Season 4

70 :04x01 - The Big Gen-Why Me? Episode

Dee Dee has difficulty finding a job after graduation. After she announces plans to return to school, her fed-up father not only cuts her off, but orders her to pay back all expenses accrued since her 21st birthday. Mona begins dating her handsome and charming new neighbor, Lorenzo, but her insecurities stand in the way of the relationship. Spencer changes his wardrobe in the hopes of getting people to take him more seriously.
Guest Stars: Obba Babatundé as Charles Thorne | Charles Divins as Lorenzo

71 :04x02 - The Big Dollars & Sense Episode

Mona and Spencer are at odds about Delicious signing a heiress that can't sing. Spencer decides to go behind Mona's back to get it approved.
Guest Stars: Paige Peterson (1) as Dalis Temple | MC Lyte as Kai Owens | Debbie Matenopoulos as Joanna | Mimi Baxter as Ally | Chris Babers as Shaka

72 :04x03 - The Big Frozen Assets Episode

Mona decides to have a birthday party with Dee Dee, however Phyllis's gift ruins the event. Dee Dee ignores a job offer at law firm as a new opportunity appears.
Guest Stars: Corey Maggette as Himself | Mark Steines as Craig | Steven Eckholdt as Gus

73 :04x04 - The Big Training Day Episode

Dee Dee clashes with her new co-worker and is upset when she has to work with him to get a new client.
Guest Stars: Heather Drum as Pole Dancer | Nicole Hawkyard as Pole Dancer | Marlyn Ortiz as Pole Dancer | Ashley Brown (1) as Pole Dancer | Traci Swain as Sandi | Aldis Hodge as Kadeem Jennings | Steven Eckholdt as Gus | Joey Lawrence as Brett

74 :04x05 - The Big Young & the Restless Episode

Taking advantage of Dee Dee's grease fire, that brings a fireman to the building. Phyllis tries to set him up with Mona. However he's more interested in her.
Guest Stars: Suzy Nakamura as Tina | Chris Boyd as Dave | Coby Bell as Glen Stallworth

75 :04x06 - The Big Off Pitch Episode

Dee Dee and Brett run into problems with their client, a talented pitcher who won't sign his new contract because he wants to devote more time to his musical aspirations. Dee Dee asks Mona to listen to the man sing and dash his dreams of music stardom; but Delicious winds up wanting to sign him, leading to a rift between the sisters. Meanwhile, Big Dee Dee must break some bad news to Phyllis after Coco chases one of Phyllis's cats into traffic.
Guest Stars: Joey Lawrence as Brett Mahoney | Ace Young as Ace Blackwell (as Ace)

76 :04x07 - The Big State of the Reunion Episode

Mona goes against her initial instincts and decides to attend her ten-year high school reunion, where her professional accomplishments cannot protect her from the cruel comments of a pair of former cheerleaders. She perks up after a successful classmate takes an interest in her. Meanwhile, things do not go as planned for Spencer when he meets his on-line sweetheart in person; and Adam tries to get rich by stealing company supplies and selling them on the Internet.
Guest Stars: Chris Boyd as Dave | Keenyah Hill as Amy | Jennifer Johnson (1) as Kari | Carla Jimenez as Jackie | Mekia Cox as Alicia | Michelle Ewin as Whitney | MC Lyte as Kai Owens | Jazzmun as Clayvon | Jaleel White as Hershel

77 :04x08 - The Big How to Do & Undo It Episode

When Spencer has trouble breaking-up with his new high-class girlfriend Gabrielle, he enlists Dee Dee to help break the bad news.

