Rôti - Recap

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The episode opens with Hannibal hosting Dr. Frederick Chilton for dinner. The two discuss his psychic driving influence on Dr. Abel Gideon and the role it played in his confession to the Chesapeake Ripper killings. After the Ripper taunted Jack Crawford with his deceased trainee's messages, Gideon came to the realization that Chilton had planted the notion that he was a serial killer and made him believe. Chilton says he wishes he could be as fascinated with the ordinary mind, "sheep" as he calls them, but is far too fascinated in the deeply psychotic. Chilton's reputation is at stake as Gideon is now wise to Chilton's tactics. Hannibal advises him to deny everything, that the subject should never be aware of the outside influence or he will push back, alluding to his own influence over Will.

Will is in the midst of another fever dream -- he watches an icy cliffside crumble, then finds himself on the beach with the totem pole of murder victims two episodes prior. We see a giant tidal wave rise behind the totem, Will standing in place and letting the massive wave crash over him before seemingly waking up out of breath. However, the dream is continuing, everything in his bedroom melting and merging with rapidly flooding water, including Will himself. He finally awakens for good.

Later, Chilton is overseeing Gideon's transfer to a prison truck, with the killer set to testify against the psychiatrist for his manipulation. Gideon suggests the influence was the reason he murdered the hospital nurse a few episodes back -- he accepts responsibility for the murder of his wife and family, but feels the nurse's death is on the doctor's hands. On the drive, Gideon discusses marriage with a prison guard and orderly -- he advises murder over divorce should the marriage go sour.

Will is standing in front of the now-abandoned prison truck, immersing himself in the crime scene. Will puts himself in Gideon's shoes, picking up where the conversation left off. He slips off one of his handcuffs, and after a fight knocks out the prison guard and slashes the throat of the orderly as the truck pulls over.

Jack asks Will whether Gideon still believes he's the Ripper. Agent Park runs down what the killer took with him as he fled the scene, and Will points out the distinction is what he did NOT take: namely, the organs of the victims tied to tree branches. The Ripper, Will surmises, would never leave the organs behind.

Will and Alana pay a visit to Dr. Chilton back at the hospital. Blame is tossed around, as Alana was the person who brought Chilton's manipulation to Gideon's attention, leading to the lawsuit against the disgraced Chilton. The hospital head notes that he made the killer realize he was not insane when he murdered his wife, but rather her murder drove him insane. He reveals that the last thing Gideon told him was that he would convince everyone that he was, in fact, the Chesapeake Ripper.

Elsewhere, Jack leads the manhunt for the escaped murderer, bringing a room of FBI agents up to speed on the situation. Will lingers in the back of the room, having trouble focusing and eventually hallucinating that the room is filled with mounted deer antlers like those at Garrett Jacob Hobbs' cabin.

Later, Will recounts the hallucination while talking to Dr. Lecter, stating that more and more he is having trouble discerning who he is. He compares himself to Gideon's manipulation into believing he is the Ripper.

Back at the forensics lab, the team is examining the prison escape victims. They tell Will and Jack that Gideon physically scrambled their brains, which Will surmises is a retaliation by the killer against his own psychological proddings and therapy sessions over the years. Jack suggests FBI protection for all the doctors who have treated Gideon, including Alana.

At the Quantico classroom, Will and Alana discuss the FBI protection. Alana continues to blame herself for initially putting Gideon on this path, while Will assures her that his or anyone else's death is not on her. Gideon is attempting to find the Chesapeake Ripper in order to fully understand who he is, but Will insists that the real Ripper will kill Gideon for taking credit for his work.

Meanwhile, Freddie Lounds arranges a meet up with a psychiatrist, Dr. Carruthers, interested in a writing collaboration. Lounds arrives at the doctor's office to discover that Carruthers is dead and in fact Gideon had lured her there.

Jack, Will and the rest of the FBI team arrive later at the Carruthers murder scene -- the doctor had written a paper on Gideon with a fairly accurate description of his psychotic personality. While Carruthers' throat was slashed and tongue cut out, the forensics team points out the numerous IV bags filled with blood -- cause of death was complete blood drainage. The blood is stashed in an ice chest with a note: "Please deliver to the Red Cross." The doctor's laptop is on Lounds' website, with a story on Carruthers' death already up, leading them to realize Gideon has Lounds captive.

Gideon and Lounds discuss his plans to lure out the Chesapeake Ripper with her help. He will use Lounds' articles as bait, while waiting at the observatory site where the severed arm of Jack's trainee was discovered.

Back at the morgue, another doctor with his throat cut and tongue removed is examined by the team. We learn that Dr. Chilton is also missing since yesterday, and Will suggests that Chilton is an offering to the Ripper -- the man who marred both of their identities. The new victim also has one arm amputated, another clue as to where Gideon is hiding. At the observatory, Chilton is strapped to an operating table, awake as Gideon surgically disembowels him while Lounds looks on in shock.

Jack and Will are driving to the observatory, and the two again discuss Will's declining health. Jack advises him to stay in the car while the FBI strike team raids the site. As the team hits the building, Will again hallucinates about the stag, walking off into the wilderness to follow it. Jack finds Lounds with Chilton; he is holding his own organs while Lounds works a breathing apparatus to keep him alive.

Gideon is watching the observatory raid unfold from a distance, eventually walking back to his car to find Will, feverish and weakly holding a gun on the killer. Will is delusional, picturing Gideon as Garrett Jacob Hobbs. Gideon comments that Will looks seriously ill, asking him who his doctor is.

The two are arriving at Dr. Lecter's front door. Will is more on edge than ever, unable to tell dream from reality, and begs Lecter to tell him if his Hobbs hallucination is real. Lecter insists that no one is there, taking Will's gun as he falls into a mild seizure. As Will is unconscious, Lecter confronts Gideon over his claim that he is the Chesapeake Ripper. Hannibal does not let on that he is the real Ripper, but instead tells Gideon where he can find Alana.

Later, Will is awakening from his unconscious state with Hannibal's help. He again tells Will that he was delusional, feverish and needs to check into a hospital. Hannibal tells him he is worried about Alana after news of Chilton's condition and wants to check on her. He assures Will that he will call Jack to take him to a hospital before exiting the room. A brief moment later, Hannibal returns to find Will has also left. He removes his coat, clearly never intending to leave and only planting the seed that Will needs to check on Alana.

Gideon watches Alana outside her home, and we see Will stumbling through the snow behind him. The two stand side by side, and Gideon remarks that he is unsure if he will ever truly remember who he used to be before the years of therapy and medications. He wonders if killing Alana as the Ripper would kill her will allow him to understand himself more. In Alana's office, a gunshot alarms her, and she walks to the window to find Will collapsing next to Gideon's body.

In Jack's office, he and Hannibal talk over Will's situation: he is in the hospital with a 105 degree fever, doctor's puzzled over the source of the infection. Jack is not worried; even with a fever Will was able to take out Gideon. Hannibal recommends taking away Will's gun license, but Jack refuses.

Hannibal talks to his own therapist Dr. Du Maurier about Will's situation. She suggests that Hannibal is more interested in Will's state of mind than in Will himself. Hannibal states that he sees himself in Will, sees an opportunity for friendship. Du Maurier advises against this, as Will is still his patient first and foremost, and that he must detach himself, even if it means watching him descend into madness.