Relevés - Recap

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The episode opens with Will, walking around in the hospital with an IV bag in tow, but overall looking much better than last week. He visits Georgia, the young woman with Cotard's Syndrome, also at the hospital in an isolation chamber. When Will remarks that doctors are unsure of what caused his spiked fever, she responds that they will just keep running tests and treating him like a science experiment, but will never determine what is wrong with him. Georgia reveals that doctors are setting her up for shock treatment, telling her that it may help recover her lost memories, including those relating to the murders she committed. She states that she doesn't want to remember, and reveals that she dreamt of the murdered doctor and who she presumed was Will killing him. However, her disease prevented her from recognizing his face.

Later, Hannibal visits Will in his hospital room, bringing him dinner. While they eat, they discuss his visits to Georgia, who Will dubs his 'support group.' Will wonders if his recent experiences with sleepwalking and lost time could be a side effect of his infection, though Hannibal states the fever itself is a symptom of dementia, which itself could be a symptom of many things. He states that he has not told Jack Crawford, and doesn't plan to until doctors determine exactly what Will is suffering from. They return to the subject of Georgia, and Will relates her resistance to recovery out of fear of the memories that might return. Hannibal is understanding, saying some things are best kept under lock and key. In Georgia's isolation chamber, she is startled by a noise in the room, but doesn't see anything there. She combs her hair, generating a static spark which in turn ignites the concentrated oxygen that has been pumped into the chamber. Georgia screams as she burns alive.

Will and Crawford's forensics team visit the scene, taking photographs of the charred body and speculating that static electricity could have ignited the oxygen being pumped into the chamber. Crawford remarks that it could have been suicide due to the murder charges Georgia knew she would eventually face, though Will shoots that down. Crawford is surprised to learn that Will had been visiting with her, telling him that establishing a relationship with a killer could have ramifications on the prosecution. Will says it doesn't really matter anymore.

Meanwhile, Freddie Lounds discusses plans for the forthcoming book she is writing with Abigail Hobbs. They talk about her father's final victim, which Abigail feels is the copycat killer's victim -- her father is to blame for inspiring the copycat. Abigail speculates that Nick Boyle was the copycat, though Freddie has her doubts and says the real question is who killed Nick. Abigail flashes back to when she gutted Nick while Freddie says that he was just a kid who was angry about his sister's murder, not a murderer himself. She says that killers tend to have a certain hostility to them, something she sees anytime she talks to Will Graham. Abigail remarks that Will did kill her father, and Freddie responds that she thinks he also killed Nick.

Will is back at home, awakening from sleep to a hallucination of Georgia leading him outside. She is pierced by antlers and bursts into flames, revealing the stag that has appeared in so many of Will's dreams before. Will awakens with a start back at the hospital.

The next day, Will goes to see Jack at his office. Jack remarks that he should be at the hospital, while Will is insistent that Jack look at Georgia's death as a murder instead of suicide. The same person who killed Dr. Sutcliffe also killed her to cover it up, though Jack is still convinced that Georgia herself killed Sutcliffe. Will is vehement, telling Jack that her entire life Georgia was misunderstood and the least he can do is ensure that she is not misunderstood in death.

In the FBI morgue, Agent Price reveals the shard of melted plastic found in the chamber with Georgia's hair preserved on it. He says doctors would not have allowed a plastic comb in the chamber, and Will tells Jack he is holding the murder weapon. Jack is still convinced it was suicide, and Will draws a comparison between Sutcliffe's murder as similar to Georgia's victims in the same way that Marissa's murder was similar to Garrett Jacob Hobbs' victims. Will is caught off guard by his own revelation.

Later, Jack discusses Will's theory with Hannibal, asking if it could be another byproduct of his fever or if he could be onto something. He asks Hannibal what Will's relationship with Abigail is, speculating that he could be protecting her from something, while Hannibal asserts that he has only known Will to be a straightforward, well-intentioned man. However, there are days when Will himself doesn't understand what he is thinking.

Jack visits Dr. Du Maurier, Hannibal's therapist, to determine if Dr. Lecter is withholding information. Du Maurier refuses to help, saying that without a court order she would be in breach of doctor-patient confidentiality. Crawford switches subjects to Du Maurier's own history, specifically the patient who attacked her, a patient who was referred to her by Dr. Lecter. She tells Jack that she was only saved when the patient choked on his own tongue in the midst of the attack, and Crawford draws a comparison to the patient who was recently killed after presumably attacking Lecter. De Maurier relents, stating that Hannibal views Will as more friend than patient, and that since he has few close friends he may go farther to treat him than he ordinarily would. Jack says he considers himself a friend of Will's as well, prompting Du Maurier to remark that Will could use more friends like... Dr. Lecter.

