Dave of the Dead - Recap

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The scene opens with Dave, Max, Brad and Jane watching a Zombie movie. Dave tells that it is fake and that would never be based on a true story. Brad, Max and Jane all tell Dave that he is a zombie because he already lives like one. Max tells that he would survive in a Zombie Apocalypse and that it would be Jane who would get eaten. She takes that bet and says that she would not be. Brad tries to warn him that he is going in too deep with Jane, but Max ignores it. They go outside and race each other. Dave asks if he really is like a Zombie and Brad says they are in right now. Jane wins the race and says that she is in Max’s head and Max lies on the ground and says that they are going to have to give him a minute and that they are going out.

Penny and Alex do their laundry and one guy, Toby, offers to go get coffee with Penny. The next day, Dave wakes up at six in the morning and goes through his routine. He realizes that he is a zombie. Penny gets ready for her date and she is excited that she and Toby are into everything she is. Toby arrives and Max says that Toby is a “Hipster”. Toby asks what is with the getup and Max says that it is Penny’s laundry day. Later that night, Dave comes up to Max and Brad and admits that he is a zombie. He tells them that he is quitting his job and opening up a restaurant. Brad and Max are shocked, but don’t say anything against it. Alex finds out about it and asks why they didn’t say anything. They tell her that they couldn’t crush his dreams. Dave comes in and says that he found his “Inspiration Basket”. Alex asks if the guys want to say anything and Brad says that he will talk to Dave later.

Penny talks to Max about her date with Toby and says that it was a lot of fun. However, it doesn’t sound like what Penny thinks as fun. Max warns her that she is doing the thing that she always does and mimics the styles of the guys she dates. She denies it but it is true. Max takes her to Alex’s dress shop and dresses her like a hipster. He tells her what she can and cannot do and tells her to not to dance. He and Alex start dancing and Penny fights the urge. To top it off, Max puts huge novelty glasses on her. Later, Jane goes over to Max’s for another Zombie Olympics challenge. He says that Zombies sense motion and whoever can sit still the longest wins. Max sits down and knocks over his beer. Jane can’t stand it and starts to clean it up. Penny meets Toby’s friends, Naomi and Atticus. They are a bore and Penny tries to blend in. Meanwhile, Dave shows his sales pitch to Brad, Jane, Max and Alex. Dave tells them that his restaurant is going to be called “Pangaea” and it is going to have every food in the world. Alex tells them that they have to say something to Dave about the restaurant, but no one wants to.

Later, Max and Jane tie on the video game of killing Zombies and they have one more challenge, Ruthlessness. Jane doesn’t know what they could do to show that. Penny comes in and says that she is going to a Bar Mitzvah and she says that she is learning to accept Toby. Meanwhile, Dave pitches his idea, but the investor says that it is a stupid idea. Later at the bar, Dave says that he is going to cash in his 401K and get some extra money. They don’t say anything and Dave feels rejected. Alex decides to go and console him. She says that he needs to compact his dreams and says that he should stick to his Steak Sandwiches. She gives back the wedding ring and says that it is a start. He says that he can call his Steak shop “Steak Me Home Tonight”. She says that is a bad idea. Later that evening, Penny, Jane, Brad, Max and Alex go to the Hipster’s Bar Mitzvah and are dressed up for it because of the 90’s theme. However, Toby doesn’t like it and asks why they tried so hard. Penny bites back and says that she tries hard because it could be fun. She starts dancing and the friends walk out as Penny dances out. Max gets her.

They go outside and find a Sandwich Truck outside. They find Dave inside. He says that he got some good advice from Alex and decided to do this part time. The Hipsters come out and tell that it is a food truck. Dave tells his friends that he doesn’t have any food though. He tells them to distract them because they will Tweet him out of business. They jump in the truck and drive away. They stop at a light and there are more Hipsters. Jane pushes Max out of the truck and says that she is Ruthless, thus winning the Zombie Apocalypse Olympics.