The Shrink, The Dare, Her Date And Her Brother - Recap

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The scene opens with Max announcing that a movie has hit the screens and no one at the table likes the title. While all of them make funny guesses about stupid movie titles and plots, Jane blurts out a line about a called-off marriage – evidently putting Alex and Dave in an awkward position. However, Jane’s leaving, and when she discovers a sweater that Max claims is his, she is not giving up. Not before long, the two get into a fight on the way out of the restaurant. Penny and Dave have already left the restaurant to check out the spectacular fight over the sweater. Meanwhile, as Brad finds himself stuck with the bill once again, he complains – what’s the advantage of having white friends? Alex does not bother to stop eating her new orders. Brad does not have to pay for them.

Jane and Max are wrestling on the pavement arguing about who looks better in it. However, Penny is quick to get them back to their senses. Almost immediately, a tall and handsome gentleman walks past the group in an impressive cashmere jacket, saying hi to David. Penny wants to get introduced. He happens to be a work friend, as both of them were involved in the war – the war on drugs, David lets on later. The person was his therapist, after Penny and Jane are describing their therapy sessions, Max tries to run with the sweater snatching it from Penny’s hands. However, Jane manages to trip him down and get into another fight.

Later when Jane comes back home, she learns from Brad how awkwardly he and Alex were placed without having much to talk about at the restaurant. Jane’s livid. Alex is her sister – Brad should be close to her. Invite her for lunch she orders. Next day, when Jane and Max are at Alex’s store, it turns out that they will have to wear the clothes they like the least. Whoever wears the longest, wins. And later, when David sees his therapist, he wants Penny’s number. When Dave asks if he thinks that is appropriate, the therapist claims that the session’s over, and he is just the same kind of human being that Dave is. Is Dave paying for the last session – Nah!

Meanwhile, Max confirms with Brad over a call that Jane would hate to be in a short and high jacket and old-fashioned jeans. And Jane confirms the kind of clothes Max would hate to wear. But he wore that to Jane and Brad’s wedding already!
Brad and Alex have an embarrassing time out at lunch. While Max is making prank calls to both of them saying a meteor is about to fall on earth like in the movie, it does not work for either Brad or Alex. The only meaningful conversation they end up having is whether rap and hip hop are the same thing. Brad says yes. End of conversation. Penny ends up being stalked by David’s therapist, but she likes it, leaving Dave sorry faced. Later Dave reaches Max’s place to discover that he is wearing a Clockwork Orange attire with Princess Diana’s picture on his chest – enough to scare him.

Jane is giving a finance presentation with her new attire. Brad calls to interrupt with Max’s technique, and informs that his date with Alex went fine. Jane is not satisfied with ‘fine’, and Brad regrets why could he not just say ‘great’. Later, Alex reveals to Dave that she and Brad are pretending to convince Jane that they are getting along quite well. She also complains thinking Dave might just be running Penny into his therapist rather carelessly. He is just not doing that, and that is when Penny arrives from a date with therapist Rick. Dave insists she should not be dating him because she knows all Dave’s secrets, which makes it difficult for him to believe that Rick is not going to know about all that. Penny confirms Dave did not come up even once in the four hours they spent. Although he finds that good news, he cannot stand Penny and Rick dating again.

Meanwhile, Brad is about to catch a movie, but
answers the phone saying he is about to have a meeting, and will call after 110 minutes. Accidentally, he finds Alex in the same theater. They start getting along well, and enjoy a movie where a dating couple talks about marrying the best friend’s fiancé. Not before long, the girl’s arm catches fire, just as the boy tells her ‘you are on fire’ making the girl think he is hitting on her. Same thing happens at the dinner where Rick and Penny are enjoying a conversation about people at surrounding tables. Not before long, Dave arrives with Penny’s therapist – if Penny’s dating his therapist, he is dating hers.

Meanwhile, Max and Jane are standing eyeball-to-eyeball waiting for the first one to give up wearing the stupid clothes. When Brad and Alex continue watching the movie, they watch through the date, but now the girl has found out that her date had a hidden motive. He argues in vain that such was the case earlier, not now after he has gotten to know her. Similar is the situation between Dave and Penny’s therapist. Rick interrupts the altercation, and takes a walk with Dave. Rick tells him that he seems to be running away from himself. He must be liking Penny in a special way – just because she is dating his therapist should not make him so livid. Meanwhile, Penny and her therapist are having a discussion as to whom she should choose between the two men.

Not before long, Jane and Max start stripping together. When Alex is in tears over a happy ending at the theater, Penny and Dave are walking past a fountain – just the setting Alex regrets happens only in movies. After stripping, Dave and Max realize how stupidly they have been fighting over a sweater, and they end up burning it. However, Jane points out that she still has a similar-looking sweater – it is on her chair, and in her house. Another fight ensues. The episode ends.