney as Dan Binny | Dal McKennon as Jake | Guy Wilkerson as Waiter | Nesdon Booth as Bartender
Director: Harry Harris

270 :08x03 - Quint Asper Comes Home

Quint Asper is an angry half-breed Indian, who has hatred towards the white man after his father is killed. Years later as a Comanche, he returns and takes Matt prisoner and is told to kill him by his chief.
Guest Stars: Angela Clarke (2) as Topsanah | Burt Reynolds as Quint Asper | Michael Keep as Chief | Bill Zuckert as John Asper | Myron Healey as Mike | Harry Carey, Jr. as Jim Grant | Lane Bradford as Bob | Earle Hodgins as Dobie | Dabbs Greer as Wilbur Jonas | Robert Hinkle as Cowboy | Foster Brooks as Ed | Michael Barrier as Brave
Writer: John Meston

271 :08x04 - Root Down

Aggie Dutton has come into Dodge City with the intension of finding a man. Her choice is Chester, whether he is willing or not.
Guest Stars: John Dehner as Luke Dutton (Pa) | Howard McNear as Howard Rudd | Michael Carr as Cowboy | Sherry Jackson as Aggie Dutton | Robert Doyle as Grudie Dutton | George Selk as Moss Grimmick | Ollie O'Toole as Clerk
Director: Sobey Martin

272 :08x05 - Jenny

When a bank robber and his girl come to Dodge City, Matt is made the target after the thief is arrested for killing a man who beat him out of $1,000 at poker.
Guest Stars: Burt Reynolds as Quint Asper | Ruta Lee as Jenny | Ron Hayes as Zel Meyers | James Nusser as Louie Pheeters | Barry Russo as Al Flack | Barry Cahill as Chuck | Kenneth Hudgins as Pete | Montie Montana as Joe
Writer: John Meston

273 :08x06 - Collie's Free

A cattle thief, Collie, is released from prison after eight long years and wants his revenge against Marshal Matt Dillon.
Guest Stars: Jason Evers as Collie Patten | Jacqueline Scott as Francie Patten | William Bramley (1) as Davis Henry | Jim Halferty as Rob Patten | Richard Bull as Nort | Glenn Strange as Sam Noonan | Dennis Cross as Dutton | Mary Castle as Saloon Girl | Orville Sherman as Warden | Barry Cahill as Abel | Henry Rowland as Smithy | Pat McCaffrie as Barkeep
Director: Harry Harris

274 :08x07 - The Ditch

A woman keeps her deceased father's plan alive to divert the water supply away from the homesteaders. It's up to Matt to keep the peace and find a solution when the homesteaders band as one to fight the blockade.
Guest Stars: Dehl Berti as Waco | Joanne Linville as Susan Bart | Jay Lanin as Trent Hawkins | Christopher Dark as Lafe Crider | Hardie Albright as Peckett | Ted Jordan as Nathan Burke | Gail Bonney as Mrs. Hawkins | Miguel Ángel Landa as Boss
Director: Harry Harris

275 :08x08 - The Trappers

When a pair of fur trappers roam into Dodge City, Matt fears they should leave before some greedy criminal goes after the money the furs should fetch.
Guest Stars: Glenn Strange as Sam Noonan | Robert Brubaker as Jim Buck | Chal Johnson as Tom | Lane Chandler as Luke | Robert Lowery as Idaho Smith | Richard Shannon as Tug Marsh | Doris Singleton as Irma Watkins | Strother Martin as Billy Logan
Writer: John Dunkel

276 :08x09 - Phoebe Strunk

Phoebe Strunk and her boys ride into Dodge after robbing and burning a couple in their wagon. Annie recognizes the wagon as belonging to her parent's. The boys plan on keeping her quiet, even if it means killing again.
Guest Stars: Phyllis Coates as Rose | Burt Reynolds as Quint Asper | Virginia Gregg as Phoebe Strunk | Joan Freeman as Annie Shields | Don Megowan as Oliver Strunk | Gregg Palmer as Hulett Strunk | Harry Raybould as Casper Strunk | Dick Peabody as Simsie Strunk | John McLiam as Sam Kinney | Phil Chambers (1) as Ned Shields | Marilyn Harvey as Mary Shields | Glenn Strange as Sam Noonan
Writer: John Meston

