You've Got Male - Recap

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The scene opens with Max, Alex and Dave talking about how Mr. Fitzgerald, a teacher from Dave’s past was an inspirational person and he ran into him at the drug store. Max asks if Mr. Fitzgerald “touched” him. A guy in a giant coffee costume is passing out fliers and says that Nick’s Coffee and Tea is a new place that opened up. However, Max tells Alex and Dave that it is a chain shop and that they are going to take out the small business owners. Dave tells that it will be alright and says that Mr. Fitzgerald always was positive. Max asks Dave to show him on the giant coffee costume where Mr. Fitzgerald “touched” Dave. Later, Dave is working his sandwich truck and Penny tells him that it is really amazing. She tells that Dave should enter the “Truckies”, a contest where all the sandwich trucks gather and compete. Dave says that he doesn’t have a fancy sandwich. Dave sees Mr. Fitzgerald and he says that he can call him Alan. Dave gives him a sandwich and Alan says that it is really good. He says that if he had a Tamerin Slaw that he learned to make, it would be over the top.

Later, Brad and Jane are at a restaurant and Jane tells that she can’t pick an intern and Brad tells her to pick someone cool. Brad says that he could get a job based on his charm. She says that Brad is lucky that he has never been up against her in a job interview because prepared beats charm. Brad sees Max talking to a guy and Max comes over with the guy’s number. Meanwhile, Alan makes the Slaw for Dave and Penny and they say that it is amazing. Dave tells that the slaw would definitely help him with the “Truckies”. Alan volunteers to come back the day of and help make a batch up with Dave. After Alan leaves, Penny tells Dave that Alan asked her out and wonders if that is weird. Dave says that she should go out on a date with him. Back at the bar, Brad asks if gay guys call each other dudes and say that they have soft lips. Max says that they do. Alex comes in and says that Nick’s Coffee and Tea is a bigger threat than they thought. She says that she has gathered people together to rally. Max says that he is in. Jane challenges Brad to an interview contest. Later at the meeting, Alex gathers the protesters and Max tells them to gather together close.

Penny goes on her date with Alan and he shows his true colors and is a douche because he doesn’t even know Dave’s last name. He even tells Penny that he doesn’t have money to pay for dinner and will pay her back in poems. The next day though, Penny doesn’t have the heart to tell Dave that Alan is a low-life. Max walks his new fling, Ian, to his work and Max realizes that he owns Nick’s Coffee and Tea. Ian tells that his cousin, the man in the giant cup of coffee, was harassed. However, it was Max and another protester that scared him. Penny tells Brad and Jane that Alan is a douche, but can’t bring herself to tell Dave about it. She tells that Alan came by and showed that he was more of a loser when he told that he and Dave can have a three-way. Jane and Brad tell that they have the interview at Nick’s Coffee and Tea and they are going to see who gets the job. Max goes to Alex’s place and tells that he is dating the owner of Nick’s Coffee and Tea. She says that she will call off the protest and says that they are doing it for love. Meanwhile, Penny goes to Dave’s and Alan still hasn’t shown up to make the Slaw. She tries to tell Dave that Alan is not coming, but he refuses to listen. Penny leaves and hears Dave calling Alan again and tells the voice mail that he is leaving the stuff for the slaw for him to make. Penny sneaks in after Dave leaves.

At Nick’s Coffee and Tea, Brad and Jane are in the interview and Jane tells that she is prepared and gives the resumes. When it doesn’t work for her, she results to sexual persuation. When Ian says that he is gay, Brad perks up and starts to flirt with him. Outside, Alex tries to stop the protest, but the group says that she has been compromised. Max jumps in and tells everyone to go home. Ian comes out and asks Max if he is part of the protest. One of the protesters said that he started it. Jane and Brad come out and Max tells that it is all a misunderstanding. Penny gets to the “Truckies” and gives the Slaw and lies and says that Alan had to fly out. However, Dave knows already that Alan is a douche and says that he didn’t need the Slaw because he won anyways. Penny and Dave go over to Max and the rest of the group of friends and ask him what is wrong. Alex says that his heart got broken. Alex says that they need to have Max go back to him.

The entire group of friends takes Max to Nick’s Coffee and Tea and he confesses that he likes Ian and Ian says that he likes him too. Later, Jane brings Jane a sandwich for winning, but tells him to give her the sandwich. Brad says that he wants a back rub and Jane says that she does too. The group of friends is confused with their back and forth game. When they go upstairs to get “busy”, they wonder if they know that they are even there. Alex asks Max about Ian and he says that it turns out that he is married with kids. The episode ends.