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Hannah Montana: I Can't Make You Love Hannah If You Don't

Miley likes a cute boy named Josh, who goes to her school. She is thrilled when Josh asks her out on a date. But when Miley discovers that Josh hates Hannah Montana, she has to figure out a way to convince him to like Hannah Montana. Meanwhile, Jackson has a problem with Cooper's not so innocent little sister that has just returned from boarding school and is looking for a little fun.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x4
Production Number: 108
Airdate: Friday April 14th, 2006

Alternate Airdates:

France Mar 04, 2011

Guest Stars
Andre Jamal KinneyAndre Jamal Kinney
As Cooper
Drake KemperDrake Kemper
As Rocker Boy
Matty DanzaMatty Danza
As Jimmy
Main Cast
Miley CyrusMiley Cyrus
As Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana
Emily OsmentEmily Osment
As Lilly Truscott
Mitchel MussoMitchel Musso
As Oliver Oken
Jason EarlesJason Earles
As Jackson Stewart
Billy Ray CyrusBilly Ray Cyrus
As Robby Stewart
Episode Notes
We learn in this episode that there are some people that hate Hannah Montana.

As shown in this episode, even the people who work backstage at the Hannah Montana concerts do not know about Miley's double identity.

Miley's new crush is Josh.

The lead guitarist in Hannah's band is Jess D.

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
Hannah MontanaThe Other Side of Me 

Episode Quotes
Miley: I couldn't be happy with a cute guy liking just me. I had to make like Hannah too. And now he hates both of us.
Robbie: Well, as far as I'm concerned, it's his lost. But I'm buttin' in. I'm sure that Lilly was just getting ready to say that.
Lilly: Yeah. (Pauses) What was I gonna to say next?
Robbie: That someday she'll find a guy that likes everything about her. Won't be anything left to change.
Miley: Thanks, Lilly. You always know what to say.
Lilly: Sometimes it just comes to me!

(After Cooper's sister kisses the pizza delivery boy)
Jackson: She already gave you your tip, big boy! (Makes kissing noises)

Jackson: That's right. Sausage, pepperoni-and what the heck--onions. I'm not kissing anybody tonight. No, I'm not ugly! I'll have you know I'm a 6 foot 4 beach god.

Miley: This is what an actual Hannah Montana concert looks like.
Josh: You mean you've never been to one?
Miley: Well, I've tried. But somehow I've always been busy doing something...else.

Jackson: Coop! I just hooked up with the most amazing girl who's totally into me, & I didn't even have to tell her that I own a Ferrari or have six months to live or any of the usual stuff!

Jackson: Hello, I'm the Jacksonator. These will not be back.

Robbie: Well, come on girls. It's time to go.
(Begins rapping)
'Cause it the end of the show,
When we're walkin' towards the do',
We headed for the big black stretch limo.
Miley: Dad, remember, ya' ain't funny!
Robbie: And you can't rap. A do-dee-do-dee-do.

Jackson: Come on, Dad. It wasn't that long ago I was a 9th grader. And if he was anything like I need to meet that boy!

Miley: But Daddy...
Robbie: But nothing. He's a year older than you. In teenage boy years that adds up to ... Let's see carry the one... ain't gonna happen!

Miley: This is so unfair.
(Gives a puppy dog pout face)
Robbie: Ahh, "Sad Face".
Miley: Mmm-Hmm.
(Robbie points to himself)
Robbie: "Not Buyin' it" face.

Miley: Wow, that drink line went on forever!
Oliver: No it didn't. There were like 3 people.
Lilly: Well, then you wouldn't mind going to get another one. (knocks soda out of his hand and Oliver leaves)

Episode Goofs
Every time that Lilly knocks Oliver's cup out of his hands at the Hannah Montana concert, you can tell that the cup is empty.

Miley couldn't possibly change back and forth between Miley and Hannah at the concert because of the heavy amount of makeup that Hannah wears, but the little amount that Miley wears.

Cultural References
This episode's title, I Can't Make You Love Hannah If You Don't, is a reference to the Bonnie Raitt song, I Can't Make You Love Me from the 1991 album Luck of the Draw.

Hannah's picture is featured on the cover of Teen Trends Magazine. This is the same magazine that Maddie and London fight to win the Teen Trends Trendy Teen of the Year award on The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.

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