277 :08x10 - The Hunger

The wife of an abusive man and her equally mean streaked son, asks Matt to rescue her daughter from their home and keep her safe from her family.
Guest Stars: Elen Willard as Althea Dorf | Robert Middleton as Claude Dorf | Joe Flynn (1) as Drummer | Linda Watkins as Mrs. Dorf | Sarah Selby as Ma Smalley | Dabbs Greer as Wilbur Jonas | Hampton Fancher as Clem Dorf | Byron Foulger as Dooley | Kelton Garwood as Fred | Henrietta Moore as Dolly | Bob McQuain as Cowboy | Sue Casey as Martha
Director: Harry Harris

278 :08x11 - Abe Blocker

A crazed mountain man, Abe Blocker, starts a killing spree around the territory. As a posse tracks him down hiding in the mountains, Abe uses his knowledge of the hills to his advantage.
Guest Stars: Burt Reynolds as Quint Asper | Chill Wills as Abe Blocker | Wright King as Bud Groves | Dabbs Greer as Wilbur Jonas | Harry Carey, Jr. as Jake | Miranda Jones as Mary Groves | Robert Adler as Emmett | Marshall Reed (1) as Sam Vestal | Lane Bradford as Till Gant | Wallace Rooney as Dan Binney | Chuck Roberson as Joe Clark | Glenn Strange as Sam Noonan
Writer: John Meston

279 :08x12 - The Way It Is

While Matt is away on business, Kitty falls for a man, unaware he has an anger problem. She doesn't find this fact out until she invites him to the Ford County Sociable.
Guest Stars: Claude Akins as Abe Bellum | Garry Walberg as Bent Dillard | Virginia Lewis as Anne | George Selk as Moss Grimmick | Glenn Strange as Sam Noonan | Duane Grey as Rancher
Director: Harry Harris
Story: Frank Paris | Teleplay: Kathleen Hite

280 :08x13 - Us Haggens

Matt's new companion, Festus Haggen, is on the trail of his uncle, who is accused of shooting his twin brother dead.
Guest Stars: Denver Pyle as Blackjack Haggen | Elizabeth MacRae as April | William Hughes (1) as Timmy | Howard Wright as Dietzer

281 :08x14 - Uncle Sunday

A letter from Chester's uncle Sunday, has him searching for extra work as to send money to him. A surprise visit to Dodge with niece Ellie, reveals that they plan on a bank heist, and she then figures on leaving Uncle Sunday for another man. Can Chester stop the robbery before his relative becomes a wanted man?
Guest Stars: Burt Reynolds as Quint Asper | Henry Beckman as Uncle Sunday Meachem | Joyce Bulifant as Ellie | Ed Nelson as Burt Curry | Dabbs Greer as Wilbur Jonas | Gage Clarke as Mr. Botkin | Wallace Rooney as Dan Binney | Nora Marlowe as Mrs. Perkins | Glenn Strange as Sam Noonan
Director: Joseph Sargent
Writer: John Meston

282 :08x15 - False Front

A man attempts to win a bet by coming into Dodge under a false reputation of being a gunslinger, and leaving without a confrontation. But when a youngster hears of this tough shooter, he plans on making his own reputation by beating him to the draw.
Guest Stars: Michael T. Mikler as Bill | Roy Thinnes as Harry | William Bryant as Joe | K.L. Smith as Pete | Brett King (2) as Hank | Robert Fortier as Bill | Wallace Rooney as Dan Binney | Shary Marshall as Rita | Charles Fredericks as Senator McGovern | Art Lund as Nick Heber | William Windom as Paul Hill | Andrew Prine as Clay Tatum
Story: Hal Moffett | Teleplay: John Meston

283 :08x16 - Old Comrade

A half-breed Indian son of a General is a wanted man. As Matt arrives to tell them he is no longer wanted he discovers the young man has fled. Catching up to him back at his home, the General feels apologetic for leaving his son and mother behind.
Guest Stars: Roy Roberts as Dobie | Frank Sutton as Billy Marston | J. Pat O'Malley as Col. Gabe Wilson | Ralph Moody as General Kip Marston | Vitina Marcus as Missy | Wayne Heffley as Lem | Wayne C. Treadway as Mr. Green | John Reed King as Townsman | Dick Whittinghill as Jason | Bill Baucom as Photographer | Norman Leavitt as Orderly
Director: Harry Harris
Writer: John Dunkel

