Why Can't You Read Me? - Recap

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The scene opens with Max telling Brad, Jane, Dave and Alex that there is not more good reality television anymore and that they should do something with Penguins that isn’t lame. Brad asks if he would watch if the penguins got drunk, form alliances and then got “busy” in a hot tub. Max says that he would watch that and everyone agrees. Penny comes in and says that she got the promotion and now that she has it, she is getting her own office and an assistant. They are happy for her and Brad says that she is going to love having an assistant. They do all the things you don’t want to do. Penny says that she is going to be the “cool boss” and be laid back. Alex says that it is good to be the cool boss. She tells when she worked at a pharmacy; she messed up on the orders because her boss was a jerk. She tells that she didn’t want to come in on Memorial Day.

Later at the bar, Brad, Max and Dave get a drink and talk about the penguin idea that Max has. Brad turns it down and says that they need a show where it is Jews and Cruises. Kim, the waitress, comes over and tells that she is going to give Dave some tequila because he has been ordering baby drinks all night. Brad tells that Kim likes Dave and says that she is not Dave’s type and says that he likes the girly-girls. Dave gets up and takes the shot of tequila and says that he is going to ask Kim out. He goes up to her and stammers a little. She tells him to ask her out already and he does. Meanwhile, Alex has lunch with Jane and Brad and Alex asks if Jane wants to go to a Spa deal. Jane says that she has a meeting for her Adult Illiteracy program and Alex asks if she can come. She tells that she doesn’t need to come. She leaves and Jane tells Brad that she doesn’t want Alex to show because she steals the attention every time. She tells that it is a big deal for her.

Penny’s new assistant Rita comes in and she tells that she has her new cell phone and dry cleaning. Penny points out that Rita got $50 cash back and she says that she bought herself lunch. Penny says that she is the cool boss and doesn’t mind that she take a little bit for herself. She holds out her hand, but Rita gives her a high-five and leaves Penny confused to where the rest of her money is. Meanwhile, Dave and Kim get done getting “busy” and have Pizza. Dave asks about the Lacrosse things and she tells that she coaches a team. She asks if Dave has any fantasies and he says that he does a little. She asks if he wants to make a sex tape and he agrees. Later, Max meets Brad at the bar and says that Penny keeps pocket dialing him with her new phone. They show Penny singing in traffic. Max says that he doesn’t want to listen to anything else.

Jane meets with her members of the illiteracy group and tells that they have everything worked out. Alex comes in and immediately steals the show when the ladies love her ideas better then Jane’s. Later that evening, Jane tells Brad that Alex is doing it again and that she recommended that they make letter cookies. Brad says that is genius and Jane is not happy. Brad says that everyone knows that Jane has worked hard. The next day, Brad goes to Max’s and wonders why he didn’t meet up for lunch. Max tells that Penny did not turn off her phone all night. They listen as Penny talks to Rita and asks why she wants to take off work for Ramadan. Dave comes in and says that he has to get in shape because Kim wants to make a sex tape and Brad and Max tell that is a bad idea. Max tells that his right side is good and they point out the side.

Alex goes and meets Paul, one of Jane’s friends she is teaching to read. Jane tells that the sugar cookies are bad because they didn’t like her ideas. She tells that she is not going to go. Meanwhile, Dave and Kim finish making the sex tape and they watch it. Suddenly, Kim starts to analyze the video and points out Dave’s mistakes. At Penny’s, she tells Rita that they got Vodka from a client and she tells that she has already opened one. Penny tells that it is only Noon. Max and Brad listen and Max tells that they can’t do anything yet. Later, Alex goes to Jane’s and Barbara tells that she was upset that Jane told that Alex was going to be out of town. Alex talks to Jane about excluding her. Jane says that she is sorry and says that she steals the show every time.

Dave goes to Max’s and says that Kim broke down their sex tape play by play. Max says that she is a coach and a good one too. They tell that he can’t quit. Penny asks where Rita was and she tells that she had a “family emergency”. Penny gets upset and Rita says that she is racist for telling her that she doesn’t like that she is Mexican. Max and Brad decide that they have to step in. Meanwhile, Dave goes to Kim’s and says that they should watch their sex tape and work on his mistakes. However, when he sees that she has slept with several men and have done the same thing with them, he leaves. They go down to Penny’s work and meet Rita outside. They pretend to be security and tell that they are watching her and that she has to stop taking advantage of Penny. Rita tells that she will return the money that she stole from the company and they tell that she has to apologize to Penny. Rita goes up to Penny and says that she has to quit. Alex goes to Dave’s and asks if she always wants the attention. He says that she does. He says that Jane knows that Alex doesn’t mean to do it. Later at the graduation, Paul reads a letter to Jane and says that he wants to be like her and says that he goes into her closet and tries on her clothes. However, the letter is from Alex. She hugs her and says that she is sorry. Brad sees that a boy has a “B” cookie and says that is his because his name is Brad. He decides to spit it and the episode ends.