Meanwhile, Phyllis' boyfriend Glen plans a romantic get-away weekend, and she turns to an unlikely source for advice on her sex life.
Guest Stars: Suzy Nakamura as Tina | Obba Babatundé as Charles Thorne | Lance E. Nichols as Guard | Veena Bidasha as Shauna | Taraji Henson as Gabrielle | Coby Bell as Glen Stallworth | Peter Spruyt as Clerk

78 :04x09 - The Big Days of Wine and Neuroses Episode

Dee Dee uses a girl's weekend at the spa to set Mona up on a date. Spencer spends the weekend with Adam and his gay friends.
Guest Stars: Moniqua Plante as Bartender | Sterling Sulieman as Marcus | Kaysar Ridha as Connor | Coby Bell as Glen Stallworth | Sunil Malhotra as Ellis | Todd Sherry as George | Lamman Rucker as Chase

79 :04x10 - The Big Sexism in the City Episode

Charles and Spencer confront Brett about his sexist attitude towards Dee Dee.
Guest Stars: Obba Babatundé as Charles Thorne | Tangi Miller as Alana Mitchell | Charles Divins as Lorenzo | Whitney Cummings as Woman | Joey Lawrence as Brett Mahoney | Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Jr. as Dwight Mitchell (as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar II)

80 :04x11 - The Big Sweet Smell Of Excess Episode

Big Dee Dee throws herself a big party to make herslef feel better, however Dee Dee can't get the guest her mother wants. Mona feels that Chase is only about sex.
Guest Stars: Obba Babatundé as Charles Thorne | Andy Forrest as Guest | Jason Delane as Photographer | Lamman Rucker as Chase | Marion Calvert as Joanne | MC Lyte as Kai Owens

81 :04x12 - The Big Turning Over A New Leaf Episode

While throwing a baby shower for her ex-boyfriend and his new wife, Dee Dee notices that everyone is paired up except for her, and begins to struggle with her non-existent personal life.

Meanwhile, Mona begins to worry that her lack of maternal instincts will change how Chase.
Guest Stars: Lamman Rucker as Chase | Keith Robinson as Neil Crawford | Noel True as Janet Crawford | Gabby Soleil as Young Dee Dee | G-Thang as Rufus | Janelle Inez as Carla | Steven A. Hill as Michael | Jason Lao as Keenan | Chase Nixon as Drew (alternating) | Chandler Nixon as Drew (alternating)

82 :04x13 - The Big Diva Down Episode

Dee Dee is thrilled when she is asked to be a guest on a sports talk show hosted by Rodney Peete, and Mona tries to get a pampered singer to shoot a music video.
Guest Stars: MC Lyte as Kai Owens | Joey Lawrence as Brett Mahoney | Paige Peterson (1) as Dalis Temple | Mageina Tovah as Ginny | Rodney Peete as Himself | Jose Canseco as Himself | David Lea (1) as Himself

83 :04x14 - The Big My Funny Valentine Episode

Mona makes plans to spend a romantic Valentine's Day with Chase, but she doesn't consult him about it. Adam gets annoyed with Franco, but he doesn't know how to tell him the truth.
Guest Stars: Joey Lawrence as Brett Mahoney | Lamman Rucker as Chase | Christina Chambers as Jenna | Matt Cedeño as Franco | Michelle Williams (2) as Naomi Dawson

84 :04x15 - The Big Take Me As I Am Episode

After finding out that her rival, Naomi Dawson is giving Spencer the cold shoulder, Mona immediately confronts her, and Naomi reveals to Spencer that she is HIV positive.

Meanwhile, after being told to fire a difficult client, tennis player Melba Barnes, Dee Dee doesn't have the heart to follow through and attempts to give her a makeover to help her land a sponsor.
Guest Stars: Michelle Williams (2) as Naomi Dawson | Steven Eckholdt as Gus Mason | Kimrie Lewis as Melba Barnew

85 :04x16 - The Big Reality Bites Episode

After being unceremoniously dumped by her wannabe-actor boyfriend on a reality TV show, Dee Dee is saddled with the unfortunate nickname, Desperate Dee Dee; so to show the world she is not desperate, she forces her way back onto the show, which proves to be an even bigger disaster.