Back at the morgue, Crawford gathers Agents Price and Zeller to determine whether Will's theory could hold water. He enlists the two to do a little investigative work into Garrett Jacob Hobbs and to try to connect the three possible copycat victims. Additionally, he wants them to look into Abigail's possible connection to her father's victims.

At Abigail's hospital, Will visits and the two talk about Nick Boyle's death. She says that she felt good after killing Nick, and Will admits to feeling the same power after killing her father. Abigail says she wishes she had killed her father herself, and feels like the two of them will never shake his influence on their lives, that it often feels like he is still out there in the world. Will says that in a way he is, in-as-much as the copycat is still out there -- he thinks he can catch the copycat, but needs Abigail's help to do so.

Back at Dr. Du Maurier's office, Hannibal discovers that Jack had inquired about his relationship with Will Graham. He seems surprised. She has her own doubts about Hannibal's methods in treating Will, telling him flatly that whatever he is doing he should stop. Hannibal's notions of friendship are misguided and not conducive to Will's condition, though Hannibal is insistent that he is looking out for Will's best interest and for his friendship. The subject changes to Du Maurier's attack, as she reveals that she only gave Jack half of the story.

In therapy, Will again seems in much better health, saying that he is finally thinking clearly, more focused on the copycat killer. They discuss Sutcliffe's murder, Will theorizing that the copycat was intending to frame him for the murder but was interrupted by Georgia. He reveals that he plans to take Abigail back to the scene of the original copycat, prompting Hannibal to withdraw support from drawing her into his 'delusion.' Hannibal looks on, sighing heavily after Will insists that it is not a delusion and leaves.

Price and Zeller connect the Hobbs victims to a common train line, finding evidence that he enlisted his daughter's help to lure the victims in. Crawford sees this as evidence that Abigail is the copycat, and that the murder of Dr. Sutcliffe was a result of her wanting to impress someone new. This leads Crawford to visit Freddie Lounds at Abigail's hospital with a couple of agents. She reveals that Will has snuck Abigail out of the facility when the two were supposed to work on their book. Freddie asks if Abigail killed Nick Boyle, saying that she sees her as a smart girl who isn't totally aware of the moves she's making as she's making them.

Crawford moves on to Dr. Lecter's office to gain more insight into Will's relationship with Abigail. Hannibal reveals Will's issues with lost time, and Crawford is furious that he has not revealed this until now. Lecter claims he did not want to discuss it until he had determined the cause: mental illness, or stress from the type of work Crawford is forcing him to perform. He lies and says he does not know where Will took Abigail, and Crawford lets on that he suspects her involvement in her father's murders, speculating that perhaps Will is protecting her from this. Hannibal plays an audio clip of Will guiltily stating that he felt like he killed Marissa. The dissociative state of Will's has Jack thinking that perhaps he killed Sutcliffe and Georgia himself without knowing, that the bond he felt with Garrett Jacob Hobbs has manifested into another personality. Hannibal feigns surprise, apologizing to Jack for not revealing Will's mental issues earlier.

Will and Abigail are on a flight to Minnesota, and she reveals that next week would have marked her mother's birthday. The two arrive at the Hobbs cabin, and Will takes her up to the attic filled with buck antlers. Abigail asks if Will has ever hunted, and he replies that he prefers to fish. He asks whether she hunted or fished as part of her father's murders, and Abigail reveals to him that she was the bait, asking if Hannibal had told him. Will seems shocked that Hannibal knew, grabbing Abigail and thrusting her on antlers. However, this proves to be a hallucination, as Abigail is standing behind him, remarking that Will seems different. Will turns on her, saying Jack was right all along in his belief that she helped her father and killed Nick Boyle while Abigail denies it all. He alleges that she may also be the copycat, while Abigail turns it around on him. Will grabs his head, breaking into another dissociative state, waking in an empty airplane in Virginia.

Abigail returns to her family home to find Hannibal waiting for her. She tells him that she left Will back at the cabin, and Hannibal reveals that evidence of her connection to her father's murders is mounting. There is little Hannibal can do to protect her from this, but he insinuates he will throw suspicion on Will in relation to the copycat murders. She asks if Will really killed her friend Marissa, and Hannibal coldly replies that "they will believe he did. They will believe he killed many people." Abigail finally draws the connection between the call her father received the day he was killed and Hannibal, saying that Will had previously told her that whoever placed the call was the real copycat. She asks why Hannibal called, and he reveals he was merely curious as to what would happen if he warned her father that Will was coming for him, just as he was curious what would happen when he killed Marissa.

Abigail is horrified that Hannibal has seemingly been manipulating her this entire time, hoping that her friend's death would drive her to kill Nick Boyle. She asks Lecter if he will kill her too. Hannibal says he is sorry that he could not protect her in this life, stroking her face as the episode comes to a close.