Barefoot Pedaler - Recap

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The scene opens with Max eating like crazy during breakfast with Dave, Penny, Jane and Brad. Dave says that there is a Barefoot Peddler concert. Max tells that he would rather shoot himself. Dave says that they should go and Penny says that it would be good to see Tommy again. Knowing that a story is coming the friends cringe. Penny tells how they made love and how she turned them down to go on tour. Max tells that they know that Penny was a Groupie. Dave asks if they didn't invite Alex on purpose and they deny it. They all have excuses to go and get Dave in a cab. Alex comes around the corner and asks if they are ready for breakfast. They tell that they are.

Dave comes back to the restaurant and see Alex and the rest of the friends eating breakfast and Max is still eating. He is offended and they confess that every time that Dave and Alex are together something triggers the fact that Alex left Dave at the altar and they get into a fight. Brad tells of the experience where an argument over Cashew Chicken turned into their relationship. They tell that they are over that and Alex and Dave suggest that they all go to Barefoot Peddler together. They tell that they will prove that they are good. However, the friends do not want to have to deal with that. Penny tells that she can't wait to see Tommy again and says that he wrote a song about her called "Jenny". She says that if you change the "J" to a "P" then it is about her. Jane says that she wants to rage on the night of the concert and tells them that they all know what they need to do.

The next day, Dave calls Alex that Brad and Jane are sick and Alex says that Penny and Max are busy too. They decide that they are going to go anyways together. That night, they send a picture of them at the concert and send it to their friends. However, they see that Brad, Jane, Penny and Max are there. They fess up that they didn't want to deal with them, but they vow that they are fine. In the club, the friends are taking shots and Penny tells that she is going to chat with Tommy and Max tells that he is going on Penny Patrol. Dave and Alex start to argue over the thank you notes, but stop themselves. Jane, who is drunk, tells that they are fine.

Penny tries to blend in and get backstage. However, the security guard refuses. She tells him that her and Tommy have a sexual history. It still doesn't work. Meanwhile, Dave runs into an old college friend and says that he saw the YouTube video and feels bad for him. Alex comes up and Dave's friend asks if they are still friends even after that. She lies and says that they are back together. Dave asks why she did that and she says that his friend was making fun of them. Dave says that she can't pretend that it never happened. He involves Brad into the fight when Brad comes up for some coffee for Jane. He shows the YouTube video where a DJ added his stuff to it. Brad tells her that they don't live in a romantic comedy and that she needs to understand.

Penny is still trying to get backstage and the security guard threatens with a taser. Penny sees Tommy and he doesn't even remember her. She feels rejected and wants to leave. Alex feels bad at yelling at Dave and tells that she needs to make it right by making a big announcement. She runs up on stage and before she can express what she feels, she is tased. Dave runs on stage and is tased too. Max goes backstage and tells Tommy that he is a douche and says that his friend Penny really likes him. He doesn't seem to care and Max tells that he is going to stop liking them. As Dave and Alex are lying on the floor recovering, Dave tells that he will always watch out for her. Max is brought in. Afterward, they're going out when Tommy comes out and says that he remembers Penny. She denies him and gets in the cab. The next day, Max is singing a song with Penny's name in it. He lies and says that it is for a friend named Kenny, put changed the name. The episode ends with them singing "Penny".