Meanwhile, when Spencer reacts in a supportive and loving way after Naomi reveals she is HIV-positive, Naomi reevaluates her attitude and approach towards relationships, both present – and past.
Guest Stars: Obba Babatundé as Charles Thorne | Corey Pearson as Brad | Matthew Kaminsky as Mike | Jamie Denbo as Cindy | Cristina L. Fadale as Woman | David Douglas as Man | Ilia Volok as Ludvig Capek | Michelle Williams (2) as Naomi Dawson

86 :04x17 - The Big Stuck in the Middle Episode

Mona is in a sticky situation as Lorenzo goes to work for Chase, who knows about thier past together.
Guest Stars: Charles Divins as Lorenzo | Lamman Rucker as Chase | Obba Babatundé as Charles Thorne
Director: Maynard Virgil

87 :04x18 - The Big 'What Have We Done?' Episode

After discovering Brett will write her six-month job-performance review, Dee Dee invites him to dinner to butter him up, but things don't go as planned after they both have too much to drink.

Meanwhile, Adam guts his job after Mona and Spencer trick him into thinking he won a sweepstakes.
Guest Stars: Joey Lawrence as Brett | Suzy Nakamura as Tina | Christopher Boyd as Dave | Todd Sherry as George | Yvette Nicole Brown as Ceci | Dante Spencer as Bob | Michael McLafferty as Kevin
Director: Victor Gonzalez

88 :04x19 - The Big Nervous Breakup Episode

Despite Mona's commitment to her boyfriend Chase, a brief encounter with her ex-boyfriend Lorenzo leads her to fantasize about him and other men.

Meanwhile, after agreeing to financially support Adam's stand-up comic show, Big Dee Dee takes on a producer role, only to make the production all about her.
Guest Stars: Obba Babatundé as Charles Thorne | Lamman Rucker as Chase | Charles Divins as Lorenzo Lathan |
Co-Guest Stars: David Aldridge (1) as Guy #1
Writer: Alec Mapa

89 :04x20 - The Big Mother's What?! Episode

When Mona starts to take her break-up with Chase out on everyone by becoming rude and easily agitated, she puts her career in jeopardy.

Meanwhile, Dee Dee is caught in a moral dilemma on whether or not to continue a business relationship, when she believes her new married client Dwight Mitchell is having an affair; and Phyllis and Big Dee Dee suspect their daughters are planning a big surprise for Mother's Day, since neither has suggested plans to celebrate.
Guest Stars: Joey Lawrence as Brett Mahoney | MC Lyte as Kai Owens | Suzy Nakamura as Tina | Christopher Boyd as Dave | Zack Bennett as Delivery Person | Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Jr. as Dwight Mitchell

90 :04x21 - The Big Hide and Sneak Episode

Mona decides to go to a therapist to cope with the breakup and discovers Chase is secretly spending time with her mom and friends behind her back.

Meanwhile, when Brett is left in charge of the office, Dee Dee tries to talk some sense into him to prevent the staff from hating him.
Guest Stars: Joey Lawrence as Brett Mahoney | Lamman Rucker as Chase | Charles Divins as Lorenzo Lathan | MC Lyte as Kai Owens | Yvette Nicole Brown as Ceci | Lisa Arch as Dr. Swenson

91 :04x22 - The Big 'Who You Gonna Call' Episode

After deciding to take charge of her life, Mona decides to date both Chase and Lorenzo, who both agree, but later ask her to make a final decision.

Meanwhile, Dee Dee starts to date a health fanatic, but when Brett tells her the relationship won't work, she sets out to prove him wrong.
Guest Stars: Obba Babatundé as Charles Thorne | Joey Lawrence as Brett Mahoney | Lamman Rucker as Chase | Charles Divins as Lorenzo Lathan | Marcus Patrick as Vince Clark | Rochelle Aytes as Yolanda | Ashley Brown (1) as Bunny
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: UPN ( USA)
Airs: Mondays at 09:30 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 23, 2002
Ended: May 15, 2006
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