Potage - Recap

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The episode begins with Abigail and Hobbs in the woods, where Abigail reluctantly shoots a doe. They take it to the cabin. Before carving into it, Abigail states that deer are complex, emotional creatures. Hobbs tells her that they will honor the animal by using every part. She cuts open the animal. At the hospital, Abigail wakes up with a start and tries to free herself from the wires and tubes. The next morning, Alana arrives to meet Will. She tells him that Abigail woke up. She tells him that since he and Hannibal were present when her parents were killed, they cannot interview her first. Instead, she has decided to talk to the girl. Will still feels that Abigail wasn’t Hobbs’ accomplice.

Alana arrives at the hospital to meet Abigail. She tells Abigail that her parents are dead and that her mother was cremated as per her will. Alana has brought some clothes and music for Alana. At the BAU headquarters, Alana tells Crawford that they have to make Abigail feel safe first; else they wouldn’t get any answers. She also adds that Abigail was surprisingly practical and she feels that Abigail is hiding something. Crawford wants Will to talk to Abigail, but Alana is against it. Hannibal agrees with Crawford. Hannibal and Crawford arrive to meet Will, where they seen him lecturing his class about Hobbs and the copycat killer. Will also states that the copycat killer is an avid reader of Freddie Lounds’ website and has intimate knowledge about Hobbs and his patterns.

He also mentions about the untraceable call that Hobbs received before he was killed, and Will believes that the call was from the copycat. A smile spreads across Hannibal’s face. At the hospital, Freddie meets Abigail. She tells her that she is a journalist and that she wants to tell the real story. She wants Abigail to tell her what she knows, so that she could help her fill in the blanks. Abigail first wants to know Freddie’s side of the story. Freddie tells Abigail that her father was the Minnesota Shrike and he killed eight girls who looked like Abigail. Abigail knows that. Abigail wants to know how her father was caught. Freddie begins to tell her about Will, when Will and Hannibal enter the room.

They ask Freddie to leave. On her way out, Freddie tells Abigail that Will is not really FBI and he is unstable. On seeing Will, Abigail remembers that he was the one who killed her father. The three decide to take a walk. During the walk, Will assures her that just because her father was messed up, doesn’t mean that she too is. Abigail tells him that she is worried about the nightmares. They assure her that they will help her through them. On their way back, Hannibal and Will meet Freddie. Freddie offers to help Will bring out the truth, but Will refuses. Later, Crawford reads Freddie’s website, where she has used Will’s words to paint a negative image of his. Crawford is not too happy.

Crawford thinks that if Abigail wants to go home, they should take her home. He feels that maybe they can shake some things out of her. Alan is against this because she feels that this could traumatize her further, but once again Hannibal supports Crawford. Elsewhere, Freddie meets Nicholas Boyle, brother to the murdered copycat girl. Freddie tells him that Abigail has woken up from her coma. Will, Alana and Hannibal take Abigail to her house. They see the word, ‘CANNIBALS’, written on the walls and the door. Abigail assesses her house and asks Will what it felt like being in her father’s head. Will tells her about the phone call Hobbs received. He tells her that it was from the copycat killer, who is still out there.

Abigail remembers answering the call before she gave it to her father. Alana asks her if there was someone new in her father’s life. Abigail doesn’t know. They have a talk about her father and his killings when Abigail’s friend, Maurissa arrives. They go out for a walk. Maurissa tells her that people think that she did it. Abigail is surprised. At that moment, Nicholas arrives and taunts Abigail. He thinks Abigail lured the girls to her father and he killed them. Maurissa throws a stone at Nicholas, which hits his head. His head bleeds. Will and Hannibal arrive at the scene. On seeing them, Nicholas quickly leaves. Hannibal hides the stone with the boy’s blood on it. They decide to report this incident.

At night, Will dreams of slitting Abigail’s throat. The mysterious stag watches and collapses with her. Later, Alana, Hannibal and Will take Abigail to the cabin. Abigail rethinks about the murders, and tells them that her father told her that every part was put to some use; else it would be called a murder. She realizes that her father probably fed some of the girls to his own family. She is interrupted by blood dripping on her from above. Will goes upstairs to check, only to find Maurissa impaled on the antlers. Abigail freaks out. Later, Crawford arrives at the scene. He has a lot of questions for Will. Will was sure that the copycat killer wouldn’t kill again, but it looks like he was wrong. Will finds some tissue in Maurissa’s mouth.

Crawford wonders if Abigail knew Cassie, the copycat killer’s first victim, and her brother, Nicholas. Will says that she didn’t know them. Hannibal states that Abigail is not the killer, but she could be a target. Crawford tells Hannibal to collect Abigail’s belongings and escort her out of Minnesota. He tells Will that he doesn’t want him around the crime scene. Will leaves. Alana and Hannibal take her home to get her things. Once again, they meet Freddie, and Hannibal escorts her to the other side of the police line. Alan and Hannibal talk to the cops. Inside the house, Abigail realizes that her own pillow contains hair from the dead girls. She is terrified.

Nicholas arrives and tells Abigail that he didn’t kill Maurissa. Abigail tries to run, but he grabs her. In panic, she stabs Nicholas. Hannibal and Alana come back into the house, and Hannibal notices blood on Abigail’s hand. He knocks out Alana before she could notice it. He asks Abigail what happened. She takes him to Nicholas’s body. Hannibal offers help in disposing off the body. Outside, in the ambulance, Alana wakes up, she doesn’t remember anything. Crawford tells her that Nicholas attacked them and fled. He also tells her that Abigail scratched Nicholas on his way out, and the blood on her hands matches the tissue they found in Maurissa’s mouth.

Next, Abigail arrives at Hannibal’s office. She fled from the hospital. Abigail says that she cannot sleep because she is worried about the nightmares. Hannibal assures her that her crime was in self defense, but the jury wouldn’t believe her and they will think that she is taking after her father. Abigail senses that he is glad that she killed Nicholas. She immediately realizes that Hannibal was the one who called her father. Hannibal admits that he called. They resolve to keep each other’s secrets. The episode ends.