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Baby Steps - Recap

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The scene opens with the friends getting together and Alex says that she has an idea to bring more customers to her store. She shows that she is going to sell baby clothes. Brad says that she needs to get a bigger men’s section. They tell him that Alex doesn’t have a male section and Brad realizes that the shirt he bought was a dress. Max tells David that he needs to borrow some money for rent. Dave asks why he can’t get the half of the rent and Max says the “bank” wouldn’t let him make a “deposit”. Alex doesn’t get it and the other friends realize that he meant Sperm Bank. He says that he misunderstood the meaning of the donor video and got rejected. Alex still doesn’t get what Bank he went to. Jane says that she donated an egg one time and got $1,000 for doing so. Alex finally catches on and then loses it when she asks why he is trying to deposit money at a sperm bank.

Jane and Brad get back to their place and Jane realizes that Brad is wearing the dress that he thought was a shirt. He says that it was a good deal and Jane says that he makes it work anyways. Brad brings up how cool Jane is with the fact that there could be a “Little Jane” out there somewhere. This kills the mood for her and Jane says that she has a little one out there somewhere. Dave gets back from the “Taste of Canosha Contest” and says that it was a sewage issue that canceled it. Max has the table set and Dave says that he just wants to go to his bed. He opens his bedroom door to find a pair of men and women inside. Max turned his room into a Bed and Breakfast rental while he was gone. Meanwhile at Alex’s store, business is booming ever since she instituted the baby clothes. However, they see that Teenagers are wearing them as tube-tops. Penny tells Alex that she can’t talk to them because they are out of their league. However, when Alex goes over, the girls like her and Penny too.

Back at Max and Dave’s apartment and Max says that he lost his chance to cash in his Beanie Baby collection. He suggests that he work with Dave, but he doesn’t like the idea. Max says that it is going to fun. They go to work and after 20 minutes of work, Max says that he is done. Dave tells him to clean up his mess. Jane and Brad go to the house where Jane tracked down the couple and says that the girl is named Dora. Jane sees Dora come out and she is happy to see that she is a respectable girl. However, she finds out that Dora is a trashy girl with Alex’s baby shirt on. Meanwhile, Alex is having fun with the Teenagers and says that they can wear earrings with the outfit. Alex finds out that Chloe is related to Billy Garredy, a boy who Penny had a crush on in High School. She says that she will tell him about her. Jane pulls up in Alex’s father old van. Jane comes in and says that Teens are wearing the shirts. Her inner mom comes out and tells the Teens that they shouldn’t be doing what they are doing. Jane realizes what she is doing and leaves.

Max is alone at the Steak truck and turns away a guy wanting a Vegan Sandwich. Dave comes over and says that he can’t turn away customers. Max says that Dave’s truck is low on the internet due to bad customer service. Dave says that Max is fired. Jane tells Brad about her inner-mom coming out. Brad tells her that Dora isn’t her daughter and Jane says that she kind of is. Jane says that she will do something and drives up to Dora in her creepy van and tells her to get in the van. The principal calls Dora’s parents and Jane says that she is just a friendly visit with future advice. Meanwhile at Alex’s store, the Teens have made it their personal hang-out and have tapped a keg in the dressing room. Dave walks up to Max and says he is sorry that he had to fire him. Max says that he sold his Beanie Babies to buy a 1980 Limousine. He gets in the Limo and says that he is going to go around the street to see what happens. Dave says that he believes in him.

Alex cleans up the store and Penny gets in and gives Alex a piece of pizza. Alex realizes that the girls left Penny and she says that Billy is still hot, but dates college girls only. Jane goes up to Dora’s mother and says that she is sorry. She tells Jane that they didn’t use her egg because they thought that she was crazy in her video. At the Bar, Jane says that she is going to be a bad mother and the friends tell her that she is right on. Brad says that he is glad that there is no other Jane out there. Max comes in and shows that he has money now and that his Limo Business is going to do good. Alex says that she has a lot of baby clothes and Brad is interested. The episode ends.