284 :08x17 - Louis Pheeters

Clara is married to Bart but is in love with his best friend Murph. Bart drowns a man who Clara claims forced her to drink with him, unaware that Louis Pheeters saw the crime. But it's Louie who is accused of the crime, that is until Murph is caught with Clara by Bart.
Guest Stars: John Larkin as Murph Moody | Gloria McGehee as Clara Felder | James Nusser as Louie Pheeters | Woodrow Parfrey as Tom Wiggins | Larry Ward as Bart Felder | Ted Jordan as Gus Thompson
Director: Harry Harris
Writer: John Meston

285 :08x18 - The Renegades

Quint comes to the rescue of a bigoted woman who is caught in the middle of a stagecoach ambush.
Guest Stars: Audrey Dalton as Lavinia Pate | Ben Wright as Colonel Pate | Jack Lambert (1) as Brice | Don 'Red' Barry as McIver | John Pickard (2) as Poole | Edward Faulkner as Sergeant | Linda Hutchings as Ruth | Bob Steele (1) as Sam Gordon, Stagecoach Driver | Alan Dexter as Trask, renegade | Joe Bassett as Leader
Writer: John Meston

286 :08x19 - Cotter's Girl

Matt is left in charge of a young woman when her father is beaten to death. The woman, ,is to be brought to her Aunt's home in Harrisburg, but Matt and Kitty attempt to make her a bit more civilized first.
Guest Stars: Mariette Hartley as Clarey Cotter | Roy Barcroft as Mr. Cotter | John Clarke (1) as Mackle | Jesslyn Fax as Proprietress | Sarah Selby as Ma Smalley
Director: Harry Harris

287 :08x20 - The Bad One

A young woman may be the witness to a stage coach hold up, but refuses to identify the suspect after having been kissed by him after the robbery.
Guest Stars: Chris Robinson (1) as Willie Jett | Burt Reynolds as Quint Asper | Dolores Sutton as Jenny Anne Parker | Booth Colman as Gant Parker | Dabbs Greer as Wilbur Jonas | Michael T. Mikler as Cowpoke | Kenneth Konopka as Clancy | Glenn Strange as Sam Noonan | Gil Lamb as Porter | Sue Casey as Saloon Gal | Bob Gravage as Telegrapher
Director: Sobey Martin
Writer: Gwen Bagni

288 :08x21 - The Cousin

Chance Hopper has been released from prison after serving for a hold up. Chance and Matt just happen to have been raised by the same parents, but Matt is weary of him because of his past. But it is up to Chance to prove his loyalty when Matt goes after his two former partners in crime.
Guest Stars: Michael Forest as Chance | Gloria Talbott as Hallie | John Anderson as Cheevers | Joseph V. Perry as Moran | James Nusser as Louie Pheeters | Lew Brown as Gates | Jackie Blanchard as Saloon Girl | Glenn Strange as Sam Noonan | George Selk as Moss Grimmick | Helen Wallace as Woman | James Drake (1) as Man
Director: Harry Harris
Story: Marian Clark | Teleplay: Kathleen Hite

289 :08x22 - Shona

Shona, an Indian woman and friend of Quint, is in need of protection when the sons of a man killed by Indians want their revenge against Shona and her white husband, who's tracks lead to the murder scene.
Guest Stars: Roy Roberts as Dobie | John Crawford as Les Torbert | Burt Reynolds as Quint Asper | Miriam Colon as Shona Dawson | Bart Burns as Joe Riser | Robert Palmer (2) as Rud | Sarah Selby as Ma Smalley | George Selk as Moss Grimmick
Director: Ted Post
Writer: John Meston

290 :08x23 - Ash

Two men vie for the same woman, Tillie, a saloon girl at the Long Branch. But both are out of luck when her fiance intervenes. The men become partners in a freight business, but one is injured by a falling barrel. When he awakens the man has a different personality, one in which brings him back to Tillie and may lead to his death.
Guest Stars: John Dehner as Ben Galt | Adam West as Emmett Hall | Anthony Caruso as Ash Farior | Dee Hartford as Tillie | Sheldon Allman as Murdock | William Fawcett as Hawkins | Robert Bice as Driver | Richard Bartell as Harry | Michael T. Mikler as Frank | Glenn Strange as Sam Noonan
Director: Harry Harris
Writer: John Meston

