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Hannah Montana: It's My Party, And I'll Lie If I Want To

When Miley is invited to a party for a famous celebrity, Lilly desperately wants to go. But Miley wants to save herself some public embarrassment from Lilly. Meanwhile, Rico plays a trick on Jackson by paying a girl to pretend that she likes Jackson.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x5
Production Number: 107
Airdate: Friday April 21st, 2006

Alternate Airdates:

France Mar 05, 2011

Guest Stars
Cutter GarciaCutter Garcia
As The Paparazzo
Hiromi DamesHiromi Dames
As Traci
Kunal SharmaKunal Sharma
As Evan
Moises AriasMoises Arias
As Rico
D. Elliot WoodsD. Elliot Woods
As Derek the Bouncer
Main Cast
Miley CyrusMiley Cyrus
As Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana
Emily OsmentEmily Osment
As Lilly Truscott
Mitchel MussoMitchel Musso
As Oliver Oken
Jason EarlesJason Earles
As Jackson Stewart
Billy Ray CyrusBilly Ray Cyrus
As Robby Stewart
Episode Notes
Moises Arias that guest stars as Rico has also appeared in an episode of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody titled Day Care.

Kay, Hannah Montana's singing coach, is seen for the very first time in this episode.

This is the second time in the series that Lilly rides her skateboard.

The party that Hannah Montana was attending was held at the Palms Building and was for real life singer Kelly Clarkson.

This episode won the "Brother Like No Other" category in the 2006 Disney Channel New Year Sing-Along Bowl-athon.

Episode Quotes
Derick: You're friend's a dork.
Hannah: (Enthusiastically) Yeah, but she's my dork!

Nina: I think I fixed it.
Jackson: Why do I feel a breeze on my head? (Touches his bald head) Why do I feel my head!?! (Looks in mirror) Well at least I know you're done.

Rico: You tell him cue ball!
Jackson: Thanks, Mini-Me.

Jackson: That's real smart. Laugh at the person who's handling your food.

Lola: Lola Luftnagle. Daughter of Oil Baron Rudolf Luftnagle, sister of socialites Buddy & Kiki Luftnagle, cousin of-- (Hannah nudges her) but you can call me Lola!

Traci: Hannah, it's so awesome to see you with... her. What was it again? Lola Losernagle.
Hannah: It's Luftnagle. (To Lola) It is Luftnagle, right?
Lola: I think.

Miley: On the other hand, the beach sounds like fun, too.
Lilly: But the mall has cute clothes.
Miley: But the beach has cute boys.
Lilly: To the beach!

Jackson: (About his hair) She was just trying to even out the sides and get rid of the orange.
Robbie: I'm not going to say a thing.
Jackson: Well, thank you.
Robbie: I'm going to sing a thing. (Singing) I once knew a girl named Nina, and boy she was fine. So I gave my sweetie my golden locks, and now I look like a blue bird's behind. A blue bird's behind, a blue bird's behind!
Jackson: Whatever happened to using your own misery to write a song?

Hannah: Hi, I was just wondering if you could be the good guy and not print out that picture?
Photographer: Sure, sweetheart, no problem. Oh, wait a minute, I'm not a good guy. (Laughs)
Hannah: Well, in that case, I'm not a good girl. (Jumps on his back) Give me the camera!

Rico: Now, it's time for a real man. It's Rico time.
Jackson: Yeah, it's Rico's bedtime. Prepare to cry yourself to sleep.

Lilly: That concert last night was so much fun! I had so much fun! Did you have so much fun?
Jackson: (Mockingly) I had fun! Did you see that dreamy boy in the third row? Whoo!
Miley: We don't sound like that, and he was in the second row!

Robbie: Come on, Mile. Lilly's just not used to being backstage. I'm sure next time she'll...
Miley: ... won't follow Gwen Stefani all the way into the bathroom and ask her to sign her protective seat cover?
(Robbie & Jackson laugh)
Miley: It ain't funny!

Episode Goofs
In Miley Get Your Gum, Lilly as Lola says her name is Lola LaFlonda, but in this episode she says that her name is Lola Luftnagle.

Lilly just picks up Hannah's cell phone and starts talking when Kelly Clarkson calls, but in reality you have to press a button to talk on that kind of phone.

Hannah is handed a mic to use onstage, but when the scene cut to her walking on stage, the mic is center stage on a stand.

Cultural References
This episode's title, It's My Party, And I'll Lie If I Want To, is a reference to the popular song, It's My Party, And I'll Cry If I Want To by Leslie Gore.

Several stars are referenced to in this episode such as Orlando Bloom, Gwen Stefani, Kelly Clarkson, and the Olsen twins.

Jackson: Hello Rico...

Occasionally whenever Jackson sees Rico he says "Hello Rico." This may be a reference to "Hello Newman" from Seinfeld (Jackson even says it in the same tone)

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