291 :08x24 - Blind Man's Bluff

A man, Billy Poe, is made a wanted man after a dying man accuses him as his killer. While searching for Billy, Matt is knocked unconscious by three men with a hatred for the law. A blurry eyed Matt can barely make out the man who is assisting him as Billy.
Guest Stars: Will Hutchins as Billy Poe | Burt Reynolds as Quint Asper | John Alderson as Canby | Crahan Denton as Frank Walker | Judson Pratt as Dane | Herbert Lytton as Bud Hays | Natalie Norwick as Maid | Leonard Stone as Davey | Michael T. Mikler as Cowboy | John Rodney as Barkeep | Gregg Palmer as Wells | Darlene Fields as Saloon Girl
Director: Ted Post
Writer: John Meston

292 :08x25 - Quint's Indian

Quint is accused of stealing a horse that he was paid to shoe. While Matt attempts to clear his friend's name, he himself is accused by a group of Indians of informing the cavalry to their whereabouts.
Guest Stars: James Brown (2) as Mark Feeney | Burt Reynolds as Quint Asper | James Nusser as Louie Pheeters | Will Corry as Jim Stope | Patrick McVey as Bob Houser | James Griffith (1) as Bettis | Michael Hinn as Jake Spooner | Michael Keep as Leader | Mark Murray as Jimmy | Raymond Guth as Will Grissom | Ruth Phillips as Mary | Roy Engel as Gus Syker
Director: Fred H. Jackman
Story: Marian Clark | Teleplay: John Meston

293 :08x26 - Anybody Can Kill a Marshal

A man, believing he had killed Matt, becomes obsessed when he realizes Dillon is still alive and well in Dodge. Now he is on a quest to make sure he kills the Marshal, once and for all.
Guest Stars: Howard McNear as Howard | Burt Reynolds as Quint Asper | Milton Selzer as Painter | Joyce Van Patten as Molly, Saloon Girl | James Westerfield as Cleed | Warren Stevens as Lucas | James Nusser as Louie Pheeters | Brenda Scott as Betsy Burgess | George Selk as Moss Grimmick | Tom Lutz as Cowboy
Director: Harry Harris

294 :08x27 - Two of a Kind

Two men, Sean and Tim, arguing over a woman end up coming to each other's aid when a man attempts to claim a salt mine that exists on both their properties.
Guest Stars: Richard Jaeckel as O'Ryan | Bee Tompkins as Girl | Glenn Strange as Sam Noonan | John Mitchum as Wills | Garry Walberg as Anson | Ben Wright as Elton Harris | Earle Hodgins as Judge | Kent Smith as Clay Bealton | Michael Higgins as Tim Finnegan | Burt Reynolds as Quint Asper

295 :08x28 - I Call Him Wonder

The folks in Dodge City don't take to kindly to Jud Sorrell, a cowpoke, who has just taken in a homeless Indian boy he calls Wonder.
Guest Stars: Leonard Nimoy as Holt | Alex Sharp as Cook | George Selk as Moss Grimmick | Eddie Little Sky as Charlie, Indian Scout | Gilman Rankin as Waiter | Bill Zuckert as Enoch Miller | Duane Grey as Keogh | Harry Bartell as Colonel | Edmund Vargas as Wonder | Sandy Kenyon as Docker | Ron Hayes as Jud Sorrell
Director: Harry Harris

296 :08x29 - With a Smile

Dal Creed falls for Lottie, a woman who's father he killed. But she has her eyes on Pat Kane, a man who Dal framed and had fired by Lottie's father. But when Lottie and Pat's relationship is found out by Dal, one of them will be murdered and Dal will be sentenced to hang.
Guest Stars: James Best as Dal Creed | Jay Della as Cowboy | James Nusser as Louie Pheeters | Gilman Rankin as Waiter | Robert Stevenson as Foy | Dan Stafford as Kelly | Dick Foran as Sheriff Ben Carver | Linden Chiles as Pat Cain | Sharon Farrell as Lottie Foy | Burt Reynolds as Quint Asper | R.G. Armstrong as Major Creed
Story: Bud Furillo | Teleplay: John Meston

297 :08x30 - The Far Places

When Jeff Newcom is sent away to Chicago by his mother, little did he know that his girl would not be waiting for his return. Upon his return, Millie informs him that she is involved with another man. Jeff refuses to let her go, but little does he know it is Ma Newcom who has caused the rift in their relationship.
Guest Stars: Angela Clarke (2) as Carrie Newcomb | Rees Vaughn as Jeff Newcomb | Bennye Gatteys as Millie Smith | Dennis Cross as Colley Corder | Orville Sherman as Wib Smith | Richard Jury as Humphreys | Sailor Vincent as Client
Director: Harry Harris
Writer: John Dunkel

298 :08x31 - Panacea Sykes

Pan Sykes comes to Dodge City to get a return favor from Kitty, who she had lived with for two years after her mother passed away. The problem is, Pan is a wanted pickpocket who has roamed all across the country.
Guest Stars: Robert Nash as Second Man | Nellie Burt as Panacea Sykes | Dan Tobin as Appleton Foote | Charles Watts as Shelby Little | Charlie Briggs as Driver | John Clarke (1) as Alvy | Jan Brooks as Ethel Webb | George Selk as Moss Grimmick | James Nusser as Louie Pheeters | Carl Prickett as Agent | Charles Seel as First Man | John Lawrence as Riley Webb
Director: William Conrad

299 :08x32 - Tell Chester

Chester is accused of killing a woman he once loved, after she marries another man and then becomes deathly ill. When her husband sees Chester burying her body, her husband hires a gunman to shoot him down.
Guest Stars: Lonny Chapman as Wade Stringer | Mitzi Hoag as Polly Donahue | Lew Brown as Nace Porter | Jo Helton as Wendy Stringer | Sara Taft as Tao | Robert Gibbons as Donahue | Ray Galvin as Barkeep
Director: Joseph Sargent
Writer: Frank Paris

300 :08x33 - Quint-Cident

A widow is the only person who can free Quint after she is the victim of an assault.
Guest Stars: Ollie O'Toole as Telegrapher | Catherine McLeod as Lizzie | Don Keefer as Nally | Ben Johnson as Ben Crown | Mary La Roche as Willa Devlin | Burt Reynolds as Quint Asper

301 :08x34 - Old York

Matt meets up with two men who held him hostage seventeen years earlier, after robbing a bank and was to have been executed.
Guest Stars: Roy Roberts as Botkin | Don Spruance as Jim | Lou Krugman as Barkeep | Dorothy Neumann as Mrs. Finney | Howard Culver as Howie Uzzell | Edward Madden as Taylor | Robert Knapp as Clayton | Dabbs Greer as Wilbur Jonas | H.M. Wynant as Sage | Michael Constantine as Jim Baca | Burt Reynolds as Quint Asper | Edgar Buchanan as Dan York
Director: Harry Harris
Writer: John Meston

302 :08x35 - Daddy Went Away

Chester falls in love with Lucy Damon, a woman who claims that her husband had died. But Chester wants to know the truth when he finds her husband fishing on a river.
Guest Stars: Dabbs Greer as Wilbur Jonas | Morgan Brittany as Jessica Damon | William Schallert as Jess Damon | Mary Carver as Lucy Damon
Director: Joseph Sargent
Story: John Rosser | Teleplay: Kathleen Hite

303 :08x36 - The Odyssey of Jubal Tanner

A former Army guard comes to the aid of a lovely woman who was in danger of being killed, after the brother of her dead fiance blames her for his death.
Guest Stars: Denver Pyle as Aaron | Hal Needham as Cowboy | George Selk as Moss Grimmick | Gregg Palmer as Colie Fletcher | Kevin Hagen as Hobie Larker | Peter Breck as Jubal Tanner | Beverly Garland as Leah Bronson
Writer: Paul Savage

304 :08x37 - Jeb

A young man, Jeb, is accused of murder when he shows up riding a horse that belonged to the dead man. It's up to Matt to intervene and find out who killed the buffalo hunter.
Guest Stars: Rand Brooks as Man | Burt Reynolds as Quint Asper | Émile Genest as Chouteau | Roy Thinnes as Ab Singleton | James Hampton as Jeb Willis | William Dennis Hunt as Codge | Duane Grey as Thad | Glenn Strange as Sam Noonan | Dennis Cross as Brave | Buck Young as Andy
Director: Harry Harris
Writer: Paul Savage

305 :08x38 - The Quest for Asa Janin

Matt gets caught between a man accused of killing Lucy Furth, the real murderer and Lucy's husband, who plans to get his revenge for his wife's death.
Guest Stars: Pedro Gonzalez Gonzalez as Bartender | Edward Faulkner as Edward Faulkner | Lane Chandler as Warden | Harry Carey, Jr. as Sheriff Hank Colridge | Gene Darfler as Dave Ingalls | James Nusser as Louie Pheeters | George Keymas as Owen Pardee | Jack Lambert (1) as Scotsman | Richard Devon as Asa Janin | Anthony Caruso as Ford Macklin
Writer: Paul Savage
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure | Drama | Western
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 10, 1955
Ended: March 31, 1975
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